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runt time 37 minutes

Jayda Blayze is a serious inventor and bad people are on to her to steal her thunder. She has a smoking hot body guard named Je C. They are ready to go out and have a great time but a weaponized woman comes in and ruins their day. She makes Je helpless and then has her help tie up her boss. They both get ballgagged and eventually hogtied but they are making way too much noise and moving too much so it is time for stuffing gags and tape and then they get all taped up over the rope bondage while sitting on a chair while the woman makes off with the oh so valuable papers

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run time 17 minutes, restraint chair

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run time over 30 minutes, tape

Je tries the hardest to get out of the restraint chair so she was given another opportunity to get out for a custom. She fights hard and gets a leg out but since she doesn’t get out so I get to put her into more bondage. Her arms are taped up very tightly. She is ballgagged and frogtaped and then hogtaped. She gets a very mean stuffing gag and then that is changed and she is let out of the hogtaping and she moves over to the bed post where her head is secured to the post with lots of tape. Finally my bratty beautiful friend is subdued. It takes a lot for her to settle down.

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36 minutes

Je tells her step daughter Jayda that it is time for bed. The two say goodnight and Jayda goes off to her room. Mom doesn’t know that a thief with a weapon has come in, but she has….mom complies and gets all tied up and even hit in the head a few times with her own ottoman. Her scarf is removed and the thief wraps it around her face for a while and then shoves it into moms mouth which is dreadfully inappropriate. Mom has been quieted and  is unable to get up so the woman gets Jayda, the daughter. This makes mom put up and even bigger fight so she must be balltied with her fingers taped to prevent her from causing more problems. Jayda is elbow tied, her little panties that match her baby doll nightie are taken off and shoved in her mouth. A tight ace bandage cleave makes her  drool, She is tightly hogtied with her ankles crossed. The woman goes about robbing them. Jayda tries to pick at her mom Je’s knots but she just can’t get loose.

sooo much fun to shoot two real life bondage loving ladies. This was a custom and they are local and available for more 🙂

The video work on this is not up to par, same time as the last clip, this should be the last of the lousy filming though it is still better than most other sites I’ve seen

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run time 43 minutes and 30 seconds

It is time for Je to do the escape challenge in the restraint chair and like everyone else she fails, though she puts on a very entertaining show and even gets her legs out and a foot out of the boot! Since she fails it is time to hogtie her. Her mouth is stuffed full and she gets vetwrap as a tight cleave. Later more vetwrap is added over the mouth and finally black vetwrap over that. Her eyes tear up and she is concentrating on breathing and totally forgets about those nipple clamps.



Many thanks to I Love Rope Bondage/Frank for organizing this shoot for me. Many of you know my husband and I are separating and there is a lot of very, very bad (for me) that goes along with it.  Plus such generosity from everyone that drove to the middle of nowhere and donated their precious time to me on their day off on that buggy muggy day. I am so grateful!!  I’ll be sending copies of the clip to everyone involved tomorrow.

Frank, Je C, T, Dakkota, Adara, Cinched and Secured (who filmed this clip) and Fenrex who donated the space for us

and yes the ladies were really going for a drive in the trunk and using a phone to film themselves

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full clip, run time 33 minutes and 45 seconds

A car backs into a long driveway and two men emerge. They are transporting 3 bound and gagged women in the trunk (Je C, Dakkota & Adara Jordin). One of them has her phone on and she is making a video of them all yelling for help. The men pop the trunk and a woman appears to peer in, she plucks the phone from blonde making sure she hasn’t placed any calls or texts.  Then one by one all 3 women are pulled out of the trunk and placed into a wagon for further humiliation and then taken to the garage. The crew decides to take the women to the sweltering attic stuffed full with bdsm torture devices. The scene opens with all of the woman caged, of the the female captor ties a piece of each of their hair to the top of the cage just to make them all even more uncomfortable. They are pulled out and all tied standing and hunched over, two of them nipple clamped and miserable. The three still have a lot of fight in them up their in the 105F room so the bad guys decide to get them hogtied on the floor. Each of them get their mouths stuffed and heads wrapped, blondie that was caught with the phone gets her panties cut off and her shaved puss is exposed, sweaty panties stuffed into her mouth stuffed. Her tan bare skin glistening in the heat while the other two endure the hellish heat hogtied in their pantyhose. The crew takes off for a break, but what will happen to the helpless women??


