2nd update

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over 12 minutes

(I’ll split it into 2 clips this weekend)

JJ is holding Sarah Brooke hostage. Her loser boyfriend owes her some money and isn’t coming through. Sarah is hogtied with her elbows bound in a sauna. She is ballgagged, her wrists are tied and she is left there. She struggles for a couple minutes and is able to magically release the hogtie rope and ankle rope. She gets up with her ballgag still in tact, elbows, wrists and knees bound and tries to make her escape. She sees the rope bag on the floor with a phone in it. She tries to grab it to call for help but there is a code on it of course. The woman comes back in, takes some selfies with her and then ties her up more. She is gagged with some panties and vetwrap. She is stood up, her skirt is lifted, her perfect little ass is smacked. She is forced back to the ground and hogtied on the filthy floor. More vetwrap is added to her face. She is kicked around a bit and left. The woman is sure she can’t escape, even though there is a rope within reach of her hands. They are purple and dead and won’t be able to untie any ropes.

quickie at the end of Sarah trying to remove her gag with dead hands

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