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run time 22 minutes

A woman (Adara Jordin) is being held captive in a Florida hotel room. She is all taped up and heavily gagged. Her captor (JJ Plush) tells her to keep quiet and shuts the door and leaves. While she is away the maid enters disgusted at the mess, she goes for the bathroom and can’t believe what she finds when she opens the door, a taped up woman! She stands her up and decides to hop her out of the room to safety. When they reach the door they are met by her captor who is yielding a weapon and warning them to stay quiet and get back into the room. The captor tells the maid (fayth on fire) to tape blondie to the chair and then it is her turn to be stripped down to panties and all taped up and gagged herself. The maid writhes around on the floor and blondie in a chair while the crazy woman decides what to do next with them…. The clip cuts to them intertwined and soon a double ballgag is used to connect them, they are blindfolded and putting on a show for the pervy woman who later removes the double gag and puts regular ballgags in their mouths after jamming a dildo down blondies throat…. She tells them about how much fun they will have later before making them go night night

This was a custom and I shot it in low light without a camera person so it is what it is…..

which is perhaps still better than how some producers shoot all the time, lol….

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Hello everyone,

I’m on the tale end of a trip to Florida and currently without internet working on my laptop. Tony was kind enough to upload the Raven clip he shot for his girlfriendbound clipstore for me (and you guys) from our home in Michigan since I can’t upload anything.

Tomorrow/ Friday is a painfully long travel day which should allow me to catch up on emails anyway and Saturday I’ll have more updates for you guys and some customs ready to send out and some rambling journal posts.

Many thanks to the good humans out there and Goodnight!






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Raven is tied up by some creeps her husband had been doing dirty business with. She will be held until he appears with the $$



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shot last year, the first time ever tied up by Cinched and Secured

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Bondage legend JJ Plush and I (Dean from Cinched and secured the rigger and author) are discussing how the business is going when I mention that lately my models have been escaping my ties.  She offers to let me bind her so she can see if she can tell what I am doing wrong, but as each piece of rope goes on tighter and tighter, she begins to think she may have been tricked.  When her mouth is filled with a big ball gag, she’s SUE of it!  Struggling in her stockings, high heels, shiny blouse and skirt, she tries everything she can think of to get loose, but with her ankles and knees tightly bound, her  elbows welded together and her arms locked to her body, she’s not going anywhere.  Fortunately, that’s just how I want her!  Seems she tied my sister a few weeks ago, and was especially mean, so now it’s time for some payback!  The ball gag is swapped out and her mouth absolutely packed with a huge four inch foam ball, held in place with vet wrap sealing her stuffed mouth shut!  She can barely make a sound as her knees are tied to her chest, her huge natural breasts nearly spilling from her bra as she fights to escape what is in store for her, but she hasn’t a prayer of getting free!  Finally, the ball is removed and a giant pair of panties stuffed in place, trapped in her mouth with vet wrap and duct tape before she’s put into a nice tight hogtie!  She’ll think twice about how she treats my sister next time!!

JJs input:

I had gluten poisoning on this day by accident and I looked and felt like crap so I almost canceled but I manned up and did the shoot. I hadn’t been tied up by a new man / producer in many many many years so I was feeling differently than with most of my shoots, more worried. When he IMMEDIATELY tied my elbows on a slippery satin blouse I got even more concerned because the ropes immediately slipped to the bad place and were cinched tightly and I hadn’t been getting tied up much. My arms taper down differently than 120 pounders because of my shoulder size so on satin especially it is a little tricky to get the ropes in the safe zone, but we progress from there and I’m happy to say I made it AND enjoyed it, lol. This clip will not be on my clip store but it is on Cinched and Secured.

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run time 19 minutes

JJ is supposed to be on a work trip but she stayed home sick. A neighbor (Whitney Morgan) decides to steal her wallet but is caught, tied up, gagged with pieces of her own shirt and toe tied!!

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I’ve known Vivian for 10 years but this was custom was our first shoot!

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run time 30 minutes

I’ve always wanted to shoot with Vivian since when I first started she, Kordelia and Christina Carter were the bondage IT girls in the midwest and I looked up to them and loved their pretty pictures. Vivian doesn’t enjoy strict stuff or real gags so she stayed away. However this custom seemed like the perfect way to introduce her to the site. She is hogtied with leather straps. She is cuffed to the bed both face up and face down with a small ballgag and small harness gag and blindfolds, once with handcuffs and once with leather cuffs. She is gently flogged and swatted with a rug beater. Enjoy her pretty face, giant naturally breasts and nice double encased nylon legs.

This was our only shoot as she came late from another shoot and I had a friends birthday to attend but she is willing to come back.

find her girdle and stockings at just figures

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1st update of the week

This was a custom for Adara

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run time 24 minutes

JJ a bossy rich woman makes a phone call to a woman named Adara to come in and tie her up right away. She doesn’t want to see it coming. She says she doesn’t have a lot of time because she will need to fix herself up and put something more elegant on. Adara appears and puts her hand over JJs mouth and gets to taping her up. Her mouth is stuffed and her head wrapped with white cloth. She is spanked and taped up more and then her gag is changed out to something more difficult and JJ makes a snide remark about how wimpy the last gag was… JJ wriggles around for a bit before Adara returns and adds duct tape to the gag and tells her she won’t be making it to her party this evening she will be sticking around to be Adara’s play toy.  She stands JJ up and hops her out of the room for more fun.

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3rd update of the week

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run time 15 minutes and 30 seconds

Florida cutie Lexi Lane ends up tightly hogtied and well gagged.

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Hi everyone

I’ll be going to Florida again next week.


I’ll be shooting with Eric Cain the 13

I’ll be shooting Adara Jordin at Eric’s place the 14

I’ll be shooting Sahrye on the 18

I’ll be shooting with my friends Gigi from Milf Gigis bondage fantasies and Jim Hunter from Hunters Lair sometime during my trip as well as Fayth on Fire.

So any of those people are available for customs with me as bondage tops or bottoms,



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This was a custom for Anna and I,

interested in one?

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run time over 29 minutes

JJ and Anna are attorneys and they wear tight, short sleazy office wear to sign clients and win over judges. They won over this particular client but failed with the judge and the client is upset. He comes in disguised as a janitor to gain access to their office. Anna is in there solo. He grabs her and begins to tie and gag her. Eventually JJ comes in and she soon gets the same fate. Eventually the pair get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped. Then they are tied back to back with stocking caps over their heads and microfoam wrapped around their heads. He leaves with one of their purses. The pantyhose clad ladies wriggle to free themselves but just make a big mess of things and JJs mouth stuffing just goes back more and more down her throat as Anna struggles.

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