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run time 35 minutes and 40 seconds

Nyssa Nevers hates her coworker and wants her position so she dreams up a fancy scheme to get her out of the way. She comes to the office after hours with a weapon and forces her busty coworker to put her hands on the desk and she gets to work tying her up and gagging her with a piece of tape. She makes JJ bounce around and shake her boobs and then she makes her hop out of the building and takes her home. At home she ties JJ to a chair and makes her call the boss and say she has to quit immediately and is leaving the state…. JJ struggles to get free which only upsets Nyssa so she decides she is going to have to make the situation much worse before leaving her there. She stuffs her mouth with panties she has taken off of herself and wraps her head with lots and lots of tape. She gets her to the floor and hogties her, finally leaving thrilled with her handy work.

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run time 24 minutes

Story line and write up by Nyssa Nevers, both parts the hogcuff and post are also available on her clips4sale store if you aren’t a member here and want to own it  clips4sale #8029

Nyssa has caught on to JJ’s slick ways of stealing money from the company, so it’s time for her to fess up and return the cash. There lies the problem, JJ wants to play innocent and claim no fault! Well that won’t work the time, Nyssa cuffs her and shoves her in a prisoner holding cell. JJ is pissed yet still won’t tell the truth after Nyssa locks her in there, still cuffed behind her back. JJ’s been yelling so Nyssa comes in to shut her up, shoves a huge red ball gag in her mouth and hog cuffs her to give her time to think about what she’s done…JJ struggles profusely and can’t help but to drool all over that shiny red rubber ball…JJ still won’t admit she stole the money, so Nyssa will have to find a way to make her pay. Nyssa drags JJ out of the cell, still cuffed. She takes her in the next room and pushes her against a rusty pole, and cuffs her wrists behind her around the pole. Time for a cuff exchange, she shackles JJs ankles around the pole as well. This thieving woman isn’t going anywhere, at least not until Nyssa recovers that money…Nyssa wants to hear what JJs got to say now, so she takes that huge red ballgag out of her drooling mouth and once again, JJ won’t admit a thing! Nyssa grabs another pair of cuffs and elbow cuffs her around the pole. JJ is completely cuffed up now, and if she doesn’t want to talk, then Nyssa has just the thing to shut her up. Nyssa takes a pair of dirty worn pantyhose and shoves them in JJs mouth and wraps her head to the pole with ace bandage. JJ can take some time to think about what she will say next.

Nyssa knows this bitch isn’t going to break, and honestly the money taken wasn’t all just Nyssa’s, so she really needs to get that money back, and fast. She makes a video and says that this is the bitch who took the money and that someone should come get it from her. And sends it. Nyssa laughs and pulls JJs tits out of her bra and leaves her there to snuggle and think about whats to come. Nyssa changes up the gag so that its just a tight head wrap, leaving JJ to see just how creepy and disgusting of a place she’s trapped in.

After a while Nyssa comes back and it seems that she’s gotten lucky, she’s off the hook, the guy wants to buy JJ and even better, he’s willing to pay more than the amount that was stolen. Its a payday for Nyssa, things could have better for JJ if she was just willing to give back that cash…but now, who knows what will happen to her…The guy coming is not a very nice man. Quite malicious in fact.


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run time 19 minutes and 45 seconds

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shorter version

Beautiful Nyssa Nevers  is wearing a pantyhose outfit and taped to the post with a ballgag. She is annoyed. We had been doing shared clips all day and she thought mine were going too long and hard compared to hers so she is annoyed and wants to be done. I enter the scene and get her taped up nicely to the post and then put a head on her and a silver ballgag. I leave her down there to get even more annoyed with me…

I’ve known Nyssa since the beginning of my bondage career and hung out with her at events early on but this was my first chance to work with her and I loved it 🙂



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run time 30 minutes

Nyssa Nevers sits at her desk and goes over some notes before going behind her desk to grab something when she is snatched and tied up. She gets ballgagged first and then later her blue satin panties are pulled off and put in her pretty mouth and kept in with vetwrap before an ace bondage goes over that. Her tits are tied and taped and clamped, she is given an over the knee spanking and forced to struggle in her bindings before everything is wiped off of her desk and she is told to hop up there where she gets miserably hogtied. The lady soon finds what she wants and leaves her there to wallow in misery.

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