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I’m so sorry for the slow updates and email responses. I have been shooting every day, long days.

The spree just ended last night at 11:30pm. I am finally sitting down to edit customs today. Sadly there are 19 and I don’t have an editor. I am the editor and my computers are not fast with this type of stuff so it is going to take some time.

I will work on finding a balance with shooting and editing. I did last week entirely wrong. The Florida trip was just such a disaster and I had to return custom money for models that were no shows or came 5 hours late and the trip was expensive so I came home and went hard shooting other customs.

During this time I also made a last minute decision to rent another studio space which I signed the lease for on Friday. The people that I am sharing the space with are already moved in and I haven’t been able to get anything over there yet and I’m excited to do so.

I’m going to be slow responding to requests about sessions and customs while I catch up on the work that I do have, but I won’t be doing a disappearing act. I’m excited about what the future has to bring…



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run time almost 20 minutes

The very Shy Sky and her 6ft tall body struggle in a leather straitjacket, stockings and harness gag in the cage for a few minutes before she is let out and writhes around on the matte and then walks around in 5″ heels. Heels are new for the shy sky high Sky. After enough of that we cut to her all strapped up, boxtie style, with a panel gag and more pacing and struggling befores sitting down for a panty gag with vetwrap wrapped around it and being put into a hogtie with an enormous posture collar on making it a little harder than it should be.

The loveliest girl, hoping she gets more comfy and comes out of her shell. Imagine the magic if I could get Sky, Rachel Adams and Ophelia together with Cherry’s makeup skills to make them all sisters…I like it 😉

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Lots happening very fast. I have so much content to edit for you all…. I’ve been shooting a lot and out in the world.

I am going to sign a lease to rent a cute little studio and session spot nearby!! It won’t flood up over my knees, a wall won’t be collapsing, the temperature is regulated, it won’t be full of mold, I won’t have to pay $8000 in property taxes a year like at the bank building I sold this time last year and it is in a super safe, quiet and discreet area.

I bet a bunch of you thought I was phasing out or retiring, NOPE!!!

It is just about a mile away from Janets Closet for transitions too!!

I haven’t been sessioning for a really long time but I’m in good health more often than not with my autoimmune issues etc and I’m ready!!

On a different note these ladies are all available for customs and since I’m doing them again I’ve been told I’m pretty cheap compared to others. I’m just slow and hard to deal with…..

Tomorrow I am shooting Riley Jane

Tuesday I am shooting Cherry Busom

Thursday I am shooting Dakkota

Saturday the 25 Je C

April 1 Izzie, Izzie was going to come this weekend but rescheduled. So if you were hoping for a custom with her and didn’t hear from me ahead of time that is why.

April 19 Autumn Bodel

I reached out to kai and she got back in touch for the first time in ages and she shot with gotcuffs and downstudios this past weekend. I wasn’t available, but she was in good spirits and will come back again soon for me 😉






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run time about 30 minutes

JJ and Simone are criminals. JJ turns on her friend and escorts her to a restraint chair in another room. She is strapped in and gagged in bare feet to assure that she won’t escape. After some time a man comes in and tells her he will set her free but he lies and takes her to JJ who gets to work tying her tiny curvy body up. Her elbows are bound, her legs are frogtied and cleave gagged and struggles on the bed. She is still moving too much and her gag is not effective enough so she is hogtied and clear tape is used to keep the stuffing in her mouth and then the stretchy fabric goes over that. What will happen to her next.

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I’m back in my emails and happy to shoot customs. I have been starting with recent messages and working my way back. I’m off to Florida tomorrow and nowhere near ready so probably no more emails tonight but I’ll be back at it on the plane. I’ve been consistently in them for days now so if you sent something long ago that I didn’t respond to and you happen to see this feel free to send it again to get to the top.

I was not ignoring you…. I was just dealing with life off of the internet and not reading messages. I know that sounds crazy but call me crazy.

6th Lexi Lane in Florida

March 7th Carissa Dumond & Cherry Busom in Florida at Eric Cains

One of my custom clients for Carissa said he could not pay now so I definitely have room for one with her. I shot one clip of her at Fetishcon this summer that I have not posted yet.

15th Rachel Adams

18th Izzie

23rd Dakkota

Also Tony/ gotcuffs is around to help the 15,18,23

Riley Jane later this month

Je C later this month

I do hope to schedule another model in Florida. If I don’t I will be available to session the afternoon of the 9th at a hotel on St Pete beach, yes that is correct…. I would need references and your real info and a deposit, just a heads up. This is kinda special,I have been reclusive and not sessioning but I’m feeling more like myself than I have in a long time.


