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run time 14 minutes

Super Whitney is having a bad day and finds herself in a strappado. A rival keeps knocking her out and making her bondage worse and worse. She can not escape, that Kryptonite keeps getting the best of her!! She winds up with her legs tied spread to a chair with her elbows still bound.

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run time 19 minutes

JJ is supposed to be on a work trip but she stayed home sick. A neighbor (Whitney Morgan) decides to steal her wallet but is caught, tied up, gagged with pieces of her own shirt and toe tied!!

first time shooting Whitney since 2011!!!!

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run time over 18 minutes

Whitney Morgan is strung up and ballgagged and finds a way to make an escape, only she is met by her captor at the garage door and brought back in and tied in a much more cruel fashion. Next she is strung back up at the post, stripped of her skirt and regagged with a shop rag and lots of clear tape around her pretty face. Next to her knees and then all the way to the ground for a tight hogtie with her elbows smashed together. She is left again and this time JJ is pretty sure she won’t be able to make it to the door….


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First let me apologize because the lighting is only the ambient lighting from the bar which is sad because when the friend I was saying at told me we could use the bar to shoot a bondage video I was really excited about it. This is the only clip we got to shoot there.

An angry waitress comes over to the last customer in the bar and grabs her drink and tells her she can’t stay because it is after 3am. JJ has been going to the bar on and off for years and this snotty little blond always treats her like dirt but flirts around and promptly waits on the male patrons. She’s moving out of town the following day and ready to get some revenge on the snotty blond girl. As the drink is wrestled from her hand, JJ grabs a soaking wet cloth and puts it over the girls mouth. Once she is on the ground JJ begins to tie up  her wrists and ankles and steal her tips which are stuffed into her stocking. As the girl wakes up she’s loud and irritating, JJ removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with a scarf she pulls from the waitresses hair. She hogties her and then wraps electrical tape around the gag to make sure those panties don’t care anywhere. JJ decides to rob the cash register before returning to the girl and knocking her back out. She sits down to finish up her drink before leaving the girl to try to free herself or for the cleaning crew to find in the morning.

run time 14 minutes and 40 seconds


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run time over 19 minutes

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run time 7 minuted and 20 seconds

When I was visiting Florida Whitney came to a friends house and we spent all day shooting clips. I’ve posted many of them, this was the very first clip- the getting to know you clip. I started by tying her ankles. We chat as I add rope to her body as she straddles the chair. She gets a chicken wing and crotch rope and then a 2inch red ballgag. Then her beautiful blond locks are tied back. Finally she gets to struggle and I realize quickly that she is a BRAT. She struggles HARD and makes a mess of that ropework. I realize that I have to be harder on her in later clips (Whitney Morgan, my bondage pet and her pantyhose encasement). She manage to slide the rope with the hair tie over to the side, tho now her head is hanging to the left instead of pulled back. I take the ponytail and tie it to the back of the chair, and we can see her face better. She’s so purty, a little sweaty and that red ballgag is such a nice fit. It’s time to untie her and I start with her ankles instead of her arms because she’s been such a brat. I figure it is justified because I tied them first anyway. I leave the ballgag in and let her remove the ballgag and she says goodbye.


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Whitney saw a photo of someone that I had encased on twitter. She told me she’d never been encased before, so I had to make that happen! She gets encased, ballgagged and then struggles. Then she gets her mouth stuffed with a pair of panties, right vetrap and a stocking over her head. Then she gets hogtaped….it’s not tight enough tho, so I redo it, pulling her hair back.  She’s so flexible, curvy and loves bondage…just about the best candidate ever for an encasement!!

run time 27 minutes

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Whitney pool bound & then told to escape
Model: Miss Whitney Morgan

It is a hot sunny day this summer in Florida. Whitney Morgan and I decide to take a dip in my friends pool and I tie her up in there with white rope. Once her arms are tied I take off to find more rope and she splashes about in the pool for a while and then gets out and onto a lawn chair. I put her into a hogtie and run that rope through her mouth as the gag. She wiggles around flaunting her flexibility making me wish I’d done a tighter tie on her, lol. She’s a bit of a brat and likes to try to escape so I told her to make an attempt….She tries- but can she do it?

run time over 12 minutes

After the gag scene this clip is shot POV style. We were really driving on the streets near Tampa at night. The lighting isn’t wonderful because we didn’t want to draw attention to the vehicle, but you can still see the good stuff (the camera is focused mostly on her gagged face for the ride).

Whitney Morgan doesn’t know what these people want with her, but what they want is her dads money. They have her roped up and the woman shoves a rag in her mouth and wraps her head tightly with ace bandaging as she protests. They make her hop out to the car, in ropes, a little black dress, heels and that gag. The woman shoves her into the back of the vehicle, puts her into a hogtie, slams the back hatch and they take off….

run time 7 minutes and 20 seconds

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Model: Whitney Morgan from

I’ve never been much into the idea of having chil dren, but I’ve always loved having pets. Pretty blond Whitney is on her knees in the closet with her hands pulled above her head and tied off to the pole above. She’s in a waist cyncher, cuban stockings, black bra, and black fetish heels, complete with a black hood over her head and a plastic dental gag pulling her gums away from her cheeks showing off her perfect teeth. I open the door as she wimpers to be let out, put a leash on her, let her down from the pole and have her scoot on her knees thru the hall across the kitchen and into the living room, where she leans over the couch and I give her a nice hand spanking before removing her hood, cutting off her black full bottom panties, stuffing them into her mouth and wrapping silver tape around her head. Then I tie up her flexible arms brutally tight, and decide to add thick electrical tape to the gag, hogtie her removing her fetish heels and let her struggle there before sitting down to watch enjoying a glass of w ine.

run time about 23 minutes