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My first solo bondage clip in while. It was fun :) My face is almost back to normal. I’ll be shooting your customs Saturday everyone!!

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run time 25 minutes

JJ works for Tony. She is lazy and unreliable and gets a little flirty to get away with things. He comes into the office and asks her for some reports that are due and she just blows it off and says she will have them tomorrow morning. He leaves, closes the door to this office and thinks to himself what he much rather would have preferred to do to her. Lean her over her desk, spank her, tie her up. Manhandle and slap her big boobs, gag her twice, talk down to her, hogtie her and then finally add a stocking cap to her face and of course to come back later to really take advantage of her.


This was shot several years ago by Steve Villa at Girl Next Door Bondage

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run time 10 minutes and 20 seconds

JJ comes home after a night out and it appears that she has had a few too many. Worried her step mother might be up, she sneak quietly and lucky for her, step mom is sound asleep. However, her step brothers are up and threaten to wake their mom so JJ can get in trouble. “Please!” JJ begs them, “Don’t wake her up!” But when her pleads don’t seem to be working, JJ tells them that she will do anything if they will just promise not to tell on her. “Anything?” They ask. At first JJ is hesitant to reply but then she thinks about the trouble she will be in and she agrees to do anything they ask. When they tell her that they want to tie her up, she tries to talk them out of it, but they insist and she has no choice but to let them tie her up. After they have their step sister tied up tight with rope, they watch her squirm around on the floor. With her arms pulled all the way behind her back, JJ’s sweater strains to hold in her big boobs and she notices that they are looking. When JJ starts to complain and they decide it is time to put a stop to that. When they bring out a a pair of their mother’s panties, JJ realizes that they are going to gag her and she starts to protest, but there is nothing she can do and soon her mouth is packed tight with panties and JJ is now gagged very tightly. As she struggles with the rope, JJ’s skirt slowly starts to rise. When she notices this, her moans and grunts starts to get louder. So to muffle her a bit more, one of them ties another rag very tightly over her mouth. Finally, to humiliate their step sister just a little more, they unbutton her sweater. As they watch her struggle, they know it is only a matter of time before her big boobs will work their way out of that sweater.


This is an older clip that Steve Villa/ Girl Next Door shot of Elane Hershey and I

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run time 14 minutes 25 seconds

Elane is trying to get rid of her old boyfriend. But as she talks on the phone, she doesn’t realize that he has sneaked in her home. When she hangs up, he grabs her and covers her face with a damp cloth. Elane tries to fight, but she is soon overcome and she . The boyfriend quickly tapes her up. He then drags her across the floor so he can load her up in his car. But Elane wakes up and starts crying out. He quickly gags her to keep the neighbors from hearing her as he is drags her out. But just then, JJ Plush shows up and starts knocking at the door. The man tries to get rid of JJ, but she forces her way in and finds Elane all taped and gagged. So the man has no choice but to grab JJ and tape her up too. She tries to put up a fight, but after a short time, JJ finds herself bound with tape and gagged right next to Elane. The girls struggle trying to get each other loose. They grunt and whimper through the gags. Then just before the boyfriend is going drag Elane off, he decides to have some fun with JJ. After he pulls the girls boobs out of their bras, he drags JJ into a nearby room. Elane cannot do anything as she watches the man pull JJ’s pantyhose down.


This clip was shot by Steve Villa several years ago for Girl Next Door Bondage but it is new here at borntobebound.

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run time over 11 minutes

When he went into his private office, a man found JJ Plush, his wife’s sister nosing through his computer. She was looking at his secret stash of bondage videos. “What are you doing in my office?” He demanded to know. JJ looked at him and told him that she found out all about his kinky collection and asked him if her sister knew about it. “No! She doesn’t! He told her. “Maybe I should tell her.” JJ told him, knowing her sister was due home any minute. The man begged JJ not to say anything and offered to give her anything she wanted. “Maybe you need to do something to stop me” She suggested as she pointed at a picture of a woman bound and gagged on the computer screen. When she winked her eye, the man knew exactly what his sister in law wanted. Moments later, JJ found herself tied up very tight with about 300 feet of rope. Although she didn’t show it on the outside, she was very turned on. There was only one thing missing she thought to herself. “What are you going to do to keep me from screaming for my sister when she gets here” JJ asked her brother in law. Knowing JJ was suggesting that he gag her, he stuffed a pair of panties in her mouth and tied a rag very tightly between her teeth. JJ was now extremely excited as she felt totally helpless. But as soon as she was left alone, she started crying out for her sister through the gag. This brought her brother in law running back in. Worried his wife would be able to hear JJ when she got home, he needed to figure out a way to muffle his noisy sister in law just a little more. He untied the cleave gag and packed 2 more pair of panties until JJ’s mouth was packed full. He then wrapped tape very tightly around her face and over her mouth to finish re-gagging her. Now it was his turn to surprise his snooping sister in law. He brought out a camera and told her that he was going to take some pictures. He warned her that if she ever told her sister about the videos, he would post these pictures all over the Internet. Then to make things even more interesting, he pulled JJ blouse open and her bra down to expose her big boobs. JJ was now furious as she tried to voice her displeasure. After shooting several photos, JJ was left hogtied and gagged in the private office. She would struggle like this for hours until her sister was asleep and her brother in law returned to let her go.


