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JJ is sitting in bed looking at her computer. She hears someone roaming about. She gets up to investigate and sees a woman wearing a stocking cap going through her drawers. She yells “Hey” on the woman takes off for the back door, but JJ catches her, c hokes her out and ties up her wrists and ankles while she’s on the floor . Then she removes her stocking cap revealing her pretty face…(SOMEHOW the gagging portion is NOT in the clip- so she magically appears gagged w panties in her mouth and duct tape wrapped around her head, and more of a chest harness). The car burglar struggles about some more before JJ gets more rope to put her into a hogtie, and pulls her boobs out of her blouse and then goes off to call the cops. When she comes back, she puts the stocking cap on the burglars head and ties it back to the hogtie rope and then sits down to struggle waiting for the cops to come, tho when she hears a knocking on the door she makes sure to put the pretty burglars boobs back into her blouse.

run time 9 minutes and 45 seconds

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