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run time

Ultra Girl (Rachel Adams) needs some practice escaping ropes and comes to JJ for some help. They assume that if she can escape JJ’s ties she can escape just about anything. JJ tells her she has to take off her belt and boots to make it fair. JJ gives Rachel a pat down to make sure she doesn’t have anything on her to help her escape the binds and then she gets started. Once she is in a hogtie she tells JJ she will feel a lot better once she knows she can escape and JJ starts to tickle her pantyhosed feet. She is left alone for a bit and when JJ approaches Ultra Girl still hasn’t progressed at escaping, a harness gag is applied and then it is pulled back into the hogtie as JJ proclaims, ” well THEY have paid me a lot to keep you out of their way”. JJ exits and Ultra Girl struggles to free herself to no avail.

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This is one of those birthday customs that I am still shooting due to also shooting so many other models in between, but I wanted to post it because I have this vibrating plate now that maybe one of you would like to get a custom of someone else standing on….

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run time 16 minutes and 38 seconds

JJ met a nice man that offered her an age appropriate modeling job. JJ was beyond flattered and joined the man which was not a smart move on her behalf. She isn’t so sure about the shiny black pantyhose, impossibly high heels, cincher and push up bra she finds herself wearing. She is collared like an animal and tied off to a tripod. He comes in and ties her wrists and then puts a white ballgag in her mouth. Next he ties up her elbows and then begins to film her pacing and struggling and posing nervously. She remarks that she didn’t agree to video- hoping that this is just some sort of sick prank. He comes back in and ties her arms up into a chicken wing style tie with her palms out. Then he gets out a little shake plate. He removes her heels and has her stand on it. He removes the tie from her collar and ties her elbows up onto the tripod. Next he removes the white ballgag and replaces it with an even larger ballgag in her mouth and turns the machine on so he can see her ass and tits shake. She can’t believe what is happening. He makes her turn and pose on the shaking plate. She can’t believe how terribly things are going but he is suddenly thrilled since there is already a buyer for her. He lets her down from the tripod and walks her off still tied up telling her that she needs to shower up and put on a nice dress…

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Ok after tonight I’ll be caught up on custom edits enough to not be overwhelmed filming more of my solo customs- more birthday special customs to shoot and some more involved things as well.

models scheduled & available for custom clips


July 20    me/ JJ with Tony- booked

July 22, 23, 24  Jamie Knotts


August 3rd-7 Wes from the UK, he tops and bottoms

                                                                                                                            August 6 Lilith Lewd

               August 13  Vivica Lace  first time working with her!!

September for a few days Emily Addams and Zoey Ziptie

I will get a solo day with each of them and time with them together

End of September Ophelia K

Always happy to book locals Je C and her girl Princess, Cherry Busom aka Lushes Lamoan,  Dakkota, Candace, Marie, newbie Blair and Rachel Adams who is not local but visits often.

I’m also happy to reach out to any ladies I may not know that you’d like to see me work with. I don’t hang out online and I don’t know who the current bondage or IT girls are that I should be tying up. Feel free to let me know, especially if  YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE GIRLS LOOKING FOR PAID WORK AND WANT TO COME TO DETROIT, MICHIGAN 😉

CUSTOM VIDEOS: About custom videos, I do not charge per minute. I need to hear what you want to see and then I come up with a price that I think is fair for everyone involved. I know many others don’t do it this way. I am NOT many others, I am me. I hear I’m fair and I like for nothing more than for people to walk away pleased that they spent their hard earned money with Borntobebound.

HOWEVER I want to be VERY HONEST HERE. I want things set up in as few emails as possible. I don’t want a dozen email chains for one custom. When I am busy or stressed emails are the first thing in life that I stop doing, however I have been in the business since 2006 and I am NOT going anywhere. If you need a lot of coddling or lots of back and forth through the process, or you like to add things once the price is agreed upon I am 100% not your woman.

I understand that some people find immediate email responses imperative to the custom process and I do not want to cause you or I any unnecessary stress… I also understand that many of you have been ripped off in the past so you are extra nervous, however, I would have retired long ago like many of your favorites who burned out way before their times was up if I didn’t have some boundaries here, especially as an autoimmune warrior-

This is not personal, this has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. You can’t change me, trust me here.