The new model to this site is London Andrews and I have been a LONG time fan of her glamour, pin up and art images over the years!!!

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JJ is on the phone with her girlfriend London Andrews. She is due back at any moment so the two can go on a date for Valentines Day. She hangs up the phone and immediately hears the door. It isn’t London though it is her jealous exboyfriend Tony. He’s mad and accusing her of going on a date with someone for Valentines Day. He broke in. He shoves her on the bed and opens the drawer where they kept rope as a couple. He gets her tied up at the elbows, wrists and legs as she protests that it hurts and she hasn’t been tied up in a long time. He also gets two pairs of panties from the drawer and shoves them in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with a cleave gag. He is gone from the room when London appears and he comes in and grabs her. He is instantly enraged that JJ is indeed dating someone and that it is a woman. London yells at him calling him crazy and possessive. He just ignores her and pulls her big boobs from her dress. He smashes JJs head into her cleavage. Then he tips JJ over on her shoulder and puts her into a balltie, rendering her completely helpless as he continues to tie up London. He stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps her head with vetwrap as a cleave. Then he hogties them both, forcing their heads together for gagged kisses and remarking about London not even wearing any panties. He leaves them there but not before adding the rest of the vetwrap over the mouth.


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run time 22 minutes

Dixie and Rain invite Cici and JJ over to their apartment. Cici and JJ are surprised at the invite. They have seen the girls at the bar before but usually they just get the evil eye. Once at the apartment after some small talk one of the girls suggests some playful bondage. They gulp down their drinks and agree to it eager for the cute new friends.  Once they pile on more rope than just simple wrists and ankles and come out with items to gag them with they realize this game isn’t in good fun at all. Dixie stuffs JJ’s mouth with two items and wraps vetwrap around her head. Rain humiliates Cici and puts a pair of panties over her head before stuffing her mouth. JJ’s elbows have been tied and the girls are put into tight hogties. Dixie even pulls JJs big boobs from her sweater and tapes them up. Rain adds electrical tape to Cici’s gag, even pulling it over her nostril twisting up her pretty face. After the girls are satisfied with the bondage they decide to hit the afterhours club and leave JJ & Cici all tied up on the floor.


This was originally done by Eric Cain for futilestruggles and was posted & on his clipstore in the past. I  love this style of bondage and I do miss being tied up by Eric, but what he does these days is way beyond this and my mind and body are comfortable here but not being pushed beyond this- For those of you that didn’t know, Eric was the first person to introduce me to bondage in 2006…Sorry the quality is not that of our current cameras.

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run time 23 minutes and 35 seconds

Written from the riggers (Eric) point of view- I open the door and enter the old factory space. I have JJ Ballgagged, alraedy tightly bound, elbows tied together, hobbled, and on a leash. I walk her through the space and sit her down in a chair to which I tie her leash to. I leave her there for a few moments, but I soon return. I manhandle her ample breasts before I snip away her turtleneck sweater with a pair of scissors. I then tightly bind each one separately. After I’m done with that I stuff JJ’s mouth with a large pair of panties an then seal them in tightlt with black tape. I then wrap her head with vet wrap. Next I wrap her head with wide micro-foam tape. his makes for a very effective gag! I finally untie her leash from the chair and make her stand up. I pick JJ up and place her on the table with the post through the center. I tie a rope the her ankle rope and then tie it through an anchor point up high on the post, and then back down to JJ’s upper body ropes. I pull her high off the table and then tie the rope off. Since we don’t want her swaying back and forth, I tie each of her breasts way out to the side. To make Jj’s bondage a bit more strict, I tie her leash down to a brace at the bottom of the table. I then leave JJ to struggle for a bit. I’m not done with her yet thogh. I tie yet another rope to her wrists and pull it up high on the post and then back down and around her mouth and gag, forcing JJ to look straight ahead. The clip ends shortly after this.


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run time 29 minutes

Julie and I were playing pool this time last year in Vegas. Tony and Dixie are trying to watch tv. They think we are being too loud and decide that we need to stop so they tie us up. Mistress Simone of course is not impressed but goes along with the scenario since she is a guest in the house Tony rented. JJ gets an elbow tie and big ballgag, Julie gets a ballgag as well. Then Dixie joins in on the fun and gets ballgagged. He is done yet, we gets new gags, our mouths are stuffed and our heads are wrapped and we get hogtied. Julie is done with the bondage though so Tony unties her. She wrestles my boobs out of my bra and dress pulls out my boobs and then goes to watch tv on the couch. If Dixie wanted to be tied up she should have just told us to begin with.

Bonus Photos

This may have been the very first time I worked with Julie in 2009 when we did content sharing. She just sent these to me the other day! The first time I have seen them!! She ties me up with hosiery and puts a stocking cap on me.

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73 photos


Newbie! Christie Cutie

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run time over 18 minutes

JJ and her roommate Christie are chatting in the kitchen. Christie leaves the room and a man comes in and threatens JJ. He starts to tie her up. He gets her tied up and Christie comes in too. He grabs her and ties her up. He gags the women with panties and black vetwrap cleave style. He rips open the brunettes sweater and manhandles her big boobs. He then adds another pair of panties over that on JJ and wraps her head with more vetwrap. He adds more vetwrap to Christie too. He hogties them and leaves them on the kitchen floor, and then takes off with their purses and jewelry.

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