late 3rd update of the week

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 51 minutes

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cuff strappado, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

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crotch rope, run time 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Tony found the green eyed cutie stealing from the porn studio she had been working at and as always she was given the choice to play a bondage game or have the cops called. She went for the bondage game. When we begin she has been strung up in a strappado in cuffs, legs spread, harness gag on. She is stuck bent over and drooling. JJ appears delighted to have someone to play with and is in a playful mood. The studio has been slow do to all of the pirated fetish content on the internet. Je C  begs for her to let her go through the gag. She tries to make deals even but JJ pulls her head back with a leg iron. Now she is even more uncomfortable. Her dress is pulled up. Her hands are used to grope the security guard. She is left to struggle. She is let down, forced to strip to her girdle and stockings and tied up. Her saliva is put all over her boobs. Her boobs are slapped, her nipples are pulled. Then she is put into a sort of strappado with a tight crotch rope. Next it is time for the gag to come off. She gets her mouth stuffed with panties and a tight tape cleave gag over it. She is forced to scoot over to the wall with a crotch rope leash. She is spanked for stealing and then put on the floor where she is hogtied and vetwrap is put over her gag. Eventually a pair of lace panties go over her head. She is left there on the basement floor to think about her crime.

footage at the end of a couple laughing outbursts. She was gag talking so much and I was guessing what she was saying, some of the guesses were far fetched and some other funny moments. There was a time she was crying from laughter, not that it was only 51F down there.

1st update of the week

5:25am Eastern Standard time: the full clip was still loading & failed twice but I must go to sleep. If it doesn’t play all the way it will be corrected later today but I thought I would post the link in hopes that it works this time-

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full clip, run time 43 minutes

The shorter version below appears to have uploaded entirely

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shorter version- scarf gag, struggling, hogtape & more struggling  13 minutes

Je C was fired from her job for wandering in late, being rude, doing things all wrong. She is pissed and on some kind of drug binge. She decides she is going to take revenge on her previous employer. She plans to tie her up and rob her safe and take whatever else she can. She barges into the room yielding a weapon. She starts telling the boss lady how terrible of a boss she was. She ties her up and stuffs her mouth, gags her with her scarf and then some tape to hold it in place. She ties the womans wrists to her ankles, takes her expensive handbag and heads towards the safe. She forgets the gun and her bag of trips. The boss lady goes to work untying herself knowing the gun is just within reach. She gets out, grabs the gun and hides. Je comes back disappointed to say the least but now it is her turn for some bondage. She gets all taped up. Her mouth is stuffed with a scarf from her bag, medical tape around her head. Boss lady can finally remove her own gag.  She tries to struggle and struggle but there is too much tape and now her hands are all taped up. She seems to be running out of energy but the boss lady is enjoying herself way too much, just when Je thinks she is going to be cut out she gets hogtaped. She can’t even roll over without being shoved. JJ (boss lady) is satisfied and suddently realizes that weapon wasn’t even real…Why didn’t Je put up more of a fight? Did she think the weapon was real….what is going to happen now?