Also if you are really into makeup, I have the basic skills but I am not an artist, however I can book the MUA at Janets Closet during store hours, the cost is very affordable at $50 a person + tip and the mua there is great.

As most of you know this site centered around pantyhose, girdles, stockings and mean gags for many years…. stuff has changed out there in the world and I am more than happy to shoot bare feet, socks, bare legs, casual clothes, simple gags and ties, superhero etc etc. For a long time I had a certain type of client to entertain and I only had a small amount of energy to do so…. Things have changed A LOT, I have far more energy and the PAYING customers seem to have much different preferences. my exhusband Tony’s site… I am happy to set up customs for him ( he wants nothing to do with the process but he makes good customs ). If I am not in the custom and even sometimes when I am in the custom I do not take any money for this. I am happy to set these up even if I am NOT featured in the video. Often times the gotcuffs customs are done just at the current day modeling rate which is a super good deal if you ask me!!!

In other news I am currently NOT SCHEDULING DOMINATION SESSIONS AT ALL, that will change. I am just not there. I am however happy to meet potential clients at Janets Closet, located in metro Detroit. It has been open since 1999 and was once deemed a cross dressers paradise, but now I hear the kids think that saying cross dressing is a slur…..It is really hard for me to keep up…IF you’d like a recommendation on who to session with in the Detroit Michigan area I am happy to give you references that I’ve heard good things about.

The store is 15,000 sq ft and full of all of my favorite things for shoots and going out. A BDSM shop opened in the connected building in 2017, their own corset shop separates the two areas. Maybe you’d like to meet me there and buy me a thing or two, maybe you’d also like me to help you shop for yourself or you significant other or play partner. It would be a good way to get to know each other since I’ve been so closed off to sessioning for various reasons, for those inquiries please. When you write me let me know what you’d expect out of a meet up there.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for your support!!!

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run time 1 hour

This is a sequel to an earlier custom, posted in October 0f 21 called Promotion Time

JJ has been Ophelia’s boss for a while now after winning the promotion escape tie challenge. Ophelia has a lot of resentment towards JJ and has brainwashed coworker Cherry Busom. The scene starts with the pair in stocking caps walking JJ into her living room bound at the wrists. They remove JJ’s scarf and stuff her mouth with it and carefully place 3 pieces of duct tape over her mouth to seal them in. They put a stocking cap over her head and then get to work hogtying her. Cherry can’t help but tickle JJ’s feet a bit and suck on her pantyhose clad toes.

Cherry’s mind is on JJ’s feet when Ophelia decides to wrestle her down to the floor and get her tied up. She gags Cherry in the same manner she gagged her boss. Ophelia plays with Cherry for a moment and then puts her heels on and leaves the room in search of valuables, because why not….

JJ gets her hands out and decides to tighten up Cherry’s ties but she hears Ophelia’s footsteps on the wood floor and she pretends to still be hogtied. Cherry tries to give Ophelia the heads up, despite the fact that Ophelia had turned on her, but it doesn’t work, JJ pounces on Ophelia. She gags Ophelia with her scarf and some clear vinyl tape. Both ladies try to escape while JJ does what she can to restrain them more. JJ removes her stocking cap and pulls off their skirts, gets their legs tied in 3 places and eventually gets them both snuggly hogtied with chest harnesses.  Finally… a little peace. Once JJ is sure they are stuck in their hogties she says she is going to go call the cops, but then rethinks it… She can teach these ladies a far better lesson than the cops can.

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Gumroad recently closed my account for this type of content after a buyer posted the C word in comments I had forgotten to disable and c4s hasn’t allowed it in a long time so this is the place,  many of those types of scenes in this clip

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run time 49 minutes and 30 seconds

Rachel Adams is upset that her attorney couldn’t keep her loser lover out of trouble. She heads to her office to give her a piece of her mind. She gets to work stuffing the attorneys mouth and taping her up to rob her. Unfortunately for Rachel the attorney gets out and plans to severely punish Rachel…

Rachel is caught when she re-enters the office and then finds herself taped up and ballgagged in the back of an suv.  Next she is in a new location and things keep getting worse.  She is all taped up and the attorney shoves her pantyhose foot into her mouth and then she struggles about on the floor with a small spider ring gag.  Next Rachel has to remove her pantyhose and panties and is told to put her panties in her mouth while she puts on a fresh pair and the attorney overlooks.  She rolls around helplessly on the floor until her foot is released from her mouth. Her mouth is stuffed, her head is wrapped with vetwrap and tape and her nipples have been clamped…

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I thought a snow clip on this hot and humid day where I live would be fun on the 4th of July.

