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run time 35 minutes and 40 seconds

Nyssa Nevers hates her coworker and wants her position so she dreams up a fancy scheme to get her out of the way. She comes to the office after hours with a weapon and forces her busty coworker to put her hands on the desk and she gets to work tying her up and gagging her with a piece of tape. She makes JJ bounce around and shake her boobs and then she makes her hop out of the building and takes her home. At home she ties JJ to a chair and makes her call the boss and say she has to quit immediately and is leaving the state…. JJ struggles to get free which only upsets Nyssa so she decides she is going to have to make the situation much worse before leaving her there. She stuffs her mouth with panties she has taken off of herself and wraps her head with lots and lots of tape. She gets her to the floor and hogties her, finally leaving thrilled with her handy work.

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