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2nd update of the week

My good pal Gigi came to visit, this was a custom video for her. If you’d like one of your own email jj at borntobebound dot com and patience please….I’m the worst at emails these days

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run time 29 minutes, full clip

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15 minutes

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15 minutes

JJ and Gigi are mob wives. JJ’s husband has been missing for days. She has a horrible feeling that he has been murdered by Gigi’s husband, she figures some good old fashioned torture will get her old frenemy to spit out the truth. Gigi is groped standing up, set down in a chair taped up and chloroformed 6 times (total in the clip) while being interrogated. After being taped to the chair, ballgagged with tape eventually wrapped around it she is struggling and then we fade into Gigi and JJ standing up. Gigi is tied tightly with her elbows lashed together. Eventually JJs silk scarf is shoved in her mouth and layers and layers of duct tape are wrapped around her head. JJ is becoming more and more out of it since she had taken a xanex prior to the meeting with Gigi and she took a couple swings of vodka. She learns the truth from Gigi….her husband IS dead and he’s been dumped into the ocean. She stumbles away headed to drown her sorrows away in more booze and leaves Gigi there to rot….what will happen to her??????

2nd update of the week

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run time 25 minutes

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run time 6 minutes 30 seconds

Simone is an ity bitty young playful girl. While her boss and coworkers are out she decides to take some sexy selfies. The older woman coworker comes in and is being a little flirty and asks if she’d like to be tied up. She wants to get the girl fired for the naughty selfies so she thinks tying her up will make her stay put until the boss comes back. She gets to work with some speaker wire she found in the office. She first gags her with her scarf and the young girl tries to take some selfies while in bondage. When the jealous woman appears she takes that gag off and stuffs her mouth with some panties and wraps her head with speaker wire. It becomes obvious that she could spit them out so clear tape is added. Then the girl is hogtied and struggles around helplessly on the floor realizing that the coworker sees her as competition. Finally the boss comes in. He sees Simone all tied up, he removes the gag just as JJ reappears. JJ explains that the girl was taking selfies while on the clock but the boss doesn’t care about that….he cares that JJ was crazy enough to tie Simone up. He fires JJ and begs Simone not to tell anyone about what happened. She agreed as long as he gives her that promotion that JJ was after….

2nd update of the week

4/1  3:44pm EST  The full clip should be the correct one now

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run time 32 minutes

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7 minutes

Sarah looks stunning struggling with a head cage, hottbonds skirt and armbinder and spreader bar on before I come in and add nipple clamps. She squeels as I tie them to her head cage. Then like magic she is in a harness gag with red leather straps being added to her body. Then I have her walk over to the couch doing some spins so we can see her little figure before she sits down. She gets more straps, she gets a big pair of lace undies. I think the size psyched her out… I wrap her head with vetwrap and clingly black tape but she wants it out quickly, no problem now she is left with a cleave of vetwrap. I want to put her in a little ball but I’m a little out of it  because of the gag issue. I tie her into a little ball including a piece of rope around her head. She decides to be a brat and make a mess of it all including pulling off the rope around her mouth. Fine, I’ll just put those wet panties on her pretty little face, pull those nipple clamps off and leave her there.

1st update of the week

I’ve had a good number of requests for long leg panty girdles so here you go girdle guys… Find mine at just figures dot com of course

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run time 20 minutes

JJ is smoking a clove cigarette in the bedroom when she hears her boyfriend Steve Villa come in. She quickly puts it out and puts the ashtray in the nightstand. He smells it immediately and he can tell she is lying about it. Then she says she is trying to lose a few lbs and shes heard that smoking helps. This doesn’t make him any happier.  He opens the drawer and sees the ashtray. He puts her over his knee and spanks her big behind.  Then he grabs some rope to tie her up. He’s not happy with what is coming from her mouth so he stuffs it closed with panties and a microfoam cleave gag. Her elbows and forearms are heavily tied. She is sweating. He’s not done with her yet though, he hogties her and leaves her there helplessly mmmphing on the floor…He has a different kind of diet in mind. She can stay there all tied up while he heads out to gets dinner without her.

1st update of the week

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run time over 17 minutes

Tony and Jamie Knotts have turned on JJ. They were all in on a big money making scheme but they’ve decided to cut her out of the equation. Jamie ties JJ up- brutally on the elbows and gags her very tightly. She is helpless, but she won’t be helpless alone for long. Tony planned to turn on loud mouth Jamie as well and take off with all the cash. He ties her up, he stuffs her mouth with panties and wraps her head with vetwrap. She is much more quiet now….JJ has managed to spit out her gag, the vetwrap is cutting into the sides of her mouth. Tony unwraps the wrap, stuffs her mouth with the dirty panties from the floor and wraps her head with duct tape. She won’t be able to get them out of her mouth, no way. He hogties the already helpless ladies and then he wraps Jamie’s head with tape. Now enemies the two women are utterly helpless on the floor as he leaves them there.

