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2nd update of the week

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run time 19 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

I asked Rachel which tie she hated a while back and she told me this one with her arms tied above her head. Well, all that did was remind me that I rarely do that tie and why not try it with straps which are easy to remove should her neck or arms bother he too much. Rachel all bound up in assless boy shorts in leather, standing tall in 6 inch pumps struggles. That negative space between her lady parts and thighs is on display nicely- the diamond. In my book a whole let sexier than the malnourished thigh gap thing the girls are trying to do these days. Anyway, I come in and nipple clamp her, spank her and leave her. Then I let her down and have her make her way over to the wall where she slinks to the floor. Her arm bindings are removed so she can stuff her mouth with panties and then I tape her head up tightly. Next she is bound up into a ball on her back. I eventually tip her over. Last but not least she is hogtied which is really painful for her in this particular position. You can hear it in her moans, especially when I tip her to the side, but I tip her back over and she handles it because she is tops of the tops in my book- Of course at the end in like many of my videos she discusses it.

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This was a custom video, wasn’t sure who would love it sooo I posted a bonus bondage clip as well. See what a good value this site is??

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run time 30 minutes

Adara is cuffed in the back of a prison van for a bit, then she is escorted to a wall. She is searched and fondled and attached to the wall. Her jewelry is removed. She knows something is very wrong but she is completely helpless. Eventually she is led to a cell. Later the woman returns with more cuffs and chains and a big open mouth gag. Then she is hogcuffed on the bench. What is going on? What will these people do to her?

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Bonus update!

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run time 11 minutes

This was a custom video for me simply struggling for ten minutes in an elbow tie hogtie in vintage style lingerie, this particular ballgag and ballet slippers.

Ballgag from the nice people at and lingerie from just figures

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3rd update of the week

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run time 28 minutes

Terra Mizu is working at her desk when a man in street clothes comes in and arrests her. She doesn’t understand why. She is handcuffed and taken to a cop car and for a drive.  When they pull up in front of an abandoned building she knows she is in big trouble. Her hands are cuffed above and a woman enters and ballgags her. Then she gets to work tying her up. Next duct tape is added to her gag. Then she is helped to the floor and has to struggle for a bit before that gag is removed but the ordeal is not over. The duct tape from the gag is shoved in her mouth and more tape wrapped around her head. Then she is hogtied and layers of vetwrap are added to that. She is hogtied very tightly, with her arms cinched to her body and the handcuffs still on. What will happen to her?

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run time 27 minutes

Elane is home invaded by two crazy girl crooks. They force her into a chair and begin to tie her up. They keep asking her where she keeps her bit coins, they heard she has a ton of them. Elane tells them they’re crazy, it’s all on the computer and they won’t find any bit coins laying around. The girls don’t believe her, what kind of money exists on a computer? They shove her mouth full of cloth and wrap duct tape around her head. They continue to tie Elane but the blonde chic is really crazy. She has long thin ropes that dig into Elane as she’s tying her tight but then the girl takes her huge breast out and begins to tie them so tight that they look like they’re going to pop. They turn this horrible red color and they’re not through with Elane. They take off the gag and Elane pleads for them to let her go but they don’t. They gag her again and wrap electrical tape around her head. They tie the breasts even tighter together and put nipple clamps on her. Just when Elane thinks she can’t take anymore, the girls put rope through the nipple claims and form a jump rope. One girl stands turning the rope and the other girl jumps the rope pulling horribly on Elane’s tits… This is some kind of horrible abuse by the dumb crooks! The girls leave after they finally found out there were no bit coins to take.

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run time over 18 minutes

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run time 7 minutes

There was a cricket being loud in much of this :/ I’m sorry…

Dakkota waits for her next client. The woman happens to be a gambling addict and is in major need of cash. She saw an advertisement for a domme in the back of a weekly paper and thought the woman must have a lot of cash on hand. She makes the appointment and asks the woman some personal questions. She has no man around to help her and she doesn’t have a weapon. A gun is pulled and the domme is forced into her own contraption (cut to Dakkota struggling gagged). The woman looks around and robs her and instead of leaving she decides to have a bit more fun with her and chain her to a post- you know for stress relief. (The clip does not show her coming out of the bondage contraption, she is show attached to the post). Many more chains are added including one around her neck. The gag is removed and an entire hanky is stuffed in her mouth. Duct tape is wrapped around her head and the post and she can not move. The gambling money grabs the womans things and heads out of there leaving her there for her next client to find…

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Journal Update:

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks! Since 2008 I’ve had a big gap between my two front teeth. My bond fell out, the bond that had been in my mouth since high school. I was broke and chose not to fill the gap in. By the time I was making a comfortable enough living to deal with my teeth I had met Tony. Tony loves that actress that plays Sookie Stackhouse on that Vampire show so he urged me to keep the gap. His dogs name is Sookie. Anyway since we’ve been together about 5 years now and he could care less what my teeth look like, so no more gap, plus I fixed two crowns. I figure if I have to spend a lot of money on my teeth I want them to LOOK better. lol

