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full clip, run time over 40 minutes

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cuff scenes

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starting with breast bondage going on, ending with the hogtie

Vida Bristol is in a jaicell with cuffed wrists and ankles. Someone enters and hogcuffs her on the bench and ballgags her. After a while her parole officer comes in and tells her that she can leave if she plays a little game…They get back to the house and she is hogcuffed again. A man appears ( Eric Cain) and the woman is going to sit back and enjoy him abusing Vida. Her big titties get tied up. Her mouth gets stuffed, her head wrapped. She is manhandled and hogtied on the bed, eventually so she can’t even roll around at all. She panics a bit about her gag so the stuffing is removed and the gag gets less dangerous more more painful as a cleave. She has been nipple clamped and she has a crotch rope on.

This clip happened because my dear friend was curious about being tied up by Eric Cain. She was too afraid but I knew if I had him help out in one of my clips she wouldn’t be so scared, however, I also knew if I told her ahead of time that she would have been too scared and said no. Anyway she thanked me for the surprise and loved the experience. Maybe she will have the balls to shoot one of his clips when he returns to Detroit this summer 😉

This was a custom video that I added a bit to, new camera person, she liked my heels and the lightstands. I’ll get her under control 😉


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run time over 30 minutes

Two men (Eric Cain and Oscar) have JJ, one around the neck and the other at the arms. The one behind her keeps kicking and kneeing her. They are demanding a combination to the safe. JJ vehemently exclaims that she doesn’t have it, she doesn’t whine at them, then she tries to bargain with them that if they let her go she might actually remember it but all of this manhandling is traumatic. They get her into a strappado and leave her dangling. She has given them the combo, only it was a couple digits off so they are furious. They take her down from the strappado and lead her around the building by the neck again taking her back upstairs and hogtying her. She tries to pick at the knots but she can’t get them out, sliding to the floor did her no good.  They return to her and lead her around the building more, shoving her head into a disgusting hole. Finally she gives up the real combination which doesn’t do her any good. They take her back upstairs, stuff her mouth and wrap it with tape and leave her hogtied on the couch. The next day she wakes up, no ropes on her but her body hurts and there is a tiny piece of rope on the floor. It couldn’t have all been a dream….

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run time 36 minutes

Oh my god that thigh rope was the killer and everything else was tolerable. I should post the photo of the bruise I took days after….

written by Eric: It has been a few years since I have tied JJ, so to get back in the groove, I do a quick hogtie in the basement. We chat as I bind her, but just because we are chatting and laughing does not mean that the ropes are not tight. In fact, the ropes are tight, the gag is tight and JJ’s tits are bound and clamped, and I even manage to tie her big toes. Not a lot of movement after I put her in this tie, as she really could not move. I also left in the footage after I release JJ and remove her gag.

This was a custom video with LOTS of dialogue, or shall I say me talking before the gags


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full clip, run time almost an hour

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2nd part, run time 29 minutes

starts with the two girls are tied with the pom poms in their mouths at the beginning

 JJ is cleaning the exquisite bedroom of a college girl named Diamondly. She stumbles upon a bedside drawer full of bondage gear including impossible looking ballgags and nipple clamps. Cheerleader Diamondly and her girl friend Red (little red girl) happen to walk in and the 3 engage in a conversation about bondage. Diamondly says she has only tried self bondage and then the three decide to go to the basement to play some bondage games together. The older maid thinks they are safer playing with her than strange men from the internet. The girls get tied into strappados with spreader bars first and then they are post tied with one leg tied to the post and another pulled up. They’ve been nipple clamped and Diamondly gets an enormous harness ballgag (by hottbonds) and Red gets an even bigger black ball in her mouth. The girls legs are pulled up and then Diamondly’s dad comes down very upset with his maid. He threatens to fire her if she doesn’t participate in his own bondage games. He gets her tied up at the elbows, puts a huge ballgag in her mouth and hogties her. Next he pulls Diamondly and Red’s legs back up in the air and he leaves them all their mmmphing in misery.

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run time 34 minutes

Raven is carried in over the shoulder and tied up more. She is groped, gagged, crotch roped and hogtied by the male and female duo until the man turns on the other woman and gets her roped up and hogtied on the floor next to the other female hostage and then he takes off.


