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run time almost 27 minutes

JJ is an x bounty hunter that longs to be catburlgar Rachel Adams partner.  Rachel sent her to a special location, JJ wasn’t sure what to expect but Ultra Girl, a look a like to Rachel Adams appears and JJ decides to get to work subduing her and tying her up. Ultra Girls mouth is stuffed and head wrapped with tape. She struggles too much, so JJ binds her elbows and her arms to her body and adds a crotch rope and then she hogties her tightly. Ultra Girl had removed her belt before stretching out when she came into the room so she had no powers, more tape is added to her gag. She gets nowhere trying to get out of the ropes. JJ decides to give Ultra Girl a bit of a break, she releases the hogtie rope before leaving. Ultra Girl twists and turns and rolls across the room to where her belt is. She tries to grab it on the couch. JJ is long gone by then and hopeful that she has now proven herself to Ms Adams and that they can indeed be real partners in crime.

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