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run time over 23 minutes

not much tying shown on film

Continued from a theme from a clip title Fitness instructor stretched and spread.

Rachel is still JJs captive. She is nude and tied and gagged on an ottoman when JJ lubes up her feet and legs and then hogties her there. After some time she is let up and led around the room before being tied spread standing in front of the bed. JJ does a bad job and Rachel is able to yank a rope down and save herself. Now it is her turn to get revenge on the mad woman and she does. She is tied spread on the bed, nipple clamped and gagged with a bit gag.

This was a custom. I do solo ones like these cheap…. I just am the worst at emails so patience is a must-

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run time almost 18 minutes

My neighbor asked me to babysit her brat son. I know she was desperate for help because she really dislikes me and the way her husband acts around me. The little dude convinced me to put on one of moms outfits, dads favorite he said because it reminded him of Peg Bundy. I was surprised because I’ve never seen her in anything tight or shiny. I agreed to let him tie me up thinking it would be a big joke and easy to escape. I should have stopped him after the wrists and ankles because it was clearly tight but I let him continue, elbows, a big ballgag, and then a sponge with some weird wrap and a pair of his moms runny pantyhose. He hogtied me and then basically I was stuck. I keptĀ  imagining his mom coming in and wanting to kill me for not only making this dad crazy but also her son. I wriggled and pulled, even with limbs that were asleep. I finally got to my feet and told him I’d had enough untie me….. I had him put the sweaty clothes back where they were and he was an angel the rest of the night. He even came over that Sunday and brought me two cookies his mom made and pulled the weeds in my front yard for me, not a bad trade šŸ˜‰

I speak to the camera as though I’m answering questions butĀ  no male voice is ever heard.

You also never seen the rigger or his hands.

All tying is done off screen.


Trying to get out of the chair in leather boots and a huge ballgag without damsel whining was the custom

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run time 13 minutes and 49 seconds

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cell only, 5 minutes

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chair only, 8 minutes

5 minutes in the jail cell with hinged cuffs and leg irons and the rest struggling to get out of the restraint chair while wearing the big ballgag. I was able to get one boot out, only because of the heel, barefoot or flat shoes would have made that impossible. The wrists did not loosen at all, even when I tried to dig at one with my heel, the shoulder straps did loosen but that is it. The one across my gut did not move either. This was not a like a wild animal writhing around or senseless moaning, but it was a legitimate irritated escape attempt. I am wheeled out in the end.

This was a custom video


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Full clip, run time 39 minutes and 24 seconds

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balltie and hogtie only

JJ Plush is an escort who has been asked to wear a girdle, pantyhose, thigh highs and a big fur coat from the 80s called a crystal coat. The fella is well mannered and even at first apologizes for touching her breasts while he ties her up. He ties her mostly standing and then puts a ballgag in and then puts her into a balltie. She goes around in a circle but can’t flip to the other side or find any knots to untie. Next heĀ  hogties her with a pair of bright blue panties in her mouth and some vetwrap. She can roll from side to side and even get onto her back but she still isn’t having any luck getting knots unstuck. Finally he throws her scissors and she cuts the hogtie rope and then gets her hands out but her upper body is still roped as are her legs. She gets her gag out and he says, you can keep the ballgag and ropes but since you did not escape your bindings I’m not paying you. She chases after him and the scene ends.

Her first time ever playing a damsel in distress

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run time 25 minutes and 43 seconds

A lovely all natural girl is strung up to the ceiling in a straitjacket and short leg irons with a ballgag. She moves about making lovely noises until the mad woman that has her captured approaches and untethers her from the ceiling. She leaves her momentarily to get some rope and when she does the pretty girl starts to wander through the dungeon looking for a way out. Sadly she doesn’t make it. She is redirected to a table, straitjacket removed and ropes go on. The ballgag goes off and her mouth is stuffed full and a cleave goes over. She is hogtied on the table and left there, managing to spit out the big black wad of fabric. When she hears the mad woman approaching she puts the cleave back in her mouth, but the woman sees the fabric on the ground. Her head is wrapped tightly with vetwrap and the hogtie is tightened up a bit. She is left there to wonder what will become of her.

Only tying shown on screen is the hogtie rope

this was a custom, interested?Ā  jj at borntobebound

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run time 15 minutes and 30 seconds

Adara Jordin is a maid. She is supposed to wear 5″ heels and a french maids outfit with seamed pantyhose. She hates her job and her boss and she is playing on the phone when the woman comes home. She can’t take what the bitch has to say she attacks her, ropes waiting nearby…. Once she is hogtied (Only the hogtie rope shown on screen) she picks up a pair of dirty panties from under the sofa and stuffs them in her mouth and wraps her head with clear tape. She vacuums near the womans head and dusts her with a feather duster just to be more of a bitch and then she leaves. After some hard struggling around the homeowner gets that hogtie rope off, makes it up to the couch and hops out of the scene. How will she get revenge on that ungrateful little bitch????

