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This was a custom clip

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream – full clip

run time 43 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream – part 1, JJ tied only

run time 13 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream- part 2 only, starting with Adara in the cart. The dildo/ strap on scenes have been removed

run time 20 minutes


Adara has been working for JJ for a while. She comes up with a plan to rob her. She is apologetic while doing so and talks to her sweetly. She gags her with a giant gag and plays with her boobs. She knocks her out (several times). She hogties her on the floor and leaves here there. JJ is apparently an escape artist and gets out of her binds. She is going to give the dumb blonde a taste of her own medicine.

The next scene begins with Adara taped up and ballgagged in a metal cart which is pushed across the floor. She is knocked out while her new place of bondage is prepared- a chair. She is taped to the chair, groped and taunted and miserable. Her nipples are clamped, her mouth is stuffed with a part of of sweater that has been cut off of her.  She is knocked out while JJ gets a new weapon- a huge dildo. She forces Adara to suck on it and slaps her face with it. Then she is leaned over the trunk, her pantyhose torn and her panties cut off, they are used as a cleave gag while Adara is banged with the strappon. Knocked out again, her pantyhose are fully removed and then she is in the stocks banged some more. It isn’t over Adara stands nude against the wall, those same panties are shoved in her mouth and her mouth is taped shut. Then she gets hogtied on top of the crate. Her nipple clamps get some rope added to them and are tied off across the room. She can’t struggle much up there. She is spanked and knocked back out for a while. Then the scene cuts to her in the box, some boob smothering, another KO and the box is closed and she is left inside…

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I haven’t gotten to your emails, not a single one of them….

I am working all weekend and I will.

I am shooting Rachel Monday and a couple of you have custom inquiries I know.

I’m failing pretty miserably at keeping up on things right now. Who am I kidding, like usual. My hope is to hire some help….oh but trustworthy, open minded, smart, reliable not so well paid help is a bit harder to find for people that run fetish websites and lingerie websites and do sessions in the midwest. It is also hard to let go of some of these little jobs.

It is soooo complicated.

On a happy note in 4.5 hours I get to do a walk through of my home to be. The people are out, now we just have to approve the condition before closing… I’m so freaking thrilled about this. I know for many working 12-16 hour days and never feeling like you’ve accomplished much is a normal way of life for soooo many. I know I have other options.  I am happy that I get to do things I enjoy for a living. I also know I leave some of people angry, frustrated or hurt because I don’t have time to engage with you properly. I hate to be rude or thoughtless or seem stuck up but I am truly struggling at having any kind of balance. I don’t even know what that word means anymore. Maybe some of you can understand on some other kind of level. I know so many of you fantasize about doing what I do for a living, or even just for fun and that so many of you don’t have people to talk to about your love for bondage, vintage lingerie or cross dressing and I am surrounded by those types often. I just wish that I had time to rest, recharge, think ahead, get this pigsty studio in order, finish projects, keep promises I mean to keep, plan out clips before we say action. It would be lovely instead of rush, rush, rush running on empty and never accomplishing enough or getting things done to my liking. I’m always embarrassed about something and I’m always falling just short of something good in every aspect of life. Nothing is complete.

It is like a strange addiction, this need to keep adding to my list of jobs….this need to exhaust myself which makes me nasty to my loved one and withdrawn from others. I do my (personal) best but it is never enough and people are always disappointed and waiting. If I could only have 12 more hours a day. Meanwhile I’m not fulfilling my work tasks the way I want to and my personal life is practically nonexistent (aside from Tony and visiting models of course) and I am not healthy.  I see these things CLEARLY  yet keep adding to my list of things to do. I KNOW there is adult onset ADD at work here and a serious sleep disorder but there is something else too. I don’t understand this compulsion to add more and more tasks to my world.  I don’t think I do it just to bitch about it. I really don’t. I’m 37, I’m not a mom and never will be, never wanted to be (assumed around 30 I would WANT to be).  Am I trying to be the busy mom without momming? Do I not think I deserve a life outside of this building because I took the easy way out and didn’t make babies? We’ve been crashing here again for two weeks because why bother going home. Do I just want to stay so busy that I don’t have time to think about life?  I don’t know, but I am really sorry to those of you that I inadvertently hurt whether it be by not responding or just posting a shitty video, being snarky, forgetful or whatever.

On one hand I am the most open person in the world, at least face to face. On the other hand I have a fortress around me and if you didn’t get in long ago it is pretty dang hard to get in but mostly because of the lack of time. I don’t even know my own friends anymore.

There is a saying that goes something like- don’t get so consumed with making a living that you forget to make a life. I got it when I had my vanilla career of course but for me now it just has a complicated meaning. I thought I was making a life when I started doing the things I love for a living. Then I had the good fortune of earning enough to surround myself with the things I love that help me make a living, but now it all just seems a mess- messes everywhere. My messes and other peoples messes.

I created these issues myself. Each day I wake up thinking today will be the day that it all starts coming together, but then I just create more issues for myself. It is madness and I apologize- to you guys and actually to myself.

