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39 minutes and 35 seconds

Kendra Lynn believes she is applying to work in a hospital but instead she is signing papers to become a long term patient….She showed up professionally dressed and ready to impress. She finishes the paperwork and the other woman goes to get her a uniform which is very shiny tights, sheer white pants, a sheer white top and orange crocs. She gets dressed and then the woman outfits her with a leather waist chain and cuffs as well as leg irons. Next they appear in another room, Kendra is being pushed in a transport chair. Then a stop to have a metal fiddle applied, which is chained to the ceiling for some recreation time. She eventually kicks off her crocs and struggles more. The chain is released and another transport chair ride happens with the metal fiddle and ballgag on. Her next stop is in front of her bed, where she gets strapped into a posey straitjacket and her blond wig is removed. As a patient it doesn’t matter what color her hair is, but workers must have natural hair. Some microfoam is used to cleave gag her and a foam neckbrace is applied for protection since she was thrashing about earlier. Once strapped to the bed at the ankles a canvas hood goes over her pretty head. It is also attached to the end of the bed so she can’t sit up. Deep down she must have really known what was up when she committed herself to that place.

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