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 almost 20 minutes

So Cherry straps me into the restraint chair and I have 7 minutes to escape. For each limb I get out the custom client gives me more cash. I fail because the person that manufactured that chair for the jail system actually did their job correctly (definitely pre-covid, it seems that no one can do anything right anymore because of their stress levels, lol-ish) but I decide it is Cherry’s turn to be in the chair, not part of the custom just something for me.  Her upper legs are strapped in where arms would go, I use the lap belt and the shoulder straps are used. She gets this metal bar on her legs and wrists, a small silver ballgag and then I nipple clamp her. Now I roll her around the room, shake her up and down, drop her down on her back and then it is her turn to escape. I give her the key for the padlock and help her with that a bit but she otherwise escapes on her own with some vocal coaching as to where the releases are on the chair. She does it as a dancer would do, with style and grace!!