I do get to experience my home to be on the water shortly.  That is pretty fucking magical even though it is going to be one hell of a project- ha! I believe a forever home is a worthy excuse of a project…

I imagine a doctor would fill me with anxiety and or ADD meds to chill me the fuck out but what fun would that be at this point?

Seriously, tell me how great it is to be medicated and that it won’t cause as many long term health problems as the actual ADD, anxiety and sleep disorder.

Please don’t tell me too much about trying natural supplements though. There are a few things I am very, very happy with.  I will share them here  when I am doing the last video this weekend, here on this journal update. Maybe they could benefit some of you.

Now, now, no worries. I am not clinically depressed and I am still going, going, going.  Your third video will be Adara, a naughty one!

Goodnight from me and good morning to the normal folks!

Happy weekend to those of you that it has some meaning to ;)









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2nd update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream     – full clip

run time 28 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream      – metal bondage only

run time 3 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream     – only struggling in plastic wrap, hood going on, struggling in tape

run time 4 minutes 24 seconds

Karin Sin was caught stealing at the porn studio and decides to stay and play a kinky game instead of having  the police called on her. She is chained to the wall wearing huge German cuffs and leg irons to attach her to the wall. She has a crotch chain and the short leg irons on. She is laughing and saying that she has had enough. Tony enters and puts a little ballgag in  her mouth and leaves her there for a bit longer. He removes the cuffs, takes her to a post and wraps a little bit of saran wrap around her waist and leaves her there for JJ. JJ is impressed that she is soooo tall  and natural looking. She wraps her body up with the saran wrap and leaves her there with that little gag in for a bit. When she returns she covers her body in black tape. Karin is taken aback at feeling so restrained, it really isn’t as funny anymore. She fights off some panic. She gets her hair put in a ponytail, a stocking cap and her hair pulled through it and that ballgag again. Her boobs are pulled out from her black lace bra and she is manhandled a bit before being left there to think about her life choices….

Real life notes: The clip I posted of Karin in red the other day was shot early this summer. She hadn’t been tied up in a while then and she hadn’t been since that day.  She is from my area, lives out of state and I shoot her when she comes to visit family. She is a pro domme in Denver. We discussed the mummification with hands to the side including tape around her face with her eyes and nose exposed and she thought it would be no problem but not even all the way through the plastic wrap process she got really hot and nervous about the restraint and wanted the gag out….I promised her just that little gag and a stocking cap with no tape on her head if she could keep going. She manned up and did it for me. I was happy she got through it and it wasn’t a throw away clip, however you know me….I wanted her head secured to that post and I was a little more playful than normal-

There is footage at the end of her coming out & a few seconds of her in the hot tub at the end. 

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I haven’t read emails for borntobebound in 4 or 5 days.  I wish I could say I had taken a vacation but aside from one fancy dinner for Tony’s birthday that is not the case.

Once again it is 5:15am and I’m still up working….

My first model gets here at 12:30pm and my 2nd model arrives at 8pm so it is going to be a very long day on little sleep.

I’ll get to your emails on Thursday and Friday. I hope to make some great clips with them today! Wish me luck ;)




today: Scarlett Morgan   &   Karin Sin

14th Rachel

21st Tabitha

Others this month:   Sass, Simone, Dakkota a newbie or maybe even 2!!

January Carissa Montgomery will be back

April for a week Fayth on Fire! She has her plane ticket already

I’m missing my locals Kimberly Sinical & Je C hopefully I can entice them over before the holidays :)

My brain isn’t working, perhaps there are others I am forgetting. I’m sure there are…. Riley Rose is available for customs locally too and Adara is always happy to come back-

Write me for customs or scenario/ tie ideas  jj at borntobebound dot com

PLEASE read the info I have posted at the top of this website about customs before writing. I am often slow to respond but I do make my custom clients clips they love, love, love 98% of the time AND customs help with my overhead and make it easier to keep doing what I’m doing.

Many thanks!

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This was Amanda’s first time tying me up!!!!! I just gave her a story line idea and she did the rest….

1st update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 31 minutes

JJ is getting ready to go to a fundraiser. She puts her shoes on and is met by a girl that works for her. She is yielding a gun. She and her boyfriend plan to rob JJ and leave her tied up. The young thin girl man handles the older curvy woman and talks down to her, teasing her about her full slip and gloves. She stuffs her mouth with panties she takes off of her own body and wraps her head with vetwrap for a bit. She continues to tie her, changes her gag and wraps her head with tape. She eventually hogties her on the bed. Her elbows have been tied together for some time in a painful place. The woman is completely miserable while the little brat takes off with her things and leaves her tied up…

*If I (JJ) look more run down than usual in this clip it is because I was….

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This was a custom clip, interested in one? jj at

last update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 20 minutes

Simone thinks she is auditioning for a play. When she arrives she is knocked out by the pony girl trainer. When she comes to she has been tied spread eagle, blindfolded and bit gagged wearing the tallest heels possible for her tiny size 5 feet. She struggles helplessly before the woman approaches her, pets her, removes her bitgag and blindfolds her. She is kissed over her gag, groped, spanked and nipple clamped and left to struggle more. She is told she is going to be sold off to a woman that is much more kinky and cruel than she is and of course that this is no audition at all.

