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This was a custom video

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37 minutes

JJ Plush is hanging out in bed in satin pajamas and cuffs herself up and gags and blindfolds herself. She also puts nipple clamps on that stay on the entire time.  She rolls around and enjoys herself until her man comes in and finds her and decides to help her out with more bondage. She is tied up and walks around barefoot tied  before being put into a strappado with a crotch rope while wearing a harness gag (by Then she gets hogtied and rolls around on the floor with the nipple clamps still on, elbows tied since the ropes went on.

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Ever wanted to help someone out and get something in return?

Now is your chance, especially if you are into girdles or know people that are.

I have 3 file boxes of vintage girdles from thrift shops that were left to me. I also have tons of my own to sell at some point which is why I don’t want to hoard these. I’m overwhelmed with stuff and downsizing significantly…

These mostly have thrift store tags and have not been cleaned since I got them, a few are new with tags. I am the only one that has touched them in years if Covid frightens you.


AIOPG= All in one panty girdle

LLPG= Long leg panty girdle

OBG= open bottom girdle

The boxes contain

6 AIO LLPG beiges

3 AIO LLPG black

8 AIO PG beiges

13 LLPG 34inch waist and bigger

7 LLPG under 34 inches

4 cinchers & open bottom girdles

10 bustier & long bras many larger sizes

I can get these all into one large box for someone. I’d like to send them all off to one person. With this thrift store collection if you buy it I’ll include 5 polaroids of me in a girdle style of your choice, or high res photos emailed if you would prefer that. I’ll also send a pair of stockings I’ve worn or new that will fit you, totally your call.

I’m just looking for a lump sum perhaps via paypal and I’ll send them all out.  Continental USA shipping will be a flat rate of $20, other places I’ll quote out with the weight of the items.

Go ahead and send low ball offers. I really won’t be offended and hey maybe you will be the winner!!!!

Yours, JJ
























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New bondage model to this site, Isabella aka Izzie

she is pretty afraid of gags and tight stuff but she did great for me

she is available for customs

this may not stream for you, troubleshooting now. New version will be up later today

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38 minutes and 35 seconds

 Izzie left town with a partners money. She made a life for herself but a couple years later the woman catches up with her. Izzie submits to be taped up in her own office, her scarf being used as a gag, forced to struggle in a chair and then hogtaped on the floor. After that abuse she is cut out of the hogtaped and led over to her desk to get her purse and then she is taken from the building. JJ goes back to Izzies house with her bound. She has been stripped out of her power suit down to her underclothes. Her wrists have been cuffed with irish8 cuffs, her thumbs are cuffed, her ankles are cuffed. She gets a little silver ballgag. She is  told to walk around a bit like this before getting to the floor where she is hogcuffed and her gag is changed. Her mouth is stuffed with panties and her head is wrapped with vetwrap. Her toes get cuffed up. A helpless, topless, perfect bootied pretty young Izzie mmmmps on the floor in her bindings  along when a man enters and tells her they are going to have a talk about JJs stolen money.

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run time 50 minutes

It is time for the chair challenge again. We know that heels make it so a leg can get free IF the person fights for their life so this time our subject just gets stocking feet making an escape more impossible… Once she is strapped in tightly it becomes apparent to her that she will not be able to escape no matter what, so, instead of fighting for her life she does more of a damsel shake and shimmy for her time in the chair, most likely opting to not bruise up her body in a futile struggle for freedom. Once that is over I decide to put her into a hogtie. Chanelle is new to bondage but one of her first shoots was my pal Eric Cain so she is no wimp!!! I tie her tits up, her first time ever having them tied and she doesn’t react much, good for her!! I’m very noisy about it. I also use the clamps that make most humans cry, no tears from her! She gets a tight hogtie, mouth stuffing gag with blue vetwrap and then lots of tape. She gets a crotch rope and her big toes tied. She suffers beautifully for us! I’m looking forward to doing more with her 🙂

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run time 33 minutes

 A screenplay by Jochen

Mrs Plush is a vile woman that wants to do her long time husband in to gain access to his fortune, having signed a prenup at 19 years of age and deeply regretting it as her cruel life has gone on. She knows his underpaid accountant has been stealing for herself and she comes up with a plan to blackmail her into staging a robbery with the Mrs Plush being all trussed up and helpless with her husbands body found nearby. Only Mrs Plush did not think that Rachel Adams, the accountant would be so crafty as to change the scenario so drastically… Ms Adams seems to have much more confidence than usual the day of the main even. She is in a catsuit with stiletto boots and glamorous new hair extensions. She goes off script binding JJs elbows and gagging her first with a ball and then with a hanky vetwrap and shiny black tape. After reading JJ a long message as to why she won’t follow through in getting rid of her husband but that she is also taking the cash and jewels left for her and leaving  JJ there for Mr Plush to find along with the note she takes off. JJs fate will now be in the hands of Mr Plush and what will he do with her? Ms Adams doesn’t care, she is off to live her life in a far more comfortable way without the murder  of an innocent man  being on her concious. JJ struggles for her life to free herself of Ms Adams ropes. She makes it to her feet, unwinds the gag and then hears the door, oh shit…. It is Mr. Plush. She is panicked and pushes some of Rachels papers behind the nightstand but then starts to chew up the one that says the most. Mr Plush can’t understand what is going on. He accidently stands on a rope and the Mrs falls to her feet and exclaims that she isn’t sure what happened, her meds got all messed up and something went wrong. The end

I wasn’t supposed to get out but I know this gentleman in real life and he wants real escape attempts so I tried my best….. he will write another part of the movie,  how will it go????

