My first time shooting Dee Williams, this was my only clip but I hope to shoot her again in April

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run time 27 minutes

JJ and her girlfriend Adara have a busty beauty (Dee Williams) hogcuffed outdoors. She is well gagged so no one can hear her yell for help. After some time the two approach and stand her up and walk her into the house still cuffed and gagged. Once indoors JJ gets to work tying her up but her slutty girlfriend is more into groping the pretty girl than helping to get her tied up. Her elbows are bound, her huge gag is removed and another goes in, panties with clear tape. Her big tits are tied and she is put onto the floor and tied into a little ball. Adara does secure her gag with loads of black tape but at this point JJ has had enough of Adara and decides to hogcuff her next to Dee. She pretends it is a sexy little game, but it isn’t- JJ is totally annoyed. To make things worse on her Adara is nipple clamped. Now both pretty blonds are totally helpless on the floor…

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