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New model to this site Natalie Charm 🙂

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time over 17 minutes

 members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

struggling only 6 minutes

Busty and leggy lovelies Slyy and Natalie look incredible struggling in ballgags and basic hogties in satin blouses, short skirts, pantyhose and heels until I come in and snip the  hogtie rope and place them back to back, securing them to one another, stuffing their mouths and wrapping their heads with tape and then pulling their ankles up to make them slightly more uncomfortable. After a bit I return and lay them down on their sides. They struggle around tied together and then suddenly start bucking and slapping each others butts while all tied up laying their on the rug with their beautiful busts exposed.

some footage at the end of their sticky tape gags coming off

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New local, tall and lovely Sky

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run time over 30 minutes

Getting to know leggy and lovely spanking lover Sky. Sky is sooo shy and quiet, at least right now in the getting to know her phase. She ballgags herself and gets tied up and crotch roped while standing in 5″ heels. She never ever wears heels so this may have been the most challenging part for her….so next visit expect some high heel training to happen.

After the ballgag, nipple clamps and crotch rope sky gets to the floor and her shoes are removed. She is tied frog style and then struggles before I put 2 socks in her mouth and use microfoam tape over those. Her legs are tied together and her long arms are moving all around so I pull them over to the side to get them out of her way. A pair of panties goes over her head and then she struggles around on the carpet.

At the end I show her unwrapping her gag

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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

Ms Rachel Adams is brought in with some tape on her hands and a gag. She stands tall looking incredible in those jeans while she gets all taped up. Her mouth is stuffed and wrapped with electrical tape and then a stretchy denim cleave goes on. She plops down on the couch and looses her shoes so her sheer black pantyhose feet are exposed. Nipple clamps go on and she struggles around and then winds up on the floor where the clamps are removed and her big gag is adjusted before being tightly hogtaped with tape from ankles to her pretty mouth. Another stretchy denim piece of fabric is used to blindfold her so she won’t know what is coming next…

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I’m shooting her A LOT coming up and I’m back in my emails and shooting customs if you’d like to see more of her


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run time 15 minutes and 25 seconds

Pin up cutie Cherry Busom gags herself with a white ballgag and then a bandana with an entire roll of vetwrap and some microfoam and then she removes it and puts on some leg irons and then satin panties rolled up in a satin scarf. She puts a stocking cap on and then wraps her mouth with thin clear stretchy tape and then she contorts herself into all kinds of positions on the desk with some handcuffs on now too.

We had a few minutes to kill today and I told her to gag and bind herself. At one point she was so close to the edge of the desk that I was terrified she was going to fall so I put a hand up. I added that at the end.

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Hello everyone,

In December I ventured to sunny Florida. I shot a few girls, visited with my vanillas and also visited with Gigi/ Milf Gigis Bondage Fantasies in the hospital. I sat by her bedside for two days while her husband Jim Hunter/ Hunters Lair went home to visit family. She hadn’t been off a respirator or out of bed since heart surgery in September so her quality of life was not one I’d wish on my worst enemy, however, I also believe that where there is life there is hope. I was hopeful that she would make a full recovery, however clearly the outlook was not so good.

As most of you DID bondage fans that look at social media know she recently passed away. We all have Steve Villa from GND to thank for knowing her. Before she was known to all as Gigi I met her in NYC with Steve and Elane Hershey. He met her on Fetilife. She didn’t even know me at all and she even brought me a little gift, a zebra print shopping bag for anything I might pick up in NYC. We became fast friends. I urged her to do bondage modeling since she had such a love for bondage her entire life. I’m happy to say I was the first person to tie her up for the internet on a visit to Muzzlers house many moons ago long after our first meeting in NYC. I urged her to open a site. She thrived and worked hard and everyone absolutely loved her. She took care of and mentored sooo many. She had a way of making everyone feel loved. She was a voice of reason to a lot of people and a role model to many. She was more full of life, love and energy than most people half her age (including myself). She had overcome so many health issues over the years I just assumed this was another bump in the road, but I was very wrong.

I stopped traveling when Covid hit and I live in Detroit which is nowhere near Florida so there was a time when I hadn’t seen her in person for a while. I’m so glad I went to Fetishcon last minute and we got to spend sooo much quality time together in person catching up this summer. It felt great to reconnect in person. I am one of those people that likes to nurse people when I’m well enough myself and I have no problem being around sick people so I’m glad I could be by her side in Florida. I know a lot of her friends were too upset to see her like that. Seeing how she was in December also helped to give me closure when her husband Jim Hunter told me hospice was coming in to take over. I have so many incredible memories of Gigi in all kinds of states and in all kinds of countries. I’ve had some of the best laughs in my life with her. She had this way of struggling in clips that would alwayssss make me think she really needed out of the ropes but she was a tough cookie and always doing just fine. The biggest compliment ever was when she said a clip gave her “The wet factor”. I do have unposted clips of her from Spain and her home in Florida and soo many photos of our adventures over the years. My heart really aches for Jim and her daughter.

I don’t exist much on social media and I’m terrible with emails but I’m still here doing this thing after sooo many years and I thank those of you that understand and don’t take my terrible job at emailing personally. I am so grateful for you all.

You could go over to Hunters Lair or Milf Gigis Fantasies and show him some support during this time by purchasing some of their clips. That would be very nice of you…

Much love from the very reclusive JJ

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