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run time almost 23 minutes

Flight attendant Amanda believes she is cuffing herself up for her lover but his wife arrives instead!

doom doom doom

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run time 17 minutes

Dakkota spends most of her work days with her feet up on the desk filing her nails and shopping on Amazon. She even answers the phone pretending to be a recording saying they are busy helping other customers and to call back later. One of these customers knows that this is not a recording and she storms in and grabs the pretty blond and brings her to the front of the desk where she starts to tape her up with duct tape and then knots her scarf and shoves it in her mouth. Dakkota is taped while standing in tight blue jeans and very fuzzy soft sweater with coordinating heels. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles around before her mouth is stuffed and clear tape wrapped around that. She is then hogtaped with layers of duct tape. He face is distorted and her moans change. Eventually she kicks off her heels as if somehow that will help to free her. The woman is long gone with her nail file and the company phone.

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run time over 25 minutes

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run time over 10 minutes

Gigi and JJ work in a very cold office. JJ decides she knows how to warm Gigi up using some skills from her side job as a domme. Gigi willingly gets into a pantyhose outfit and black tape and even gets a stocking cap over her beautiful face. She is eventually hogtaped and left for a delivery man to find…

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time over 15 minutes

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partial clip, run time over 7 minutes

Cutie pie Rachel has been taped into a reverse prayer and she is ballgagged she comes into the scene and stands tall while getting more tape on her body. Her sweater dress is pulled up and a garter and stockings show. She is swatted on the ass and left to struggle. She struggles standing and then sitting and then she is spanked and forced to count- I believe to 25 while bent over the chair. Now it is time to change her gag and I remove my huge leopard scarf and put it into her mouth and seal it with clear tape. She is soon hogtaped and puts on a painfully lovely struggling show for us bound in her boots and sweater dress.

2nd update of the week continued, another very old clip but new to

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run time 21 minutes

Pretty little Eden sits in one of my dining room chairs wearing pantyhose as a shirt and pantyhose on the bottom with lace aqua colored full bottom panties and no shoes. Her wrists elbows, ankles and thighs have already been taped up. I walk up to her and shove the biggest ballgag that could ever fit into her mouth between her teeth. She is filmed struggling seductively before I add more tape securing her arms to her waist. She struggles some more like that before I remove that big ballgag and put a stocking cap over her head. There is nothing like distorting a pretty girls face with a stocking cap and I can’t help but laugh out loud….I ask her if she thinks I can put a huge pair of satin granny panties in her mouth over the hood, she agrees but it becomes problematic for me…so I cut a hole in the stocking cap at her mouth. I shove the wad in and tape up her mouth, wrapping it around her head and then adding another strip on top. I knot the top of the stocking on her head because it’s going to come in handy later. I put nipple clamps on her, add some twine and tie them off to the knot on her head. She struggles for us and then I help her to the floor where I hogtape her, pulling her head back as well. I can tell she is concentrating on breathing and she isn’t really able to roll around at all. At 15.16 minutes I have to let her out of that hogtaping…but she’s not ready to give in entirely…so I take electrical tape and rehogtape her with that. Unfortunately electrical tape has some stretch…so when I approached her to tighten it back up, she said she was done. I leave the footage in of me ungagging her…and she asks if I got enough footage.

Awwww, such a sweetheart- I should have told her no 😉

1st update of the week

5:25am Eastern Standard time: the full clip was still loading & failed twice but I must go to sleep. If it doesn’t play all the way it will be corrected later today but I thought I would post the link in hopes that it works this time-

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full clip, run time 43 minutes

The shorter version below appears to have uploaded entirely

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shorter version- scarf gag, struggling, hogtape & more struggling  13 minutes

