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over 12 minutes

I’m sporting a new jumpsuit gifted from Michael B. without socks while wearing the Bob Barker sandals and a waffle shirt.

I get a hinged cuffs behind the back

When was the first time you were handcuffed?

Do you prefer cuffs or rope?

I get a waste chain and lockbox and then leg irons.

I pace around a bit and kick off the sandals and make a comment about how some people will be thrilled that I did that and others angry.

I sit back down and he asks do I prefer playing a cop or a prisoner?

How long have I been locked in the jail cell?

Why might you end up in prison (my own question)?

What prison gear do you like best?

If you could choose your own prison outfit in prison what would it be?

If you could choose a court outfit what would it be?

Are there any cuff clips that really stick out to you?

How do you like this new jumpsuit?

If you were being transported to prison would you prefer the lockbox in front or cuffed behind?

Do you think you can get out of that lockbox right now?

Then I remove the leg irons with a key he hands me which makes the lockbox go way up my arm and get a bit stuck there and I grumble.

The end.

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This was a custom video that I’m very happy I didn’t attempt alone.

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run time almost 25 minutes

I tape each of my boobs up and then gag myself extremely well with panties and clear tape. Next I grab some rope and tie up my legs which are only wearing very nude and sheer Cecelia De Rafael pantyhose.  The tie makes the self bondage a bit more difficult than under other circumstances because of  the corset. I tether my legs off to the bedpost, I put a rope around my neck with handcuffs on it….The rope has a slip knot in it. Before I cuff myself I add more layers of clear tape. As I struggle cuffed up to the neck rope the pressure around my neck changes while I’m extremely well gagged. You can see the handcuff key on the dresser but I’m unable to get to it. I’ve turned myself into a d@msel. What will happen next?

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run time 17 minutes, restraint chair

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run time over 30 minutes, tape

Je tries the hardest to get out of the restraint chair so she was given another opportunity to get out for a custom. She fights hard and gets a leg out but since she doesn’t get out so I get to put her into more bondage. Her arms are taped up very tightly. She is ballgagged and frogtaped and then hogtaped. She gets a very mean stuffing gag and then that is changed and she is let out of the hogtaping and she moves over to the bed post where her head is secured to the post with lots of tape. Finally my bratty beautiful friend is subdued. It takes a lot for her to settle down.

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Merry Christmas to all of you that are not offended by that statement.

Thank you sooo much for supporting this website

Much love,


This was a custom for Rachel

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run time 26 minutes

Rachel Adams is cuffed with tight irish 8s on her wrists and ankles and a pink ballgag. Her girlfriend JJ enters delighted about what she finds. She opens a card from Rachel telling her to gag her with several ballgags so she can try to spit them out and to nipple clamp her and use zipties on her. Ms Adams struggles with a penis panel gag, a big white ballgag, a tiny penis gag inserted the wrong way for fun and an enormous, almost impossible red ballgag (from mchurt). When the red one goes in Rachel gets ziptied below her cuffs, ouch. Then she gets to the floor and is hogcuffed with a hinged cuff. Her clamps are removed which does nothing but make the pain of the hogcuffing and giant ballgag hurt even more. JJ doesn’t care too much about how uncomfortable her girl is, she opens one of the presents, a wooden foot massager and gets to work rolling her barefeet with nude polish on it while mostly ignoring her pretty girl.

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This was a custom for Jeanette

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run time 28 minutes

Itty bitty Jeanette has a new job, to be an office ornament during the holidays to keep office morale up. She isn’t thrilled about it but everyone else is. She is carried in and stood up and tethered off with a rope from above. A woman comes and adds rope to her slender legs. She struggles about, her perfect little booty on display for us. A big white ball is put in her mouth and replaces the small harness gag. After some time the scene cuts to her well tied in a chair with the big white ball in her mouth. Next we see her tied in a ball sitting up on the floor with an open mouth gag, she falls to the side and struggles more. As the day comes to an end she is shown on the desk where she is hogtied and her gag is replaced with a sponge ball, vetwrap and tape. After a while the woman comes in and puts a hood and blindfold on her for lights out. The next am she returns, what kinds of positions should we get the office ornament into today????

