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2nd update of the week

This was a custom video, interested in one?

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run  time 31 minute

A very snobby realtor walks into a home that is still very much being remodeled. It is nowhere near finished. She is the highest selling realtor in the area. The owners of the business have promised never to send her to unfinished properties. She doesn’t want to deal with her clothes getting dirty, any construction fellas she may come across or to get some kind of horrible allergies. She is bitching on the phone when  her potential client arrives. She is immediately nasty to him, a real bitch. She is very angry about being in an unfinished house and she wasn’t smart with this guy. She didn’t ask to see what he was approved for. It turns out he wasn’t approved for anything. He had seen her name on the side of the bus and benches as the top selling Realtor in the area and he was going to the arrogant woman blind, after humiliating him a bit. He makes her give a tied up tour of the home, which she has never even visited. She insists that he can just take what he wants and let her go. She promises not to sell a he then ties her sitting in a chair and puts a big gag in her loud mouth. He leaves her there to steal all the tools and things left in the house. She gets up and tries to hop away, but she can not get anywhere. He finds her, changes her gag to a bandana and leather panel gag. Then he hogties the woman on the filthy basement floor and leaves her there.

3rd update of the week

This was a custom clip, interested in one? Check out the custom info area above-

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run time

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run time 15 minutes

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run time 23 minutes

JJ is tightly hogtied and ballgagged with her breasts bound in jail. A guard opens the door and a chained up girl enters. They know this isn’t a normal jail. They know they are in trouble. The blond, Adara removes the huge ballgag from the other woman, JJ. Then she gets to work untying her. It isn’t easy since her hand are cuffed behind her back and she is wearing leg irons. It takes a lot of effort but she gets her arms undone, but just as they were looking for something to pick Adara’s lock a man enters upset at them. The next scene cuts to him tying Adara to a chair. A huge open mouth gag is put in her mouth. Then he brings in JJ and ties her back up and puts her in a strappado with the big ballgag in her mouth. The girls wriggle around in pain without being able to free themselves at all.

1st update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

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run time 12 minutes

Steve Villa & Tony are remodeling a home late on Valentines Day. They are bored and decide to hire a hooker. They pretended that they didn’t even call for a hooker but she knew better. They even requested that she wear pantyhose and heel. She gets there drinking out of a bottle and ready to party. Playfully she asked if they were gay, they didn’t appreciate it. They started manhandling her and spanking her. She assured them that she wasn’t into this kind of thing and that they would have to pay her much much more or she could call over other girls. She even offered up younger hotter girl…. They ignore her and tie her up. Tired of hearing from the trashy lady they got 3 pairs of panties from her purse and shoved them in her mouth and wrapped her head tightly with black tape. They pulled her arms up into a chicken wing with bound elbows, they crotch roped her very tightly. They hogtied her simply and then later returned making it more severe. They carried on with her work while she begged to be free through her stuffed cheeks. They finally return and offer her $10 then $15 to finish what she came for. Finally they offer her $20 and she agrees- anything to get out of those ropes-

More footage at the end of the gag coming off & an outtake

2nd update of the week

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run time 32 minutes, including 2 minutes of the gag coming off

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run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

The owner of the business is away on business. Her office help is there by herself. She seems to have forgotten that there are cameras everywhere and twice when JJ looked at the live feed Rose (Illustrious Rogue) was breaking the rules. One day she had the nerve to smoke pot at her desk, another day she was drinking booze right out of a bottle. The day JJ comes back Rose is dressed professionally and she doesn’t seem to have any taboo substances around. JJ reminds her of the cameras and tells her that she has to suffer the consequences. She stands up for a spanking. She is forced to count. She has on shiny pantyhose and she seems to have forgotten her panties. Next she is taken to the basement where she is told to ballgag herself and she is tied up. She is forced to walk around tied up her heels, more ropes are added to her lean strong frame, then her gag is changed to a cleave gag and she is left struggling in a chair with nipple clamps on. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles before her mouth is stuffed with an orange cloth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She is hogtied so her chest is off  the ground. She struggles for a bit before the boss comes back and adds a bunch of black tape. Then she is left alone to remember not to break the rules…

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run time 11 minutes , shot in 2009

A prissy pissed off real estate lady begins to yell at a (Steve Villa) contractor that was supposed to finish a job three days ago. She said she’s lost the sale and not getting a commission because of him. She starts swearing at him and he’s finally had enough and begins to tie the bitchy woman up with rope. Once he has her tied up he goes back to work but she starts screaming at him and screaming for help so he wanders off to get something to shut her up with. She gets off of the little ladder he tied her up on and hops out of the room, but she is greeted by him…and he shoves a pair of huge panties that the previous owner left behind into her mouth and then wraps her head with packing tape and then puts her into a tight hogtie. She rolls around on the filthy floor helpless, and now with her out of his way he can go back to work.


