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run time 20 minutes and 29 seconds

JJ is sitting on her bed when her boyfriend comes in. She wants to go see her friend Michelle but the boyfriend  is controlling and doesn’t want her to go there. She pouts a bit but that doesn’t work. He wants to keep her at home. He doesn’t like to share. He gets some rope and puts her into a boxtie OFF SCREEN. She moves around on the bed for a while and then she grabs her phone to try to notify her friend that she won’t be making it. She gets up and heads out of the room and down the steps. That is when he decides to tie up her legs. Her mouth is stuffed with a sock and the gray fabric from an old pair of sweatpants is used to keep the sock in her mouth. After a bit it is time to hogtie her to be sure she won’t be getting out the door.

 So for a normal human being that is accustomed to being restrained, this would probably be very easy bondage but my arms have never ever wanted to do a box style tie, so even though this looks to be very comfortable I was truly struggling. Sad but true.

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run time over 46 minutes

The hogtaping starts at 29 minutes and 40 seconds

Cherry and JJ sit at the table and decide to do some self gags, sometimes with their pantyhose clad feet on the table. During the last cleave gag Cherry drools which makes JJ proclaim her the winner of the self gag game. It is very playful.

The winner gets hogtaped so JJ stuffs Cherry’s mouth and wraps her head with clear vinyl tape and then gets her taped up, even pulling the collar up on her wool sweater dress over her head for a while. Then JJ puts stocking caps on them both and gets Cherry hogtaped and watches her struggle all nice and cozy.