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3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 38 minutes

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ends after struggling in pantyhose bondage

run time 18 minutes

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starts with the panty gag, run time 20 minutes

Dakkota has a job interview with Dominica, JJs sister, but Dominica isn’t there, JJ is. She does not plan to conduct a normal interview. She is jealous of her little sisters success and wants to ruin her life. JJ tells Dakkota that she needs her to try on some of the latest fashions- a pair of pantyhose as a top….all the kids are doing it. She talks her into undressing to her bra and panties and pantyhose and puts the top on her. Then she binds her with used hosiery, telling Dakkota that they plan to carry bondage items on the website as well as hosiery for the body. Dakkota plays along unhappily insisting she really didn’t want to model anything or try things on, she just wanted the office job. Then she is ballgagged and panties tied over her pretty face. She is left alone to struggle about for a while in her bindings. Then JJ returns to put the panties that were over her face into her mouth. She is tickled on her feet which gets a real reaction and after a bit she is tied with twine into a nylon sack! She is left on the floor while JJ declares that she isn’t Dominica at all as she leaves with the woman heels and black leather purse.


These are just ehhhh in my opinion, but I know some of you still really enjoy images. IF you like what you see of course you can go back a page or two or three and watch these clips.

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145 images total

Photos of JJ Plush, Amanda Marie, Dakkota, Freshie Juice/ Sonya, Riley Jane, Sarah Brooke & Simone

2nd update of the week

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run time over 28 minutes

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run time 6 minutes

It has been a while since I tied Dakkota up for fun and not a damsel clip so here we go! Dakkota gets several gags and several bondage positions in her form fitting suit, tan pantyhose and high heels. A chair tie, a panty gag, a ballgag, some hopping, her legs tied off to the ceiling, a hogtie- plenty of classic stuff on a very classy lady!

1st update of the week

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run time 29 minutes

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run time 8 minutes

Dakkota and Tony met on fetlife, neither of their long term spouses enjoy bondage. Dakkota is all done up and dressed in beautiful lingerie (just figures dot com) and enjoying a lovely time in bondage when the wife invades wearing a cream leather suit with a gun and forces him to keep tying up the beautiful blond. He does as he’s told, and then she forces him to tie her up too…She knows they need to spice up their relationship and she is more than willing to try out bondage. First a ballgag with chin strap, then a pair of panties with microfoam and and a hogtie. Dakkotas knotted cleave gag has been removed and her mouth is stuffed and her head is wrapped with microfoam as well. She gets a balltie, but really all she wants is to escape this ridiculous situation….

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run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

Dakkota is a sexy, mature, well dressed hungry realtor. She finds out about an empty house on the water that will be listed for sale soon. It needs work, but the property is great. She decides to break in and check it out. She wants to put an offer in on it before anyone else gets a chance to see it. She wants to fix it and flip it real fast for some quick cash. She is on the phone talking about it, but someone is in the house and over hears her. When Dakkota puts her phone down she is grabbed and dragged over to a wall where she gets taped up. The woman in there has been cooking up drugs in the basement. She is not happy about having to move her operation but most importantly she needs to make sure the realtor never tells. She gets her taped up, she gets all of her information in her phone. She removes her own silk scarf knots it up a few times and ties it around her head to keep her quiet. She leaves Dakkota standing up all taped up, with her skirt pulled up showing off her fabulous figure. She does lots of research on the woman and comes back and finds that she has slunked to the floor where she is soon gagged with lots of tape wrapped around the knotted cleave scarf gag. Then she is hogtaped and her fingers are taped up intertwined. The tape is wrapped around her face to her ankles a couple times. The gag is tight, puffing up her pretty cheeks. Dakkota whimpers on the floor helplessly while the drug lady decides what to do with her. She comes back eventually and cuts her out of the hogtape, then removes the layers of gags. She threatens that if she tells anyone what she saw going on here she will do bad things to her kids… She tells Dakkota that she is going to stay taped up for a while so she can get her drug operation out of there before letting her go-

*Thanks Fred for the boots I’m wearing & thanks Tom for the scarf Dakkota is gagged with 🙂

1st update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

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– starts when she gets gagged, run time 17 minutes 20 seconds