Je C was fired from her job for wandering in late, being rude, doing things all wrong. She is pissed and on some kind of drug binge. She decides she is going to take revenge on her previous employer. She plans to tie her up and rob her safe and take whatever else she can. She barges into the room yielding a weapon. She starts telling the boss lady how terrible of a boss she was. She ties her up and stuffs her mouth, gags her with her scarf and then some tape to hold it in place. She ties the womans wrists to her ankles, takes her expensive handbag and heads towards the safe. She forgets the gun and her bag of trips. The boss lady goes to work untying herself knowing the gun is just within reach. She gets out, grabs the gun and hides. Je comes back disappointed to say the least but now it is her turn for some bondage. She gets all taped up. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf from her bag, medical tape around her head. Boss lady can finally remove her own gag.  She tries to struggle and struggle but there is too much tape and now her hands are all taped up. She seems to be running out of energy but the boss lady is enjoying herself way too much, just when Je thinks she is going to be cut out she gets hogtaped. She can’t even roll over without being shoved. JJ (boss lady) is satisfied and suddently realizes that weapon wasn’t even real…Why didn’t Je put up more of a fight? Did she think the weapon was real….what is going to happen now?

4 minutes of aftermath at the end- I was going to end the clip without the hogtape. I figured she had been through enough but Eric Cain futilestruggles was in the background telling me to finish it off…

2nd update of the week

This was a custom for Adara and boy did we make it cheap since she just likes the work

jj @ bornobebound dot com if you’d like one with her. She will be back Sept 27

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full clip, run time over 42 minutes

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no strap on scenes, run time over 29 minutes

I got this job a couple years ago and it became obvious to me that if I used my sex appeal and gave these men what they wanted no strings attached I could climb the ladder and make way more money, have a better title and be allowed to come and go as I please. Everything seemed fine, I was winning and the men in management were winning and all was well. There was a lady working there since high school. It was obvious she wasn’t sleeping with these guys, she seemed like a lesbo actually. She didn’t seem to notice what was going on. She minded her own business, until one day I came home from work after another big promotion that I truly didn’t deserve I guess but I never saw it that way. I saw it as survival of the fittest. That woman was waiting for me in my closet. She appeared with chloroform and knocked me out. I came to tied to my vanity chair and ballgagged.  She seemed like an entirely different human now with me being her helpless captive. She seemed to be enjoying torturing me and repeating that I had to leave the company or else…I agreed but it wasn’t enough, she kept on doing terrible things to me and even making me read the word chloroform on the bottle over and over again. She had me tied in the chair and ballgagged, she knocked me out again, she put clothes pins on my nipples and then when one broke shoved them up my nose. She put a scarf over that ball gag. She ripped open my pantyhose and clawed at me with her nails. She had a huge dildo and make me suck on it, and then tied me on the bed and banged me with the thing. She even made me ride her. She said she wanted to see what all the fuss was about, how good of a lay I was.  She cut my little panties off and shoved them in my mouth over the ballgag. When she was done with that I thought the nightmare was over but it wasn’t. She stuffed my little panties in my mouth and wrapped duct tape around my head. Then she hogtied me with tape hurting my neck. I was afraid I was going to tumble off of the bed and die. She even taped up my freshly manicured nails. I don’t know how long she was gone, I don’t even know how many times she knocked me out that night. She cut my from the hogtie and had me go downstairs ballgagged again to a chair where she knocked me out again and told me that when I woke up she would have some of her friends there to have their way with me. She wasn’t lying, I don’t even want to talk about that now. She wiped down all the surfaces in my house that she touched, she took my ripped up clothes with her. She made me shower off all the evidence. I was too ashamed to go to the authorities. I quit, took some time off and relocated. It has been 6 months now and I’m just getting my life back but I recently got an email from one of my old coworkers asking how I was doing. He told me that the woman JJ now had my position and pay. He said she was glowing and far more confident than ever. Of course he has no idea why I really left there and he never will. I cut my hair, I don’t tan, I don’t wear skyscraper heels or mini dresses to work anymore. I’ll never get over what happened there and that is why I’m here talking to a therapist now….

