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run time 54 minutes

Here is a gag video to make up for no gag in the last clip, lol

I’ll be able to add details about all of these gags when I’m not shooting all day.

This was a custom video for me

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run time 35 minutes and 30 seconds

6 big time gags, not worn for long periods of time, gag talk does happen. The last image is a photograph of what the gags were and a little something about them and then I added one more gag, removing my ivory lace panties, using vewtwrap and then stretchy material to seal them in.

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run time 16 minutes

link fixed 8/5

Story by Jim Hunter/ Hunters Lair. Clip also available at his clips4sale store if you are not a member here at borntobebound

While attending a class reunion trip with her sorority in Spain hapless sorority girl JJ got separated from her sisters at one of the local night clubs. Someone slipped a mickey into her drink, she woke up the next morning in the trunk of a car with her arms tightly bound behind her back. The brutally tight ropes crush her elbows competely together and bite deep into her wrists. The trunk opens and She is blinded by the bright sunlight streaming in. A hooded brute ties a rope around her neck and drags her toward a remote villa in the hills. JJ begs and pleads with the brute as she pulls on her rope leash, she tries to dig in her stiletto heels into the gravel but with her arms fused behind her back her resistance in futile. He opens a steel door below the villa and drags her inside. JJ continues to beg and cry in terror as she is lead onto a dank basement dungeon. He opens steel barred door and drags her inside, poor JJ can’t believe what is happening to her and tries to buy her freedom. But the hooded fiend tells her to shut up as he ties her bound wrists to a rope hanging down from an overhead eye bolt. She yelps in pain as her arms are jerked up high behind her back in a strict strappado. He then stuffs an old gag into her mouth and pulls some elastic bandage between her teeth and wraps it tightly around her head. JJ continues to beg and cry through her gag as he ties her booted ankles tightly together. She protests through her gag as he pulls her huge tits out of her satin blouse and bra and manhandles her tits. JJ can only hang helplessly in the ropes as she watches him sort through more rope and comes back with a long length of rope. He wraps the rope around her rib cage just above and below her big tits then finishes the rope harness with the rope wrapped over her sholders and cinched between her big tits to the ropes around her chest. He then wraps the rope around the base of her left breast, JJ scream and curses in protest as her breast is brutally bound in a tight tourniquet of rope. The ropes slice deep into the soft flesh around the base of her left breast cauing it to swell and bulge as her wraps the rope tighter and tighter up her breast. With her left breast swellling and throbbing in pain he pulls her other tit out of her bra and repeats the procedure on her right breast. Once both of her breasts are brutally bound in the tight rope tourniquet he wraps the remainder of the rope around the base of both of her breasts and ties them tightly together. JJ grunts, curses and swears in pain as her big beautiful breasts are bound and deformed in the tight coils of rope. Her booted knees are then tied tightly together before the brute leaves her hanging by her wrists, her poor swollen breast throbbing in pain are already turning color. JJ twists and turns in the cruel strappado but there is no escape. Then to her dismay the brute comes back with more rope,  He grabs a tall stool and puts it under her ass then to her releif he frees her wrists from the hanging rope and she is able to lower her arms and take the stress off her shoulders. She is also greatful to sit on the stool and take a break from standing in her stiletto heeled boots. But he isn’t merciful as he ties another rope around her tightly bound throbbing tits then runs the rope down between her bound booted knees. JJ groans and cries into her gag as he pulls and stretches her brutally bound tits to her knees and ties them to her legs. JJ struggles to keep her ass on the stool as she is off balance with her tits tighted to her knees. Then to her dismay he runs the rope hanging down from the overhead eye bolt between her bound wrists again and pulls her arms up high behind her back. She screams in pain and disbelief as he pulls the stool out from under her ass. JJ’s arms are jerked up high as her ass sinks without the support of the stool. Her poor brutally bound tits are also pulled and stretched as she struggles to keep her balance in her stiletto heels. She begs and pleads through her gag but her begging and crying is answered with him pulling out a roll of shiny white tape which he then wraps it tightly over her already overstuffed mouth. The tight tape forces her jaws painfully open as the rag is pushed deep to her throat. He leaves her alone to suffer in the cruel squat strappado with her swollen tits pulled and stretched tied to her knees. JJ doesn’t know how much more torture her poor body can take as she swings helplessly in the ropes trying not to pulls or stretch her poor shoulders or tits. When the brute returns again JJ can barely protest, then to her releif he frees her wrists from the hanging rope and lowers her to her knees. With her throbbing tits still tied to her knees she can barely move, she lowers her forehead to the floor begging for her torment to end but the brute has no intention of ending her suffering. He pushes her over and JJ falls to her side, more ropes are then wrapped over her shoulders and then run down her spine to her tightly bound wrists. He pulls the rope between her bound wrists then jerks her wrists up high behind her back forcing her poor crushed elbows to jut out from her back. The ropes are wrapped around her chest then cinched between her hands and her spine in a cruel chicken wing.  JJ struggle to take her weight off of her shoulder and manages to sit up. She stuggles on the floor pulling at the ropes but her poor arms are totally useless to her now. The fiend come back with more rope and rolls her onto her belly. JJ grunts in pain as her brutally bound, swollen tits are crushed under her body weight. He ties a rope between her bound stiletto heels then bends her legs and pulls her stiletto heels up to her crushed elbows. The rope is run between her bound elbows and pulled bowstring tight. JJ’s us forced into a strict back arch as the ropes are tied off with her stiletto heels tightly tethered to her crushed elbows in a brutal chicken wing hogtied. He tells her to get comfortable for the night, he will return in the morning to begin her training. JJ looks up with tears in her eyes as she watches in disbelief as he leaves her helplessly and brutally bound, gagged and hogtied in his dungeon. She doesn’t know how she can last until morning in her brutal chicken wing hogtie. she can barely move all she can do is roll over onto her side. But it is too painful to lay on her twisted shoulder for long, she then struggles to roll back onto her belly but in doing so she crushes her swollen tits under her own weight. She screams and cries through her gag for helpl but no one can hear her pitiful muffled screams.