Then we actually put new floor in my spare bedroom. The carpet had been pulled ages ago but we had been too busy to put in new floor (do it yourself-ers).  I wanted to match the floor in my room and the hallway but upon looking up the info I found out the stuff is off the market for having 13X the amount of legal formaldehyde in it!! I guess there was a 60 minutes episode on it but I live in a box and hadn’t heard anything about it.  So not only could I not do the spare room with it I have to replace the stuff in my room and hallway before selling or renting the property! I’m irritable. We didn’t spend all that money on the floor and then a day and half installing it on our own just to find out it is toxic. They have sent us a test kit to see if we are STILL breathing in toxins. I doubt it…it has been 3 years but we will see. We have sooooo many remodel jobs at the bank (studio) the last thing I imagined was having to REDO things in my home! However we did get the new floor in the spare room last week which is very similar to the toxic floor but non-toxic and we painted the big 3rd floor room because it had NEVER been painted. The studio is too hot for remodeling jobs so it was time to work on home. I’ll deal with the poison floor later :/. I’m not sue happy, I’ve never been involved in a lawsuit but I did join in on a class action lawsuit that is being put together in regards to this poison flooring issue. I’d REALLY like to be reimbursed for the material. I don’t think that is asking too much and I REALLY hope it isn’t something that will  make me sick down the line. We will see what happens. Had I not needed to purchase new floor I would have never known about the problem, of course the company never contacted me- but when I contacted them they immediately pulled up my information and sent me the test kit which is being handled by a third party.

Sooo right before all of that I took out my blond weave. It was time.  My short dark hair should have been safe underneath but something happened- perhaps the heat of summer and I lost a shit ton of my natural hair. It is horrible and it is noticeable and it is terrifying soooo. I won’t be able to do weaves anymore and for the time being I’m stuck with very dark hair and wearing clip in extensions. My natural hair has been short and dark for a long time but not really thin.  It was pretty devastating- however I understand things can go very wrong when you mess with your head and this time I didn’t luck out. Oh how I wish I could chop it off into a pixie and start from scratch but then I can’t wear clip ins and somehow I think most of you would not appreciate me with a reallllllly butch haircut. I know changing the color and style annoys enough of you.

I also just had a friend come for 5 days from London and I hadn’t intended on it but we took time off to show him around- Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, Detroit by boat, cruising in an old car, hooking him up with models to shoot etc. It felt really great to take some time off and be a tourist in my own town.  Then we stumbled across and amazing deal on a home with lots of water front property we could keep our boat at and we tried to buy it. We thought we had it!!! We basically celebrated but someone came up with full asking price cash and we didn’t even get a chance to counter but we wouldn’t have had that anyway. We found out we didn’t get it yesterday so the pain is fresh!!

Tomorrow we are going to West Virginia for a family wedding for the weekend and Sunday I get to see Dixie Comet in Pittsburgh! I haven’t seen her since my wedding so it will be great to catch up and nope she does not want to shoot (sadly).

We will be back here Monday night and then I’ll be shooting with Monica Jade who will be staying with me a few days, Rachel who I’ll be shooting the 3rd, and Adara will be back at some time next week. If you’d like a custom with any of them please title your email CUSTOM:

Back to what you guys really care about- you will get at least 2 of your 3 weekly updates before I go to bed tonight. That is a promise.

Once again I’m sorry to those of you that have sent emails…I’ll be getting to them tomorrow and with my new email server I don’t have thousands of spam messages to sift through and that is sooooo niiiiiiice! See I’m not all complaints!!

Oh and to those of you that have seen my getting into shape kind of take a turn toward the other way months back I am starting again with a trainer mid month. I got distracted by all of the issues in life but I FELT better working out very regularly so I owe it to myself. My clothes still zip they just don’t look as nice, lol. I have to get back on track now before I end back up at 216 lbs, that was a dark time.

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This was a custom video

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run time 37 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 o left click to stream  NO STRAP ON SCENE THIS VERSION

run time 21 minutes

Adara is tied up and struggling sitting with her legs crossed. She manages to get loose. The trainer decides to check in on her and sees her getting free. A gun is pulled and she is punished. Strappon on the horse, on a chair and then taped up and put into a nylon sack while well gagged and blindfolded. It is time for Adara to meet her new owner after that and the next scene opens with her hogtied on a boat. She struggles for a bit before the trainer wants one last fun time with her. She is forced to ride the dildo and to suck on it and she is left on her knees with a collar tied off to the steps while she waits for her new owner to come and get her.

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run time 24  minutes   – reloaded 8/22 there were 4 minutes of blank space at the end of the first version

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short version less tying more struggling 10 minutes

Hannah struggles all tied up for a few minutes before I come in and add more rope to her. She gets a sock in her mouth, microfoam tape around her head and nipple clamps. She struggles a bit before more rope is added, the gag is changed out to panties and black tape. The nipple clamps are removed but later replaced with another type. She is hogtied and a stocking cap is added which is soon pulled back to her toe after more black tape is added to secure the nylon hood to her pretty face. She struggles some more for us…

Lingerie from just figuresdotcom and ballgag with chin strap from

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run time almost 20 minutes

JJ has gone home with a strange man from the bar (Steve Villa). She is drunk, and she is married. She has decided that she has made a big mistake and she tries to leave but he is not having it. He ties her up tightly. He stuffs an enormous pair of another womans panties in her mouth and he wraps her head with tape. He lets her struggle for a bit before putting her into a hogtie and watching her for a bit before putting another pair of panties over her head. She is humiliated and completely helpless. What else will happen to her?

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