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This was a custom video that I added a bit to, new camera person, she liked my heels and the lightstands. I’ll get her under control 😉


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run time over 30 minutes

Two men (Eric Cain and Oscar) have JJ, one around the neck and the other at the arms. The one behind her keeps kicking and kneeing her. They are demanding a combination to the safe. JJ vehemently exclaims that she doesn’t have it, she doesn’t whine at them, then she tries to bargain with them that if they let her go she might actually remember it but all of this manhandling is traumatic. They get her into a strappado and leave her dangling. She has given them the combo, only it was a couple digits off so they are furious. They take her down from the strappado and lead her around the building by the neck again taking her back upstairs and hogtying her. She tries to pick at the knots but she can’t get them out, sliding to the floor did her no good.  They return to her and lead her around the building more, shoving her head into a disgusting hole. Finally she gives up the real combination which doesn’t do her any good. They take her back upstairs, stuff her mouth and wrap it with tape and leave her hogtied on the couch. The next day she wakes up, no ropes on her but her body hurts and there is a tiny piece of rope on the floor. It couldn’t have all been a dream….

Lots of breast milk in this clip, if that isn’t appealing please skip it after the part in the office area.  If it IS appealing she is available for customs featuring it hopefully for the next year.

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run time  29 minutes

Cherry is playing with her baby at work when a woman comes in and claims to be an officer placing her under arrest. Cherry Busom complies and apologizes for missing jury duty. This woman is not an officer, she is there to steal her blond haired, blue eyed baby boy. Cherry is cuffed with hinged cuffs behind the back and also on the ankles. She is searched and the woman pulls the pads that are meant to collect milk from her bra and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps vetwrap around it. After a bit she is led out, style in cuffs Cherry moves slowly out of the room. Now in a new terrible location she trudges slowly up to a wall where she is groped more and then sat into a chair and taped up. It has just dawned on her captor that not only the baby was of value but the mom…photos are taken to give to a potential buyer. The womans dress sash is wrapped around her breasts and they are taped. Milk starts spewing out. The breast pads are removed from her mouth and the woman removes her panties and stuffs them into the moms mouth while  pulling her hair. Her head is wrapped and she struggles before standing and moving very slowly in those cuffs to the post where she is taped to it. Her poor nipples are clamped and her gag is wrapped around the post so she can’t move her head. Milk leaks all over the floor onto the breast pads that were left there to soak it all up. Her cuffed hands are smashed into the post. Life couldn’t get much worse.

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run time 20 minutes

This fella named Oscar and his beautiful girlfriend Nyssa Nevers are out to screw over their dumb boss. It was obvious boss lady JJ had a crush on employee Oscar so Nyssa and Oscar decide to use that against the woman to make her helpless. It turns out JJ has fantasies about being tied up and helpless. What boss doesn’t??? It turns out Oscar will provide JJ with that fantasy, only she planned more on silk scarves tied to the bed being ravaged by the piece of man meat. She isn’t impressed with rope over her clothing on the couch,  but he goes along with it. He subdues JJ with a damp cloth and his woman comes in to take over. She stuffs her bosses mouth and wraps her head and has her Oscar leave the room to steal boss ladies belongings while she manhandles her. She gets her hogtied for a bit and leaves her on the floor, after more and more layers of gags. JJ manages to get out of the hogtie rope and back up onto the couch. The pair re-emerges and Nyssa removes her gag and tells her they must be going….then she shoves the panties back into JJs mouth and heads off.

Guest bad guy Sgt Major!! Hope to do lots more with him down the road!! I like his energy!!

not a member here and want to own this clip by it from Adara a Sexual Captive on c4s

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run time 40 minutes

An angry JJ decides to punish Adara for the stunt she pulled, holding her for ransom and threatening to do horrible things to her if her husband didn’t come through.  JJ was angry and Adara made a huge mistake letting her go after she received the money because JJ was determined to get her back for what she had done.  JJ finally found her opportunity and hired some help.  One of her henchmen snatch Adara up and it was time for both of them to take it out on her.  They strip her down, fondle her body and make her suffer, just like she did to JJ……. but much more… including some nipple clamps, pussy abuse, mouth stuffing, force fucking, and some spanking….

*reloaded this clip today 7/8 but IF you experience additional site problems today it is most likely because I am in the process of switching servers now which is actually a very good thing. IF there is down time it will be resolved quickly. Thank you.

