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run time over 42 minutes

Constance is back in jail again, cuffed behind the back and with leg irons on. Her parole officer decides to take her out and teach her a lesson…. She wears her inmate outfit until she gets herself out of a cuff situation and JJ gives her  a sexier outfit, black tights with red seams, a red hobble skirt, red bra and red blouse. She gets a white ballgag, a red ballgag. She is tied to the couch, told to bend over the couch, hogtied, nipple clamped, her mouth stuffed and head wrapped with vetwrap and then microfoam tape… She isn’t very happy and won’t be getting into trouble again.

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run time over 35 minutes

Brooke Bliss comes out from under her sug dads desk. He tells her that he has to go to the atm to get her some cash. While he is away his angry wife comes in and has her way with the cute little thing that he has outfitted in all of his favorite things- satin blouse, satin panties and even satin boots. First she is gagged with her scarf, then a ballgag and then a bandana and cleave with her scarf over it later. The girl is forced to parade around in boots, struggle on the sofa and then gets hogtied with JJ wearing her satin boots. The sweet young thing is hogtied and her toes are tied and stocking is put over her pretty young little head. JJ comes in before she takes off and removes the girls stocking cap and gag and tells her at some point someone will come to pay her the fee and untie her.

Guest appearance and steady camera work by Cinched and Secured

This was a custom video

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run time 33 minutes

JJ comes home and walks up the steps on the phone complaining to a girlfriend that she went to a bondage even in a tight dress and lace up heels and no one offered to tie her up at all. She promises to send some selfies in her sleazy attire,she does and then climbs in bed and POOF! She is in an elbows bound hogtie for over 30 minutes, including over 7 minutes at the end gagged with a little tighter hogtie. No on screen tying or person makes an appearance.

This so happened to be the day that my bank flooded over my knees and my home flooded. I looked run down because I was :/

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run time 30 minutes

A cute little woman locks her keys and phone in her car running late for church on Easter Sunday. After the service she realizes her mistake. She knocks on a door down the block asking for a phone to call AAA. She comments on the womans slinky dress for Easter Sunday and then makes comments about how her place is such a mess and that cleanliness is next to godliness. JJ doesn’t like surprise guests anyway, she gives her a drink to make her weak and then gets to work binding her up after she makes her remove her Easter dress while explaining to the woman that she shouldn’t judge and that she knows she only goes to church in that dress and heels to try to snag a man. The woman gets a variety of punishments in her long leg girdle and fully fashioned stockings before finally being zipped into a nylon sack after being hogtied with her mouth stuffed shut.

Only tying shown on screen is the hogtie rope

this was a custom, interested?  jj at borntobebound

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run time 15 minutes and 30 seconds

Adara Jordin is a maid. She is supposed to wear 5″ heels and a french maids outfit with seamed pantyhose. She hates her job and her boss and she is playing on the phone when the woman comes home. She can’t take what the bitch has to say she attacks her, ropes waiting nearby…. Once she is hogtied (Only the hogtie rope shown on screen) she picks up a pair of dirty panties from under the sofa and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with clear tape. She vacuums near the womans head and dusts her with a feather duster just to be more of a bitch and then she leaves. After some hard struggling around the homeowner gets that hogtie rope off, makes it up to the couch and hops out of the scene. How will she get revenge on that ungrateful little bitch????

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run time 36 minutes

A reporter by the name of Dakkota Gray is cuffed in front and at the ankles inside a cage in a way that makes it impossible to stand tall. She is also ballgagged. She tries to bust out of the cage but she isn’t having any luck. A woman appears and starts to threaten her not to run a story about her having an affair with a senator. She opens the cage of the door and makes the pretty woman scoot out and across the room all cuffed up before removing the leg irons and letting her stand. Now her long legs are on display for us as the brunette ties her up and makes more threats trying to scare her. She is attached to a post for a bit with a bit gag and then a pair of little Victoria Secret panties are pulled out. The brunette explains that they were retrieved from the reporters daughters dorm room. They are then stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with clear cellophane over and over and over. The reporter is then untethered from the post and told to hop around the cage that had once contained her… then she gets to the floor and is thrown some scissors to try to free herself even though that will prove to be a futile struggle. Now it is time to hogtie the pretty woman once many many wraps of packing tape go right over her gag. Hopefully she will take the hint not to run the story and mess with a politician and his mistress….

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run time 19 minutes

Gigi and JJ are neighbors and Gigi has A LOT of cats that roam the neighborhood. JJ has a garden and hates cats, she wants Gigi to keep the cats contained and out of her yard but Gigi insists that JJ chill out and ignore the cats. That isn’t going to happen, the pretty Italian lady gets her wrists and elbows all taped up and a big white ball between her teeth. Her legs are taped up too and now she is helpless, but not helpless enough for her enraged neighbor… Ropes are added to the tape and the ball is removed and a full bandana goes into Gigis mouth sealed shut with layers of vetwrap and then lots of black vinyl tape. She still bucks even with her hands asleep an cinched to her little body with a crotch rope so JJ has no other option but to hogtie her, choosing tape instead of rope. Maybe the pretty cat lady will reconsider keeping her cats indoors now….

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run time over 12 minutes

Adara is on a trip to Florida and she spent way too much money. She meets a seemingly nice normal lady in a hotel bar that tells her she can make some money modeling on the balcony…She didn’t mention the type of modeling. Adara isn’t happy crotch roped in extremely sheer pantyhose on a balcony with a ballgag in her mouth being told to pose then hogtied on a bed with a huge bandana in her mouth. She pulls on the hogtie rope and gets up and hops towards the door, only to be hogtied again on the floor. What will happen to her, will she even be paid for this humiliating and painful ordeal?

Hope you enjoy this one Roberto 😉


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run time 19 minutes and 3o seconds

Adara is working for a classy broad that told her to dress nicely for a business luncheon but her idea of nice outfit is a micro mini that shows her stocking tops and ridiculous lace up hooker heels . JJ is not pleased with the little tramp who brags that the shoes have different colored ribbon options and decides to tie her up with those ribbons and leave her there while she goes to the luncheon. Poor Adara’s hands quickly lose feeling and turn purple  even before she is left hogtied and crotch ribboned with a bandana in her mouth, clear tape over her head and electrical tape.

find her garterbelt and stockings and justfigures

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run time 33 minutes

JJ is zipping up her long leg panty girdle when Adara comes in and starts making fun of her for wearing such old fashioned lingerie. JJ doesn’t find it funny and decides to punish her brat friend by making her put on a similar panty girdle and bullet bra after a bare bottomed spanking. She is gagged and cuffed to a post and spanked in her satin bottomed girdle. Then she gets an over the knee spanking and waist cincher. She gets her yellow panties stuffed in her mouth and hogtied on the bed with rope and then electrical tape to make the situation even more uncomfortable. Poor Adara, she should stop being such a bitch.

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