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I haven’t shot Red Diamond since 2013 but she is back now, all grown up and not shy! This was a shared video, her story and she chose the outfit, you know I would have chosen something a little less red fishnety and open crotched, lol. I’ll continue to call her Red Diamond here but you can find more of her at Many Vids under Pineapple Squirt. She is definitely local and available for customs and absolutely awesome with gags.

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run time 23 minutes

Red Diamond is a naughty girl, hanging out in her step moms bed taking dirty selfies in a slutty outfit. Later she plans to go to an afterhours party that she isn’t allowed to go to. Stepmom comes home early. She is a bit twisted and plans to keep kiddo at home by restraining her, after she gets a spanking. First the huge ballgag and then many pairs of thong panties in her mouth, one taken right off of her body. She is tied off to all 4 posts of the bed, left spread and vulnerable.

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This clip almost didn’t happen since she had flown out specifically to shoot with Eric and he wanted to start in a half hour. I wasn’t sure if I could get her dressed and something done worth paying for that quickly but I’m glad we made it work! I believe this was her first damsel clip….

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full clip, 20 minutes and 30 seconds

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part 1 cuffs

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part 2 tape

Ophelia is already hogcuffed wearing an enormous ballgag on the bed. A woman comes in and has her read some words on a bottle, then she finds herself standing and being taped up. Two pairs of panties go into her beautiful mouth and vetwrap gets wrapped very tightly around her face. Her arms are tightly taped and she is hogtaped on the floor with her pantyhose feet exposed. Her breathing is very labored because of the harsh gag. It ends with her being asked to read that bottle again….

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Not a member here and want to own this clip without being a thief…buy it from  Rachel Adams Fantasies on clips4sale

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run time 29 minutes

Rachel Adams is viewing a house for sale with a realtor who offers her some tea. Then she is hogcuffed and ballgagged in a peculiar way. She struggles about on the floor realizing she can not get free. After some time the woman lets her up, but Rachel’s ordeal is not over yet. She is tied up with hands cuffed in front. A thigh high and a pair of panties are stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear wrap. She is toe tied on the bed with ropes around her upper body. The woman leaves her alone and she finds the key and anxiously makes her escape.

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This was a custom for Je

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43 minutes

Je C is arrested and taken in and cuffed up. It doesn’t end there, painfully tight hinged cuffs are placed on her ankles and she doesn’t make things easy on herself. She moves about and the cruel metal digs into her skin. She isn’t behaving herself so the twisted woman puts twine on her, hogtying her tightly with her elbows welded together and tying her toes.

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32 minutes and 50 seconds

Izzie wearing satin, silk and stockings crawls onto her bed and enjoys a big pile of scarves for a bit before her girlfriend comes in to join her for some Valentines Day fun. She is tied spread to the bed with a scarf in her mouth and two over her mouth. She is wearing sheer panties and a garter belt. JJ tapes a vibrator on her and after some time a man enters and grabs JJ and starts to tie her to the post. JJ thinks that Izzie perhaps sent a man over to join them and isn’t happy about it, but that isn’t the case. The guy stuffs an enormous scarf in her mouth and wraps her head with tape. Then he blindfolds her and leaves them both to rob the place ruining their girl time.

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I’m alive!


There have been so many long shoot days and my uploads keep timing out most likely because of the snow…

Late tonight when I get home or tomorrow

you will be getting 3 long clips

one with Je C cuffed and then tied with twine

one with Izzy & I in satin with scarfs

one with Rachel Adams in a tight sweater in cuffs and rope

I also have an addition to the men in bondage area

I think it is a minimum of 90 minutes of footage

Anyone interested in customs with Cherry Busom, Simone, Lexi Warrior, Red Diamond, Je C or  Jayda Blayze please let me know. They are close to me and thrilled to work. Tony/ gotcuffs is also here and can shoot solo stuff with me.





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run time over 54 minutes

bondage begins after 5 minutes

Rachel has a secret, she wants to be JJs submissive and it goes both ways, JJ wants to play with Rachel. Rachel gets changed into a corset and 7″ heels and goes into the creepy basement where she gets chained up and then balltied and hogtied in two different ballgags. She handles it absolutely beautifully and the two should be long time playmates.

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run time 9 minutes and 3o seconds

JJ walks to her desk and removes her heels and puts on a pair of sparkle UGG boots and a super soft Uniqlo down coat plus fingerless gloves over her suit.  Then she is tied at the elbows and wrists and a mask with a ballgag on it is put over her face (no real gag underneath).  JJ runs across the slushy road all bound up and then they take a little bound walk in the park on a freezing cold midwestern night. Much more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist she nervously tries to hide her bound arms from the cars passing by.

Many thanks to Down Studios for the coat!!

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This was a custom for Cherry

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run time over 38 minutes

Cherry gives us her million dollar smile as saran wrap goes around her body. After that has been on display for a bit she gets all taped up before appearing on the table. She has already been ballgagged and her feet are tickled with my stiletto nails but we aren’t done yet. Her big toes and little toes get tied down to the table and her mouth gets stuffed with my panties. I take my heels off and tickle her with the pointy heel. Vetwrap goes around her head, after a bit her entire head is covered in duct tape as well with just her ponytail sticking out while I go at her feet. She can’t see what is happening as uncontrollable muffled laughter comes from her totally covered up head. It may not seem like it but there was a lot of pressure on her neck not being able to rest it on the table. When she let her head down it cut off her breathing and strained her neck even more than holding her head up, an added predicament. At the very end I slide a pillow under her chest and put the scissors on her back and walk away.

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I’m not exactly caught up but 3 updates are better than none.

My editing laptop, my most favorite one I have ever owned was broken the other night, not by me.

I shot late Friday and then Saturday woke up somehow gluten poisoned and spent the day absolutely miserable on the couch. Aside from stomach misery, body aches and broken out skin I also get gut wrenching anxiety that makes it seem like the entire world is collapsing around me….I was able to open my computer at 9pm to attempt to catch up and it was broken. I was not the one that broke it….My favorite editing computer of all time, broken. My old desktop was not set up anywhere. I wallowed in self pity and slept more instead of trying to drag around computers in the shape I was in.

Today I woke up feeling healthier than yesterday though still very weak. I never catch colds or flus from sickly humans, well not since I got healthy in 2018 but my insides sure are sensitive to things I put inside of me. This morning I went to walk my dog to my favorite local spot to contemplate the meaning of the universe on a bench and I got cornered at a boat launch right on the river with 2 other dogs barking and growling at myself and my dog. We charged at them screaming as to not end up in the icy river behind me. When their owner came out and summoned them away probably after 3 minutes he didn’t ask if I was ok, I was physically sobbing and shaking. There is a leash law here and that is public property. I’m not a Karen, not one little bit but that could have been an absolute disaster.

Anyway, I need to leave the desktop. I’ll be back on the computer/ email tomorrow. I see there are some fresh emails and I appreciate them 🙂

A video of Cherry Busom mummified and tickled will appear tomorrow and hopefully something else…..

I am NOT shooting tomorrow. Simone was rescheduled for Wednesday as are solo projects with gotcuffs.

Stay warm and away from mean dogs.

Much appreciation