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I’ve been shooting with others sooo much because my ex is in town helping and he is mostly reliable with that and free help, lol

Finally tomorrow we are going to shoot solo customs together, and I have a makeup artist coming which is niiiice so if you’ve been waiting for one from just me as the roped up woman it is going to happen tomorrow and then more the day after Christmas.

I will have time to take on more the day after Christmas too so feel free to email me or re-email me.

Today is the big errand running day but I’ll be answering emails again tonight.

Coming this week a lengthy clip with Jeanette and a holiday themed clip with Rachel Adams and then another I haven’t decided on yet…

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane

I’m trying


If you aren’t aware of it look into how the planets are aligning right now, pretty cool stuff!!





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this was a custom for Rachel, interested in one?  jj at

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run time over 23 minutes

Ms Rachel Adams is a catburglar, but she went into the wrong house where a powerful woman was waiting for her. Ms Adams finds herself in the kitchen being tied up. A pair of panties goes into her mouth and  layers of duct tape around her head. She is crotch roped, elbows and forearms  bound, ankles crossed. Finally she is hogtied very tightly. After a while she is let out of the hogtie and hopped back into the other room where she is sat down while the woman goes to get something else to punish her with. Much to her dismay when she returns Ms Adams is making her way towards the door.

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run time 33 minutes and 29 seconds

JJ and Izzie/ Izzebella Robbins come for Je C at her office. They get her tied up and ballgagged and then JJ turns on her partner Izzie as well. Izzie is also ballgagged and both women are hogtied and tethered to the desk to keep them near one another. JJ isn’t done with her partner and her enemy and she regags them, Je with two hankies and microfoam and Izzie with part of her satin blouse and a pair of panties with microfoam. The women are tied back to back and left to struggle before a bandage is used over their mouths to tie their heads together. Eventually the young women fall over on their sides, their fabulous booties on display for us but they can’t get away from one another because the ropes are cinched. They stay stuck and helpless mmmphing on the floor.

 In case you have not heard bondage content censorship is way, way ,way up………..

There will be even more preview images I can’t show and even more words I can’t say going forward even though I’m making rated R content almost all with after interviews showing joy.

I’m going to start doing different write ups and additional preview pics that will only be available if you send me an email and ask. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on content they aren’t sure of, I get that and I certainly appreciate the few of you that aren’t pirates or thieves. I don’t steal from your jobs, I truly appreciate those of you who don’t steal from me and I wish you all happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous new year

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run time 19 minutes

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the bound rope walk only

JJ cleans house for a man with a very clean home. She decides to take some time to herself and strip off her skirt and tie up her blouse and get into a bottle of wine while playing with her phone. That man comes home and doesn’t like what he finds. He decides to tie her up and strap a very tight ballgag into her mouth. He asks for a house tour. She shows him the main floor and then they go down steep basement steps, explore down there and a patio. They go back to the kitchen and he removes the super tight ballgag and stuffs her mouth with that apron which doesn’t go in easily. He wraps an entire roll of vetwrap around her head, gets her to the floor and hogties her and then he adds microfoam tape. Her head feels like it is in a vice. She wriggles around on that floor with her elbows still welded together. He comes back and removes the gag, she promises she is ready to get back to work…

shot before checking out of an airbnb without using any lights, so as you can see from preview pics the lighting changes a bunch

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full clip almost 29 minutes

 Rachel Adams tapes me into a boxtie and stuffs my mouth and hogtapes me and then I have 5 minutes to escape, and I do…because she goes pretty easily on me. When it is my turn I smash her elbows together in a not so nice way. Then I anchor them to her body and tape her legs up frog tie style and then stuff her mouth and wrap her face with tape. It is not possible for her to escape, or even loosen the tape but she does put on a beautiful struggling show, walking on her knees, squatting on her toes, rolling around. It was very nice…even though I wasn’t. I win! lol…

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