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1st clip of the week

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run time over 2o minutes, full clip

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run time  12 minutes , less tying

Jamie has experienced some terrible times in bondage with untrustworthy guys with cameras. She says she is a bit gun shy with ropes and gags and it isn’t without reason. I decided to try to hogtie her as tightly as possible, a consensual clip. She shows us her sexy outfit. I have her ballgag herself. I get out of the way so she can struggle around. I return and stuff her mouth with panties and vetwrap. She looks soooo good in this type of gag (in my opinion). I know it is a mental battle for her to stay in it for so long. She struggles, bends over the couch to show us her lovely rear end. She is a runner…She gets hogtied. You can see that she doesn’t arch up in my favorite way. You can see that this is really a mind fuck for her and she is struggling and I (on 3 hours of sleep) wimp out and I don’t tie her feet back or wrap much more around her head the way I really, really, really wanted to. I know this is an acceptable tight tie for her and I refrain from making her hate me and bondage even more. To my liking she is truly stuck. She can not roll on her side, so I turn her and have to hold her on her side so we can get a peek of her panties, etc. Maybe next time I’ll have less of a heart and be meaner to her. I was cruel when she got let out and I told her how wimpy that was for a consensual tie by me, so perhaps she will expect worse treatment next time, lol.

You can find her garter belt, bra and stockings at just figures dot com, dyed green by the shop

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3rd clip of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   full clip

run time 21 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   partial clip (she is already gagged & standing, runs until the end)

run time 10 minutes

Freshie came home from college thinking her stepmom and dad were out of town. When the scene begins she is gartering her stockings. She goes back to her step-moms drawer and grabs a sheer bra and sheer blouse. She is admiring herself when her stepmom comes in. Freshie is supposed to be home from school right now. Freshie is never supposed to be in her parents room. The woman realizes she is wearing not only her clothes but her undergarments. She is angry and comes back with a bunch of speaker wire. She says she is going to keep the kid tied up until dad comes home. She ties her wrists and elbows very tightly and some around her legs. She has been ballgagged and she is drooling all over herself. This may be a twisted situation but the stepmom is pretty sure the girl won’t be snooping around in her room anymore. Freshie eases out of her heels and told to go over to the sofa. She slowly makes her way over there. The ballgag is removed and moms scarf is taken off of her neck and knotted a few times to stuff the girls mouth. Boy she is still making a lot of noise so she leaves the room to find some pantyhose and wraps that around her head a couple times to muffle her more. Then she is told to get to the ground where she is hogtied. Her elbows have been bound closely for a long time and her wrists are bound to her body. She also has a crotch rope. The hogtie is completed and the stepmom excuses herself and leaves the girl there trying to get out. She can struggle and moan and she stretches the hogtie wire out a bit but she sure isn’t going anywhere until the woman comes to let her out.

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2nd update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   – full clip

run time 15 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4  – partial clip, final part of the chair tie

run time almost 4 minutes

Adara is a woman that uses her sex appeal to get what she wants in life. Her clothes are a little too tight and short. She flirts with everyone. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is a Realtor. She met JJ a single woman looking for a home. Adara assures JJ that this house is in fine condition and just needs some paint and cosmetics. She assures JJ that she doesn’t need to waste time and money on an inspection. JJ hypnotized by the young womans assets buys the home from her, really hoping for a date but after getting her commission Adara had no use for JJ. So it turns out the house is a real nightmare with tons of problems that any confident inspector would have caught. JJ is angry at the cute and curvy realtor and decides that she is going to lure her there by telling her she is interested in one of her other properties. When Adara comes in she is dressed to kill- garter belt showing through her painted on skirt. She is grabbed and dragged away. The scene cuts to her tied to the wall standing. The women exchange some unpleasant words and Adara is gagged with a bandana and tape. Her skirt has been pulled up. Her huge, toned tan ass is exposed. She is released from the wall and tied to a chair. Her boobs are pulled from her shirt, her panties are wedged up her privates. The pretty woman is tied up and helpless not sure what will happen to her.

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Journal Update

Hi everyone,

Some of you know I’m in Detroit.

Most of your favorite bondage models are not here. Here is the list of out of town ladies scheduled for visits as of right now-

The ladies below would love custom videos to help with travel expenses I’m sure.

