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run time 28 minutes

Raven Eve is smoldering in silky pantyhose, a pantyhose top and 6” heels. She has been cuffed to the chair. She puts on a struggling show  before I get to work Saran wrapping her lovely toned body to the post and add some black tape. We play with some big lips and nipple clamps.  Her mouth gets stuffed and her head is firmly wrapped to the post. Her ankles are still cuffed. The head attached to the post definitively quieted this beauty down.

Brand new bondage model and first time straitjacketed, Audrey Ashes!!! Find her on twitter, rumor has it she is very active there 😉

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run time over 19  minutes and 30 seconds

Audrey Ashes is straitjacketed in a cell. She paces around and calls for the guard. The guard ( JJ Plush) enters with more punishment items. Audrey is ballgagged and puts on tall high heels for the guard who uses her jail slides to spank her ass and thighs over and over. Next she gets a cuff spreader bar on her ankles and has to walk around the cell that way before sitting down. A short leg iron is used to pull her chest down towards her legs for a bit. Vetwrap has been put over the ballgag. After a bit it is time to get her to the ground. The ballgag is removed and an enormous pair of silk panties is put in her mouth and tight microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She gets leg irons on her ankles and she is put into a hogcuffing. Next her toes are cuffed and then the guard leaves her that way.

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over 2 minutes of Audrey talking about a real life jail experience

Lots of breast milk in this clip, if that isn’t appealing please skip it after the part in the office area.  If it IS appealing she is available for customs featuring it hopefully for the next year.

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run time  29 minutes

Cherry is playing with her baby at work when a woman comes in and claims to be an officer placing her under arrest. Cherry Busom complies and apologizes for missing jury duty. This woman is not an officer, she is there to steal her blond haired, blue eyed baby boy. Cherry is cuffed with hinged cuffs behind the back and also on the ankles. She is searched and the woman pulls the pads that are meant to collect milk from her bra and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps vetwrap around it. After a bit she is led out, style in cuffs Cherry moves slowly out of the room. Now in a new terrible location she trudges slowly up to a wall where she is groped more and then sat into a chair and taped up. It has just dawned on her captor that not only the baby was of value but the mom…photos are taken to give to a potential buyer. The womans dress sash is wrapped around her breasts and they are taped. Milk starts spewing out. The breast pads are removed from her mouth and the woman removes her panties and stuffs them into the moms mouth while  pulling her hair. Her head is wrapped and she struggles before standing and moving very slowly in those cuffs to the post where she is taped to it. Her poor nipples are clamped and her gag is wrapped around the post so she can’t move her head. Milk leaks all over the floor onto the breast pads that were left there to soak it all up. Her cuffed hands are smashed into the post. Life couldn’t get much worse.

This was a custom  video, interested in one- I am shooting them again.

jj at

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full clip: run time 45 minutes

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shorter, starts with the strappado scene: run  time 24 minutes

JJ Plush has a part time job at a brothel, a man comes in and tells her that she is under arrest.  She is searched, handcuffed ankle cuffed and forced to walk out with cuffs on the ankles. Once at the so called station more waiting in those cuffs and more punishment in the form of inappropriate touching and a mean strappado that hurts her wrists. She is put in the restraint chair, taken to a cell and eventually gets her tits cuffed and is attached to the wall still with the hinged cuffs on her ankles, 3 inch ballgag put in her mouth and then finally she is hogcuffed with wraps of tape around the huge ballgag.

3rd update of the week

gifted from my hubby Tony  gotcuffs/ girlfriendbound -being posted those places soon as well

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run time 13 minutes and 40 seconds

Dominica is tied up and yelling for help, the security guard Fayth comes to her rescue, feeling especially bad about the encounter they recently had (bonus clip below). She gets the buxom blonde untied and quickly finds out it was a set up. Dominica and a man cuff Fayth and put cuffs on her ankles and tie her up. Dominica made sure she wore her biggest panties. She removes them in front of Fayth and gags her with them. They nipple clamp her and tie her to a forklift. Then the man raises the forklift up into the air. Her shoes are removed and she is wearing sheer pantyhose. She is left there helpless and unhappy….


also will be available on & his clip store

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run time almost 17 minutes

Dominica left her purse and keys in her office. She tries to pry the door open but a security guard (Fayth on Fire) finds her. The guard isn’t buying that Dominica works for the company at all. She is happy to frisk her cuff her up and walk her in leg irons all the way into the mens locker room. She is interrogated  and humiliated further being leg cuffed spread to a bench so she can’t get up, then actually putting a lock box on her connected to the leg shackles.  After all that one of the guys that is still there hands them the missing bag with her ID.

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