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run time over 29 minutes

 Adorable Diamondly is being held by an older woman that likes her too much. She is simply hogtied and ballgagged outside and the nimble little cutie unties the hogtie rope, stands up in 8 ” heels removes them, gets her ankles out and starts running down the driveway. She thinks she will get to experience the free world again but she is met by her captor and escorted into a dungeon, before going in she gets her heels back on. She gets a strappado, crotch rope, and clamps over her bodysuit. She gets spankings and then gets a pair of leopard panties stuffed in her mouth and microfoam around her head. She is balltied for a bit before being hogtied and left for the night. The adorable teen makes such lovely noises, there is no way that women will ever let her go.

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run time over 35 minutes

Business lady Riley Jane is in big trouble when a masked woman appears and ties her up and hoods up and takes her away…She is led into a furnace room, tethered for a bit and stands waiting to see what will happen to her. She is brought out to a post, passive tits torn out of her all in one girdle and bound up with twine. Her mouth has been stuffed and she whimpers and wriggles before being taken away on a leash and led over to a table where she is boosted up there and hogtied with her toes tied. A huge pair of panties goes in her mouth, her head is wrapped, rope is added to the gag and she is hooded with a nylon hood.

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struggling, run time 9 minutes

Naturally busty big eyed Riley Jane gets all of the attention at the office and JJ is ready to punish her for it with things she has hidden around the office. She drags Riley out from behind the desk by the scarf and makes her forget things for a while. When she remembers what is happening she is tied with her legs spred and arms behind her desk. She has an enormous ballgag in her mouth. She is vulnerable an helpless. JJ gropes at her (point of view style) pulls her boobs out and later nipple clamps them and ties them up! Her white panties are pulled off of her body and stuffed in her mouth. She is tightly cleave gagged, arms tied behind her back. She struggles a bit on the floor before being tied into a little ball and left with her scarf tied over her panty gagged mouth.

1st update of the week

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run time 32 minutes and 30 seconds

Amanda struggles with hands overhead before having her mouth stuffed with panties and easy vetwrap around her head. Then she is sat in the chair with arms pulled overhead and black vetwrap goes on tighter, much tighter. Nipple clamps go on and then pop off so clothes pins are used. After some distressing time in the chair she goes to the floor and hands are tied in front. She needs the gag out so that happens but the clip isn’t done, tape and then panties go over her head so she can put on a more comfortable struggling show for us….

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