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 31 minutes and 38 seconds

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none of the boring tying, she is seated when this begins

run time over 21 minutes

This was shot in 2019 and never posted. It was my first clip with long legged and lean Amie. I didn’t give her any instructions at all, I just told her it would be a getting to know you video. She was a very quiet model, no over acting and also not very reactive. I tie her up, her elbows are bound, she gets a ballgag, nipple clamps and struggles in a chair for a bit before her mouth gets stuffed and then wrapped with vetwrap and black tape. She is balltied and then hogtied and I tie her toes, put black tape around her face and smack her a bit with a cane. She signals that she needs out and once out she tells us what went wrong and says goodbye.

**apparently the first couple of minute replayed, reposted 1030pm EST 11/5**

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over 22 minutes

Three pretty girls are elbow tied outdoors. They seem to be spreading out so it is time to get them hogtied. After a bit the escape artist of them, Je, gets her hogtie rope off and starts to roll away while working on her wrist ropes.  She is caught and her hair is held onto while the woman demands she gets up against a tree where she ties them all up sitting on their butts. She regags all three lovely young ladies with stuffing and wrap. They wriggle  hard to get away from the tree when the woman leaves again, some progress is made in their escape attempt but they are caught….

Bad guy is Lew from Bound and gagged in Detroit

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21 minutes and 52 seconds

A woman is making a video for her popular unboxing youtube channel. A man that really hates her type has been stalking her and has come to put her in her place. She tries to assure him that she isn’t actually rich and that it is all an act, the car she drives online is just rented for video shoots, but the man isn’t buying it or he just doesn’t care.  She isn’t getting her way. He scares her into submission with a weapon. He binds her elbows first and then he makes her bring a chair over and tells her to sit down.  He stuffs her mouth with satin panties and wraps her head and then has her get on the floor where he hogties her.

This was a custom video

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run time almost 27 minutes

full clip

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gag and struggling while balltied

6 minutes and 39 seconds

Wonder JJ comes home in a bad mood distressed over not catching any bad guys. She is finding salvation in a new pair of high heels. She removes her thigh high white boots and puts a pair of new navy blue stiletto heels on. She paces back and forth before getting comfortable on the couch. She doesn’t know that one of the sought after bad guys is hiding in her home waiting to make her helpless. Having removed her armbands and boots she is now just an ordinary woman.  He gets her all tied up including her elbows and then he stuffs her mouth with a hanky and wraps it very tightly with blue vetwrap. Then he gets her down on the floor and ballties her, she is moving too much though so he comes back and makes it a bit tighter. He leaves her there helpless and heads out to create havoc.

This was a custom video. very little tying shown, lots and lots of struggling

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run time over 37 minutes

Rachel Adams has been taken against her will and is hogtied and moving around wildly, after about 3 minutes and investigator (JJ Plush) finds her and as she reaches to untie the damsel the bad guy ( Eric Cain) gets to her first. Both damsels appear tied up, one in a strappado and another in a post tie, both ballgagged. They struggle for a while before the bad guy returns to make JJ’s strappado more intense and to tie Rachels elbows together behind the post making them even more helpless. After some time both girls appear on the floor, one hogtied and the other on her knees. He comes in and exchanges their ballgags for fabric stuffed in their mouths and duct tape wrapped around their heads. Rachels neck is pulled down to the floor and JJs hogtie is attached to the post. He leaves them for a bit before returning to cover their eyes and leaving them there for a bit. Next he returns and unties Rachel enough to pick her up and carry her away…


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run time 26 minutes and 26 seconds

JJ enters her office and sees a big bag there. She thinks that perhaps someone has left her a Christmas present. She pulls the bag up and a man in a santa jacket and hat is pointing a weapon at her. He announces himself as the man that rings the bell for money and she never donates any money, just walks by teasingly. He gets to work tying her up and groping her. He ballgags her for a bit before taking it out and shoving a white cloth in her mouth and wrapping her head with vetwrap and black tape. A little later he adds duct tape to it. He finally leaves her hogtied next to the couch.

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run time not even 7 minutes

A woman tries to escape the Spanish villa she has been taken to. Her elbows and wrists are bound and she is wearing an enormous ballgag. She moves quickly in her strappy 5″ heels but just can not escape the compound. She is met by her captor (Andreas) who drags her back inside and hogties her very tightly. He removes her enormous ballgag and wraps her face up tightly with black wrap and then adds a rope over that. He pulls her boobs out from her dress and gets up. Her eyes feel like they are going to burst out of her skull. She no longer resembles the woman she was just a few hours ago… The man backs out of the room and leaves her there alone. There will be no getting up and trying to run away this time…

Andreas runs See more of his stuff there!

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Visit the bad guys at Bound and Gagged in Detroit,

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full clip, run time 34 minutes

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some tying/ untying cut out, run time  19 minutes 40 seconds

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struggling + hogtie rope added, run time 10 minutes

I’m gonna let the fellas write the story and then I’ll add it here…

This was a custom video that I added a bit to, new camera person, she liked my heels and the lightstands. I’ll get her under control 😉


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run time over 30 minutes

Two men (Eric Cain and Oscar) have JJ, one around the neck and the other at the arms. The one behind her keeps kicking and kneeing her. They are demanding a combination to the safe. JJ vehemently exclaims that she doesn’t have it, she doesn’t whine at them, then she tries to bargain with them that if they let her go she might actually remember it but all of this manhandling is traumatic. They get her into a strappado and leave her dangling. She has given them the combo, only it was a couple digits off so they are furious. They take her down from the strappado and lead her around the building by the neck again taking her back upstairs and hogtying her. She tries to pick at the knots but she can’t get them out, sliding to the floor did her no good.  They return to her and lead her around the building more, shoving her head into a disgusting hole. Finally she gives up the real combination which doesn’t do her any good. They take her back upstairs, stuff her mouth and wrap it with tape and leave her hogtied on the couch. The next day she wakes up, no ropes on her but her body hurts and there is a tiny piece of rope on the floor. It couldn’t have all been a dream….

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run time over 3o minutes

This was a custom video, I am doing them and responding to emails jj at borntobebound dot com

Two criminals JJ and Tony are robbing a pretty girl named Rachel. They get her all tied up into a helpless little ball on her bed. Her hands are tied to the rope under her butt so she has little use of them. Unfortunately for JJ her accomplice turns on her and since he has a weapon she can’t do anything but go along with it, hoping he’s joking or just playing some kind of sexy game but he is not. He binds her elbows and her wrists in front and he ties her ankles together. He leaves the women there ungagged knowing the predicament that they are in that even though they could get each other untied one will be afraid to go to jail and the other will be afraid of being abandoned there still tied up. The two try to convince one another that they can be trusted but neither is trusting of the other. JJ tries to convince hostage Rachel that she too was help captive by Tony, endured a lot of torture and threats. Rachel isn’t buying what JJ is selling. Suddenly JJ realizes her wallet is in the other room. She hops away to get it and comes back and shows Rachel her ID in hopes that this will make her trust her enough to untie her because if she leaves her stranded in bondage there she could send the cops after her, but Rachel isn’t going for that either. That offer was just to give Rachel one last chance to untie her….It turns out that JJs phone works so she could call the police or a friend for help. Had Rachel chosen to untie her JJ would have also untied Rachel but since she chose not too, even after finding out JJs identity she chooses to call her good buddy Eric Cain on speaker to come untie her and get her out of there. Poor Rachel will be left bound up afterall.

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