4 minutes of aftermath at the end- I was going to end the clip without the hogtape. I figured she had been through enough but Eric Cain futilestruggles was in the background telling me to finish it off…

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run time 43 minutes

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                                           members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream  struggling in plastic wrap, regagged then mummified with tape

run time 10 minutes

Je C likes tight spots so I decided I would tape her up into a little ball, something I had seen not too long ago but I had never attempted. First I have her pacing around cuffed to the wall in a silver ballgag while I grab all the supplies.  I nipple clamp her which leaves her concentrating hard and humming to herself. I have her get onto an old steamer trunk and I start to wrap her up. It is awkward, lol. So she gets lots of plastic wrap. She is still in the ballgag and drooling all over herself. I let the camera enjoy that for a bit before I start adding the black tape. I get her taped up. I take the gag out and she is grossed out by the drool everywhere. I kindly wipe it up for her. She has a ton of hair which has been all balled up on  top of her head and is also in saran wrap. I tape it up. It’s heavy and uncomfortable and hurting her more than anything else. She is regagged with a sock and vetwrap and then black tape is added. The tape is finished off and I leave her there. She kind of hums to herself until the clip ends….

*her lingerie is from just figures

2nd update of the week

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run time over 20 minutes

It is is New Years Eve. JJ met a girl named Je C at a party. She was drunk and wanted to keep on partying and announced that she had a ton of money to get some blow. JJ told her she knew exactly who could help them out. She takes Je (Jay) to a secluded place. Je is spinning her noise maker and dancing around saying,  “I want some candy!”. When the guy she thinks has her candy appears they grab her and start to tie her up. She is reluctant- but she thinks this gets her lots of free shit and she wants it NOW. She doesn’t know that the two had planned on robbing a drunk girl on NYE for weeks. Her arms are bound. She gets nipple clamps (that really, really hurt) that eventually come off.  She gets a pair of panties found in her little purse stuffed in her mouth and black vetwrap around it. Were they clean panties for the walk of shame the next day? JJ never really got the answer. The duo get her all tied, leave her to struggle, come back and hogtie her and add lots of black tape to her gag. They steal her Ugg brand purse, the $700 in it and they even take her heels…Poor girl didn’t get to turn up for the night- she got all tied up instead.

*I’m officially old…I just started hearing the young ones say “turn up” in the last couple months. I can’t imagine ever really saying it, lol…..Also Je C is one of the first girls I ever got to experiment with bondage on!  Aside from her being a better actress than most of the full time traveling girls I am always just so thrilled when I get to see her.

2nd update this week

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run time 44 minutes

Je C is back and I promised her this time that we would do a clip that wasn’t a damsel clip so she could space out a little bit. The fun starts immediately. She gets her arms tied, she gets lots of ropes on her legs, she has been ballgagged and she drools on my head so I take tight microfoam and wrap it around her head. I know the drool is building up in there..I put lots of clothes pins on her nipples. She grumbles about it a lot. I add lots of arm ropes, elbows tied tightly and I run them all the way down her hands. When I remove the microfoam drool comes out like a waterfall. It has a lot of elasticity too and it hangs from her dress for a long time! It is UNREAL. It might have magical healing powers. I take the drool and smear it all over her pretty face- nose, eyes, cheeks and tits. She hates every minute of that. Next I put these big lips in I just got…They look hilarious. Basically I just laugh at her and she laughs at herself. I tie them in with rope and I make sure to smoosh her eyes with rope just for more fun and humiliation. She gets some swats on her fine girdled ass too. I’ve tied up her boobs and she begs me not to. She really makes a big fuss about it. I tell her I have no sympathy because people do it to me often. I also tell her that I’m going to be laying her on them in the hogtie and she begs more. We get her to the floor and I take out the lips, wipe her face down with panties and shove them in her mouth. I wrap clear tape around that. She gets hogtied while on her side. I roll her over. She is dealing….but her face is hidden under all that hair so I tie it back, then I tip her back over onto her side. She is still not pleased about the boobs, meanwhile I’m in a panic that her arms have been in that severe tie for too long…I’m not done yet. I remove my high heel and tape it to her face. I know she won’t like it so it seems like a fun thing to do. Lucky for her I’ve been the only one wearing them and they are relatively new. Aren’t I nice? When it is time to untie her I show her boobs coming untied and her gag coming off and her all cuddled up on my lap. She still loves me so that is good!