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run time 38 minutes

A (real life) mother daughter duo are in jail, Genevieve and Jeanette. Their PO gets them out and takes them home to teach them some bonding lessons. They appear in much sexier outfits that have been chosen for them. They ballgag one another and struggle on the couch following a couple commands before their gags are swapped out and they get hogtied. Once they are hogtied moms discovers she has access to the hogtie rope and she is able to escape from it. She quickly gets to work trying to free her daughter who is in a much tighter tie. They remove their gags and once they do the officer comes in with ballgags and says, that was probably the nicest thing you’ve ever done for your daughter helping her to escape, now on to the next bonding experience….


2nd update of the week

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run time 24 minutes

Raven and Lucy Purr have been strung up out in a shop strappado style. Their lean bodies looking incredible. After a while they find the remote to lower themselves from the position they were in and they try to make their way out of the building in their 5 inches heels, wrist ties and gags. Once they get to the door they are sad to see their captor is there. She dutifully leads them to a set of chairs. She ties them, stuffs their mouths and wraps their pretty heads with clear tape. She rips the crotch of the pantyhose on one. She leaves them there and the girls struggle hard and mmph and really try to get out of their bindings. Once they get their arms free they are still stuck to the chairs, their little t-rex arms remove their gags as they worry about whether the woman got what she came for or not.

3rd update of the week

4 scenes in one update!!Ā  This was a custom video

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part 1 hands over head, strappon

run time 24 minutes

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run timeĀ  13 minutes

part 2 strappado, hogtie

“Jenna” aka Adara has been called to a warehouse to investigate a tip regarding the disappearance of ms. plush who has been missing over a week. She arrives on her phone telling the person on the line that shes believes this lead to be a end. She hangs up only to find a mysterious smoke coming from in the room, but before she could do anything about it she was out, , when the sinister ghost woman shows up. She fondles and starts to undress Jenna. When Jenna awakes she is tied hands over head handcuffed with her own cuffs. She is ball gagged and now in nothing but her bra and panties. The ghost woman reappears, securing Jenna’s arms above her head with more rope, and ties each ankle so that her legs are spread and adds some clothes pins to her tits and pussy. She is manhandled and hit with a leather battles. She struggles for a bit, herĀ  socks are used to regag her, after they have been run along her pussy. The masked woman takes her down and leads her with a leash to her next punishment. They now are in a room with a chair that the ghost woman takes a seat in as she cuts off Jenna’s panties. She has Jenna drop to her knees to start sucking her nice big cock. After she was satisfied she places the cut off panties in Jenna’s hand and instructs her to rub her pussy with them, getting them nice and wet for when she shoves them in her mouth and wraps duct tape around her head.Ā  She turns Jenna around and forces her to sit on her dick. She fucks poor Jenna for awhile, then switches positions to force fuck Jenna on her back. Smoke begins to fill the room and Jenna is soon out again. When she awakes she is alone and naked, she frantically goes to grab her clothes and get out of there, but the smoke is back and she isn’t so lucky…..

Next she finds herself in a strappodo attached to the missing business woman with a two person ballgag. The other womans elbows are bound. They struggle and finally Jenna gets her arms down. She goes to work trying to untieĀ  When they think they’ve made it out, that smoke appears and they collapse to the floor. Next the women find themselves tape gagged and hogtied next to one another. They were so close to escaping, how could this have happened?? They really want out. The missing business owner manage to slide the ropes off from around her shoulders which loosens the hogtie enough for her to eventually sit up, but those elbow ropes are so darn tight, it is hard to use her fingers to try to untie the cop and the cop doesn’t understand what she is trying to tell her. Amazingly enough she gets the cop out enough so that she can start to untie her. It seems they are going to make it out!! Only that fog comes back, the ladies fall silent.Ā  The room suddenly clears and all you hear is the masked woman laugh.

3rd update of the week

This was a custom clip, interested in one? Check out the custom info area above-

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run time

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run time 15 minutes

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run time 23 minutes

JJ is tightly hogtied and ballgagged with her breasts bound in jail. A guard opens the door and a chained up girl enters. They know this isn’t a normal jail. They know they are in trouble. The blond, Adara removes the huge ballgag from the other woman, JJ. Then she gets to work untying her. It isn’t easy since her hand are cuffed behind her back and she is wearing leg irons. It takes a lot of effort but she gets her arms undone, but just as they were looking for something to pick Adara’s lock a man enters upset at them. The next scene cuts to him tying Adara to a chair. A huge open mouth gag is put in her mouth. Then he brings in JJ and ties her back up and puts her in a strappado with the big ballgag in her mouth. The girls wriggle around in pain without being able to free themselves at all.