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76 minutes

Written by Eric Cain, the rigger.This was shot as a custom where the customer just wanted JJ tied up with a lot of rope. It is a casual consensual style of video where JJ and I chat while I tie her. After some time, I get tired of the chit chat and tightly ballgag JJ before I continue adding rope to her legs. I almost her her legs bound before I pull up a chair for her because I know once I finish tying her legs she won’t be able to stand any longer. With JJ seated, drooling, and trying to talk through her ballgag, I continue tying her legs. Once I’m done she understands why I had her sit. I pull her tits free and bind them nice and tight before adding many feet of rope around her arms and upper body. At the end of the clip, I place her on the floor. I leave JJ on the floor for a short while. She moans as she tries to find the most comfortable position. I soon return to hogtie her. I remove her ball gag only to hood and gag her with a pair of pantyhose. I then start wrapping her head with electrical tape. She freaks out and I remove it and gag her again with the ballgag. Soon after, I hood and gag her with another pair of pantyhose, but I don’t wrap her head in tape this time. Instead I tie her head back utilizing the legs of the hose. I step away for a while as she endures in her bondage. I eventually return with more rope. I drag her under my hoist and I intensify the the strictness of her bondage by tying an upline to the overhead hoist. After stepping away once again, I leave her to endure. By this time JJ has been in her bondage for quite some time, but I’m still not done with her. I remove the upline and roll her onto her side where I attempt nipple clamps. She taps on those, so I slap her bound tits a few times instead. Soon after I release her from her ropes. I left in a little commentary by JJ at the end.

I spent the day trying to put out the fires surrounding me and I just got online to post the Charlie video. I didn’t get into my emails and I need to be awake in less than 6 hours and I didn’t sleep last night so it is time.

Anyway today is the 31st of May which means it is my platonic soul mates day of birth, so happy birthday to my Evil aka Eric Cain from futilestruggles. Here are some throwback photos from when he did photography and I was his subject. The first set being the first time he ever suspended me.


2nd update of the week

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run time 45 minutes

last 17 minutes, mostly struggling

This was a custom video for me shot by Eric Cain February of this year. He happens to be the first person that ever tied me up. You can also find this on the futilestruggles c4s store.


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run time 13 minutes

The many years back machine. My pal Eric and the first person I ever got tied up by just sent it over. I don’t believe it has ever been posted here.

I’m all tied up. I look very annoyed- perhaps because it was a boxtie and not an elbow tie. I’m in shiny hosiery, full bottom panties, 6″ pumps, a fuzzy sweater with no bra and coordinating skirt. I’m tied up at the post already, then I’m attached to the post. My leg is pulled up. My boobs are pulled out. I get a cleave gag with vetwrap and microfoam. My eyes look scary. I’m manhandled by Eric Cain. Apparently I’m miserable and not personality plus here- Is it the boxtie?  6″ pumps?  was Eric annoying me? Who knows…but I reckon I got what I deserved-

1st update of the week continued with this clip-

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run time 17 minutes

When this clip starts my arms are tied tightly behind my back and my waist is secured to the pole. It was shot in 2009 by Eric Cain. My legs are free to move around. I struggle for a bit and then he comes up to my and gags me (up close shot) with a reg ballgag. Then he ties my neck back to the pole which prevents me from moving anywhere near as much and then he swats my ass a few times and feels me up before cutting open my shirt and tieing my boobs up on screen. I try to make eye contact with him and plead with my eyes while he ties my boobs up thinking that will prevent him from tieing them so tightly, but it doesn’t work. Once they are tied up, he grabs them a few times. He takes the crotch rope and ties it off to that terrible over head pulley and yanks me up. I’m balancing on my tippy toes. When I move forward I choke myself because of the neck tie and when I move backward I pull that rope tighter in my crotch. At this point I’ve totally forgotten that my elbows are firmly welded behind my back and all I can concentrate on is that rope in my crotch with nothing but those thin cotton shorts protecting me. Then the crotch rope is removed and Eric takes the ballgag out of my mouth, but he quickly shoves in a pair of giant green satin panties which make me gag a few times because they have a peculiar taste. Then he wraps my pretty white scarf around my head numerous times, apparently he thinks I’ll be able to spit it out so he wraps black electrical tape around my head, over and over again and then has the nerve to ask if I can spit it out. I just fire him a nasty look. He unties me from the pole and adjusts the ropes so he can put me into a strappado. He hooks me up to that nasty pulley again and pulls up. Honestly I’m beat at this time. My arms are entirely purple. He ties a rope around my neck and around my ankles and then ties my ankles off to the bracket on the floor. I can’t move much at all. Then he swats my ass a few times. I moan and try to move around a bit.

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