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run time over 3o minutes

This was a custom video, I am doing them and responding to emails jj at borntobebound dot com

Two criminals JJ and Tony are robbing a pretty girl named Rachel. They get her all tied up into a helpless little ball on her bed. Her hands are tied to the rope under her butt so she has little use of them. Unfortunately for JJ her accomplice turns on her and since he has a weapon she can’t do anything but go along with it, hoping he’s joking or just playing some kind of sexy game but he is not. He binds her elbows and her wrists in front and he ties her ankles together. He leaves the women there ungagged knowing the predicament that they are in that even though they could get each other untied one will be afraid to go to jail and the other will be afraid of being abandoned there still tied up. The two try to convince one another that they can be trusted but neither is trusting of the other. JJ tries to convince hostage Rachel that she too was help captive by Tony, endured a lot of torture and threats. Rachel isn’t buying what JJ is selling. Suddenly JJ realizes her wallet is in the other room. She hops away to get it and comes back and shows Rachel her ID in hopes that this will make her trust her enough to untie her because if she leaves her stranded in bondage there she could send the cops after her, but Rachel isn’t going for that either. That offer was just to give Rachel one last chance to untie her….It turns out that JJs phone works so she could call the police or a friend for help. Had Rachel chosen to untie her JJ would have also untied Rachel but since she chose not too, even after finding out JJs identity she chooses to call her good buddy Eric Cain on speaker to come untie her and get her out of there. Poor Rachel will be left bound up afterall.

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full clip, run time almost 31 minutes

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outdoor section, over 13 minutes

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handcuffed section, 17 minutes

A package thief has been stealing off of porches this holiday season and JJ is desperate to catch the person. The pretty girl saunters up the porch steps in leggings, boots and a furry jacket and grabs the box labeled shoes. JJ is waiting for her and pushes her under the porch to punish her. Her elbows are bound and her mouth is packed full and wrapped tightly. She wriggles about on the cold wet ground before being put into a really tight hogtie balancing on her hip bones, her mouth is wrapped even more tightly. She moans there for a bit before her punisher decides to take her in to a make shift jailcell in the homes basement…. There she gets a spider bag, heavy german cuffs and nipple clamps and her pants are pulled down. Next the womans male friend appears to take over and he tightly hogcuffs her jamming that metal gag back tightly into her teeth and putting even nastier nipple clamps on her. Eventually the woman reappears and puts a ballgag in her mouth but does not let her go.

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run time 21 minutes, full clip

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run time 7 minutes, cuff part only

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run time 13 minutes, starts with stuffing gag

Well Max bailed and it had been a long day of getting next to nothing done so as she waited for her ride I had Tony tie me up. First off I was so bummed out that she bailed and I felt bad for her and the headspace she was in but also I felt bad for myself. I needed to get a clip shot and the person that was there to tie me up I’m in the middle of a gut wrenching divorce with. I didn’t want him to touch me, that was some major mind fuckery for me, so I am indeed a damsel in this!!

new model to this site, Judas!

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run time 31 minutes

Judas is talking with her new boss when they are interrupted by her violent exboyfriend. He demands the boss tie Judas up and gag her and then he takes over. When he leaves them for a bit the boss hops to get a pair of scissors and tries to cut the ropes but he returns and grabs them from her before she can stab him. Eventually the two women end up helpless in hogties with their mouth stuffed with bandanas and heads wrapped with microfoam tape. He even tosses them the scissors to try to escape. JJ grabs them but they are way to dull and her hand is working correctly, she cuts a rope but it is not enough. The crazed ex returns and gets his girl off from the floor and escorts her out leaving JJ there.

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run time 13 minutes

Story by Jim Hunter, not a member here but want to own this clip it is also available a the Hunters Lair clips4sale store (but not mine)

Buxom JJ is all excited to finally get a chance to get dressed up and go out with her man, the Hunter. Wearing a skin tight red dress he bought her and a new pair of red stiletto heels she walks into the living room and poses. But her excitement is mellowed when she sees him sitting on the sofa watching sports. The Hunter is a degenerate gambler, always going out to play card and gamble on the horses or sports. JJ isn’t going to let him get away with it tonight, he promised that if she got all dolled up he would take her out. she sits on the sofa and tells him to turn off the TV and take her out. But he tells her that there is a change in plans, he is going to watch the game and his bookie is coming over. JJ looks confused then he explains that he is in big debt to the bookies and he needs to win the bet on this game or he is going to have to take extreme measures. He tells her that his bookie has been lusting after her big tits for months and has made an offer that he will wipe out all his gambling debt in exchange for JJ. JJ jumps up and pulls his arms, he must be joking and it is time to go out. But the Hunter pulls her back on the sofa and pulls her arms behind her back.  JJ demands he stop as she feels rope wrap around her upper arms and her elbows slam together behind her back. He cinches her elbows tightly together then grabs her ankles then crosses and ties them tightly together.  JJ struggles in the ropes as he then pulls her big tits out of her skin tight dress. She screams and curses at the Hunter as he wraps rope around her chest, framing her big tits in rope. Then to her dismay he begins to bind her tits with more ropes. The ropes bite deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits. Her tits swell and bulge as he binds them in a brutally tight tourniquet of ropes. He tells her that his bookie loves her tits and he wants to display them properly.   JJ protests as her breasts swell up like to ripe melons. The Hunter pulls out a big red ball gag and jams it between her teeth. He finishes by binding her wrists and knees tightly togethter. JJ stuggles and kicks at him with her bound stiletto heels. He deflects her kick and then ties another rope around both of her tightly bound swollen tits and ties them tightly together. Then he runs a rope between her tightly bound tits and runs the rope between her bound knees. JJ’s swollen tits are tied to her knees then he moves her to the floor.  JJ can barely move as he lays on the sofa and continues to watch the game. At half time he gets up and goes into the other room to call his bookie,  JJ tries to crawl away but each time she stretches out her leg she pulls and stretches her bound tits. Each inch she crawls punishes her brutally bound tits. The Hunter returns and tell her that unfortunately for her he has lost his bet and his bookie is coming over to collect. He makes her crawl back over to the sofa then tells her not to move and leaves her struggling helplessly in the cruelly tight ropes choking on her ballgag.

