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run time 29

JJs boyfriend left her in metal bondage claiming that he was going to 711 but he hadn’t come back in a couple hours. A very busty Dominica in a fuzzy sweater comes to the rescue but then it is her turn to get put into some metal bondage. She just isn’t very comfortable or mobile at all, plus she gets a pair of panties in her mouth and lots of black wrap… This was a ridiculous and playful clip.

2nd update of last week

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run time

JJ and Tony posted bail for Anna and she didn’t come through. They go to the dive she calls home and try to scare her into paying up, if not they will just take her things. They get her all bound up and then Tony turns on JJ upset that she decided on the loan anyway. He hogcuffs her next to Anna (JJs gag scene wasn’t recorded). Then he decides to take Anna away for a little fun.

1st update of the week

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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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Gigi gagged & hogtied, run time  9 minutes and 30 seconds


Gigi is after secrets and she believes she has gained access to them after hogcuffing and gagging the woman the secrets belonged to. Gigi was gloating about how dumb the woman was and how easy of a target she was, but as she was doing so she drops the handcuff key. The woman is able to get undone and goes after the woman for revenge, hopefully before she gets to the safety deposit box she was looking after.  She arrives with a weapon so Gigi doesn’t put up much of a fight. She has to gag herself with socks and then she gets tied up, pretty red nails on display. She gets more added to her gag, a snug hogtie and then for a little humiliation JJ removes her pantyhose and ties them over the womans head and off to a toe.

This was a custom  video, interested in one- I am shooting them again.

jj at

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full clip: run time 45 minutes

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shorter, starts with the strappado scene: run  time 24 minutes

JJ Plush has a part time job at a brothel, a man comes in and tells her that she is under arrest.  She is searched, handcuffed ankle cuffed and forced to walk out with cuffs on the ankles. Once at the so called station more waiting in those cuffs and more punishment in the form of inappropriate touching and a mean strappado that hurts her wrists. She is put in the restraint chair, taken to a cell and eventually gets her tits cuffed and is attached to the wall still with the hinged cuffs on her ankles, 3 inch ballgag put in her mouth and then finally she is hogcuffed with wraps of tape around the huge ballgag.


Tony, my fella shot this for gotcuffs and told me to use it as a bonus update, so here you go!

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run time 11 minutes

A woman (Jane Lyn) comes into Sahrye’s office and demands to know where the safe is-

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run time 33 minutes

Rachel comes home from Halloween really drunk. She slumps onto her bed. When she wakes up a nurse is in there that talks to her about having a drinking and pill problem. Rachel tries to defend herself but she finds herself being cuffed at the wrists and ankles by the woman who then puts a metal posture collar on her and hogcuffs her with a chain. Shortly thereafter she puts an open mouth gag in her mouth so she can’t yell and bother her neighbors. A few minutes late the woman comes to take her away. The scene cuts to Rachel and the nurse in a cell. The nurse tells her that this is part of he treatment to get better. She gets into orange pants, gags herself, and is straitjacketed. The nurse leaves and the woman paces around for a few minutes before she returns and changes her gag to a harness ballgag and then ties her up with rope and hogties her on the bench. She leaves Rachel again……A few minutes later Rachel wakes up in her bed at home. Her Xena costume is missing and some of the kinky medical things are on her bedstand. What happened to her that Halloween night?

This was a custom video, wasn’t sure who would love it sooo I posted a bonus bondage clip as well. See what a good value this site is??

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run time 30 minutes

Adara is cuffed in the back of a prison van for a bit, then she is escorted to a wall. She is searched and fondled and attached to the wall. Her jewelry is removed. She knows something is very wrong but she is completely helpless. Eventually she is led to a cell. Later the woman returns with more cuffs and chains and a big open mouth gag. Then she is hogcuffed on the bench. What is going on? What will these people do to her?

1st update of the week

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run time 12 minutes and 55 seconds

JJ is a reporter without much of a brain and decides to investigate a local domme she suspects is hooking and selling drugs. She gets into her bedroom drawer and Terra the domme sees her and pulls a gun. She is a statuesque woman wearing shiny tan pantyhose, a leather body suit and tall leather boots. She looks striking.  She doesn’t  know the strange woman is a reporter, she thinks it could be an angry wife of a client but anyway she isn’t happy. Terra ties JJ up at the wrists and ankles and then removes her long scarf and stuffs it in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with tape. When Terra leaves the room JJ stands up and shimmys out of the ropes once she slips her heels off. Then she gets out of her wrist ropes. She grabs the gun and ducks behind the bed still gagged. The reporter wasn’t using her brain when she got herself into this mess but she seems to be thinking more clearly now. She pulls the weapon on the domme and handcuffs her with some cuffs that were on the bed. She uses the rest of the cuffs there too, hogcuffing her and putting cuffs over her elbows even. She can’t take any chances that the woman can get to a key. She pulls her gag out and uses a big metal one in the dommes mouth. She packs up her things and leaves. She wipes down all of her finger prints and says she has to get out of there because she can not lose her job or get in trouble with the law herself. Terra is left there struggling and furious until her next client arrives who seems a little turned off that his mistress is all bound up so he turns around and leaves her there…

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