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full clip, run time

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struggling, run time 9 minutes

Naturally busty big eyed Riley Jane gets all of the attention at the office and JJ is ready to punish her for it with things she has hidden around the office. She drags Riley out from behind the desk by the scarf and makes her forget things for a while. When she remembers what is happening she is tied with her legs spred and arms behind her desk. She has an enormous ballgag in her mouth. She is vulnerable an helpless. JJ gropes at her (point of view style) pulls her boobs out and later nipple clamps them and ties them up! Her white panties are pulled off of her body and stuffed in her mouth. She is tightly cleave gagged, arms tied behind her back. She struggles a bit on the floor before being tied into a little ball and left with her scarf tied over her panty gagged mouth.

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full clip, run time 13 minutes

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shorter version

Sarah Brooke has been tied up and cleave gagged sitting in a chair. She isn’t a willing captive. She stands up in 5″ heels to hop away but looses her footing and goes tumbling to the floor. An agile little thing she makes her way back up to her feet. She is met by her captor that uses the scarf from her blouse to gag her even more, she ties her shirt up under her tits and pulls up her satin skirt revealing a yellow garter belt an stockings. She is slapped with a bundle of rope and hogtied helplessly on the ground.

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run time 11 minutes

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shorter- gag, hopping, hogtaped

Dean doesn’t like that his girl is fucking another girl, being the insecure jealous type he decides to punish the big busty woman. He brings her in with his hand over her mouth and gets to work taping her up while she balances in 5″ heels. He then takes a pair of leopard print panties from his back pocket to gag her with and she teases him to just go ahead and put them on and model them for her but he stuffs them in her mouth and ask how she likes the taste since he used them to wipe something up. He wraps tape around and around her head distorting her eyes and then tightly tapes up her elbows and waist and leaves her. She hops to the other side of the room trying to loosen the tape, and hope back and then slides down the wall to sit on the ground. He comes back only to make her situation a lot worse by hogtaping her. Now with the pressure of the hogtaping  an end of those panties are making its way down her throat. She concentrates on not gagging on them….

1st update of the week

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run time 32 minutes and 30 seconds

Amanda struggles with hands overhead before having her mouth stuffed with panties and easy vetwrap around her head. Then she is sat in the chair with arms pulled overhead and black vetwrap goes on tighter, much tighter. Nipple clamps go on and then pop off so clothes pins are used. After some distressing time in the chair she goes to the floor and hands are tied in front. She needs the gag out so that happens but the clip isn’t done, tape and then panties go over her head so she can put on a more comfortable struggling show for us….


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run time over 40 minutes

I was in a unusually playful mood with Illustrious Rogue aka Rose who looked like a million dollars with her glossy legs and shiny shorts and Adara was filming for me. Her arms were in a reverse prayer for over 40 minutes while all sorts of fun torture and silly talk goes on between us. Mean nipple clamps were put on and taken off and that was done again.  I have her do a lot of talk with her open mouth gag, then she is gagged with my scarf and a cleave gag. She gets lots of spankings an eventually hogtaped very tightly with her toes taped. Her hands were smashed into the back of her head!!

3rd update of last week

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run time 34 minutes

 Raven thinks she has this online guy by the balls. They have never met but he sends her money, designer clothes and shoes. He keeps trying to meet her but she isn’t interested, in fact she just keeps getting more bitchy and demanding more and more. He is on to her though!  He sends her some stuff to do some sexy self gags and bondage. She frogties hersef and crotch ropes herself talking dirty to him in the video she plans to send him. Once she is helpless in the frogtie a woman in  stocking cap comes in out of the blue to finish her off. She tells the guy in the video that she deserves a ton of money for this bullshit! She never agreed to a stranger in her home or her arms being bound. Eventually Raven is hogtied,  the womans stocking cap put over her head and she announces that this will be the end of her taking advantage of Jacob from across the country. The woman gathers the fancy heels he bought her, some other things including the camera and leaves her there bound and helpless to think about the error of her ways.

Here is a BONUS clip that was a custom video in baggy street clothes and socks

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full clip, run time 35 minutes

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shorter, run time 18 minutes

JJ bought a lot of party drugs to sell to a party promoter. It was supposed to be a one time thing and easy thousands. She trusted the promoter would sell them all at the event and she would be paid but he didn’t come through, so the drugs are gone and there is no money. A man come to her house to punish her for her stupidity. He takes her away in shiny Nike sneakers, leggings and a flannel shirt. He takes her to a place so his boss can have words with her, but the man likes to see her bound a certain way. He ties her, gropes her and eventually attaches her to a board with her hands to the side after a period of time that he leaves and she hops about looking for an escape. Of course he has removed the sneakers, they might even be worth some money….She wriggles and wriggles and is able to sit up on the board before he returns, but she doesn’t get up in time.

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