Dakkota is all dressed up and ready to go to an event. She had high sales this year. She talks to her friend on the phone about how excited she is and gets ready to go. She hears a loud bang and another woman enters. A woman that is also in sales and angry that Dakkota gets to go hang out with a bunch of heavy hitters and potentially get a bunch of new clients. She decides to tie Dakkota up. She has a little fun with her pulling up her dress, underneath she is wearing a long line bra attached to a crinoline and black seamed pantyhose. The dress is tossed over her head for a little while as she gets more tied up. The woman gropes her, talks nonsense to her and even flirts with her. JJ takes out a pair of pretty panties she says belong to her exgirlfriend. She gags her with them and then wraps her pretty head with black vetwrap tightly. She claims she watched youtube videos to learn how to do these things to Dakkota. She laughs at Dakkota because the athletic thin woman is now sporting a double chin because of this gag. Her pantyhose are ripped open at the crotch but she is wearing panties. She is eventually hogtied and then JJ rips open her pantyhose and starts to tickle her small cute feet. Dakkota laughs and laughs and is all out of breath. JJ adds packing tape to her gag and doesn’t like the look so she adds tan vetwrap. JJ ties her toes and tickles her more. She grabs her event pass for the night and heads out the door….

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run time 17 minutes

Two milfy business women are bound and gagged on a couch. They are struggling to untie one another when a woman comes in and makes them get to the floor. She hogties them and tells them that she is going to leave them there while she finds out where she needs to take them. After a bit they are shown walking into another location. They are tied tightly to chairs. They are gagged with socks and clear tape. They are left to struggle for a while back they can’t get loose. The woman comes back and turns their chairs back to back. She tapes their heads together with the clear tape. The brunette is yanking her head hard to try to break the tape but all she is doing is twisting the blondes neck terribly. The two women are stuck there bound and gagged and helpless…

3rd update of the week

This was a custom video. I really liked the story and hope you do too-

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run time 26 minutes

Riley Rose is a stripper escort. She wanted to make some big dough and got wrapped up with some criminals that gave her thousands of dollars in cocaine to push in her circle of friends. The coke is gone but the money hasn’t been given to the criminals. Riley is avoiding them so JJ decides to trick her step mom Dakkota into enticing her home. Poor Dakkota, Rileys dad died and she was left to deal with the troubled 20 something. Dakkota readily allows JJ into her home, but JJ pulls a gun on her and makes her call Riley and tell her to come home. As she puts the phone down she is knocked out by the gun. The scene cuts to her tied up. Her mouth is stuffed with fabric and clear tape around her head. JJ waits by the window filing her nails. When she sees Riley’s car arrive she hides in the kitchen. As Riley walks down the hall screaming for Dakkota she is clonked out too and dragged across the floor. When she comes to she has been tied up in the chair across from her step mom. She is gagged and the woman interrogates them asking about the $7000. JJ explains to the clueless step mom that her kiddo doesn’t work in a deli, she is a stripper and escort that wanted to get into selling drugs and in debt. The pair don’t seem to have the money, despite being threatened and tied up. They claim to not having savings or jewelry or any kind of way to repay the debt…Growing frustrated JJ calls for back up. They’ve decided that selling the pair into white slavery will get them a lot more money than $7000. They are moved to another location (off screen). They struggle tied up, get microfoam over their tape gags. Then happy faces to show their potential buyers how happy they are… They are hogtied (on screen) and now waiting for the buyers to arrive. JJ is dumbfounded that the duo can’t come up with the cash despite what is going to happen to them. JJ finds that the strap on her shoe has broken, angry about it she tapes the heels over the two ladies faces and removes moms heels, a nice fit and puts them on her own feet and they wait for the buyers to show up (the ladies struggle of course).

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run time over 26 minutes

It is a slow night at the bar Dakkota works in when a coworker comes in to have a drink, which is unusual. The coworker slips something into Dakkota’s drink making her pass out. In the next scene Dakkota is tied to a post. The coworker is a nut and off her meds and the tiniest little thing like not getting scheduled two weekends in a row has made her go bonkers. She tortures Dakkota with various gags and leaves her neckroped to the post with a few choice words written on her and new face drawn over hers.

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3rd clip of the week

run time about 15 minutes

Dakkota is a flight attendant and getting ready to leave. When she opens her door an angry woman greets her. Dakkota is banging a pilot who happens to have a wife. Dakkota knows who the woman is and tries to tell her that her husband is still in love with her, he just thinks she is wound too tightly and no fun. This doesn’t help the situation. Dakkota is tied up and gagged with her little necktie and duct tape. She is left to struggle while the angry wife has a look around her place. When she returns she puts her in a hogtie and leaves her there to catch the flight that Dakkota was supposed to be getting on for a surprise get away with her pilot husband.

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