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run time over 22 minutes

JJ went to a lesbian bar for happy hour after work. She was going through a bad breakup and didn’t want to deal with any men trying to talk to her. A pretty blond bought her a few drinks and they had a nice conversation that didn’t revolved around men. Not being interested in women when she was ready to go she thanked the girl (Adara Jordin) and headed off to her car, but, the very unstable Adara was annoyed that the woman had been such a tease accepting the cockails and she forces her (JJ) home with her with back up from her friend Geneveive. Adara manhandles JJ and crotch ropes her and talks a lot of nonsense. JJ struggles to get rid of the ropes and gag which just irritate Adara and Gen even more. She is gagged with Adara’s panties and vet wrap but manages to spit them out. When Adara runs off to find something sticky to secure them ino her mouth JJ pleads with Genevieve to untie her. Adara returns with clear tape and then they leave JJ hogtied with her elbows tied. She struggles hard to get free. She is almost out of the arm ropes, perhaps with less than half a minute left to wriggle out of those ropes wrapped around her wrists but the two come back in, annoyed at the mess she has made they just decide it is time to force JJ into Adara’s spread legs…


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run time over 33 minutes

Cherry bullied JJ in high school and stole her quarterback boyfriend. She is doing a 12 step program and has come to make amends. JJ decides she will accept Cherry’s apology if she will let her practice some bondage on her. Cherry agrees not knowing how bad things will get for her. She ballgags herself and gets crotch roped and nipple clamped while standing. JJs drink is tossed all over her. She gets whipped with some panties and then they are stuffed into her mouth. She gets cleave gag changing the shape of her pretty face. She puts on a struggling show and then gets hogtied after tight microfoam tape is put over her gag. JJ is pleased that she has a couple extra chins. She gets hogtied and then a fishnet stocking goes over her head. After a while a man enters, a man that had crushed on her from third grade on that she had always mistreated. He removes the stockings, the layers of microfoam and the vetwrap ready to have a little fun with her…

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run time almost 29 minutes

A man (Eric Cain) has a woman (JJ Plush) tied in a chair. He shoves a 3inch ballgag into her mouth. A man (Tony) comes down the stairs with a stunning brunette ( Charlie Mancini) and ties and gags her. Groping occurs, their gags are swapped out to something much more intense and they struggle in their chairs before being hogtied on the ground. The bigger woman is punished with tighter ropes, a bigger gag and elbow bondage as the prettier one looks on in terror. She gets duct tape added to her gag and the other one gets a tight hogtaping. They are left on the ground for a while before one of the men unties the pretty one and throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs. JJ is left to struggle in that face distorting hogtie all alone.  * You will notice the vetwrap disappear under JJs hogtaping at some point due to a quick panic situation that was easily resolved. You will also see her remove the gag at the end to see that the panties were still in her (meaning my own) mouth 😉

