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New (GREAT) model to this site- Sarah Brooke

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run time 14 minutes

Bounty Hunter Sarah Brooke thinks she has things under control. She cuffs JJ up and leaves her to make a call, but JJ was expecting her so her partner in crime is waiting to get the bounty hunter. He brings her in with her wrists tied. He ties her up more and JJ reaches for her keys and uncuffs herself. The pretty lady gets her mouth stuffed with a bandana and clear tape. The duo are obviously out of their minds. The woman gropes at her and they stand her up to check out her underwear. They let he struggle for a bit before hogtying her. The poor dear did not want to lay on her boobs so she was hogtied on her side and when she rolled over the tie was tight enough that her precious boobs were not squashed on the floor. She struggles about and mmppphhhsss angerly as the duo takes off.

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run time 15 minutes

Caroline is relaxing when a woman pops up from behind the couch and chokes her out. When she comes to she knows immediately that this woman is her lovers wife who happens to be nuts. She is tied and teased and groped. The woman lets Caroline know that she would have been happy to introduce other women to their relationship but he insisted on cheating instead. Caroline’s arms are pulled close together and pulled up high. Her body is not meant to do such things but the woman doesn’t care. Her mouth is stuffed with the scarf from her own neck and her head wrapped tightly with vetwrap as a cleave distorting her cute face. She is eventually hogtied and left completely helpless on the ground, layers of white tape wrapped around her head…She can’t do anything aside from moan in distress hoping that someone will come to her aid.

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Hi everyone,

I told my fella (Tony) that I would do his webcam Monday night the 28th.

I’ll (JJ Plush) be on there around 11:15pm eastern standard time so if you’d like to say hello, ask me questions live, have me do things (within reason, lol) check in over there at There will be details posted there. We aren’t limited to handcuffs…

Also this Tuesday I’m shooting Sarah Brooke who is a 27 year old from Florida with a lovely face and body.  I don’t shoot many 20 somethings these days so if anyone wants a custom with this lovely girl please email me at jj at

Give me the scene idea, outfit idea, tie idea etc and I’ll get back to you with a price. The clip would be edited for you by Friday night. Her elbows touch and she does nudes.

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run time 28 minutes

Cherry is minding her own business at work when another employee asks her to join him for happy hour. She asks him if he is still dating someone else from the office. He says yes but she can’t make it but several others will be there. She agrees to go. She doesn’t know the other woman is standing nearby and listening. Instead of talking it over with her man she immediately blames it on Cherry. The red haired, lowcut suit wearing woman. Cherry is tied up. Cherry gets her mouth stuffed, head wrapped with tape, nipple clamped. She is miserable and confused. Eventually she is hogtied and panties are put over her face! Tony comes back to see what is taking so long but when he sees her tied up he knows that his girl has gotten to her and he takes off and leaves her there.

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run time 9 minutes

I was visiting some family in Florida this fall (2010) and realized I was staying in the same town as Lew Rubens thanks to the wonders of the internet! I sent him a message and asked if he would tie me up. Lucky for me he was happy to oblige. I’ve known him for years but he only tied me up one other time…earlier this year (2010) in Germany to a post at the Boundcon event. This time he started with me tied very tightly on the bed and a 2 inch ballgag strapped tightly between my teeth. After a short time he decided to slow me down a bit by attaching a mean hogtie rope. Even in the hogtie I had a hard time moving about but he soon got tired of that movement and decided to add yet another rope! He attached it to my knees and hiked my knees up into something he called a reverse hogtie, with the regular hogtie rope still in place. I was absolutely crippled! Still yet he was not exactly satisfied so he added a rope to the back of my ballgag and pulled my head back and then wrapped rope around my eyes….No more struggling, just a few little moans and maybe a twitch or two. I loved it of course !!!! :)

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** This clip IS working now 2:29am EST 9/27

