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run time almost 33 minutes

Alba Zevon is a real heart breaker and a man from her youth is still obsessing over her many years later. He decides that he is going to finally make her his. He sends a woman to grab her. She brings the pretty woman in wearing a hood and she attaches her collar to a chain on the ceiling. She has her strip down to her shiny nude colored panties and thigh high stockings. Her wrists are tied and she is put into a basic strappado. JJ understands what this man sees in Alba. An enormous scarf is wadded up and put into the petite girls mouth. Tape is wrapped round and around her head. JJ starts to tie her up with rope, elbows bound, crotch roped, fingers taped up tightly with black tape. Once she is all bound up she is helped to her knees. The scarf is removed and a spider ring gag goes in. Now it is time for her to get up on her knees. She is tied off to the ceiling above and she is teetering on her knee points in utter disbelief about what is happening to her. After some time on her knees the door opens and the man that has been longing for her to be his enters and approaches her very eager to start their new life together.

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I’m not ignoring any of you but I am a very bad business person…

I kind of shut down after having visitors in town most of the summer. I got so sick, sick that was called pneumonia but no one else was getting sick that I was breathing on….. It turns out it was actually airborne mold toxicity brought on by a bunch of stressors because of autoimmune disease- Hashimotos. I was locked in my house with the air on basically for a couple months and it got me good. I was really feeling sorry for myself and thought I was dying. I was eating clean and not understanding why I was so miserable and tired and stupid and in pain and getting weaker with the most painful cough.

I haven’t been in emails for more than one day and I haven’t shot since Alba left. I was not in a good place emotionally or physically. Lots of changes at the house to try to heal the house, not sure if it is entirely possible or if I am going to have to move sooner than later. We shall see.

I also took a job out of the house to be out of the house. I can make my own hours so it won’t change anything for shooting. It is also not faced paced or stressful so I won’t be running myself into the ground. I’ll announce where I am working soon and you will even be able to come visit me there….

I mean well and I’m trying.

I know a few well known ladies that skipped out of the fetish biz prematurely because they felt too much pressure from fans and submissives to be on point all the time and have constant communication. I learned by watching them bow out too quickly due to the stress that they put on themselves and I never wanted to be that person. I want to keep making content for the site. I want to continue to make customs that people love. I want to get back into sessioning and making fantasies come true in person.

I thank those of you who don’t take it personally that I’m away for extended times or that I’m terrible at communicating online. You mean the absolute world to me and I don’t mean to seem disrespectful or ungrateful because I’m not. I know how it comes off to some of you because I see the email change tones and friends even show me things some fans have emailed to them about me. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

More to say another day. I know I’m too wordy.

I am shooting Lolly Gagg this Sunday and Calisa Bliss comes next weekend, so I’m back at it. I’ll be catching up on some solo customs next week as well.

Happy Friday everyone

much respect, JJ



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This was a custom for Ophelia who will hopefully be returning by the end of the year

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run time 47 minutes and 22 seconds

JJ is absolutely obsessed with her pretty neighbor and the feeling is NOT reciprocated. Ophelia loves to surround herself with college girls and not grown ass women. JJ isn’t the most stable woman so one day she decides that she is going to have some fun with her pretty pantyhose wearing neighbor even without consent. She enters through the back and sees Ophelia reading at her kitchen table. She empties some fluid onto a cloth and then approaches Ophelia from behind…

Ophelia finds herself being taped in the chair, a ballgag goes in her mouth, nipple clamps go on. The woman puts the rag to her face a couple times and also to her own face.

Then the two appear in Ophelia’s basement and a few more rag over the face instances occur. Ophelia is taped with her legs crossed and arms overhead stretched out beautifully struggling in silky pantyhose on the day bed. Two hankies go in her mouth and pantyhose keep them in place.

Next her elbows are taped up, mouth stuffed with a silky scarf and lips sealed with tape. She is helped into the cage where JJ puts her pantyhose clad feet all over Ophelia and then she knocks Ophelia and herself back out. Ophelia gets knocked out with her own curly hair clip just for a little bit of humiliation and JJ used the rag to knock herself back out.