The  scene cuts to Simone all strapped up. She is told to march with good posture in her impossible heels while leashed across the room back and forth. Then she is tethered to a post by the neck while the woman prepares her next adventure.

The scene cuts to tiny Simone on her knees. Ropes are tied off above so she can not get away. The straps are still tight and dig into her young flesh. Her gag is removed and her mouth is stuffed with some panties, vetwrap is wrapped around her head and then later lots of black tape and a blindfold. She is left there to wait for her new owner to arrive…

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members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 27 minutes

Pretty Sarah Brooke is cleaning the bar she works at before it opens when a customer from a different night comes in angry and knocks her out. She awakes tied to a chair. The woman is just upset that the bartender was filling her vodka drinks with water because she was too intoxicated, but she was also charging her for them. Obviously this isn’t a normal way to handle this, but it is happening. Sarah is ballgagged, tied up more and the woman makes Sarah read the bottle before knocking her back out.  When she wakes up her sweater is cut at the boobs. Her gag is changed to panties and vetwap cleave. The woman robs the bar and knocks her back out again, once again making her say chloroform over and over again. When she is lucid again her gag is changed out again, stuffing and black tape. She is left struggling moving the chair around and really trying to get up but her pretty face is met again with the choloro.

*after it ends 2 scenes of 2 gags that didn’t work out are shown-  pieces of the sweater being put over the cleave and tape around it. You can see the real terror in her face. I figured some of you would want to see that…

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members click here to download this zip file of photos

162 photos in the zip file

Some sample photos from recent clip updates that have already been posted to borntobebound. Remember I don’t set lights up for images…..I shoot for the videos which you know is how I make my living so the photos aren’t the best, but hey they are better than nothing I suppose….

Rachel Adams, Terra Mizu, Sarah Brooke, Monica Jade, Sass, Simone, Scarlet Morgan, Renee aka Mizz Shutters, Caroline Pierce, myself- JJ Plush, Amanda Fox

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1st update of the week

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 18 minutes

Karin Sin was trying to help her boyfriend rip this guy off. He told her it would be an easy job because the guy was very naive and would fall for her easily. But things didn’t turn out the way Karin had planned. It turns out this guy was not naive at all and had a female partner named JJ Plush. When he got Karin  to his place, JJ came out and grabbed her. Together she and the man tied  Karin up. To shut her up, JJ stuffed panties in Karin’s mouth while the man tied a rag tightly between her teeth to gag her. With Karin now totally helpless, they told her that she was going to be sold off as a sex slave. Karin struggled to get loose, but she was tied very tight. JJ was left to keep an eye on their captive as the man went off to make arrangements to get rid of her. JJ tormented  Karin and told her all the naughty things that were going to happen to her. When the man returned, he found JJ had pulled Karin’s tits out of her bra. Using more rope, the man hogtied and crotch roped her. Then things got very strange when the man called Karin’s boyfriend and told him that they had Karin all trussed up just as he payed them to do. It turns out, Karin had a fantasy to of being grabbed, bound, gagged and taken away. Her boyfriend paid JJ and the man to help her live out this fantasy.

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This was a custom clip, interested in one?  jj at

3rd and last update of the week

This clip is currently uploading 3:15am- I am heading to bed. Fingers crossed that it loads correctly, if not I’ll fix it later

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 35 minutes

Rachel is asleep in her room when she hears someone in her house. She pulls a gun from under her pillow and takes charge of the situation. She grabs the womans bag which is full of rope and things. She ties the burglar to a chair with the things found in the bag. The woman explains that she has just come from the casino, gambled away her wedding ring and maxed out her cards. She said she was desperate and begged the homeowner to let he go. She did not. Once she is tied to the chair she grabs a ballgag from that bag and shoves it in her mouth. First the woman tries to explain that her husband is kinky and that bag was not specifically to rob her but it doesn’t matter. Once the robber is secured to the floor she decides to change into some other clothes before calling the cops. The robber takes this time to wriggle free from the ropes after some time and to grab the gun on the nightstand. When Rachel appears she is in fishnets, tall pumps, and a black leather like dress, apparently wanting to look her best for the cops. She doesn’t realize JJ is only pretending to be tied and has the gun behind her back…She pulls it on Rachel and makes her stand next to the post where she is tethered by the neck. She is gagged with the same black ballgag and many zipties are added to her legs before her hands are put into a reverse prayer position. Eventually that gag is removed, panties stuffed in her mouth and vetwrap wrapped around her head. She is helped to the ground where she struggles around a bit before being hogtied with another ziptie and a ziptie is added to her gag. She is stuck there helplessly while the woman robs her. When she comes back she decides to tighten up that ziptie strap just a little more to make the hogtie even a bit more uncomfortable. Then she bids the pretty homeowner goodbye.

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