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full clip, run time 28 minutes

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black tape over the gag until the end

the camera work is shakier than usual, apologies-

Mizz Amanda Marie is in the hands of two stocking cap bandits, Adara Jordin and JJ Plush. She endures a barrage of punishments and humiliation on her feet in 5″ heels and layers upon layers of gags. A nice crotch rope over her thong with red bush escaping from the sides happens. She is hogtied and water poured on her toe tied stocking feet. What will come of this curvy hogtied filthy lovely lady???

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run time 21 minutes, full clip

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run time 7 minutes, cuff part only

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run time 13 minutes, starts with stuffing gag

Well Max bailed and it had been a long day of getting next to nothing done so as she waited for her ride I had Tony tie me up. First off I was so bummed out that she bailed and I felt bad for her and the headspace she was in but also I felt bad for myself. I needed to get a clip shot and the person that was there to tie me up I’m in the middle of a gut wrenching divorce with. I didn’t want him to touch me, that was some major mind fuckery for me, so I am indeed a damsel in this!!

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run time over 21 minutes

JJ is making a fetish video to sell on the internet. She puts a 3″ ballgag in and uses the strings on her dress to tie her tits up. Then she goes over them with black electrical tape and removes the big drooly ballgag and puts in an open mouth gag. She has her ankles and thighs all tied up and then she lubes up her boobs. As she is oiling her purple tits her boyfriend comes in confused about what she is doing when he sees the camera. She explains and then he decides to take over. He ties up her arms and smacks her bursting boobs and gets her hogtied on the floor attaching a rope to the couch not allowing her much freedom.

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full clip, run time 23 minutes

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partial clip starting at OTK spanking

run time 14 minutes

Dominica, my sexually aggressive little sister has been coming onto my girlfriend so I have her tied up with hands overhead in the basement and a ballgag. After a couple minutes my girlfriend and I notice that Dominica is starting to escape, we won’t let that happen. My girlfriend is holding a video camera and grabbing at my sisters enormous breasts and telling me, “this is how she was touching me”. So I pull up my sisters mini dress, put her over my knee and spank her. Then we let her writhe around on the floor before putting a little cloth in her mouth and then wrapping her head over and over with black wrap. Next she gets a hogtie and moves around some more. There is a slight possibility that perhaps she could sweat that gag off so I add layers of shiny black vinyl tape to her gag and attach a rope to the ceiling so she can’t roll around and get any relief. Poor little sister, she might like to spread her legs but she sure doesn’t like to have her arms tied behind her back!

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run time 16 minutes and 30 seconds

JJ is free from the cuffs but can’t get over being abused so she goes after Freshie Juice for some revenge. She chokes her out and ties up her with her arms above her head and a ballgag for a while before tightening it all up and stuffing her mouth and wrapping her head. Her vintage under things peek out from black pantyhose and one of her toes are tied back into the hogtie. Poor Freshie once the attacker but now the attacked…


This was a custom video

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run time 36 minutes

Adara is skipping school and using her mothers vibrator. Her mother is angry and drags her out of the bed by her hair and begins to spank and berate her.  She is spanked over the knee, standing up, with her own belt, with a paddle hair brush! She is forced to count and to take off her panties and stuff them in her mouth and count more. Then she has to put them back on her body all wet and get spanked more before removing them and being gagged with them. Eventually she is hogtied on the floor and her thigh high sock is used as a blindfold. She won’t be masturbating in mommys bed anymore…