A new video with Steve Villa!

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run time 22 minutes and 25 seoconds

JJ is stranded in the middle of nowhere. She thinks her luck has changed when a man pulls up next to her and offers her a ride. Once she gets in the car and they start driving she notices he isn’t turning down the road that will take them to the gas station. He pulls a gun on her and tells her to get on the floor board. They soon pull over and he makes her get out of the truck. He takes her to the back and makes her lean over while he ties her up. Then he stuffs her mouth and wraps a piece of stretchy cloth around her head and then he shoves her in the truck and hogties her. He takes off down the curvy road with her rolling about in the back. After a few minutes they pull up to a garage. He opens the back door and unties the hogtie rope and makes her hop into the garage. He unties her gag but much to her dismay he stuffs her mouth with three pairs of panties he claims to have gotten from other girls he has abducted and sold off. He hogties her, then rips open her sweater and pulls her bra down. He hogties her and leaves on the cement and pulls the garage door closed behind him


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run time 20 minutes

Poor Carissa Montgomery is in trouble again. She has been tied to a bench and she is ballgagged. Her female captor comes in and pulls her chest down to the bench making her more uncomfortable and then returns and cuts off her little panties and stuffs them in her mouth wrapping her head to keep them in. She gropes her big boobs and makes her get to the floor where she is tightly hogtied and manhandled more.


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run time 14 minutes

The Hunter hauls Gigi & JJ down into the old basement. Their arms are bound helplessly behind their backs with ropes. He pulls them over to a post and hoist them up to a rope hanging down from the ceiling to her neck so he can deal with tying up Gigi without JJ getting away. He pulls Gigi over to an opposite pillar and ties her arms against the pillar while JJ struggles to escape the noose around her neck. He finishs tying Gigi to the pillar just in time to catch JJ getting free from the noose. He ties JJs arms to the pillar then stuffs a pair of panties deep into each girl’s mouth. Elastic wrap is tied over their mouths and around their heads to keep them silent. He then pulls up their skirts and ties a tight crotch rope between their legs. The crotch ropes are attached to each girl and he pulls all the slack out of the rope pulling them into back arches away from their respective pillars. Next he ties their ankles tightly together. The Hunter finds a steel bar and goes to the center of the rope attached to each girl’s crotch rope and starts twisting the rope with the bar. As the bar is turned the crotch ropes get tighter and tighter pulling each girl up onto their toes to keep the crotch rope from digging deep into their crotches.


Ashley Graham is back!!

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clip 13 minutes and 40 seconds

run time including her gag coming off and little interview 15 minutes and 40 seconds

Ashley has been tied up in the laundry room. Her wrists and elbows are tied, she is wearing a cleave gag and she has managed to loosen her ankle ropes. She stands up and opens the door to the laundry room and starts running through the house. She tries the front door and the back door but she can’t manage to open them. Her captor notices she isn’t in the laundry room and starts yelling for her. She takes off running down a hallway. The woman just follows the sound of her high heels and finds her cowering in the corner of the closet. She grabs her and drags her over to a chair. She ties her legs up, cuts of her pink satin panties, stuffs them in her mouth and pulls the cleave tight. She opens up her bra and ties up her boobs. Her neck is pulled down tightly to her chest and then clear electrical tape is wrapped around the gag. She is eventually helped to the floor and put into a tight balltie and left there.


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run time over 23 minutes

She does not want to be trapped in this cold and dirty basement tied with rope. She isn’t happy that she has been stripped of her pumps and is now wearing her traditional black skirt suit,with striped satin blouse with a pair of platform strappy high heels that lace up her thick legs. Her wrists have been tied crossed and her elbows are tied together. She is wandering around the space trying to escape. She only finds locked doors and doors leading to more doors. She whines and chatters to herself, eventually tripping up a set of stairs which makes her filthy. Her captor catches her trying to escape (around 7 minutes). He forces a 3 inch ballgag between her teeth. He chokes her and grabs her boobs. He smacks her in the face and grabs her by the arms and takes her over to a chair. He ties her to it. Apparently he thinks she is too loud so he wraps duct tape around that enormous gag leaving here the struggling after he pulls her big boobs out of her top.

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