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run time under 10 minutes

JJ is brought into the living room and told to pace around with an open mouth gag. It is changed to stuffing and black wrap, she is hogcuffed on the floor and then he decides to put the headcage on her which makes her absolutely miserable…eventually she kicks off her heels. She most likely won’t get herself into self bondage trouble again.

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run time 16 minutes

JJ is back at the self bondage games and is enjoying her time at first until she makes a grave mistake and puts the luck box on incorrectly and can’t get out even with the nice long key. Her exhusband arrives annoyed at her inability to think straight and decides to punish her with a meaner gag and more metal bondage. Eventually he releases her from he bed and has her walk out the spare bedroom door. Will there be more punishments???

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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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black tape over the gag until the end

the camera work is shakier than usual, apologies-

Mizz Amanda Marie is in the hands of two stocking cap bandits, Adara Jordin and JJ Plush. She endures a barrage of punishments and humiliation on her feet in 5″ heels and layers upon layers of gags. A nice crotch rope over her thong with red bush escaping from the sides happens. She is hogtied and water poured on her toe tied stocking feet. What will come of this curvy hogtied filthy lovely lady???

new model to this site, Judas!

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run time 31 minutes

Judas is talking with her new boss when they are interrupted by her violent exboyfriend. He demands the boss tie Judas up and gag her and then he takes over. When he leaves them for a bit the boss hops to get a pair of scissors and tries to cut the ropes but he returns and grabs them from her before she can stab him. Eventually the two women end up helpless in hogties with their mouth stuffed with bandanas and heads wrapped with microfoam tape. He even tosses them the scissors to try to escape. JJ grabs them but they are way to dull and her hand is working correctly, she cuts a rope but it is not enough. The crazed ex returns and gets his girl off from the floor and escorts her out leaving JJ there.

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full clip, run time 34 minutes

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part 1 in the chair

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part 2 in the red leather arm sleeves

A pretty blond Adara has a rich woman held captive. She is counting on money from her husband…but he doesn’t seem to be coming through. She ushers her over to a chair blindfolded and ballgagged. She sits her in the chair and makes threats and gropes her. She spanks her bent over the chair and stands her up and makes her strip down to her girdle and stockings. She is put out twice and her gag is removed and a scarf used as a cleave in its place. She struggles and struggles and tries to get free from the chair terrified that her lousy husband won’t come through but she can’t escape.

The next seen shows the pretty blond bringing the lady into another room. She is brought in with leather sleeves on her arms, legs strapped up. Adara strips out of her dress and pantyhose and takes off her thong and gags the nervous woman with it. Her head is wrapped with tape and her legs are strapped up. She is nipple clamped and left and tries to make a run for it but she is me with a weapon and forced to the floor and attached to the wall. A mask has been added to the gag and the woman puts her pantyhose over her eyes as a blindfold. What will happen now??

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run time 54 minutes, full version

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cuff part

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the rest of it

A crazed woman hires an escort that looks a lot like her missing lover Carissa. The two quickly get into making out and then the woman stands up to get her pretty little visitor a cocktail. Curious about the contents of the bag next to her the escort opens it and is horrified about the bdsm items she sees inside,she isn’t kinky like that and didn’t even want to wear the pvc dress. The woman that hires her is disappointed that the girl isn’t willing to play her kinky game so she makes her go out. Then Adara Jordan (the girl)  is all cuffed up against her will. She is hit with a flogger, pantyhose ripped, panties ripped off and she was given a vibrator and told to try to get herself off. Then she was hogcuffed with a leg of her pantyhose over her head and her bra stuck over her eyes.  Next the pretty escort appears in the basement and tied and gagged in a chair before the woman comes back in for more fun. Her gag is removed and then her head goes into a latex hood connected to latex shorts. She can barely breathe as she is forced to have some fun with her captor. Next a dick on a stick is used on the pretty whore and she is left gagged and hogtied on the floor unsure of whether she was in heaven or hell just waiting to see what will happen next….


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run time almost an hour

JJ is sleeping in her cell when a new warden comes in and wakes her up. She is angry, she cuffs her and escorts her out of the cell only to search her over her clothes taking a long time at her crotch and breasts. The warden pulls out a knife and pretends that she found it on the inmate, she gets nasty with her and forces her into a waist chain and then into a cage and then back into an open area. She puts a hood on her and escorts her back into the cell for a while before she comes to get her. When she is retrieved the warden has a difference attitude. She has the inmate sit in a chair and she starts to basically make love to her size 6 bare feet. Unsure of what is happening the inmate rubs her feet into the crotch of the wardens pantyhose. After some time the inmate decides to take advantage of the wardens new attitude. She grabs a lot of cuff stuff and gets her all cuffed up standing with her strong legs still in heels. A rag is stuffed in her mouth and then a ballgag goes over it. Then she is put on the floor, more cuffs added and metal nipple clamps and that rag has been stuffed in her mouth and her head wrapped tightly with microfoam. The inmate hands the key to the warden and walks off. What will happen next.

