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run time 35 minutes

A pretty little thing in the highest waisted slippery shiny bathing suit  and shiny pantyhose removes her robe, grabs a magazine and lays down on a lounger after turning on some beneficial red light to relax under. She dozes off with the magazine only to be met with the gloved hand of a person who soon makes her go  to sleep. Her hands are tied above her head and her lean thighs are tied and her ankles are crossed and tied (not to much tying shown and all pov/ gloved hands). She quietly starts to struggle and then she is met again with the gloved hand. Her mouth is stuffed and microfoam goes around her head. The light is turned off and she quietly struggles until once again her pretty face is met with the rag.

Now she is untied and removing her gag, then the glove strikes again. Next she is shown standing in nude heels, the scarf goes back in and her head is wrapped, a crotchrope is added added and her heels are pulled off meaning she is stuck on her tippy toes. She remains struggling looking spectacular and wide eyed while standing wondering what will happen next.

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run time 32 minutes and 38 seconds

Dakkota gave JJ’s daughter a wedgie in college and JJ is very protective of her daughter so she wants to teach the girls mother a lesson or two. Dakkota has been strung up with hands over head in bra and panties and the wedgies begin in her big black satin  underwear. She is ballgagged and then later has to stuff her own mouth and then JJ wraps her head with duct tape before putting her in an all limb spreader bar so she is bent over and totally helpless while she endures more humiliating wedgies while standing and on the floor. A pile of rope is tossed at Dakkota and she soon finds herself being hogtied and wedgied before being left to struggle.

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Looking for time to schedule my solo shoots with Tony, and so grateful that many of you are still interested in seeing me tied up after all of these years. I’m just a bit overwhelmed with house guests all month and dealing with bad Hashimotos symptoms. Since I’ve been in autoimmune hell most of my adult life and had to go gluten, dairy, non GMO, no sugars free in 2017 when I found out how sick it was all making me and I haven’t healed (though I am MUCH better) I’ve been doing the carnivore diet the last 7 days. It has been a very difficult adjustment for me mentally and physically and I’m relying on success stories to keep me going. I am not an animal fat and red meat person and I am already allergic to eggs and dairy so I don’t get many options…..but after this adjustment and detox in a few months I should be legitimately thriving. If you have any carnivore tips feel free to send me helpful messages.   -Much love

Custom opportunities with:

 Ophelia K  5  coming from LA, CA

  and now returning the 8,9, 10 

         Shoots with Cherry and Ophelia together are possible the 8

Cherry Busom aka Lushes LaMoan  April 8

Calisa Bliss  April 18 & 19  flying in

      Freshie Juice end of April coming from Phili, PA


               Feel free to tell her I sent you 🙂  If you are into rope she can tie!

May 4 The super bendy  Portia Everly 

      End of May Ariel Anderssen  flying in from the UK

Others on the radar  Je C, Riley Jane, Dakkota, Karin Sin, Princess, Lilith Lewd

Open to models who may be traveling to Detroit that I don’t know about.

Please have them email me at

Thanks 🙂

I am also more than happy to set up gotcuffs customs for Tony and the models. I DO NOT need to be in the clip to set it up and I am not taking a cut of what I do set up for them.

YES, I am currently willing to play the damsel/ sub in clips and a cop or prisoner for Gotcuffs. I’ve been getting some emails inquiring as to what I will do.

Please do not email me and ask how much for a custom. I truly need to read what you want in order to quote it. I do not quote per minute which seems to be the trend out there these days. I just hear out the story and decide on a price that makes sense. I hear my prices are pretty fair.

Please keep in mind that just because you have only seen a model act as a whiny damsel or a model act as an angry grunting damsel that doesn’t mean that they can’t play the opposite if asked to adjust. When I’m shooting my own content or if a client doesn’t request a certain type of acting I just let them go with their default attitude, but that does not mean they are incapable of acting differently…

Currently I am not offering sessions.  Sorry about my email silence pertaining to those things.

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run time over 46 minutes

Jayda Blayze shows off her beautiful feet and then her friend enters. Her  friend checks her out and admires her pretty figure. Then her wrists and ankles are hinged cuffs. She struggles standing and on the couch in the cuffs and then she gets hogcuffed. Her friend worships her feet before changing up the bondage fun and replacing the cuffs with rope. She gets a chest harness, crotch rope and her pretty smile is replaced with a little ballgag. She gets hogtied and her friend worships her pretty feet again. Jayda struggles about until her friend returns and releases her from the hogtie so they can head upstairs together.

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run time 1 hour

Years ago JJ mummified Cherry and put her on top of a table and tickled her like crazy. It made her pretty freaking miserable. It has been eating at Cherry for a long time now. She finally says to JJ that in order to remain friends that Cherry is going to need to do something similar to Cherry. JJ reluctantly agrees. Cherry saran wraps JJ with hands to the side, puts a ballgag in her mouth, uses nipple suckers on her nipples  ***Those nipple suckers remained on the entire time! Best ones out there!!!*** Then she puts rubberbands on her breasts. Some black tape starts to go on and JJ gets out of her open toe heels. Her body is wrapped in black tape. Her mouth gets stuffed, a hood with her eyes left open goes on and her ponytail is pulled out. Black tape goes over her face and head and over her saran wrapped breasts creating quite the exaggerated profile. JJ playfully walks quickly and hops while standing before being helped onto the coffee table which she is taped to and tied onto. Her nude colored big toes are bound with rubberbands and Cherry adds some white rope. Cherry tickles JJ’s barefeet a little and leaves her there bound to the coffee table.

