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1st update of the week

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run time over 17 minutes

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partial clip, struggling 5 minutes and 30 seconds

Jane Lynn Doe is back after a few year hiatus and I’m back at the studio so I have access to all my leather goods, wardrobe and heels-yay!

Anyway Jane here is in an armbinder, black leather gag from hottbonds eventually and eventually attached to the post with straps, and a mean tape gag smooshing her pretty face into that rusty post. Watch her enjoy her bondage and get some spankings in that shiny dress…

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3rd update of last week

Two people have sent me scarves lately and one satin pjs….many, many thanks!!!

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run time 34 minutes

Rachel in satin pjs and stockings brings an old hat box full of scarves into the room and begins to enjoy her time with them tying herself up and gagging herself when her roommate comes in and joins in on the fun…..

*bonus footage at the end of Rachel explaining that she was surprised the bondage was so tight and real and the gags so effective ;)

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Bonus self gag clip

This was a custom gag video for me and not easy on my skin, jaw or gag reflex, lol

I’m posting this as a bonus as an apology for late updates-

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run time 42 minutes

I am to gag myself with these particular gags and talk a bit


cleave with vetwrap, another cleave of black electrical tape, then microfoam tape covering it all with some talking


sock in the mouth, clear tape cleave, then grey tape and more electrical tape. Some talking then some microfoam, lips drawn on and more grey tape and some talking


panties, clear tape around the head covering the mouth, some talking and then grey tape around my head covering all the other tape, plus some gag talk


hosiery in the mouth, cleave gag of more pantyhose, head encased in sheer hose, electrical tape around the head covering the mouth. Some talk and then grey tape around the head covering it all, plus microfoam tape over that


encase my head with hosiery, sponge over that with an electrical tape cleave to hold it in. Then more electrical tape covering the mouth completely and microfoam over that. More gag talk, take it out and a little commentary on the hardest and the easiest…

Next I treated myself to a do it yourself bentonite clay mask, which you don’t need to see, lol

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2nd update for last week

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full clip, run time 20 minutes

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partial clip, 8 minutes

The local rigger Motown recommended this cutie pie Anna to me, while the same day at the same place another local fetish producer tried to scare her out of doing a shoot with me. Lucky for me and Tony she didn’t listen to his noise….. I was not doing well this day at all and almost just had Tony shoot more clips of her instead of showing up but I knew I needed more variety for you guys and boy she was a site for sore eyes, and her elbows touch, and she shows her breasts, and she has huge damsel eyes and a nice big mouth and a lovely healthy youthful glow!  She gets tied up, struggles sitting on the bed ballgagged. She gets her mouth stuffed, clothespins as nipple clamps and struggles on the floor. Then she gets hogtied and oh she has a nice natural arch! Oh yay. I wish I had been feeling great, I wish I could have done more once I was there but her alarm goes off and this college cutie has to run off to her vanilla job.

Customs anyone? She is paying her way through college, for real.

Find her girdle at just figures of course!!!

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1st update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

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liplock gag only

About this time last year I was at Boundcon in Vienna Austria. Fans there can sign up and take photos at scheduled times with bondage personalities. The videos always appear on which is run by the event organizer who is kind enough to let us video to put on my site. I just always make sure I wait a long time to use the video, so here we have it. I get to work tying Yvette up tightly and then Lew Rubens comes in and takes over tying me up! He puts us in a lip locker gag which is terribly uncomfortable and I try to grope her. Then he unties her arms since they had been like that for some time and ties her behind me, necks tied together. He lifts up my foot- leaving me standing on my left which is not my dominant side. It is also the last day of an event that meant I was in heels for 12 hours a day so I was already hurting. I wobble around pulling our necks. Then he lets us sit (yay) my elbows still tied and he ties rope into my mouth, as Yvette moves I’m pulled every which way and choked a bit which I happen to like…Then we do our best to escape, some of it shown.