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Anyway good news is that it seems to be working now but if you sent a message during that time please resend it. If you sent a message before then and haven’t heard from me please be patient…

My husband/webmaster/camera man moved in with his family 350 miles from here and has no intention of returning back to me. I’ve been beside myself trying to prevent that from happening since late last year. Most of my energy was spent coping with all that emotionally which spilled over to my physical world, hence unreliable updates etc. Please no worries he will continue to run fetish sites and his own cuff site and to be my webmaster. Plus we just changed servers, which I already mentioned so some of you in exotic locations should be getting your content faster than before. It was apparently a very wise switch but if you experience glitches please email support at

Thursday (tomorrow) expect an hour long cuff update that is exporting now and another one, not sure what yet.

Also if you are interested in customs I am shooting

Mizz Amanda Marie this Saturday

Rachel very soon

Adara Jordin the week of the 25th

Dakkota the 29th

Freshie Juice around the 31st

Je C very soon

Dominica when there are custom requests for her

Simone very soon

Illustrious Rogue aka Rose very soon

*I’m not interested in using two (other) models at one time right now though. I’m frazzled and people are unreliable  and I just don’t have it in me to deal with that right now… but I will have a camera person.

Also I’ll be a guest at the smaller Boundcon in November in Munich!! I am very, very excited as I haven’t been able to attend events in a while! I’ll be handing out free hugs or free spankings (for you, not me) so please come on out. Also I will be doing domme sessions in the hotel room….

I still have the bank building for now but it is painfully hot and the idea of sessioning in there right now makes me ill. The last thing I want is a client or submissive heat stroking out on me.


Fighting the good fight for a brighter future, JJ



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run time over 22 minutes

JJ went to a lesbian bar for happy hour after work. She was going through a bad breakup and didn’t want to deal with any men trying to talk to her. A pretty blond bought her a few drinks and they had a nice conversation that didn’t revolved around men. Not being interested in women when she was ready to go she thanked the girl (Adara Jordin) and headed off to her car, but, the very unstable Adara was annoyed that the woman had been such a tease accepting the cockails and she forces her (JJ) home with her with back up from her friend Geneveive. Adara manhandles JJ and crotch ropes her and talks a lot of nonsense. JJ struggles to get rid of the ropes and gag which just irritate Adara and Gen even more. She is gagged with Adara’s panties and vet wrap but manages to spit them out. When Adara runs off to find something sticky to secure them ino her mouth JJ pleads with Genevieve to untie her. Adara returns with clear tape and then they leave JJ hogtied with her elbows tied. She struggles hard to get free. She is almost out of the arm ropes, perhaps with less than half a minute left to wriggle out of those ropes wrapped around her wrists but the two come back in, annoyed at the mess she has made they just decide it is time to force JJ into Adara’s spread legs…

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76 minutes

Written by Eric Cain, the rigger.This was shot as a custom where the customer just wanted JJ tied up with a lot of rope. It is a casual consensual style of video where JJ and I chat while I tie her. After some time, I get tired of the chit chat and tightly ballgag JJ before I continue adding rope to her legs. I almost her her legs bound before I pull up a chair for her because I know once I finish tying her legs she won’t be able to stand any longer. With JJ seated, drooling, and trying to talk through her ballgag, I continue tying her legs. Once I’m done she understands why I had her sit. I pull her tits free and bind them nice and tight before adding many feet of rope around her arms and upper body. At the end of the clip, I place her on the floor. I leave JJ on the floor for a short while. She moans as she tries to find the most comfortable position. I soon return to hogtie her. I remove her ball gag only to hood and gag her with a pair of pantyhose. I then start wrapping her head with electrical tape. She freaks out and I remove it and gag her again with the ballgag. Soon after, I hood and gag her with another pair of pantyhose, but I don’t wrap her head in tape this time. Instead I tie her head back utilizing the legs of the hose. I step away for a while as she endures in her bondage. I eventually return with more rope. I drag her under my hoist and I intensify the the strictness of her bondage by tying an upline to the overhead hoist. After stepping away once again, I leave her to endure. By this time JJ has been in her bondage for quite some time, but I’m still not done with her. I remove the upline and roll her onto her side where I attempt nipple clamps. She taps on those, so I slap her bound tits a few times instead. Soon after I release her from her ropes. I left in a little commentary by JJ at the end.

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