Just remember I am usually slow in the email department. My hands are full of many, many, many tasks right now-

jj at    see custom area at the top of the page for what I need to quote you. I like to handle this in as few messages as possible. 

These aren’t the greatest images of these ladies, but I don’t have all night.

They are all very google-able.

They are all good at bondage and gags. Aside from Rachel they all to hitachi scenes. Adara, Sarah Brooke, Carissa Montgomery also do strappon scenes with me as the top, remember I (JJ Plush) don’t get nude.

Of course more girls will be added and there are plenty of locals – Riley Rose, Riley Jane, Sass, Simone, Scarlett, Ariyana, Rose aka Illustrious Rogue, Je C are available now for customs.

I’m shooting more with Steve Villa more later today, Wednesday. We shot 3 clips on Valentines Day. It was a lot of fun. I posted one tonight. We share all of our content so he will post some of me to his sites, but they will eventually all end up here at borntobebound.


This Saturday the 20th Steve, Tony, Adara, Sass, Scarlett and I will be going to the Detroit Dirty Show at the Russell Industrial Center. If you happen to be there please say hello. It will be my first time out all year. I am soooo excited!!!

Also for you guys that have been patiently trying to schedule sessions with me….I haven’t done any since Christmas time. In March I won’t be working on my new house as much and I won’t have as many models in my space so I’ll have time to take care of you guys and my mind will be in it. It is unfair to schedule sessions with people that spend a lot and come from far to spend time with me… I appreciate the time, effort and cash it takes to come and see me.

I always want to be on top of my game-  not have my head wrapped up in my other businesses or home projects and not be running on 3 hours of sleep a night- it would have been selfish of me to pencil you guys in for January or February.  I’m not trying to be rude. I’m trying to make sure you get the most out of your experience with me. Believe me it is tempting to line up a dozen sessions a week, the money would be sooooo niiiiiice but it wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved-


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1st update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream 

run time 24 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream – shorter starts with gagging, & doesn’t show much tying

run time 12 minutes

Steve Villa & Tony are remodeling a home late on Valentines Day. They are bored and decide to hire a hooker. They pretended that they didn’t even call for a hooker but she knew better. They even requested that she wear pantyhose and heel. She gets there drinking out of a bottle and ready to party. Playfully she asked if they were gay, they didn’t appreciate it. They started manhandling her and spanking her. She assured them that she wasn’t into this kind of thing and that they would have to pay her much much more or she could call over other girls. She even offered up younger hotter girl…. They ignore her and tie her up. Tired of hearing from the trashy lady they got 3 pairs of panties from her purse and shoved them in her mouth and wrapped her head tightly with black tape. They pulled her arms up into a chicken wing with bound elbows, they crotch roped her very tightly. They hogtied her simply and then later returned making it more severe. They carried on with her work while she begged to be free through her stuffed cheeks. They finally return and offer her $10 then $15 to finish what she came for. Finally they offer her $20 and she agrees- anything to get out of those ropes-

More footage at the end of the gag coming off & an outtake

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Bonus clip!

Happy Valentines Day, a day late

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 10 minutes

I know this doesn’t really fit the site well, so it is a bonus clip. It was a custom for Carissa.

Watch busty blond Carissa naked and cleaning house in leg shackles and strappy tall high heels for her master. She dusts and she vacuums. She has on A LOT of body jewelry- in her nose, on her nipples and on her vagina.

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last update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream 

run time over 30 minutes  – full clip

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream 

run time  14 minutes  – straitjacket only

Jamie Knotts is straitjacketed in the jailset at a porn studio she had been working at earlier in the day. She was caught stealing a pricey pair of Jimmy Choo sandals and some shiny danskin tights (just figures dot com). Of course she was given the choice- play games with the security guards or have the cops called. One of the guard enters and cuffs her legs and puts a harness ballgag ( on her. Then he leaves her there and eventually the female guard comes back in and leads her out of that room. Jamie has had enough and she wants to go home but the fun is just starting. Her harness gag is tied off overhead to keep her posture straight. She struggles in the straitjacket a while before she gets rope on her pretty long, shiny legs. The harness gag is taken off and she is cleave gagged with vetwrap. Eventually the jacket is removed and her hands are tied overhead. Her pantyhose are pulled down and her panties are cut off and stuffed in her mouth over the cleave. Her head is wrapped with clear tape. She is much more quiet now. She has been tightly crotch rope and those overpriced heels are hurting her feet. The security guard leaves her there with her huge boobs exposed, a rope digging in between her legs and a gag she is trying not to gag on.

