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3rd update of the week

this was a custom, continued on the story line from last week

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run time 29 minutes

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run time over 9 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream  2nd part, starts with Fayth putting on fresh pantyhose

run time 20 minutes

Fayth is still paying for hiring JJ’s niece to be a hooker. She is told to remove her pantyhose tied up and marched over to the couch by her hair. She is banged from behind, then she gets a ballgag and painfull nipple clamps and more strap on sex, then she is forced to bounce up and down on it. When she seems to be enjoying it too much she is pushed over to the couch and put back to sleep. When she wakes she is given fresh pantyhose and a satin blouse and tight skirt to put on. She gets tied up again. The big red satin panties she was wearing earlier are now jammed into her mouth, heavy duct tape is used to seal them in. She is put back out and when she wakes she is hogtied shortly thereafter. JJ wants to make sure she is packaged up nicely before the nice man from the Michigan Militia appears to take her away. When he arrives he is happy to take her, so they put her back out again in order to transport her away…..

This was a custom video, interested?

Welcome back Fayth on Fire who just gets better with age!

jj at

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run time 27 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream-  entire chair scene

run time 19 minutes

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream  – regagged, gets nipple clamped & struggles

Fayth is Detroits premier madam. Unfortunately she hired the niece of a very over protective woman. The woman agrees to pay Fayth 10,000 bucks for one night with her. Fayth can not refuse, although she is basically retired from the front lines. JJ arrives at Fayths place and when Fayth asks for the additional funds JJ pulls a gun and explains who she is and makes her handcuff herself behind the back. The two walk out together. The next scene shows Fayth in the trunk, hogcuffed with a ballgag. She is put out and the car drives away to JJs place (yes we really went for a ride see her get tossed around as we turn and brake). Fayth squirms around in the back as the car goes down the road (gopro camera). The next scene shows a still cuffed Fayth being brought to a chair. She is tied up forced to read the poison bottle and put out. She is tied up, groped, her gag is changed to two socks that belonged to the niece she hired and a vetwrap cleave. She gets mean nipple clamps and struggles but not until she is knocked out several more times and the clamps pulled off to get a reaction out of her (good bit of uninterrupted chair stuggling)

you will get 2 Boundcon videos for your final update of the week

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run time 1 hour

There is a yearly bondage event in Munich Germany called Boundcon. I just love the event.  If you have been meaning to go, I highly recommend it. If you like bondage I can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend. Shibari, DID, metal bondage, leather bondage are all represented. There are various different stages with performances happening at all times aside from the behind the stage fan shootings. There are also about 100 vendors selling high end fetish goods. There is a VIP bar with a buffet that goes on all day and night. The VIP area has tons of sitting down to rest space with their own stage area. The organizer puts together fan photoshooting for people that would like backstage access to shooting people in the industry. This is one of those hour long fan photoshootings with Carissa Montgomery, Fayth on Fire, Tony and I from 2013. We don’t get any time to rehearse anything or meet with one another about what we will do so we just kind of make it up as we go. We do various gags and bondage positions on one another and it is all shot well by someone hired by the event organizer in real time. My only complaint about this situation is the really harsh lighting back there. It isn’t flattering on even the 20 year old perfect people, but hey it is live bondage.  I am especially fond of the event hotel where they don’t seem to mind if we are doing bondage in the hotel room hallways or if someone is tied up on the table during dinner- and yes the hotel is open to regular folks at that time! Nope…you wouldn’t see that happening in the USA, not even in the most open minded areas. I am missing this year for the first time in years, however another Boundcon by the same organizer is happening in October in Vienna. I hope to make it there and to the Venus Fair in Berlin.


Yvette Costeau and Fayth on Fire, story idea by Vesta

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run time 26 minutes and 20 seconds

Fayth has been hired to entertain some fellas at a big mansion. She usually has a woman book her but she wanted some side business. She finds herself in big trouble when the woman that hired her happens to be an undercover cop. She is handcuffed to the bars on the vacation villa but she manages to sneak a call to her boss JJ. JJ is livid…She shows up and overpowers the pretty cop who was doing this on her own and didn’t have backup. JJ knocks her out and ties her to a chair. When she comes to  JJ cuts off her  yellow panties and shoves them in the cops mouth. Then she wraps tape around her head and ties up her hair.  She isn’t done with Fayth though. She ties her up and a little fight ensues.  The bondage is messy but tight and effective. Fayth even gets her hands taped up with duct tape and she is hogtied after JJ takes off her panties and shoves them in her mouth.  JJ can’t stand Fayth and the trouble she is always getting in. JJ risked going to jail heading to the villa to rescue Fayth, but it isn’t a rescue. She makes a call to a friend that comes to get her…There won’t be any trouble from Fayth anymore. She is going to be sold off.


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Photos of Candle, Dixie Comet, Fayth on Fire and Rachel from recent shoots. The clips have already been posted.


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run time 31 minutes

Fayth wanted to be tied up while we were in Spain and I was happy to oblige….Most of the crew was in serious vacation mode which was heartbreaking in such a beautiful environment. I get to work tying her up, having her on her knees with her head tied to the metal on the windows. She gets a pair of panties in the mouth and then a leather gag straps them in. A while after having them in her mouth she goes to work trying to spit them out…She manages to get them out but then the leather gag is bothering her without anything behind it. I’m happy to watch her suffer with that since she spit out the panties. After hanging out on her knees I get her to the ground and she gets a very tight hogtied with the metal gag with the black ball. She is in her happy place, unable to roll all the way over, and her hair is tied back to her feet.


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run time 24 minutes and 25 seconds

I have Fayth looking really girlie in a girdle and gloves. Her legs already have a lot of rope on them when the scene begins and I start to tie up her upper body. I put a 2 inch ballgag in her mouth, cinch her elbows together, pull down her long line bra, make her stand up and hop around in heels with those tight leg ropes and then have her lay down. She gets a hogtie and ropes attaching her to the bench, as well as a rope around her neck. Her gag is switched out with stuffing and tight blue vetwrap. She loves rope but is not a happy camper in an elbow tie. Poor baby!!! I snap some photos of her and go to work untying her. She removes her gag on screen…pulling out the size 1o pair of lace panties :)



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49 photos



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27 photos

Tony from gotcuffs ties up Fayth on Fire in Germany in a tie that resembles a straitjacket after the boundcon even and she tries to escape…Can she do it???

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Fayth sits on the tile floor and slides into one leg of a big pair of pantyhose, then I help her arms into the other leg and start to tape her up. We chat away….I tape her legs, tape her elbows together, use vetwrap on her upper body as well. She is gagged with a big red harness ballgag and struggles on the shiny floor for a bit before I put a stocking over her head and she gets to her stomach so I can hogtie her with pantyhose, using the Dring on the top of the gag to pull her head back. It looks great. She’s nice and bendy. She rocks from side to side and the finally rolls over to her side and struggles to center herself again. I smack her on the butt a few times, slap her stockinged feet and then decide to release her from the hogtie and drag her into the shower turning it on. I turn it on and spray her with it. She yelps and says over and over again that she doesn’t like me anymore. I tie the stocking on her head to the faucet and spray her some more and eventually take the stocking off of her head to see her runny makeup dripping down her face. I tell her I’ll come back for her after dinner.

run time 23 minutes

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