1st clip of the week

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run time over 2o minutes, full clip

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run time  12 minutes , less tying

Jamie has experienced some terrible times in bondage with untrustworthy guys with cameras. She says she is a bit gun shy with ropes and gags and it isn’t without reason. I decided to try to hogtie her as tightly as possible, a consensual clip. She shows us her sexy outfit. I have her ballgag herself. I get out of the way so she can struggle around. I return and stuff her mouth with panties and vetwrap. She looks soooo good in this type of gag (in my opinion). I know it is a mental battle for her to stay in it for so long. She struggles, bends over the couch to show us her lovely rear end. She is a runner…She gets hogtied. You can see that she doesn’t arch up in my favorite way. You can see that this is really a mind fuck for her and she is struggling and I (on 3 hours of sleep) wimp out and I don’t tie her feet back or wrap much more around her head the way I really, really, really wanted to. I know this is an acceptable tight tie for her and I refrain from making her hate me and bondage even more. To my liking she is truly stuck. She can not roll on her side, so I turn her and have to hold her on her side so we can get a peek of her panties, etc. Maybe next time I’ll have less of a heart and be meaner to her. I was cruel when she got let out and I told her how wimpy that was for a consensual tie by me, so perhaps she will expect worse treatment next time, lol.

You can find her garter belt, bra and stockings at just figures dot com, dyed green by the shop

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