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run time over 34 minutes

Cherry struggles hogtie and harness gag in a posture collar until I come in and remove the gag and stuff her mouth with panties and wrap her head with vet wrap and electrical tape. Then her boobs gets taped up. She struggles while leashed to the bed post, kicks off her heels revealing her fully fashioned stocking feet and stands up. I bring a body bag over to her and remove her gag and slide the bag up, lace her into it and put on a hood with a small ballgag. She struggles tethered to the post before I come over and help her to the ground wear she struggles on the floor. I unzip the back of the body bag a bit so her hands and sheer panties are out for our viewing pleasure. Then there is a short goodbye at the end. This was the last clip I ever shot of another model at the studio (tho there are many that still haven’t been posted from over the years).

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