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76 minutes

Written by Eric Cain, the rigger.This was shot as a custom where the customer just wanted JJ tied up with a lot of rope. It is a casual consensual style of video where JJ and I chat while I tie her. After some time, I get tired of the chit chat and tightly ballgag JJ before I continue adding rope to her legs. I almost her her legs bound before I pull up a chair for her because I know once I finish tying her legs she won’t be able to stand any longer. With JJ seated, drooling, and trying to talk through her ballgag, I continue tying her legs. Once I’m done she understands why I had her sit. I pull her tits free and bind them nice and tight before adding many feet of rope around her arms and upper body. At the end of the clip, I place her on the floor. I leave JJ on the floor for a short while. She moans as she tries to find the most comfortable position. I soon return to hogtie her. I remove her ball gag only to hood and gag her with a pair of pantyhose. I then start wrapping her head with electrical tape. She freaks out and I remove it and gag her again with the ballgag. Soon after, I hood and gag her with another pair of pantyhose, but I don’t wrap her head in tape this time. Instead I tie her head back utilizing the legs of the hose. I step away for a while as she endures in her bondage. I eventually return with more rope. I drag her under my hoist and I intensify the the strictness of her bondage by tying an upline to the overhead hoist. After stepping away once again, I leave her to endure. By this time JJ has been in her bondage for quite some time, but I’m still not done with her. I remove the upline and roll her onto her side where I attempt nipple clamps. She taps on those, so I slap her bound tits a few times instead. Soon after I release her from her ropes. I left in a little commentary by JJ at the end.

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run time almost 29 minutes

A man (Eric Cain) has a woman (JJ Plush) tied in a chair. He shoves a 3inch ballgag into her mouth. A man (Tony) comes down the stairs with a stunning brunette ( Charlie Mancini) and ties and gags her. Groping occurs, their gags are swapped out to something much more intense and they struggle in their chairs before being hogtied on the ground. The bigger woman is punished with tighter ropes, a bigger gag and elbow bondage as the prettier one looks on in terror. She gets duct tape added to her gag and the other one gets a tight hogtaping. They are left on the ground for a while before one of the men unties the pretty one and throws her over his shoulder and takes her upstairs. JJ is left to struggle in that face distorting hogtie all alone.  * You will notice the vetwrap disappear under JJs hogtaping at some point due to a quick panic situation that was easily resolved. You will also see her remove the gag at the end to see that the panties were still in her (meaning my own) mouth 😉

Written as the footage imported: I waited a really long time to post this because it was a horrible shoot for me and I didn’t want to deal with the memories. I’d hosted and shot this model a few times over the years and she always did well and was a good house guest. I was looking forward to working with her again, it doesn’t hurt that she is hot as hell either. This time around I was very unwell to begin with (not catchy stuff) and then the very first clip I did of her was a hogtie in a satin blouse but she complained that it was way too tight when we were done which gave me anxiety in the condition I was in because it was just a regular tie like I’d put her in other times. I did a mummification to the post next and she was seething afterward. She was so upset that I was in tears, me not her!!! Of course she wound up telling every single producer in town- all people that I had introduced her to so she could make lots of money while she was here, that I intentionally yanked her nipple clamps off and that I was being a huge bitch- bold faced lie. I happily admit when I’m being sadistic and I have no problems being called a bitch but I wasn’t. In fact I’m pretty sure there is footage of me turning to the camera and shrugging in confusion because she was so angry during that mummy clip. I was trying to keep the peace because I was supposed to shoot her again the following day so I was being as gentle as I could be. She also got side slammed on the road while she was in town and said the person took off, her mirror was busted so she was extremely upset saying ” This trip is a huge fucking waste of time I never should have come here”. When we were done shooting she backed down my driveway and hit a huge telephone pole. It was after 12am on a week night and she blew on her horn continually until my husband went outside to see what the hell was going on. This was in my home driveway in a residential neighborhood. She was not hurt she was just pissed and laying on the horn to make everyone else in my neighborhood as miserable as she was…. Misery does love company!! There was nothing Tony could do for her, she just knocked out a tail light, so that was accident #2 in a 24 hour period. Luckily I had stayed at the bank building to clean up and for some alone time because I was sick with the autoimmune problems and hormonal. I’m an empath so I absorb all of the shitty energy around me and I don’t know how to turn it off either. For this clip, which was the third and last of the night my bestie Eric Cain was in town so I asked him to tie me while Tony tied her so she would just stop bitching about everything being too tight or too mean because clearly Eric was going to be way nastier to me than Tony ever would be to her. I just wanted her to stop complaining. I did not shoot her the next day as was planned, Tony shot her for his gotcuffs site instead. That morning on the way out the door to go shoot with him she had the nerve to tell me that she had to go and be tortured by Tony, lol….not one woman in the industry has ever said that he was a torturer. She should have been relieved that I handed my hours with her over to him! We all have off days and I just assumed she and I had fallen in that category the day before so I was regretting not finding a xanex and just sucking it up and doing more content with her the next day until that last comment- that solidified my feelings about shooting her for suuuure.  Plus of course that was before she had talked shit about me to all the guys that I had her write for paid shoots yet either. Previous to her arrival I told her she could stay 3 nights as we were only shooting her 2 days and we have a lot going on with construction in our home and a lot in our personal lives but she came back for a 4th night and stayed without being invited! I have a door code so she just came right in. I guess she thought we owed it to her since she crashed her car twice during her stay. I was on my back sun porch when she left and she didn’t know it, she tossed her enormous suitcase down my curved stairway from the bedroom floor to the main floor and yelped” this is so fucking stupid”  Anyway, I know she is a fan fav based on stunningly unique looks but she and I won’t ever be shooting again, lol, we are clearly not a good match for where we are in our lives and we are both stubborn bitches so game over, lol. Sorry fellas, but oh wells, life goes on!!! On a brighter note just after she left I went to my doctor and got an IV of high dose vitamin c and the myers cocktail and it was incredible. I highly recommend it if you have health problems and money. Would I have written this personal account if over a 30 day period I hadn’t heard from 4 different individuals about how bitchy she said I was- nah, lol, or perhaps this was this just another one of my made up stories meant to entertain you all??!  #bitchesbecrazymyselfnotexcluded!

