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Model: Whitney Morgan from

I’ve never been much into the idea of having chil dren, but I’ve always loved having pets. Pretty blond Whitney is on her knees in the closet with her hands pulled above her head and tied off to the pole above. She’s in a waist cyncher, cuban stockings, black bra, and black fetish heels, complete with a black hood over her head and a plastic dental gag pulling her gums away from her cheeks showing off her perfect teeth. I open the door as she wimpers to be let out, put a leash on her, let her down from the pole and have her scoot on her knees thru the hall across the kitchen and into the living room, where she leans over the couch and I give her a nice hand spanking before removing her hood, cutting off her black full bottom panties, stuffing them into her mouth and wrapping silver tape around her head. Then I tie up her flexible arms brutally tight, and decide to add thick electrical tape to the gag, hogtie her removing her fetish heels and let her struggle there before sitting down to watch enjoying a glass of w ine.

run time about 23 minutes

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