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I attended in Munich which was really great and now I am in Spain for the next week. I have a few days to shoot with the toughest girl I know Rachel Adams, German all natural beauty Muriel and sexy Katarina Blade who I just found out can do the biggest ballgags and mouth stuffing gags!! I am at a lovely villa with beautiful outdoor and indoor shooting spaces as well as a fantastic dungeon. I also have the time to shoot!! This is the perfect situation to shoot custom videos in.

The problem my exhusband/ webmaster fell on hard times to put it lightly and has messed up our email system so terribly by allowing the main domain to expire. I don’t really understand the technical aspects I just know it is NOT WORKING. I have just found out that I am not getting many emails and the ones I send out often show that they have sent but they never truly do. Also mail on my phone does not match entirely with mail on my computer even tho it is the same account. I am trying not to absolutely lose my mind, but it is not easy for me…

As many of you know support messages were not being responded to for a while because they were never received. I thought everything had been fixed but it hasn’t been at all!!!

There was a very very very long time that I did not get into my emails due to illness and then the relationship trauma but I am desperately trying to be shall we say an adult about these things again because I am able to be….

please, please, please use

which I have just set back up again on my telephone so I know FOR SURE I AM GETTING AND RESPONDING TO YOUR MESSAGES as I am no longer unable to depend on the email system my ex set up in 2011 at all and I am in a tremendous amount of debt because of him-


Also I have been shooting a lot and I have several clips to post but the wifi in the town I am in is pretty terrible to upload clip files and they keep failing…. I will catch up as soon as possible and if anyones memberships expire during this time I can send links to the content once I can get it up.

Thank you for your patience,

a frustrated and broken hearted,

JJ Plush




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This was a custom video for JJ, jacket since by the client long ago. Have a custom in mind for yourself?

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run time 20 minutes

NO on screen tying or gagging

A realtor in an argyle sweater, black pants, nylons, heels and a long red wool coat with shoulder pads enters a bedroom and sees a special stone with a note saying wishes will be granted, she wishes for some bondage because it has been a while and poof she appears in bondage! She then wishes for more bondage and a big gag and poof, more bondage and an enormous gag !!After some time it is very, very uncomfortable but the stone no longer understands her in the massive ballgag… she wants out but her situation keeps getting worse and worse, until she ends up tightly hogtied and ballgagged on the floor. Who will help her now?

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run time over 26 minutes

Adara Jordin and her girlfriend JJ are planning a night in. Adara knows JJ likes rope but she has purchased some handcuffs and wants to try something new. She cuffs JJ behind the back and gives her a drink which she sips threw a straw. She puts hinged cuffs on her ankles and she shimmys around to the other side of the bed. Then foot loving Adara starts to go after JJs toes with her big beautiful lips. JJ whines to be let out of the cuffs to truly enjoy it but Adara enjoys JJ in the metal and hopes that all of the attention to her feet makes her forget about the metal…She ends it with JJ hogcuffed, lots more making love to her not so maintained feet with her beautiful mouth. Then she runs off to finish dinner leaving JJ hogcuffed on the bed with no way out.

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My memory is terrible but I do believe this is the most helpless/ damsel like I have ever felt by women in a clip ever!!

Welcome back Sahrye and a newbie who hasn’t told me her stage name yet for my site!

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run time 19 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ Plush is new in town and excited to be a part of a local foot night with her size 6 feet. Two regulars welcome her in, or so she thinks. They really don’t want to share their clients with her so they decide to scare her out of town. Glittery socks are removed and stuffed in her mouth and then Sahrye takes off her red lace panties and shoves them in her mouth. Her elbows are tied, feet are shoved in her face, she is leaned over the couch and humiliated, she is crotch rope and finally very very tightly hogtied. Her eyes feel like they are about to burst out of her head and she can’t move much at all. She thought she was about to make new friends and make some money but really she was having one of the worst days of her life instead.

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Visit the bad guys at Bound and Gagged in Detroit,

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full clip, run time 34 minutes

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some tying/ untying cut out, run time  19 minutes 40 seconds

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struggling + hogtie rope added, run time 10 minutes

I’m gonna let the fellas write the story and then I’ll add it here…

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run time over 21 minutes

JJ was on her way to work women a woman through her trash out the window. Things have been going terribly for JJ in life so that got to her more than usual. She decided to follow that woman to work to have some words with her but when she saw a bunch of tape on the girls desk she decided to punish her with some bondage. She humiliates the pretty girl and pulls her skirt off. She cuts her shirt and uses it as a cleave. Then she shoves a bunch of the shirt in her mouth and wraps her head with vetwap. After watching her struggle she gets her to the floor and hogtapes her, shoving her shirt deep into her mouth. She mmphs about in misery and JJ leaves her struggling. Last scene a coworker comes in and removes her gag.