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run time 13 minutes

I crawl into the bed with the lovely Emily Addison. She’s wearing a pretty pink babydoll nightie and I begin to tie up her arms, starting with her elbows. It is the first roping of the day and I wanted to break her in right. Once her arms are bound up I think it is time to gag her but we don’t have any stuffing around. I’ve noticed her white panties peaking out from under her nightie so I pull them off of her and shove them in her pretty little mouth and wrap her willing head tightly with clear tape. Next I move onto her thighs and then her ankles. She struggles around on the bed, her arms already a nice shade of purple and her toes are perfectly manicured with pink polish. After a little while I put her into a tight hogtie and she struggles around on the bed :)

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1st update of the week

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run time 11 minutes of the clip, and a couple minutes of her gag coming off & talking after credits

Tall natural blonde Tabitha is a regular at a dive bar. She never tips. The bartender excuses herself to the ladies room to see what will happen. Tabitha has the balls to put down a penny and leave without even paying the tab this time. It is obvious that she didn’t forget…JJ chases after her and grabs her by the throat. Next thing we see is this tall blonde taped to the post. She isn’t awake just yet. She gets tape wrapped around her body and her scarf is removed to use as a cleave. Her skirt is hiked up and her jacket is unzipped. Eventually the cleave is removed and the rag that was used to clean the bar is stuffed in her head. She gets layers of vetwrap around her head and then black tape over that. She is absolutely miserable being gagged with her hands above her head but she is getting what she deserves. Just to humiliate her JJ puts her sunglasses on her and later tape over them. What will happen to her when the owner of the bar comes into work?

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run time 30 minutes

Once upon a time I was much more of a bondage model than a producer/ rigger.  Let me tell you the modeling stuff was way easier in my opinion, however it was a hobby and not a career. That makes things a lot more simple.  Here Don Sir, my one time lover and boyfriend and a great rigger and photographer sets the video camera up in the background and catches our photoshoot in his apartment.

First I am in a strappado, then strung from the ceiling, then just posing in a box tie and then kind of crashed out on the floor with glassy eyes and a big grin.

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In Detroit tonight September 19 you could check out

Tony/ gotcuffs, Eric/ Futilestruggles, Renee from this site and possibly Sass will be there just hanging out.  Tony, Eric and I don’t get out much….but Renee REALLY wanting to go to her first bondage event is incentive I suppose.



So for you guys interested in customs here is the line up before the trip to Venus & Boundcon next month:

Simone (petite big breasted bendy young brunette)  23rd

Caroline Pierce 24 and 25

Newbie to me Sarah Brooke- truly beautiful girl, not sure of much more….google her perhaps? I know ropexpert likes her and sent her my way

Rachel  October 1

Adara October 3

Bella Ink (petite, slender, bendy blonde from Florida) Oct 12

Check out my customs area before inquiring so we don’t waste a bunch of back and forth emails…I’m not good at a lot of back and forth as many of you know-

I also promised Tony I would webcam for gotcuffs sometime during the week….He will announce it on gotcuffs and I suppose I’ll put it here too when we decide just in case.


*Oh and I just got access to clips on my clips4sale store- 8358. I started that a couple of years before I opened this site. If any of you that have been following me all along remember something that was posted there that was never posted here please send me an email and I will download it, re-render it and upload it here.


Happy weekend!





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run time 12 minutes

 JJ walks in to say goodbye to her husband. He is planted firmly in front of the TV like usual. He is disgusted by her outfit. The sweater is 3 sizes too small and she isn’t wearing a bra. The skirt is absolutely painted on thick body. He tells her she looks too desperate. She shakes it off but he isn’t letting his wife leave that way. He grabs her and she fights back but he is much stronger. He takes her to the ground, straddles her and ties her up. Tired of her mouth he stuffs it and wraps her head with tape. Her elbows are tied and she is eventually hogtied very tightly. She can’t get out of the ropes and they feel terrible. She can’t even spit the gag out and beg him for help. She is helpless until he decides to let her out of the ropes.  She won’t be making it to the bar with her friends after all.

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