Written as the footage imported: I waited a really long time to post this because it was a horrible shoot for me and I didn’t want to deal with the memories. I’d hosted and shot this model a few times over the years and she always did well and was a good house guest. I was looking forward to working with her again, it doesn’t hurt that she is hot as hell either. This time around I was very unwell to begin with (not catchy stuff) and then the very first clip I did of her was a hogtie in a satin blouse but she complained that it was way too tight when we were done which gave me anxiety in the condition I was in because it was just a regular tie like I’d put her in other times. I did a mummification to the post next and she was seething afterward. She was so upset that I was in tears, me not her!!! Of course she wound up telling every single producer in town- all people that I had introduced her to so she could make lots of money while she was here, that I intentionally yanked her nipple clamps off and that I was being a huge bitch- bold faced lie. I happily admit when I’m being sadistic and I have no problems being called a bitch but I wasn’t. In fact I’m pretty sure there is footage of me turning to the camera and shrugging in confusion because she was so angry during that mummy clip. I was trying to keep the peace because I was supposed to shoot her again the following day so I was being as gentle as I could be. She also got side slammed on the road while she was in town and said the person took off, her mirror was busted so she was extremely upset saying ” This trip is a huge fucking waste of time I never should have come here”. When we were done shooting she backed down my driveway and hit a huge telephone pole. It was after 12am on a week night and she blew on her horn continually until my husband went outside to see what the hell was going on. This was in my home driveway in a residential neighborhood. She was not hurt she was just pissed and laying on the horn to make everyone else in my neighborhood as miserable as she was…. Misery does love company!! There was nothing Tony could do for her, she just knocked out a tail light, so that was accident #2 in a 24 hour period. Luckily I had stayed at the bank building to clean up and for some alone time because I was sick with the autoimmune problems and hormonal. I’m an empath so I absorb all of the shitty energy around me and I don’t know how to turn it off either. For this clip, which was the third and last of the night my bestie Eric Cain was in town so I asked him to tie me while Tony tied her so she would just stop bitching about everything being too tight or too mean because clearly Eric was going to be way nastier to me than Tony ever would be to her. I just wanted her to stop complaining. I did not shoot her the next day as was planned, Tony shot her for his gotcuffs site instead. That morning on the way out the door to go shoot with him she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go and be tortured by Tony, lol….not one woman in the industry has ever said that he was a torturer. She should have been relieved that I handed my hours with her over to him! We all have off days and I just assumed she and I had fallen in that category the day before so I was regretting not finding a xanex and just sucking it up and doing more content with her the next day until that last comment- that solidified my feelings about shooting her for suuuure.  Plus of course that was before she had talked shit about me to all the guys that I had her write for paid shoots yet either. Previous to her arrival I told her she could stay 3 nights as we were only shooting her 2 days and we have a lot going on with construction in our home and a lot in our personal lives but she came back for a 4th night and stayed without being invited! I have a door code so she just came right in. I guess she thought we owed it to her since she crashed her car twice during her stay. I was on my back sun porch when she left and she didn’t know it, she tossed her enormous suitcase down my curved stairway from the bedroom floor to the main floor and yelped” this is so fucking stupid”  Anyway, I know she is a fan fav based on stunningly unique looks but she and I won’t ever be shooting again, lol, we are clearly not a good match for where we are in our lives and we are both stubborn bitches so game over, lol. Sorry fellas, but oh wells, life goes on!!! On a brighter note just after she left I went to my doctor and got an IV of high dose vitamin c and the myers cocktail and it was incredible. I highly recommend it if you have health problems and money. Would I have written this personal account if over a 30 day period I hadn’t heard from 4 different individuals about how bitchy she said I was- nah, lol, or perhaps this was this just another one of my made up stories meant to entertain you all??!  #bitchesbecrazymyselfnotexcluded!

2nd update of the week

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run time over 22 minutes

 Ms Rogue is a chemist and makes vaccines. One particular mom believes her two year old was damaged by one of these kiddie shots and she has been searching long and hard to find the culprit. She appears in her office and strips her of her lab coat, ties her wrists, tips her over a side table and spanks her. The angry mom complains about what has happened to her child while Ms Rogue chirps that it simply wasn’t her shot that made the kid sick, it was the fact that moms eggs were bad due to her age, not a wise things to say to a woman that has you tied up… Her mouth is stuffed, her pretty head is wrapped with tape and her long legs are propped up on the desk to be tied. She is crotch roped, sat in a chair and her hands are taped up so she will not be able to pick at any knots. She gets to the floor and then is hogtied very tightly before mom adds her scarf as the final touch.

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run time 19 minutes

JJ is supposed to be on a work trip but she stayed home sick. A neighbor (Whitney Morgan) decides to steal her wallet but is caught, tied up, gagged with pieces of her own shirt and toe tied!!

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run time over 17 minutes

So I’m trying to leave Jim and Gigis house after a long day of shooting in Florida and I had decided that I deserved a few pairs of heels from their model wardrobe because I truly felt like they had ripped me off by keeping too much custom video money and not telling me the extent of what they were going to do to me in the custom. On my way out the door Gigi asks if I’ve seen a specific pair of pink heels that just so happen to be showing through my bag. Oops. As I open the door to leave Jim comes in and Gigi immediately blabs that I’m accusing them of taking advantage of me and that I am stealing from them. Of course this is the perfect opportunity for him to lump up my big battered body one last time. He starts at the elbows because he is an asshole like that and moves on to my boobs. I yelp a lot, for some reason bound elbows with tight breast bondage makes me feel like I’m being choked which I’m really only halfway complaining about.  Gigi removes her panties and gags me with them and wow they match my heels, how nice (rolling eyes). Now I’m on the floor and pushed over, gggrrrrr I hate being stuck on one side.  After a while instead of being decent humans and letting me out they tie me into a terrible little ball which is suuuuper annoying because I’ve already been on that side for too long for my limited bondage capabilities. My shoulder is wrecked from several other situations that week. Gigi proclaims that this is her favorite tie and I’m thinking good for you, you are obviously way more tough than I am because I  realllly hate this, why couldn’t he have hogtied me????  I’m super stuck and legit miserable. I won’t even get any new heels to take home and poof one more bridge burned- may this fire light my way, just like the rest of em!!

make believe(ish) of course! 😉

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