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I just wanted to go out and party with my friends when I saw my dads text messages go off. I read the note and it was this lady he is fixing up a house for. She said the $700 was on the mantel and the key was in the mailbox. I decided I wanted to get that money first and head out to the casino. When I got there the money wasn’t where it was supposed to be so I started walking around the house. I didn’t know that the lady that owned the house hadn’t left yet. She heard me on the phone with my girl talking about getting some blow and going to the casino. She knew I was there for dads money. She sneaks up on me and before you know it she is taping me up with duct tape. She took off my scarf and gagged me with it. I thought she was done with me since I obviously wasn’t going anywhere but she must have thought I was going to escape. She taped up my legs even more. She stuffed something in my mouth and wrapped a bunch of tape around my pretty hair! I was having a hard time breathing. She then taped around my head to my legs shoving that stuff back in my throat even more. I couldn’t rest my head on the ground, everything hurt. I was just hoping that any minute my dad would appear and rescue me. When he finally did show up he had no sympathy for me. He just left me on the floor all bound and gagged and told me I needed to grow up. He then apologized to that lady for me going into her home. The next day he kicked me out of the house for good. I wish I hadn’t been so stupid. I had it real good living at home for free.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for me, interested? jj at borntobebound dot com

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run time over 3o minutes

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run time 7 minutes

JJ is lounging on the couch when her husband comes home in black sheer toe pantyhose, size 6 feet up on the couch, red toenail polish. He inquires as to why she didn’t pay the rent. She said that after her job interview she went to the mall and found a $700 pair of heels for $400 and she couldn’t resist. He asks her how the interview went and she said the position had been filled so she didn’t even finish the interview she just went across the street to the high end mall. He’s not pleased with his clueless ungrateful wife. She tries to argue that she could sell the heels online for $600 but he is seeing red. He grabs some tape and tapes up her body. Elbows, wrists, mouth stuffed, tight microfoam to keep the stuffing in. When she isn’t quiet enough he adds black tape to it creating a tight cleave gag. She struggles and moans and he returns, not to let her out but to add duct tape to the layered gag and to hogtape her on the tiny couch. Well now she is screwed, she can’t even roll over or she will tumble to the floor- perhaps that is what he wants- for her to knock herself out. The hogtaping was wrapped around her ankles and her mouth shoving the gag in even more. He leaves her there to wallow in self pity. He is hoping she will learn to be more responsible but he doubts it….

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run time 15 minutes and 45 seconds

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run time  8 minutes

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run time 3 minutes and 40 seconds

I can’t remember when I met Brenda Bound. I suppose I could consult my clipstore but back then she and her spouse we eager for her to be a famous bondage model and they wanted to work with all of the sites, the little guys like me and the big guys in fetish porn. Well now they have their own successful site!! Anyway she flies up to Detroit from Florida and stops in to shoot with me on the way to see family. I haven’t tied her up in years.  So Brenda is just being Brenda, just perhaps a bit more done up than she appears on her own site and me being me. I have her taped at the wrist and knees. I add clothes pins to her nipples to hear her squeal before gagging her. One of them pops off. I stuff her mouth with a hanky, wrap her head with vetwrap and then she decides to pull off her other clamp. I return and tape up her face, tape her wrists to her body so she can’t get back to her nipples and I put the clothes pins back on her. She slinks to the floor when I leave which is just fine because I plan to hogtape her. I return, put the tops of a pair of pantyhose over her head and hogtape her around the mouth. The pantyhose over the head was her idea before we started and something that most of my models hate and ask me NOT to do.  Then I make her a little skull cap out of tape and then I pull that tape around her feet along with the tape wrapped around her mouth. I teasingly tell her that Les (her man and rigger on her site) will be here any minute to cane her and make her black and blue- a lie of course, but a reminder that this hogtaping is no where near as  bad as what could be happening to her. She wriggles around with ease, muffled laughter can be heard through all those layers of gags. She tries to break the tape pulling her on it and seems to be enjoying herself….which actually makes me happy. It is easy to lose the love for something when a hobby becomes a career that is labor intensive on the body but it is a great reminder that it can still be really fun too.

On a side note the jute rope I use on a regular basis comes from Les at brendasbound

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