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Journal update

I told a tall tale, I didn’t get to my emails here this weekend. I worked on my home and socialized which was magical. We went to Saturday night last minute since I never know how I’ll feel and much to my delight I ran into a lot of people I like and miss that I didn’t know would be there since I haven’t been frequenting social media. I disappeared from my personal social media accounts ages and ages ago as I felt more and more off- maybe two years and I disappeared from the things happening in town quietly. It is only you guys that hear me whine and complain and get the heads up. I think it is just easier to ramble into cyberspace than to bitch to people in real life because everyone has problems, no one likes to hear people complain and maybe I’m a little afraid of being disappointed in how people react…I don’t know, it is complicated. I’ve seen a lot of people I know seek out support and help on their facebook account. I did the opposite and disappeared from everyone. Aside from finding it easier to ramble into cyberspace than to talk to people that know me in the flesh I think it is important to post things here because sometimes the updates are late or I’m obviously really off in the videos. You do spend your hard earned money here so I feel like I should explain myself- If I don’t make people promises I can’t keep I don’t need to try to explain myself which makes life so much easier but perhaps more lonely.  I hate letting people down.

I woke up Sunday feeling pretty good so then we went to a burlesque show at a beautifully restored place Cliff Bells. My friend Cherry Busom who goes by Lushes LaMoan to dance and has appeared on this site a few times over the years organized it and danced.  I wanted to see her and many others. I’ll see if I can upload the little cellphone videos I made for you Burly Q fans… God I wish I had the balls to do burlesque.

I really love the October Detroit events and it was good to get out after a week of feeling very, very off. I didn’t stay out late or overdo it and I didn’t fall to pieces today! I’m coming to understand what my body needs to heal and function properly with lots of little trial and errors. I still haven’t done the bloodwork that awaits.

Halloween we went to work on the bank (studio) again. I haven’t shot there since spring….the last basement flood really got to me emotionally, but it is much cooler in there now and easier for me to work there- plus time heals all wounds I guess and my immune system is stronger. It is still very sad down there and I know many of you want to come session, but I’m not comfortable with strangers visiting there just yet. Trust me I’m getting stronger, feeling more clear headed and I could reallllllly use the session funds to fix the place back up but like I said I’m just not comfortable enough with strangers there- yet…. I’ll post a couple photos from tonight when I can, it is a bummer…

I suppose I could session on the main floor with the lingerie co but it just feels wrong….maybe I need to get over that feeling.

On a brighter note I’m shooting there for the first time in ages later today the 1st and I’m shooting there the 2nd as well.

I’ll be doing the solo customs people are waiting for tonight too!!

Oh and Adara Jordin will be back the 12th if you’d like a custom-


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run time 27 minutes

Full disclosure: I am importing this footage now so I haven’t seen it.

Months back (April 2016)  Adara had a shoot with this local fella, Bondage from Motown. He was the first person I ever did a paid shoot with in 2006 or 2007, after just shooting pictures with Eric Cain!!! I needed to go to Ikea, which happens to be right by his house. I decided I would join Adara at her paid shoot with him and then she would join me at Ikea. She stays with me while she is in town. I was dressed for real life shopping at Ikea in a not so form fitting dress and pantyhose that were sagging at the waist a bit sadly. I assumed he would use me in the clips as her rigger / the bad guy and that he would watch. I did not bring any damsel appropriate clothing or the attitude of I’m getting tied up today by someone I haven’t worked with in years so any annoyance you see in my face is not me acting. It was real, because as much as I love being tied up I usually know when I need to perform for a clip way in advance, lol. I wasn’t so bothered that I refused to do it of course I just wish I’d stretched that morning and brought another outfit and my damsel game.. Anyway, I agreed to be in the clips free of charge as long as I could use the content. So here we are….It took me so long to post it because I shoot Adara the most-

Now this clip one has been edited and I don’t think I looked annoyed or angry, I’m just not a very convincing damsel, lol. I don’t look scared or angry and I wasn’t even freshly botoxed so I can’t blame it on that… I can do bondage no problem, my acting well- I’m not really an actor. lol. There is an interview at the end with us tied up someplace in the middle of the clip as he does questions/ comments

Watch it to get the plot ;)

I’ll post Motowns clips4sale site here tomorrow when I login to fetlife to look it up.

