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run time almost 35 minutes

Meet Delta Dawn, a busty, mature fun and sexy lady. She is totally new to bondage and this was her first time being gagged. I ask her some questions while I saran wrap her. I tape her up leaving her giants breasts exposed. She ballgags herself but I have to tighten it of course. Then we swap that out for some baby blue satin panties and vetwrap. She is still standing in heels at this time so I have her move around for me before having her sit on the couch. She gets to the floor, I add more tape, I playfully tickle her feet while she is gagged. I add packing tape. She wiggles sensually and bounces her big boobs around. I nipple clamp her for a bit which she handles well and then remove those to sort of hogtie her once her big boobs are all tied up.  I put the extra rope around her gag but it seems like it will slip off which would drive me mad that particular day so I quickly but tape over it. After some struggling I show her gag coming off.

We shot one more clip that day of us both tied up together but she will be back for more!


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