1st update of the week

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run time 17 minutes

Gigis perspective: JJ Plush was staying at a local beachfront hotel for a few days so Jim Hunter and I went down to have dinner with her.  After dinner she took out her rope and began tying me up after shoving a big red ballgag into my mouth.  My elbows were tightly crushed together and JJ taunts me about coming on to her man.  Of course I deny everything but calls me a slut and holds my head still as she kisses my ballgagged mouth.  JJ wraps my face with many, many layers of duct tape as I stomp my heels in protest.  She ties my arms off to a post so I can’t run away then has some fun groping my tits.  I struggle in the chair but I can’t loosen any of the ropes.  JJ takes some selfies of us then pulls me up and makes me hop over to the bed and lays me down then peels off her panties.  She un gags me and I beg for mercy but she stuff her panties into my mouth sealing them in with tons of vet wrap then watches as I struggle on the bed.  She adds even more vet wrap effectively gagging me then pits me in a tight hogtie and adds even more vet wrap.  JJ removes my high heels and puts them on her feet using them to poke at my bound bound and pantyhose feet.  When JJ tires of taunting me she tells the Hunter to take over and he begins to fuck with me by moving my bound body to the edge of the bed threatening to let me fall of my face.  I curse them both through my massive gag but they laugh as the bald bastard lifts me up onto my knees and lets me fall onto the bed.  He knows he’s scaring the out of me but they both find this very humorous.  Finally they decide to un gag me and I say I want to go home … they both know I am now role playing and he smacks my ass until I admit I had so much fun and wind up laughing my ass off.

3rd update of last week

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run time 19 minutes

Constance is at her desk and hears a loud noise, she gets up to investigate it and POOF, she finds herself in bondage on the office sofa. When she realizes what is happening she gets up in her tall leopard heels and tries to hop/ shimmy behind her desk to the phone but she is met by the woman that tied her up and walked back to the couch by her hair. Her gag is removed, panties spit out only to be put right back in. Her head is sealed with tape. More ropes go over her pretty lavender blouse and fully fashioned stockings. She is tied to the couch and left for a bit before being put into a snug hogtie with white cotton added to her gag, her toes tied over her silky stockings and finally the silk sash she was wearing around her waist is added as a blindfold.

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