So I’m still alive despite not being in emails, on instagram or having whats ap on my phone. All things are starting to make sense and I am gearing up for heavy shooting, regular updates and being in my emails.

Here is the line up with many more to come

Monday Jayda Blayze

Wednesday Simone

Thursday Lillith Lewd (tentative)

Saturday a newbie to me

21st Izzie

22nd Jayda Blayze WITH Steve Villa / Girl next door bondage

23rd Cherry Busom/ aka Lushes LaMoan WITH Steve Villa

Im going to get in my emails now and start at the top. Thanks to those that have stuck with me. I’m not done yet, not even close.

Also currently Eric Cain/ futilestruggles and Tony/ gotcuffs are in town so if you’d like to see me with them, or any of these ladies with them let us know.

Much love, JJ


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