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run time 25 minutes

Our pretty damsel Illustrious Rogue struggles in a chair before more ropes are added. She tries to hop away but is just put into a strappado showing off her long lean body. Then her mouth is stuffed and her face is wrapped. She struggles in the chair before red tape is added to the gag distressing her. Her nipples are clamped with some mean ones and she hates it so they are later removed which gets a nice reaction. Next she is hogtied on the floor and since she seems to want her arms over to the side they are tied that way…

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run time over 33 minutes

Cutie pie local Anna is in an elbow tie strappado when I come in and make it a lot more challenging for her. When it is time for her to come down I’m not done and we get her out of the big cage and into a boxtie and tight hogtie with her head pulled back with rope and some black tape to match her pretty black hair. The bendy girl  hasn’t been stretching and she has always hated stuffing gags so much to my delight she is challenged!

3rd update of  last week

NEW models to Borntobebound and a legit biological mother/ daughter duo!! See more of them on Cinched and Secured

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run time 39 minutes, including a few minutes of an after interview that addresses most people would have about a mom/daughter bondage duo

Seemingly wealthy and classy Genevieve is in debt to JJ who is fed up with being avoided. JJ finally decides she is going to take what rightfully belongs to her. She barges in on Gen at work while her college aged daughter Jeanette happens to be there begging for money to go to a concert. JJ assumes the girl is her young lover but she is told otherwise. A weapon and some harsh words get the two pretty ladies to do as told. Moms tie up your kids ankles while I tie up her wrists– then I’ll get you! Both ladies are ballgaged and tied sitting in chairs with their necks tethered together while JJ takes everything she wants including the keys to Gens Mercedes which will be going to get chopped up. Then they are regagged- kiddo with moms scarf and moms with JJs well worn yellow panties. They get clear tape wrapped around their faces and thick pretty hair. They struggles about on the floor as JJ looks around more before they get tied back to back. Conveniently Jeanettes elbws are bound and fit nicely in the small of moms back. JJ returns not yet convinced they are uncomfortable enough and she gets clear tape wrapped around both of their heads. They are tossed a pair of scissor from the desk as JJ leaves-


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3rd update of last week

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run time over 12 minutes

Jim and I go wayyy back and shot frequently at one time. He came to visit with his wife Gigi and this was the first of the two clips we shot solo. The second one I posted earlier. He ties my elbows, my boobs, He has me kick off my panties to gag me with those and clear tape. The breast bondage made me feel like there was no my arms were going to go up into a real strappado but being Jim he made it work!! He tries nipple clamps on my bound boobs and that doesn’t work just making me scream.  I struggle whic basically means being able to tilt my head and move one ankle a little bit….  Commentary and coming undone at the end!

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video for Gigi and I

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run time 28 minutes

When JJ married Tony she agreed not to participate in bondage anymore as a top or a bottom. He left town for work and she had to revisit her past and did some domme sessions and even bottoming sessions. She was excited to put the money towards things for her husband. He found out and was very angry, a crazy therapist told him he would have to make her experience bondage that she absolutely hated to make her start to associate bad feelings with it. They decide she should be tied up for three days alone in the basement. Her friend Gigi comes by and Tony explains the situation to Gigi, she demands to see her friend. She is tied up and brought down there and left alone with JJ for a while who pleads with her to convince Tony to let her out- its only been a day and she is very weak. Tony comes to remove Gigi and leaves JJ tied. He agrees to let Gigi stay over since she has come from so far away but he doesn’t tie her….She sneaks down to the basement with a key to the cell and tries to untie her old friend only he captures her and drags her out. The scene cuts to Gigi re-tied and yelling for help so he ballgags her to shut her up and eventually wraps tape around her head. He gets JJ out of the hogtie and moves her to a chair, leaving her arm ropes and leg ropes on. She is barely conscious as a tightly hogtied Gigi begs for help through the gag….

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