Where will the evening go from there?

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This was a fun custom for Rachel 🙂

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run time 50 minutes

Neighborhood sleuth Rachel Adams decides to sneak around at a neighbors house that she suspects is a thief. She finds herself in a bind when the woman sees her on camera. Rachel endures a strappado with a ballgag, the womans panties stuffed in her mouth with a cleave gag and then vetwrap, a bandana stuffed in her mouth with it wrapped in tape. She is frogtied and struggles on the floor but the homeowner doesn’t like how much she is moving around so she attaches a rope from the ceiling and purple stretch fabric has been wrapped around the tape gag. What will happen next?

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Gifted to me but edited ans shot by Tony

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run time over 17 minutes

Alba Zevon is relaxing on her boat when a man comes looking for her husband.  He’s not there so the intruder decides to tie her up in her little bikini and wait until he comes back.

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Payton came to shoot some foot content for a store she will open soon and we also did this playful little thing

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run time 11 minutes and 29 seconds

 Payton sits on the bow of a boat half straitjacketed. I appear and finish it off, even adding a lifejacket for fun. I add some leg irons so she is basically hogcuffed in some slouch socks. I undo a leg iron and remove her socks. I shackle her up again and then I have her go down into the boat from the hatch on top, the end.

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I just glanced over the site and realized that there has been a lot of sweaters and tape, so here is something a little different.

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run time over 15 minutes

Dahlia Lark with her perfect peaches and cream skin struggles sensually in a strappado wearing an armbinder and spreader bar with a harness gag for a while before I come in and remove the armbinder. Next she is shown struggling on the floor in leather straps. I put a pair of panties in her mouth, wrap her head and watch her struggle before putting the lace cap on her head and pulling her bustier to the side and watching her enjoy her bindings.

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run time 39 minutes

Riley Jane and JJ are competing for a promotion at work. They appear hogtied with stocking caps on with their mouths stuffed and nylons being used to hold in the stuffing. The ladies work hard to escape the binds with JJ taking the lead and eventually untying herself and retying Riley.

Riley gets her mouth re-stuffed over the stocking cap, clear vinyl tape wrapped around her head, a crotch rope, and frogtied before being hogtied with JJ shoving her feet in Riley’s face, JJ nibbling on Riley’s pantyhose clad feet and yanking on her crotch rope with her feet and then leaving her hogtied with her toes tied while she heads away to tell the boss that she won the promotion.

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full clip, run time 31 minutes and 40 second

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struggling while in a stocking cap, encased and hogtaped and encased


Je C comes home from work a little scared about being in a new town with a bad man on the loose. She changes into comfy leggings, a sweater and two pairs of slouch socks and makes herself comfortable. A woman sneaks up on her and before she realizes it she is taped up with a pair of socks on her hands. She struggles like this before a stocking hood goes on, she struggles like that and then she appears entirely encased in two pairs of nylons. Then the woman reappears and hogtapes her and ties her stocking hood back before wandering away and reappearing to watch her while laying on her couch.

This was a custom that I decided to change a bit for this site after we had gotten going. The actual mouth stuffing and gag scene was not filmed

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New model to this site Alba Zevon

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run time over 24 minutes

JJ made an appointment with an alarm company and agreed to certain terms. They sent out a gorgeous sales woman named Alba Zevon. JJ wasn’t able to make it home in time to meet Alba so she had her husband Frank ILRB sit down with her. She used her sex appeal to try to upsell him and when JJ came in her attitude changed. Frank dismissed himself to leave for work but JJ decided to take a little aggression out on the little Italian sex pot. Alba finds herself with elbows together and cinched to her body with JJs panties in her mouth and vetwrap around her neck. Her boobs are pulled out and a white stretchy cloth goes over the gag. She gets hogtied and then the white fabric is pulled back into the hogtie. The adorable little thing finds herself mmmphing on the living room floor. She is still there when Frank comes in from work not surprised at all to see that the sales girl was now a damsel in distress.

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