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full clip, run time over 17 minutes

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just the end of the clip, run time over 3 minutes

Freshie paces around with her wrists tied and tied at the knees wearing a ballgag.  Then I come in and add more rope and take her over to the post and hogtie her on her knees on the stool. Her nice girdled booty is on display, her stockings are shiny. She is eventually attached to the post with lots and lots of tape wrapped around her ballgagged face which already has a scarf over it. She is taking the bondage just fine but she starts to panic because she can’t get rid of the drool…you can definitely hear the changes in her moans.

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70 photos

Rachel Adams, Hannah Noel, Illustrious Rogue, Vicious Vamp

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This was a custom video

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run time 25 minutes

JJ is dressed casually in leggings, sweater and socks when her man Tony comes home. She asks that he ties her up so he does. She stuffs a sock in her mouth and is cleave gagged with another and then her elbows are tied. She bounces across the room for fun to retrieve her phone and then gets to the floor where she struggles around getting the feel for her bindings and then that gag is replaced with a sock and another sock to hold it in. Later Tony wraps lots and lots of black tape around it to secure it all into place. She has been hogtied and now she is where she wants to be!

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Updates, a bonus clip, membership additions for a few and emails coming this weekend-


thank you…..



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3rd update of the week

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run time over 30 minutes

Rachel hasn’t been around for a while. She was traveling and then I was booked up all month. When she arrives I’m having an off day and not ready to shoot. She says no problem she is not in any rush, so I take my time. I overhear her on the phone as I’m headed into the room she is in. She is telling someone that she has been waiting over an hour an she is not even sure why she bothers to come up to Michigan to shoot anymore. She thinks it is just a big waste of time. I’m hurt because I genuinely like her and I’ve known her for years and years and years but people talk shit and lets face it models ARE actresses. So I walk in and she hangs up the phone. I don’t mention anything. I give her a hug, tell her I’ve missed her, tell her she looks great and we start. I say lets do something consensual so we don’t have to scuffle. I get to work tying her up and making small talk. Then I decide to cleave gag her with no stuffing just vetwrap and then electrical tape. Personally I do not like this gag, it bites into the sides of my mouth and hurts my jaw bone in a weird way- I’m kinda hoping she dislikes it the same at this point. Now I tell her that I’ve overheard the phone call she was on. She does a little wriggling around with her arms tied to the side and one leg frog tied in that gag and then I re-emerge and think it is time to insert her foot in her mouth and I’m secretly hoping her pantyhose and feet are filthy and taste bad. Well there it is, a few toes in her mouth and she is resting on her elbows. She doesn’t look happy which pleases me. I leave her there but when I return she has magically gotten her foot out of her mouth (not shown). Ok well then now it is time for beige panties in the mouth, more vetwrap and then lots of back tape around her head. Her other leg is quickly tied and she is tightly crotch roped and left to struggle more, hopefully feeling terribly about talking shit about me to her friend in my own home.

footage at the end of her gag coming off and assuring you this was only a storyline clip and she wasn’t talking badly about me and I didn’t make her wait to shoot

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2nd update of the week

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full clip, run time 21 minutes

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part 2 only, starting with stuffing gags  run time over 10 minutes

Freshie realizes her girlfriend Ramona is cheating on her with JJ and she decides to have a little fun and humiliate them. She eventually calls JJs hubby Tony in to get in on the fun. Freshie leads the thick thighed cheaters JJ and Ramona to the basement, both only half dressed in shiny hosiery and 5″ heels with their wrists tied. When Tony arrives both ladies are ballgagged and get one boob tied to the other as well as one leg and JJs elbows are tied. They are forced to walk around like that and then led to a basement post and attached to it. Then both ladies get their mouths stuffed and saran wrap around their heads. Afraid the girls might sweat the wrap off they get clear tape added ass well. They are left alone  and utterly frustrated when they are unable to get just one leg rope off but nothing else. When will their spouses come back to release them? Who knows…

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First- if you are waiting for an email responses from me expect it Friday or Saturday.

Second- if you are waiting for a solo or Tony & I custom I’ll be shooting tonight (finally) the 29th and and editing the following day.


Hello all,

Well I went to the specialist the 30th of August and I’ve got adrenal exhaustion phase c which is what caused the drastically low body temperature, inability to sleep until 10am in the end there and waking up terribly exhausted, sick to my stomach and unhappy to say the least, plus terrible anxiety, metabolism stopped, completely withdrawn from real friends and family the last few years and various physical ailments plaguing me that I tried to treat one by one- some with success thanks to probiotics. The problem with the adrenal glands is what ultimately caused the low thyroid a month long periods and it has been building for years and years…. I just didn’t know what was happening. I was just treating symptoms and not the root cause.

I was lucky to be self employed and make my own rules and hours. I was lucky that I don’t have kids and didn’t have typical mom duties. I AM lucky to have a spouse that was understanding and aware that I wanted nothing more but to be healthy and function normally like the rest of the world. I kinda wasted A LOT of years…. I didn’t know anything about adrenal glands or thyroid. I was never a sickly kid or young adult. I only missed school for chicken pox and the flu once! I never missed days in my vanilla career, although I always functioned better in afternoons.