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2nd update of the week

garter belt and stockings from just figures of course

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run time 35 minutes total

Constance thinks a woman that works as a bank teller with her is up to no good. She has a pricey car and expensive handbags and seems to lead a life of luxury despite not making a great living.  She decides to sneak around the womans place but she is caught! Guess what? The woman is a domme who likes working as a bank teller because she gets to meet wealthy secretly submissive men. She decides to have a little fun with her coworker, tying her up groping her, spanking her, making her walk around all tied up, even putting a stocking over her head (she panicked and needed it off in real life). Finally the little snoop is left tightly hogtied and very quiet on the floor…

* This was the first time her hands have ever gone numb in bondage ever…lucky girl, mine go dead more often than not, so she got pretty quiet and nervous and that is probably why she couldn’t take the stocking cap (commentary at the end)


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Hello everyone,

things changed for Sahrye and she canceled the trip yesterday but she says she will come mid November… I’ll know more soon, so for those of you that didn’t hear back from me about customs with her I’ll be in touch soon- but no worries, you did not miss her appearance!

To the rest of you I’ll be catching up on updates, emails and solo customs this weekend. I’m the worst  communicator (with the biggest heart).

Oh and I did add another clip of tony tied in the Freebie men in bondage area here yesterday-

Thank youuuuuu all,





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third update of last week, along with the sock clip

this was a custom Dixie brought me over the summer. It was shot/ produced by Dixie’s Damsels

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run time over 11 minutes


Story by Dixie: Well this is quite the pickle I’ve gotten myself into! All tied up to a pole in just my swim cap and panties. Gagged up with ace bandage and tape and with my tits rubber band bound and clothes pins on my nipples! And worse of all, this tight rope tied right on my crotch making every little movement and struggle interesting to say the least! This is no place for an ace private dick like Dixie Malone. That’s me if you didn’t know. It all started when I was hired to track down a hot dame by the name of JJ Plush who had gone and gotten herself “missing.” Well I found her, boy did I ever. Unfortunately I managed to get myself “missing” as well in the process. Now she’s still tied up somewhere in this creepy lair and if I’m gonna be able to rescue her I’m gonna have to pull out all of the old Private Detective escape training!
Thankfully those goons got a little sloppy with the knots on the rope for my hands! Man! It’s really hard to concentrate with the rope rubbing all over my pussy! But if I need to concentrate on these knots. Finally! It’s easy sailing from here on out to get out of the rest of these ropes. I wish I had time to deal with this crotch rope too, it’s driving me wacky! But I have to find  JJ before any more of those thugs get their hands on her. I’ve got to be careful sneaking around this dump. I don’t really know exactly how many of the creeps are around or if they just left us here.
I finally find JJ, she’s all tied up and strapped to a chair in the same crazy get up as me, swim cap and all. She’s got a crazy tight crotch rope too which I’m sure is also driving her nuts but there’s still no time to deal with that, I’ve just got to concentrate on getting her mobile so we can get out of here! I’ll worry about the rest of this when I know we’re both safe. Now I just need to find our way out of here.
JJ hops along as I struggle not to loose my mind with the crotch rope increasingly making me aroused. Finally, I have JJ untie the rope for me. Finally, I can concentrate on getting us out of here. Which door is the way out? That one, come on JJ . Let’s go, don’t make me drag you! Oh, wrong door, now I see why  JJ was hesitant…we’re screwed. Comply and do as the goon says and play it cool. Panties off and in my mouth, gross. Pesky crotch rope back on, FUCK. And rubber bands back on  JJ’s huge tits. Hands up and walk back upstairs…I will get us out of here because I’m Dixie Malone.
Scene cuts to the ladies dressed and thanking you for rescuing them…
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