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This is clearly a style video but I thought some of you might enjoy it here. No worries I’m posting another bondage clip shortly.

This was a custom. I’m now shooting gotcuffs customs as a cop or a criminal in case you are interested

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run time over 33 minutes

 JJ is an escort who has been stealing her clients wallets and using their credit cards. A cop, Officer Cherry Busom comes to arrest her. She is cuffed and leg ironed, photos taken, she changes into under clothes for a bit and then an orange jumpsuit with a waist chain and lock box.

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run time 48 minutes

Detective Rachel Adams sets out to find information on 3 missing college girls, however she finds herself getting into the same type of mess that they found themselves in. Rachel is subdued and by the time she realizes what is happening it’s too late. She’s bound in metal with no way to escape, though she fights. Rachel endures all kinds of cruel metal bondage positions with her glossy white panties on display. She finally finds herself hogcuffed with a spreader bar and pulled up to the ceiling so she can no longer roll around. She’s also been wrapped in Chains with locks with no seconds of relief as the hard metal digs into her soft skin. She is left alone with her mouth stuffed and head pulled back into the hogcuffing. What will happen next.

this was a custom for Rachel

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run time 36 minutes

JJ found out that her friend Cherry has been using her identity to buy things. As a punishment she explains to Cherry that if you want to be like me you will also need to dress like me. JJ always wears tight long leg panty girdles and fully fashioned stockings which she happens to be wearing now of course. Cherry strips down from her comfy llpg and sweater and gets into the absolute tightlest long leg panty girdle imaginable. Both women struggle to get the clasps done up while not ruining their manicures. Cherry then then tries on two more, the last one with a vintage white lace garter felt underneath. She gas been getting spanked throughout while leaning over the desk, she gets spanked over JJs knee. Lastly she is left in a hogtie with a little red ballgag in her mouth feeling oh so sorry for herself in the very binding llpg and arm tie that is much too uncomfortable to be left in.

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Hi everyone, I’m shooting with Cherry today and then headed to Florida for a week for a doctors appointment and to help my bestie Eric Cain pack to move.

In Florida I’ll be shooting with

It will be my last time shooting at his place. If you’d like a custom of either of those women please email me

They are both gorgeous and great at bondage!!

As of now when I get back to Detroit I’ll be shooting

Rachel Adams that week

Candace I shot her once many years ago and she will return


May 30 Riley Jane WITH Cherry Busom

June 2 is my birthday

June 7 Kendra Lynn

end of June Freshie Juice most likely comes for a week!

August Autumn Bodell returns

As far as sessioning goes the building is being inspected some time at the beginning of June, so I’ve been holding off on taking my furniture and supplies there. I’ll get back in touch with everyone who wrote in regards to that on my flight tomorrow.

Have a nice day everyone!!


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run time 22 minutes

Riley Jane has a seed phrase that JJ really wants so she can get rich quick. She has a strong guy bring Riley to her. JJ appears to scare her with some rope and gags which she assumes will get her to talk. Riley proves to be mentally stronger and physically tougher than they had  assumed she would be. The biggest ballgag they could find doesn’t get to her, a very tight crotch rope doesn’t get to her. Her mouth gets stuffed and her head wrapped with vetwrap and then microfoam and still nothing. She is tied to the chair and doesn’t break, she is hogtied on the floor with her toes tied and still doesn’t break. What will they have to do next???

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run time 24 minutes

Payton is a professional psychic and JJ has been spending all of her hard end cash on her. JJs friends are worried about her and they are sure she is being scammed. They come up with an idea to trick the so called psychic and make JJ stop wasting her time, energy and money. Blah, Blah, Blah, the friends were correct and Payton is indeed a big scam artist. JJ is not handling it well, she is humiliated, ashamed and broke after falling for it for so long. She sets out to get revenge. Paytonscommentary at the end after her first damsel clip.

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I met Autumn at Fetishcon last year and we hit it off but my style of gags and bondage is not her cup of tea. She gave me a chance with this custom and shot with others under my roof. She will be back for more in August if you might like a custom of this tall and sexy lady!!

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run time 13 minutes, restraint chair

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run time over 10 minutes, armbinder

The oh so lovely Autumn Bodell attempts to escape the restraint chair and then she tries to get out of the armbinder

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Yesterday I bought a ticket to Florida last minute to help Eric move, that means I’ll be shooting this lovely woman again sometime between May 18-22. If you’d like a custom please email me at

There had been two horrible days going on the third when this shoot happened. I was exhausted and frumpy and I didn’t have an heels with me that I was willing to ruin hence the flats. I’m looking forward to a do-over soooooon!!

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run time 21 minutes

I lead girdle and stocking bound Carissa Dumond to a tree and tie her to it and add a crotch rope. I add tight vetwrap and watch her struggle. We walk out a bit and I add more rope to her upper body before taking her over to a chair. She is tied to the chair, legs spread, shoes removed and ankles tied to the chair. The vetwrap and ballgag are removed and a scarf is shoved in her mouth followed by a tight cleave, which doesn’t stay on for too long before being changed to more vetwrap. I attempt to attach nipple clamps and fail on one side so I leave it for a bit and continue tying her before finally getting it to latch on. A stocking cap aka mosquito net goes over her pretty face and we watch her struggle.

She reacts at the end and an outtake

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This was a custom for Cherry. The client loved it and told me to post it to attract new customers. I sure wish I could post more photos but things are getting more and more strict.

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39 minutes and 48 seconds

and I don’t mean the domme. I mean the snooping neighbor. Cherry Busom doesn’t like people going in and out of JJs house at all hours.  She decides to take a look when she believes JJ is out of town. She is 100% wrong and the homeowner isn’t going to let her nosy neighbor get away with it. Cherry deals with a lot, including a ballgag, bondage chair and leg pulled up.  She has to suck on a dildo while taped up. She gets a scarf stuffed in her mouth with tape around it, she struggles on the bed all taped up. Then she has to remove her panties and change to a fresh pair of pantyhose. Pantyhose clad feet shoved into her pretty mouth and then her panties stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped with tape. She is frogtaped and struggles like that before her legs get taped together and she struggles more. What will happen to the pretty woman next???

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Thursday this week I’ll be shooting solo bondage with Tony if anyone would like a custom. I can’t remember the last time we shot solo….

Coming Sunday the 7th Karin Sin, 6 ft tall, legs up to my chin, natural DD breasts, natural long brown hair.


coming later this month and available for customs for borntobebound and or gotcuffs

Cherry Busom, Je C, Rachel Adams, Payton,  Riley Jane and waiting to hear back from Red Diamond

Also I’m doing sessions again in a safe discreet place 15/20 minutes from DTW airport 15/20 minutes from Downtown Detroit, MI

I need to buy some major supplies for the studio/ session spot so I’ll be in my emails A LOT this month trying to make some real money to get those things. I will also be adding what I can get on amazon to my wishlist. Want to skype with me and ask questions? Want to skype with me and have Tony tie me up? Want to skype with me and have me tell you how to tie yourself up? Ever thought about a custom but never followed through? Now would be a terrific time 😉

Did I overlook a message during my months away from emails or just because of my (hashimotos) forgetfulness? Feel free to resend it.

I do not charge per minute per model like most sites. I just need to hear your story idea, talk to the others involved and then I give you a price. I hear my prices are pretty good these days.




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