Happy 4th to my fellow Americans !!

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run time 17 minutes and 39 seconds

2 men escort a busty woman wearing Hunter Boots out of her cabin on a cold snowy day. Her elbows are tied behind her back and she has been gagged. They walk her over to a big tree in the freezing cold and re-tie her arms behind her back before they get to work saran wrapping her body to the cold tree. They pull out her big naturals and wrap them up with thick black electrical tape. Next her even bustier friend Karin Sin wearing Moon Boots walks over to find out what is going on and one of the men quickly grab her and start to attach her to the tree. Her boobs are all taped up and she is ballgagged. What will happen next…

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run time just about 13 minutes

This was one of those 10 minute birthday special customs from 2023, very candid, nervous rambling to the camera, doing the gag styles the client requested, no cuts, same edit that I sent the client.

In good news I feel like I look healthier this summer ( and I am )

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These two adorable young women are coming back in September. I’ll have one day solo with each of them and one day with them together, perhaps even more time.

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run time almost 23 minutes

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This is the thank you for the custom client that also has some adorable stuff in it because I had no idea that neither of them had done much tying even off screen.

JJ walks into her bedroom while on the phone after a long day. She is telling her friend about some threats she has been getting regarding crypto. She doesn’t know a thing about crypto so she isn’t too concerned about the mix up, however she doesn’t realize how serious this is.  A young woman (Emily Addams) is standing behind her ready to get her all tied up. She is totally taken aback as she finds herself being bound up with rope. A hand goes over her mouth to shush her and a huge ballgag goes into her mouth. Another girl (Zoey Ziptie) appears to help her out. JJ tries to plead to them about how they have the wrong woman and how they are probably trying to find a much younger person with the same name but they don’t believe her. After a while they both remove their panties and shove them in her mouth, wrapping her head over and over with tape. They grope her, the humiliate her, they hogtie her on the bed. They leave her there and eventually she is able to get the hogtie rope loose and get out of bed. She heads towards the bedroom door with her elbows still bound and the gag still wrapped tightly around her mouth.

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32 minutes and 45 seconds

Freshie Juice/ Sonya is a  dangerous criminal whose whereabouts have been unknown. Only recently has her location been pinpointed. JJ and Tony have found out where she is, and have decided to catch her themselves to turn into the authorities for a nice sum of money. Freshie enters the room and is instantly is ambushed by JJ and Tony who are yielding a weapon. The criminal is wrestled to the ground and ballgagged. Freshie is feisty and doesn’t give up easily but her wrists and feet are tied up. Her elbows are also tied very tightly and she is spanked. She is left to struggle for a while, and then the female returns and temporarily removes the gag to see if she will stop resisting. Instead, the criminal spits on JJ which really pisses them both off. JJ changes her mind about turning the criminal in and decides to sell Freshie off instead, which will demand and even larger sum of money. Freshie’s mouth is stuffed and wrapped with vet wrap. Duct tape is wrapped around the criminal’s hands, and JJ adds a very tight crotch rope and hops her around the room while slapping her more. JJ tells Tony she can handle the rest. Finally the criminal is put into tight hogtie, and the criminal’s hair is tied back. She has been blindfolded with more vetwrap. JJ leaves the poor thing there helpless and wondering what on earth is going to happen to her next.

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Hi everyone, I’ve been shooting A LOT daily. The problem is with the shoot time and messes to clean up I’ve only been editing 1 custom a day before I run out of hours in the day…. I am shooting again this afternoon and probably some of tomorrow. Monday I’ll be editing all day long and figuring out the customs for Rachel, Izzie and Lilith later this week. If you are expecting to hear back from me and you haven’t Monday would be a great day to resend your message if you want to be at the top of the list.

Here is a just a taste of the outfits I’ve been shooting in. I keep forgetting to have him take photos since I have been the one shooting women for years and years now. If you click on them twice they will become a normal size.

 You should expect a new update this evening…..not sure which one I’ll choose…..

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