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run time over 34 minutes

Cherry struggles hogtie and harness gag in a posture collar until I come in and remove the gag and stuff her mouth with panties and wrap her head with vet wrap and electrical tape. Then her boobs gets taped up. She struggles while leashed to the bed post, kicks off her heels revealing her fully fashioned stocking feet and stands up. I bring a body bag over to her and remove her gag and slide the bag up, lace her into it and put on a hood with a small ballgag. She struggles tethered to the post before I come over and help her to the ground wear she struggles on the floor. I unzip the back of the body bag a bit so her hands and sheer panties are out for our viewing pleasure. Then there is a short goodbye at the end. This was the last clip I ever shot of another model at the studio (tho there are many that still haven’t been posted from over the years).

This was a custom video clip, interested? jj at

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run time 35 minutes

JJ is a married woman with a pretty traditional husband. He doesn’t think she should be attracted to women at all. The pair recently bought a home together that they aren’t living in yet. JJ and the realtor fell for one another and started having an affair. JJ doesn’t want to leave her hubby she just wants to have a little fun with the sexy woman. The realtor lets herself in and begins to play with herself waiting for her lover to show up. Once she gets there she is told to undress to her lingerie. She cuffs herself in front and at the ankles with hinged cuffs. They flirt and kiss and rub on one another. When the realtor suggests that JJ leave her husband JJ decides it is time to shut her and ballgags her playfully. She gets nipple clamps and J leaves to make them some drinks only that is when Tony the husband comes in. Adara grabs her clothes to cover herself. He takes the gag out and demands to know what is happening even though he knows. He takes the cuffs off her only to put them back on behind her back.  JJ comes back in and begs him to let her go but he refuses, in fact he cuts off her black satin panties and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with tape. Then he hogties her on the floor and takes his woman away. She has been tied at the wrists and elbows. He takes her to the basement and lifts her arms up behind her. He stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with duct tape. Adara has gotten that hogtie rope free and she is scooting down the stairs still cuffed at the wrists and ankles. Her stockings are now full of runs. She hops into the room to try to save her helpless lover and she is caught and hogtied again. This time she won’t get free. He then hoists up his wifes arms higher behind her and then wraps even more tape around her face. Then he just leaves them there unable to help one another.

1st update of the week

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run time 29 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

Dakkota and Tony met on fetlife, neither of their long term spouses enjoy bondage. Dakkota is all done up and dressed in beautiful lingerie (just figures dot com) and enjoying a lovely time in bondage when the wife invades wearing a cream leather suit with a gun and forces him to keep tying up the beautiful blond. He does as he’s told, and then she forces him to tie her up too…She knows they need to spice up their relationship and she is more than willing to try out bondage. First a ballgag with chin strap, then a pair of panties with microfoam and and a hogtie. Dakkotas knotted cleave gag has been removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with microfoam as well. She gets a balltie, but really all she wants is to escape this ridiculous situation….

1st clip of the week

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run time over 2o minutes, full clip

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run time  12 minutes , less tying

Jamie has experienced some terrible times in bondage with untrustworthy guys with cameras. She says she is a bit gun shy with ropes and gags and it isn’t without reason. I decided to try to hogtie her as tightly as possible, a consensual clip. She shows us her sexy outfit. I have her ballgag herself. I get out of the way so she can struggle around. I return and stuff her mouth with panties and vetwrap. She looks soooo good in this type of gag (in my opinion). I know it is a mental battle for her to stay in it for so long. She struggles, bends over the couch to show us her lovely rear end. She is a runner…She gets hogtied. You can see that she doesn’t arch up in my favorite way. You can see that this is really a mind fuck for her and she is struggling and I (on 3 hours of sleep) wimp out and I don’t tie her feet back or wrap much more around her head the way I really, really, really wanted to. I know this is an acceptable tight tie for her and I refrain from making her hate me and bondage even more. To my liking she is truly stuck. She can not roll on her side, so I turn her and have to hold her on her side so we can get a peek of her panties, etc. Maybe next time I’ll have less of a heart and be meaner to her. I was cruel when she got let out and I told her how wimpy that was for a consensual tie by me, so perhaps she will expect worse treatment next time, lol.

You can find her garter belt, bra and stockings at just figures dot com, dyed green by the shop