Anyway I am well medicated (all natural things) because I did not like what conventional medicine had to say- take Prozac, take thyroid meds for life, get a hysterectomy. I didn’t believe this would “fix me” I thought those were bandaids- personally and I’m so tired of bandaids. I want to be healed. I have made fairly drastic dietary change to stimulate my adrenals and thyroid and to get my core body temp up into the safe zone. I’m now low gluten, low sugar and low caffeine but hey I get to have organic butter and even bacon and I’m never nauseated thinking about food or starving to death like the last couple years. I have not taken my temp since the doctors appointment and it was 96.4 that day, I know it is improving. I don’t have random numb limbs, weird aches and pains, complete loss of thoughts, dizzy spells upon standing, hair clumps aren’t coming out, no more scary rashes. I don’t want to see that it is still low and get discouraged…I will go for new bloodwork next week to monitor my improvement over the last month and make sure all is well.

Some days and minutes are great and others are terrible. Ive been told it can take me up to a year to heal since the damage has been happening for years and years but overall I’m pleased with the improvement and very happy I didn’t go the conventional medicine route and have my lady parts removed and feelings numbed with antidepressants. How many other people is this happening to? How many people trust the first opinion they get or don’t have the financial means or time to seek alternative routes. How many people do something permanent and drastic and completely wrong for their condition(s)?

Anyway, I digress….I do feel like I missed out on a lot the last few years- too exhausted, anxious, stupid, sickly and embarrassed to engage with my friends and family properly since we had no clue what was wrong with me. I guess that is the thing about having a bit more energy and brain power now I can think about all the things I screwed up or missed out on….I just withdrew, I didn’t want to be all doom and gloom- that is not my nature. I understand that people are only as high as the lowest person in the room and I didn’t want to be the lowest person… I just did my work and home improvements when once I was a very vivacious person.

Anyway I’m getting better as opposed to almost being dead which is where I was headed. My entire body was shutting down, all my organs. I wish I could post some of the no makeup, no hair and skin photos to show you my true condition from June and July but I don’t think this is the right venue for that being that I am a pornographer and all. I already say way too much personal stuff-

The absolute best thing about these supplements (definitely not meant for vegans/ vegetarians) is I feel tired before the sun comes up for the first time in about 5 years!!!! I wake up feeling like I’ve actually gotten rest- which I had forgotten could exist!! I always believed improper sleep/ wake patterns was the route cause of my sickness and misery. Plus my real hair (which you have not seen since 2012) and eyebrows and eyelashes are growing in more than falling out (thank goodness for makeup and hair clips) and I’m not as puffy shall we say…. My last menstrual cycle was NORMAL and not a month!! Amazing….and to think many people were pressuring me to “do the right thing and get my lady parts removed”.

I did have a terrible terrible anemic episode from simply taken asprin a couple weeks ago which was very shocking.
My body looked severely beaten for no reason- it was devastating emotionally. I had just been taking mineral salts for aches and pains but I had to shoot VV and my head hurt say too much from accidentally eating something with MSG. It was a reminder that I’m not even close to being all better and my system is extremely sensitive.

I’m dead set on doing all the right things to be better which includes reading about what is wrong with me and how to heal. The great news is I’m actually retaining information that I read for the first time in years….I no longer feel that I have dementia, which I assumed was stress and lack of sleep related. Maybe I’ll feel like tackling wordy customs again down the road, lol. I’m optimistic that in the following months I’ll have the brainpower and physical stamina to make you all incredible clips and to make my lingerie shop incredible and to do mind blowing sessions again for people that work hard and travel long distances to come see me. I just have to take baby steps especially while still trying to rehab my nightmare new house. I desperately need a peaceful place to retreat to and now that summer is over that won’t be outside looking at the water- opposite direction of the house.

I’ve been told I must, must, must rest and sleep and relax which is a terrible thing to say to a type A workaholic with a racing mind but I know how bad off I was In July and I absolutely can not go back to that or I’ll be dead. When I left the auto industry in Detroit and pursued things I loved I never thought I would end up more stressed out and sickly than I was there.

So you fellas that look at social media may have noticed I’ve all but disappeared but I’ll be back very soon- I’ve gotta keep advertising there so new bondage fans know I exist, lol. It’s just that in recent times I’ve been ignoring all things social media as to have more me time to make my home a comfortable place since my poor studio is so dreadful right now. September was ultra stressful because I wasn’t well enough to have so many people staying with me in my personal space- a space I assumed would be comfortable for visitors months ago on top of it but was not. I also wasn’t prepared to shoot a lot but I didn’t have the option. I can’t pay kill fees right now owning 3 properties. I absolutely must get something for my money.