3rd update of the week

sorry for the delay- more updates coming Tuesday night and a bonus later this week and a journal update

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run time 29 minutes

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Rose (Illustrious Rogue) took a loan out to open a specialty boutique in a low income area. She owes a loan shark 150K. She isn’t paying back her debt but -she is buying fancy clothes and donating money to charity. An attractive cop shows up at her shop and says that she is there to pick her up for that fundraiser. She doesn’t hesitate and starts to flirt with the cop. She tells her she really wants to be cuffed. They play around a little and then she is led away. She isn’t at any fundraiser. She is being held captive for a loan shark. Rose is still flirty with the cop and wants to experience more bondage. She is chained up and nipple clamped and ballgagged. Her skirt is pulled up and her smooth pantyhose clad legs look incredible. You can see a tuft of well maintained bush underneath. She is led into a cage so the cop (Adara) can get more supplies. She isn’t getting any supplies though. The loan shark appears and teases the two ladies about their love affair and says that Rose may like the light bondage games but she won’t enjoy being heavily bound up and gagged over night. She is tied up with speaker wire into a strappado. Her shoulders look broken. After some time she is let down- her mouth is stuffed, her head is wrapped. Soon she is put into a nylon sack- still bound at the elbows and now with a crotch rope. She is helped to the floor where she will be left overnight. Surely by the morning she will have come up with a way to make a significant payment to the loan shark….

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video, interested in one?

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run  time 31 minute

A very snobby realtor walks into a home that is still very much being remodeled. It is nowhere near finished. She is the highest selling realtor in the area. The owners of the business have promised never to send her to unfinished properties. She doesn’t want to deal with her clothes getting dirty, any construction fellas she may come across or to get some kind of horrible allergies. She is bitching on the phone when  her potential client arrives. She is immediately nasty to him, a real bitch. She is very angry about being in an unfinished house and she wasn’t smart with this guy. She didn’t ask to see what he was approved for. It turns out he wasn’t approved for anything. He had seen her name on the side of the bus and benches as the top selling Realtor in the area and he was going to the arrogant woman blind, after humiliating him a bit. He makes her give a tied up tour of the home, which she has never even visited. She insists that he can just take what he wants and let her go. She promises not to sell a he then ties her sitting in a chair and puts a big gag in her loud mouth. He leaves her there to steal all the tools and things left in the house. She gets up and tries to hop away, but she can not get anywhere. He finds her, changes her gag to a bandana and leather panel gag. Then he hogties the woman on the filthy basement floor and leaves her there.

3rd update of the week

This was a custom clip, interested in one? Check out the custom info area above-

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run time

members right click here to download this mp4 – part 1, jail cell, JJ hogtied & Adara trying to free her (me)

run time 15 minutes

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run time 23 minutes

JJ is tightly hogtied and ballgagged with her breasts bound in jail. A guard opens the door and a chained up girl enters. They know this isn’t a normal jail. They know they are in trouble. The blond, Adara removes the huge ballgag from the other woman, JJ. Then she gets to work untying her. It isn’t easy since her hand are cuffed behind her back and she is wearing leg irons. It takes a lot of effort but she gets her arms undone, but just as they were looking for something to pick Adara’s lock a man enters upset at them. The next scene cuts to him tying Adara to a chair. A huge open mouth gag is put in her mouth. Then he brings in JJ and ties her back up and puts her in a strappado with the big ballgag in her mouth. The girls wriggle around in pain without being able to free themselves at all.

1st update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

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run time 12 minutes

Steve Villa & Tony are remodeling a home late on Valentines Day. They are bored and decide to hire a hooker. They pretended that they didn’t even call for a hooker but she knew better. They even requested that she wear pantyhose and heel. She gets there drinking out of a bottle and ready to party. Playfully she asked if they were gay, they didn’t appreciate it. They started manhandling her and spanking her. She assured them that she wasn’t into this kind of thing and that they would have to pay her much much more or she could call over other girls. She even offered up younger hotter girl…. They ignore her and tie her up. Tired of hearing from the trashy lady they got 3 pairs of panties from her purse and shoved them in her mouth and wrapped her head tightly with black tape. They pulled her arms up into a chicken wing with bound elbows, they crotch roped her very tightly. They hogtied her simply and then later returned making it more severe. They carried on with her work while she begged to be free through her stuffed cheeks. They finally return and offer her $10 then $15 to finish what she came for. Finally they offer her $20 and she agrees- anything to get out of those ropes-

More footage at the end of the gag coming off & an outtake

2nd update of the week

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run time 32 minutes, including 2 minutes of the gag coming off

members right click here to download this mp4 or left click to stream   – last part of the clip, just before the hogtie on

run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

The owner of the business is away on business. Her office help is there by herself. She seems to have forgotten that there are cameras everywhere and twice when JJ looked at the live feed Rose (Illustrious Rogue) was breaking the rules. One day she had the nerve to smoke pot at her desk, another day she was drinking booze right out of a bottle. The day JJ comes back Rose is dressed professionally and she doesn’t seem to have any taboo substances around. JJ reminds her of the cameras and tells her that she has to suffer the consequences. She stands up for a spanking. She is forced to count. She has on shiny pantyhose and she seems to have forgotten her panties. Next she is taken to the basement where she is told to ballgag herself and she is tied up. She is forced to walk around tied up her heels, more ropes are added to her lean strong frame, then her gag is changed to a cleave gag and she is left struggling in a chair with nipple clamps on. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles before her mouth is stuffed with an orange cloth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She is hogtied so her chest is off  the ground. She struggles for a bit before the boss comes back and adds a bunch of black tape. Then she is left alone to remember not to break the rules…

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