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 run time 43 minutes

JJ stuffs her mouth with a shop rag and wraps her head with purple fabric and then puts clear tape over it. After that she adds silver tape and two over the mouth fabric gags. She pulls her hoody up and shows it from all angles. Everything comes off and then 3 foam balls go in her mouth with clear tape and the. Silver tape over it all. She also adds purple wrap over that and then closes the hoody and posed on the bed before removing it all. Next white cloth goes in her mouth, an old sweatshirt over the mouth, purple fabric over the mouth and then she taped up her legs and adds a final over the mouth white cloth and pulls the hoody up. Next a man comes in and tapes her hands in front, attaching them to her legs and also ties her manicured thumbs with the strings of the hoody. She struggles around on the bed helpless and hooded.

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run time 21 minutes and 59 seconds

Rachel Adams is a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, and she does not treat her patients properly. She burned out in her 20s and is no longer kind. She returns home complaining about her patients and coworkers and begins to undress from her uniform. Once she is down to just her to her opaque white tights an orderly (JJ Plush) enters with a strait jacket from the hospital. She wants to teach Rachel a valuable lesson for how she has been treating her patients. Once she has her tightly strapped in, she shoves panties in her mouth and secures them with microfoam tape while struggling on the bed. After a time, she returns with a wheel chair. She calls the hospital and says that she has a new patient for admission and has them bring the van over. She then pulls Rachel off of the bed and adds more tape around her head to muffle her protests and ties her to the chair and puts a blindfold on her. Once that is all secure, she wheels her out.

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run time almost  37 minutes

Dakkota has some information that JJ needs terribly so she decides to try to get her to talk with some cruel gags and bondage while scaring her with a weapon. Dakkota gets a ballgag and scarf gag before part of a sweatshirt is stuffed into her mouth, red vetwrap around her head, duct tape after that and then black tape. It is removed and she gets a shop rag, microfoam tape, black tape and rope tied around it. She is now kneeling while hogtied and in a bit of a predicament. The gag is removed as well as the kneeling hogtie rope and she still refuses to speak but this time a big pair of panties is stuffed in her mouth, black vetwrap goes all around her face and then some red vinyl tape. After a bit a black stocking goes over her head. She has already been hogtied for a bit when the stocking cap goes on. The bad woman leaves poor Dakkota on the floor and says she will be back in a few hours, surely she will talk by then.

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run time over 28 minutes

Over the summer a friend retired from shooting bondage and I was gifted more beautiful leather goods. Here are some of them. My boobs are taped up under a fishnet bodysuit while wearing a leather straitjacket, vintage leather shorts, an uncomfortable posture collar, shiny hose and a small red harness gag when the clip begins. Tony takes some photos of me while the camera runs and then he shows me struggling on the bed, walking around it and sitting on the nightstands and then he puts my ankles together. After a bit he comes back in and removes the sj putting me into a leather armbinder and then I get to the floor where I am hogtied with straps and my gag is removed and replaced with a red shop rag, vetwrap and black tape and I struggle on the floor. I was pretty irritable this day and not very playful/ flirty to be honest.

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Hello everyone,

I haven’t been in my emails for ages, despite a few announcements on instragram that I would be. I am reading them now and trying to respond. I can not believe how many people think they said something to upset me. No one said anything to upset me. I truly have not been in my messages. I am not like others that are in them more than they are their own lives. I apologize for operating differently, but it is nothing personal ….

Anyway I do believe that life has calmed back down and I’ll be in them a couple times a day again. I am responding to things now, but feel free to resend things.

To those of you that sent kind words and then when I didn’t respond fast enough rescinded because I didn’t respond fast enough with some not so kind words I truly hope you can find some happiness in your lives without feeling the need to destroy others that have done you absolutely no harm!!

Anyway I’m shooting solo things with my ex from gotcuffs tomorrow

I’m shooting  more solo Friday and can take customs

Dakkota this Friday at 4pm

I’m shooting Rachel Adams Oct 11

there will be others of course, I just have not scheduled anything…

I was going to Florida Oct 16-24 but that has been pushed back until Nov 8 because I dropped the ball and didn’t schedule models and sessions and time got away from me. It will also be better to go as it is getting colder here in Detroit 😉 I am shooting with milf Gigi the 9th of November and that is all I have scheduled but I plan to stay busy so to those of you that wrote about sessions or customs for that trip I’ll be back in touch soon, just want to get through stuff for this week and next first.





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