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Brand new bondage model and first time straitjacketed, Audrey Ashes!!! Find her on twitter, rumor has it she is very active there 😉

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run time over 19  minutes and 30 seconds

Audrey Ashes is straitjacketed in a cell. She paces around and calls for the guard. The guard ( JJ Plush) enters with more punishment items. Audrey is ballgagged and puts on tall high heels for the guard who uses her jail slides to spank her ass and thighs over and over. Next she gets a cuff spreader bar on her ankles and has to walk around the cell that way before sitting down. A short leg iron is used to pull her chest down towards her legs for a bit. Vetwrap has been put over the ballgag. After a bit it is time to get her to the ground. The ballgag is removed and an enormous pair of silk panties is put in her mouth and tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She gets leg irons on her ankles and she is put into a hogcuffing. Next her toes are cuffed and then the guard leaves her that way.

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over 2 minutes of Audrey talking about a real life jail experience

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This was a custom video that I added a bit to, new camera person, she liked my heels and the lightstands. I’ll get her under control 😉


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run time over 30 minutes

Two men (Eric Cain and Oscar) have JJ, one around the neck and the other at the arms. The one behind her keeps kicking and kneeing her. They are demanding a combination to the safe. JJ vehemently exclaims that she doesn’t have it, she doesn’t whine at them, then she tries to bargain with them that if they let her go she might actually remember it but all of this manhandling is traumatic. They get her into a strappado and leave her dangling. She has given them the combo, only it was a couple digits off so they are furious. They take her down from the strappado and lead her around the building by the neck again taking her back upstairs and hogtying her. She tries to pick at the knots but she can’t get them out, sliding to the floor did her no good.  They return to her and lead her around the building more, shoving her head into a disgusting hole. Finally she gives up the real combination which doesn’t do her any good. They take her back upstairs, stuff her mouth and wrap it with tape and leave her hogtied on the couch. The next day she wakes up, no ropes on her but her body hurts and there is a tiny piece of rope on the floor. It couldn’t have all been a dream….

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IF you are not a member here and want to own this clip without breaking the law and downloading it for free and rotting in hell for eternity please go to the futilestruggles clips4sale store #8331

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run time 36 minutes

Oh my god that thigh rope was the killer and everything else was tolerable. I should post the photo of the bruise I took days after….

written by Eric: It has been a few years since I have tied JJ, so to get back in the groove, I do a quick hogtie in the basement. We chat as I bind her, but just because we are chatting and laughing does not mean that the ropes are not tight. In fact, the ropes are tight, the gag is tight and JJ’s tits are bound and clamped, and I even manage to tie her big toes. Not a lot of movement after I put her in this tie, as she really could not move. I also left in the footage after I release JJ and remove her gag.

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I’m not sure where to start, lol.

I’m in good physical condition and working with new girls and planning some travel. I’ll be attending the first weekend in November in Munich, Germany. I LOVE THE EVENT. It is small but grand if that makes sense and I guarantee if you go you’d get some one on one time with me. The event is actually in the hotel we stay in and I don’t leave the entire time…

After I’ll be spending some time in Spain where I could shoot customs with Rachel Adams, Muriel (from the recent encasement clip) and Katarina. You can see much of Rachel on my site and you can see a bit of Muriel and Katarina at It is a fantastic location with outdoor shooting options and a dungeon. I’ll make sure all is well lit unlike the first time I visited…

My best girl has a new best girl and moved to Florida to start the life she has always desired!!! She will be with me shooting in Detroit for one day only October 28 (2 days before I leave for Europe for a couple weeks). That girl is Adara Jordin. I won’t be seeing her much in the future so if you’d like a custom with her please get in touch with me as soon as possible to make that happen.

A local lovely named Vanilla that I shot a few times before my life fell apart is also back and I can shoot customs of her as well.

ALSO I’ll be shooting a new girl I’ve had zero contact with that Eric Cain arranged for Audry Ashes Wednesday and Thursday.

The lovely tall, blond, bondage loving Ariel Anderssen will be at my home for a week before Thanksgiving so if you’d like a video of her please get in touch.

I’ll have a few hours with Ayla Aisel Dec 14th as well

The new girl I just shot Purple Jade is basically right down the street and available for customs also.

Tonight I’ll be doing Theatre Bizarre my favorite local event and later this month I’ll be going to the Detroit Damned Show, if you’d like to say hi in real life….

Also the first fella to ever tie me, which changed my life, Eric Cain will be in town until after Thanksgiving when he heads south to stay warm and he can shoot customs of me. We’ve done a couple things and it has gone pretty well.

Way long from now it feels, I’ll be in the Tampa Florida area shooting so if you have suggestions for who I should devote my time to please email me…

I’ll leave it at that for now.

Wishing you all lots of love, light, good health and trustworthy loved ones.


JJ, the plush1