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Tony, my fella shot this for gotcuffs and told me to use it as a bonus update, so here you go!

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run time 11 minutes

A woman (Jane Lyn) comes into Sahrye’s office and demands to know where the safe is-


given to me by

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run time 7 minutes

A very blond, very busty full figured woman with nicely manicured hands and feet comes to on a boat with hinged cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She is in a tiny room, just the size of a double bed. She tries to make her way out of there, it is over 90F outside. She doesn’t see anyone below and she moves her feet very slowly as to not hurt herself or fall down. She backs up the steps onto the deck. She scoots across a wet rug from the recent rain, she stands up looking around for help or even her captor- the sun shines brightly in her face. The man sees she is up. He has been enjoying the breeze on the bow. He grabs her and hogcuffs her with a chain, rendering her even more helpless than before.

This was a custom video clip, interested? jj at

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run time 35 minutes

JJ is a married woman with a pretty traditional husband. He doesn’t think she should be attracted to women at all. The pair recently bought a home together that they aren’t living in yet. JJ and the realtor fell for one another and started having an affair. JJ doesn’t want to leave her hubby she just wants to have a little fun with the sexy woman. The realtor lets herself in and begins to play with herself waiting for her lover to show up. Once she gets there she is told to undress to her lingerie. She cuffs herself in front and at the ankles with hinged cuffs. They flirt and kiss and rub on one another. When the realtor suggests that JJ leave her husband JJ decides it is time to shut her and ballgags her playfully. She gets nipple clamps and J leaves to make them some drinks only that is when Tony the husband comes in. Adara grabs her clothes to cover herself. He takes the gag out and demands to know what is happening even though he knows. He takes the cuffs off her only to put them back on behind her back.  JJ comes back in and begs him to let her go but he refuses, in fact he cuts off her black satin panties and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with tape. Then he hogties her on the floor and takes his woman away. She has been tied at the wrists and elbows. He takes her to the basement and lifts her arms up behind her. He stuffs her mouth and wraps her head with duct tape. Adara has gotten that hogtie rope free and she is scooting down the stairs still cuffed at the wrists and ankles. Her stockings are now full of runs. She hops into the room to try to save her helpless lover and she is caught and hogtied again. This time she won’t get free. He then hoists up his wifes arms higher behind her and then wraps even more tape around her face. Then he just leaves them there unable to help one another.

3rd update of the week

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run time 40 minutes

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shorter version(s) coming soon

3 women are in jail for escorting. The full jail cuff clip can be found at I just added a few minutes here. The ladies are chained together, told to remove their shoes and then shown in the cell in prison outfits. They are marched out and told to change because they have been bailed out. The woman coming to get them isn’t pleased. She owns them….They are punished, ballgagged with hands over head when this part begins. The are still in their dresses and high heels. After some time they are taken away one by one and secured to chairs. Each of them gets their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped with clear tape. Later they get black tape. JJ leaves them there in the hot dirty basement to think about how stupid they were to get caught…They mmmph and wriggle in their seats but the youngest of them realizes she can move her hands in front a bit. She can even stand with the chair dangling dangerously behind her. She tries to help the other ladies escape. After a lot of work Adara and Dakkota are free. They  know they don’t have much time to escape. The decide to leave their friend Cherry there, still gagged and unable to reach all her ropes. It was her fault they were in trouble after all…. Seconds later JJ comes in demanding an explanation and the camera cuts.

2nd update of the week

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run time over 17 minutes

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run time over 7 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

Mizz Amanda Marie is standing with cuffs over her head, leg irons, shiny pantyhose a black leather teddy and 5″ pumps and a huge ballgag (hottbonds). She struggles around all sexy like (not like a damsel). I appear and spank her, caress her and leave her again. Shortly after that she is shown in more bondage pacing around with a huge pair or lace panties in her mouth and a leather gag ( I undo the gag and she spits out the huge pair of panties, then the scene cuts to her hogcuffed on the floor in a harness gag. She struggles hogcuffed before I connect her to the ceiling above so she can’t roll over. I rub on her a little more, stand up and poke at her in my brand new leather boots from Fernando Berlin and leave her there to struggle

1st update of the week

We really did shoot this on our one year anniversary

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run time 31 minutes

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run time 8 minutes and 40 seconds

A pretty young thing appears in a sexy maid outfit to do some light cleaning for a perv that hired her. This is usual a pretty simple well paying gig. He quickly fixes her crooked stockings and asks her if she would wear leg irons and handcuffs while she was cleaning for $50 more and she agrees. She starts to attempt to clean as he bosses her around a bit. Suddenly a woman appears and the cleaning girl apologizes but the woman wanted her there cleaning. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary and they were bored with life. Well suddenly she finds herself being manhandled, gagged with a ball and tied up with stockings and pantyhose. She is horrified. Then they remove the ball and stuff her mouth with a stocking full of another stocking, another one around her head and then yet another one around her head. They make her get to the floor. She is extremely uncomfortable but manages to get up. No problem, she is tied to the bed post with a stocking around her neck and legs. She tries to get away while the couple excuses themselves. When the woman returns she puts the breast pads on the pretty young girls eyes with tape! How humiliated and now she can’t even see what is happening around her. What is happening is that the woman has gone into the pretty little maids purse and stolen most of her money. Once they’ve terrified the girl enough they are shown cutting off her blindfold and her gags. Then they pay her with the money they took from her purse. Mortified the girl runs out of the house a hot mess and rethinking her life choices!