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2nd update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click stream – full clip

run time 32 minutes, including 2 minutes of the gag coming off

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   – last part of the clip, just before the hogtie on

run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

The owner of the business is away on business. Her office help is there by herself. She seems to have forgotten that there are cameras everywhere and twice when JJ looked at the live feed Rose (Illustrious Rogue) was breaking the rules. One day she had the nerve to smoke pot at her desk, another day she was drinking booze right out of a bottle. The day JJ comes back Rose is dressed professionally and she doesn’t seem to have any taboo substances around. JJ reminds her of the cameras and tells her that she has to suffer the consequences. She stands up for a spanking. She is forced to count. She has on shiny pantyhose and she seems to have forgotten her panties. Next she is taken to the basement where she is told to ballgag herself and she is tied up. She is forced to walk around tied up her heels, more ropes are added to her lean strong frame, then her gag is changed to a cleave gag and she is left struggling in a chair with nipple clamps on. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles before her mouth is stuffed with an orange cloth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She is hogtied so her chest is off  the ground. She struggles for a bit before the boss comes back and adds a bunch of black tape. Then she is left alone to remember not to break the rules…

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1st update of the week

This should please the guys that were unhappy about the lack of high heels in the previous update….

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 19 minutes (includes 2 minutes of gag coming off)

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   – shorter version- walking in heels, lots of struggling

run time 5 minutes

Story line continued from the custom clip, The job will go to the woman that can endure this physical challenge!!  *Thanks Roberto for the beautiful black Italian heels that Rachel suffered in

Well Rachel won the strappado challenge and got the high paying (sleazy) secretary job….She is sitting on her bosses lap at the end of the day. He gives her a fancy handbag as a gift. She stands up and he spanks her very easily a couple of times. She leaves work. She walks rather awkwardly in the 6″ inch strappy heels he bought her, but her shapely legs make up for it. The scene then cuts to Rachel bound and being brought into the other womans home that didn’t get the job. It turns out she is a little nuts and desperate and since losing the bondage challenge she has been practicing getting tied up and tying people up. Rachel is ballgagged, crotch roped and told to sit. She gets more rope. She gets a big scarf stuffed in her mouth. Clear tape is wrapped around her pretty head over and over again. She is left to struggle on the sofa for a bit before she is put on her knees and tied up more. Then she is put back onto the couch where she gets puts into a hogtie, but it isn’t over yet… Duct tape is wrapped around her head. JJ is now sure that Rachel can’t get out and plans to go steal Rachel’s job even though it was pretty obvious the guy was an abusive woman hater…

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3rd update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 23 minutes

Adara thinks she is going to a botox party to do injections for a bunch of ladies. She works at a doctors office. She isn’t supposed to do the injections….but a week before JJ went to the doctors office and the doctor was called away on emergency and Adara the office girl assured JJ that she could do the injections. JJ trusted her and let her do it. When she went to dinner late that night people were looking at her strange and asking if she was ok. When she got in the car she saw her eyes were badly bruised. That had never happened before. She had a big event the next night. She went to the mall to see if a makeup artist could cover the bruising but she just looked silly. JJ decided she wanted to get revenge on the girl. She calls her and tells her that she is so happy with the results she wants to throw a botox party for a bunch of her friends. Adara says no problem, she can bring the stuff over. When she gets to the house she sees nothing but a dusty mess. A man comes up and says she is under arrest. He searches her and handcuffs her. She begs him to let her go. She can’t get fired. Then JJ enters and says this is punishment for messing up her face. The man is not a cop. She keeps the cuffs on the girl and ties her up. She takes off her shoe and gags her with her long sock. She leaves her there for a bit before making her get to the floor. The other sock has been tied over her face. The humiliation isn’t over. Her pants have been pulled down. She has been crotch roped. She is hogtied and then eventually the second sock is removed from he face but only so it can be used to keep her shoe attached firmly to her face…She has been left there helpless. The fake cop comes back in, gets on his knees in front of her and undoes his belt…

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