For those of you that might have wildly stressful lives or that have experienced a traumatic event or two that are starting to feel run down or have illnesses that keep compounding like: frequent colds, sinus issues, headaches, acid reflux, dry flakey skin, exhaustion with a hard time sleeping, anxiety, manic episodes, dragging metabolism, adult acne, easy bruising, fibromiolgia, joint pain (menstrual issues for females), low testosterone for men, random numbness in hands and feet, severe brain fog, mood swings, bouts with walking pneumonia, a low code body temp or any combination of those things I truly recommend reading up on adrenal fatigue/ adrenal exhaustion and getting some proper supplements and making lifestyle changes. The vitamins can not hurt you!!!!! This is pretty in depth but Google away-

Let me say that your conventional Doctor most likely will tell you adrenal exhaustion does not exist because it is not something the pharmaceutical companies can cash in on directly. You know what they can cash in on are all the meds given for the list ailments I’ve mentioned above as well as any related surgeries- Now, now, now don’t get me wrong I’m not some hippy dippy woman that is against modern medicine and surgery. I just think we should be smart and listen to our bodies and look into what nutrients and supplements are lacking to make it operate correctly before jumping on the surgery and or pills for life but never getting well bandwagon. Never once did a conventional Doctor ask me about nutrition by the way. Has yours????

I am spewing on because I’ve been a shell of myself for years now. I’ve potentially lost brain cells permanently for running such a cold temperature for a couple years. The conventional doctors that I had access to could not help me heal. I’m healing now with all my lady parts in tact without having to take a bunch of hormones and other things for life- I’m glad I went with my leaking gut (lol) and skipped out on what conventional medicine had to say for this situation or I’d be writing you while healing from a hysterectomy on hormones for life and on Prozac!!! Then a month from now after healing from a pointless surgery I would still be fucking sick and miserable and pretty close to having type 2 diabetes. That’s really huge stuff right there and if I can help prevent anyone from suffering the same it is well worth the rant-

Many thanks to those of you that have been patient with my lack of responses and slow getting stuff done time- though I’m sure most of the people that sent nasties are not the type of people to take the time to read something like this.

Anyway, that’s that.

As always thanks for your support and take care of yourselves and your loved ones and remember to be kind- for everyone is fighting a hard fight that you know nothing about……

(well on the road to physical & mental health which will equal better site content for you!!)


Now if only my condo would sell so I wouldn’t be so freaking paycheck to paycheck that would be super swell.

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previously posted as a wmv in 2013 but a member complained that it wasn’t working. He was correct, reformatted as an mp4 and moved to the front.

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run time 40 minutes

find her lingerie at just figures….

Sahrye is such a great little damsel it is hard to want to do the consensual clips with her but it was time. She is wearing lingerie from my friend at and I tie her up. She gets the 2 inch ballgag and then the clover clamps. The first time I nipple clamped her in the cold basement of our studio she cried. This time she did not, but we still get a pretty great reaction from her. Her chest is tied down to her legs with the clamps and eventually I make her get to her feet and tell her to walk in this position or hop, but it isn’t really possible. She gracefully tumbles forward and rips off one of the clamps. Poor baby…. So I take the other one off too, another nice reaction. I stuff her mouth with two pairs of socks and wrap her head with microfoam tape.  She gets a crotch rope and hogtied. It is a tight hogtie so she can’t put her chest down like in post clips you’ve seen her in. She said it upsets her that most people don’t pull that hogtie rope tight enough compared to how tight they put the other ropes. My theory is that they want a lot of movement to keep the video interesting, but I’m just fine with little movement. I use a rope to pull her head back too and help her roll… She is spent at the end of the clip, but still looks smashing.

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1st update of the week

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run time over 21 minutes

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run time 8 minutes and 30 seconds

Amanda walks into her office and is shocked to see a masked woman. The woman makes her sit in a chair and tie up her legs. She wants the code to the shop safe but she also wants to have some fun with the pretty girl. Once she is gagged and her legs are tied she has to hop into the corner where her hands are tied in front and she is tightly crotch roped over her lace panties and shiny pantyhose. She is groped and left and then her gag is changed out. Panties are stuffed in her mouth and a stocking cap placed over her head. She is helped to the ground and black tape is wrapped around her head. Her nipple clamps are taken off and put back on several times. She is tied into a semi- ball and left all alone. Her hands are in front, it seems like she should be able to free herself but it just is not going to happen….

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3rd update of the week

Her (Ramona Flour) first time appearing on borntobebound!

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream

run time 20 minutes

Ramona is a very sexy woman with an incredible face. She isn’t the brightest gal on the block. She decides she is going to hook up with a boss to get what she wants, only it isn’t her boss that appears, it is a jealous coworker. Ramona thinks maybe the boss is going to join them both. She is kind of playful about the situation but the woman from the office isn’t there to joke around. She takes off her glasses and realizes they are fake! She ties her hands and runs a crotch rope, she gags her with a big red ballgag that looks specifically like it was made for Ramona. After a while it is changed out to some panties and microfoam tape with electrical tape and clear tape and the juicy lady is still making so much noise!! At some point it became obvious that Ramona is really ticklish so her feet are tickled in her fancy stockings. Then she is left there bound and helpess.

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