The clip this clip eludes to is Tickle Torture and Tape

She definitely suffered more

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Ophelia returns next month 🙂 !!! This was a custom for her and shot when I was having some camera issues but all is well now. What you see here is what you get though.

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run time 26 minutes and 30 seconds

Ophelia is sleeping in shiny black pantyhose when a catsuited burglar enters and wakes her up to tie her up. She is frogtied, ballgagged and her arms are tied up and her fingers are taped with microfoam so she can’t pick at the knots while the woman steals her belongings. The robber wraps microfoam over the ballgag and leaves here there all tied up to rob the house. Ophelia soon falls over on her side and struggles on the bed while crotch roped (struggling starts around 10 minutes in).  After a while the woman comes in and decides to take some photos of her back up on her knees. Then she takes off with Ophelia’s belongings and says that she is going to frame Ophelia for all of the robberies in town…

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run time 22 minutes

Izzie is out of luck and finds herself in a latex catsuit strapped to a chair with her lady bits exposed and a leather gag on. She struggles until a woman returns and takes her gag out only to replace it with a pair of panties with microfoam wrapped around her head to keep them sealed in. She is left to struggles on the floor but quickly frees herself and spits out the gag. She tries to make an escape and is caught. Next she finds herself naked in a bolero armbinder with a hood and ballgag on, until the ballgag comes out and dildo goes into her mouth. She is left alone for a bit and then we see her in a tiny American flag bikini standing against a wall with an OTM wrap gag. Her wrists and ankles are bound and she is placed in a cage where she waits to see what her fate will be and it won’t be good.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been waiting for the right time to say this and I believe that time is now….

At the beginning of October I started working at Janets Closet and Janets Dungeon.  They have an enormous 15,000 sq ft brick and mortar store in Wyandotte, Michigan, which is very close to where I live and 15/20 minutes from DTW airport and Downtown Detroit as well as 45 minutes by car from Toledo, Ohio.

Janets Closet was always referred to as a cross dressers paradise, and owned by the most amazing trans woman who battled A LOT to have a store in that location back in the day…..

Janet has designed many pieces of clothing meant to flatter a more masculine figure and you will find lots of that at super affordable prices in the store. There are HUNDREDS of wig styles, all of the Pleaser and Demonia heels, hosiery, dozens of corset styles, Rago Shapewear, breast forms, panties of all types, makeup, jewelry and the list goes on and on. I love the place and shop there for myself.

Janets has been around since 1999 and also offers locker services to people who can’t keep their girlie items at home, a shower space, a laundry machine, and an incredibly talented makeup artist who offers transformation services in house.

The other attached building offers all types of adult toys, BDSM supplies, leather and pvc clothing and dungeon furniture and has existed since 2017.

If you just stop in I won’t be checking you out, and you won’t be running into me in there, but I still highly recommend checking it out whether you have an appointment with me or not.

You can also make an appointment to shop/ hang out with me there.  Your shopping session can be tailored to your liking, a bit of forced fem/or role playing/ you just being you and shopping for things you want or need/ you shopping for me and my models etc.

Some of you know that I have not been accepting sessions or even responding.

This could be a good place for a mini session and getting to know one another for future possible future meetings. It is also the coolest place ever and worth the trip!! Prices there are sooo reasonable and a discount is included if you do a shopping session with me or if you see a sale listed on social media

Email me with what you might be interested in there and I’ll get back to you with details. Please just do not say How much is a shopping session. Let me know what you’d like to experience. Feel free to send these inquiries to

Jayda Blayze in the shop

Cherry Busom aka Lushes LaMoan playing a mannequin in the front window aound Valentines Day

Lilith Lewd in the shop

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run time almost 43 minutes

A woman has broken into Rachel Adam’s home and plans to rob the place. Rachel comes home unexpectedly and the two get into a conversation and Rachel suggests that the woman keeps her all tied up once she explains that she is a bondage model. Rachel explains different types of bondage and what it is like being a bondage model. The robber asks what type of clothing people like to see the women in and then she goes to get some of those clothing, one thing being part of an Ultra Girl spandex outfit and the tallest platform heels ever. Rachel strips nude and gets hinged cuffs on her ankles. Then Rachel gets into the blue and red shiny number and the robber starts putting tons of speaker wire all over the home owners body (most leg rope tying NOT shown). Once she is tightly tied with her ankles crossed to assure she can not stand up and leave she is given a red leather blindfold. She struggles around on the floor blindfolded with her mouth stuffed and wrapped for a while before the woman returns and removed that blindfold and wraps her eyes with the vetwrap used over her mouth. She is tightly hogtied and crotch roped and struggles on the floor while the woman robs her home.

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run time 3 minutes and 30 seconds

I’m wandering around outside on some slippery snow in leggings, UGG wellies, a McHurt ballgag, a shiny white puffer, and some cuffs and chains.

Coat from the collection of Downstudios

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