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76 minutes

Written by Eric Cain, the rigger.This was shot as a custom where the customer just wanted JJ tied up with a lot of rope. It is a casual consensual style of video where JJ and I chat while I tie her. After some time, I get tired of the chit chat and tightly ballgag JJ before I continue adding rope to her legs. I almost her her legs bound before I pull up a chair for her because I know once I finish tying her legs she won’t be able to stand any longer. With JJ seated, drooling, and trying to talk through her ballgag, I continue tying her legs. Once I’m done she understands why I had her sit. I pull her tits free and bind them nice and tight before adding many feet of rope around her arms and upper body. At the end of the clip, I place her on the floor. I leave JJ on the floor for a short while. She moans as she tries to find the most comfortable position. I soon return to hogtie her. I remove her ball gag only to hood and gag her with a pair of pantyhose. I then start wrapping her head with electrical tape. She freaks out and I remove it and gag her again with the ballgag. Soon after, I hood and gag her with another pair of pantyhose, but I don’t wrap her head in tape this time. Instead I tie her head back utilizing the legs of the hose. I step away for a while as she endures in her bondage. I eventually return with more rope. I drag her under my hoist and I intensify the the strictness of her bondage by tying an upline to the overhead hoist. After stepping away once again, I leave her to endure. By this time JJ has been in her bondage for quite some time, but I’m still not done with her. I remove the upline and roll her onto her side where I attempt nipple clamps. She taps on those, so I slap her bound tits a few times instead. Soon after I release her from her ropes. I left in a little commentary by JJ at the end.

2nd update of the week

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run time over 22 minutes

 Ms Rogue is a chemist and makes vaccines. One particular mom believes her two year old was damaged by one of these kiddie shots and she has been searching long and hard to find the culprit. She appears in her office and strips her of her lab coat, ties her wrists, tips her over a side table and spanks her. The angry mom complains about what has happened to her child while Ms Rogue chirps that it simply wasn’t her shot that made the kid sick, it was the fact that moms eggs were bad due to her age, not a wise things to say to a woman that has you tied up… Her mouth is stuffed, her pretty head is wrapped with tape and her long legs are propped up on the desk to be tied. She is crotch roped, sat in a chair and her hands are taped up so she will not be able to pick at any knots. She gets to the floor and then is hogtied very tightly before mom adds her scarf as the final touch.

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run time 25 minutes

Our pretty damsel Illustrious Rogue struggles in a chair before more ropes are added. She tries to hop away but is just put into a strappado showing off her long lean body. Then her mouth is stuffed and her face is wrapped. She struggles in the chair before red tape is added to the gag distressing her. Her nipples are clamped with some mean ones and she hates it so they are later removed which gets a nice reaction. Next she is hogtied on the floor and since she seems to want her arms over to the side they are tied that way…