3rd update of the week

sorry for the delay- more updates coming Tuesday night and a bonus later this week and a journal update

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run time 29 minutes

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Rose (Illustrious Rogue) took a loan out to open a specialty boutique in a low income area. She owes a loan shark 150K. She isn’t paying back her debt but -she is buying fancy clothes and donating money to charity. An attractive cop shows up at her shop and says that she is there to pick her up for that fundraiser. She doesn’t hesitate and starts to flirt with the cop. She tells her she really wants to be cuffed. They play around a little and then she is led away. She isn’t at any fundraiser. She is being held captive for a loan shark. Rose is still flirty with the cop and wants to experience more bondage. She is chained up and nipple clamped and ballgagged. Her skirt is pulled up and her smooth pantyhose clad legs look incredible. You can see a tuft of well maintained bush underneath. She is led into a cage so the cop (Adara) can get more supplies. She isn’t getting any supplies though. The loan shark appears and teases the two ladies about their love affair and says that Rose may like the light bondage games but she won’t enjoy being heavily bound up and gagged over night. She is tied up with speaker wire into a strappado. Her shoulders look broken. After some time she is let down- her mouth is stuffed, her head is wrapped. Soon she is put into a nylon sack- still bound at the elbows and now with a crotch rope. She is helped to the floor where she will be left overnight. Surely by the morning she will have come up with a way to make a significant payment to the loan shark….

3rd update of the week

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run time 23 minutes

Adara thinks she is going to a botox party to do injections for a bunch of ladies. She works at a doctors office. She isn’t supposed to do the injections….but a week before JJ went to the doctors office and the doctor was called away on emergency and Adara the office girl assured JJ that she could do the injections. JJ trusted her and let her do it. When she went to dinner late that night people were looking at her strange and asking if she was ok. When she got in the car she saw her eyes were badly bruised. That had never happened before. She had a big event the next night. She went to the mall to see if a makeup artist could cover the bruising but she just looked silly. JJ decided she wanted to get revenge on the girl. She calls her and tells her that she is so happy with the results she wants to throw a botox party for a bunch of her friends. Adara says no problem, she can bring the stuff over. When she gets to the house she sees nothing but a dusty mess. A man comes up and says she is under arrest. He searches her and handcuffs her. She begs him to let her go. She can’t get fired. Then JJ enters and says this is punishment for messing up her face. The man is not a cop. She keeps the cuffs on the girl and ties her up. She takes off her shoe and gags her with her long sock. She leaves her there for a bit before making her get to the floor. The other sock has been tied over her face. The humiliation isn’t over. Her pants have been pulled down. She has been crotch roped. She is hogtied and then eventually the second sock is removed from he face but only so it can be used to keep her shoe attached firmly to her face…She has been left there helpless. The fake cop comes back in, gets on his knees in front of her and undoes his belt…

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run time 43 minutes

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                                           members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream  struggling in plastic wrap, regagged then mummified with tape

run time 10 minutes

Je C likes tight spots so I decided I would tape her up into a little ball, something I had seen not too long ago but I had never attempted. First I have her pacing around cuffed to the wall in a silver ballgag while I grab all the supplies.  I nipple clamp her which leaves her concentrating hard and humming to herself. I have her get onto an old steamer trunk and I start to wrap her up. It is awkward, lol. So she gets lots of plastic wrap. She is still in the ballgag and drooling all over herself. I let the camera enjoy that for a bit before I start adding the black tape. I get her taped up. I take the gag out and she is grossed out by the drool everywhere. I kindly wipe it up for her. She has a ton of hair which has been all balled up on  top of her head and is also in saran wrap. I tape it up. It’s heavy and uncomfortable and hurting her more than anything else. She is regagged with a sock and vetwrap and then black tape is added. The tape is finished off and I leave her there. She kind of hums to herself until the clip ends….

*her lingerie is from just figures

This was a custom video, wasn’t sure who would love it sooo I posted a bonus bondage clip as well. See what a good value this site is??

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run time 30 minutes

Adara is cuffed in the back of a prison van for a bit, then she is escorted to a wall. She is searched and fondled and attached to the wall. Her jewelry is removed. She knows something is very wrong but she is completely helpless. Eventually she is led to a cell. Later the woman returns with more cuffs and chains and a big open mouth gag. Then she is hogcuffed on the bench. What is going on? What will these people do to her?

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