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run time 33 minutes

Investigators are on to a lady snatcher. They have an agent befriend her. She believes that they are like minded and that the guy is working with her. The FBI guy brings in a woman involved in criminal justice and drama at a local college who was looking for acting gigs and is well aware that she is being used as bait. He ties her hands behind a bondage chair and puts a small gag in her mouth. She anxiously awaits the arrival of the bad woman, Cherry Busom. Cherry is into bondage and wants to see the woman all wrapped up which was expected. The pair wrap up her spread legs and pull out her big natural boobs and wrap them up so tightly with tape she yelps in discomfort. The little ballgag isn’t enough for the creepy woman and she gets a pair of used pantyhose and chops off the leg of one side and stuffs the rest of them into her mouth. Then she stretches the other leg over the womans head but that still isn’t enough for her. She feels the need to have her entire head encased in that stretchy material. Her wide eyes are the last to go. Now she is sitting in the darkness while Cherry fields offers on her. After what seems like an eternity the FBI agent tells Cherry who he is and that she has been under investigation for these types of crimes for a long time. He gets her handcuffed and leg shackled and he gets to work cutting off the baits bindings. She throws all of it at the shackled womans face and excuses herself with breasts still bound so that she can pull herself back together. Cherry is then escorted out.

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