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I just reformatted this for my archive clip site. It was shot before I opened this site  and I don’t seem to see it listed as an update so hopefully it is new here- but if it is already here someplace, no harm it was just a bonus clip-


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run time about 12 minutes

Kelliann sits waiting for JJ the spy. The man (Jim Hunter) shoves JJ to her knees and the two begin to gag her with a rag and clear tape. Her arms have already been bound tightly and Jim crosses her legs and starts to rope them up. Kelliann starts to slap her around a little and pushes to her to her side and harasses her. Jim gets more rope and begins to put the woman into the most uncomfortable hogtie after he puts his foot on her head. Once she is in the hogtie Kelliann starts to kick her with her heeled feet and then Jim brings her a leather strap and Kelliann begins to slap the womans tits with the strap. She can’t move away from the strap to get any relief. Jim comes back into the scene realizing that Kelliann has double crossed him and that both women are spies. He takes her down and ties her up, and gags her with vetwrap. Once Kelliann is sufficiently hogtied he leaves them there to struggle together…

3rd update of the week

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run time 28 minutes

Rachel is led to the post. Her arms have been taped up into a reverse prayer and she is gagged with pink panties and a mens tie. She is taped to the post with more clear tape and then her head is taped back which is even more uncomfortable for her than the reverse prayer, soon a black cleave is added to that and silver duct tape is added. Now it is time to change the gag. Her enormous silk scarf is balled up and stuffed in her mouth, clear tape wrapped around her head. After some struggling with her head able to move around now it is time to tape her head back to the post with the gray tape. Now she is completely vulnerable and moaning at the post…

Footage at the end of the scarf coming out of her mouth

1st update of the week

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run time 24 minutes, full clip

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run time 3 minutes, cuffs only

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run time 2 minutes 30 seconds   the end of the clip commentary

 A petite redhead dressed like a tramp is chasing Pokemon through an apartment building.  A man sees her and knows she doesn’t live in his building. He decides that she looks like an easy target and that he’s going to abduct her. He tells her that his building is a Pokemon free zone. She falls for it. She is cuffed, groped and led down the hall to his apartment. Inside she is greeted by his wife, who puts lots of rope on her pantyhose clad legs and gags her with bright panties and clear tape. Next her arms get tied up. The handcuffs dig into her flesh. She is not a happy girl. She is soon hogtied and black tape is added to her gag. Her big boobs are out on display. What are these people going to do to her next?


I couldn’t shoot Rachel this day so Tony was kind enough to make a bondage clip for me. If you want to buy the clip it will be available soon at and Tony’s girlfriendbound clip store

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run time 19 minutes

Rachel works for a corrupt officer and money went missing. She is the only one who knows where it would be, so she is interrogated and put into different bondage positions until she admits that she brought her boyfriend to the last drop off and he must have gone back to get it. She won’t be untied until the money is retrieved.

Find her lingerie at just figures dot com of course!

2nd update of the week

Happy Birthday Jochen, I hope you enjoy it-

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run time 34

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run time 10

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run time 20

An eager novice private detective named Rachel has been following leads on a woman that has been robbing hotel rooms. She follows her into one. She is just so pleased with herself. She checks in the womans bag and sees a lot of rope. She decides that it will be fun to tie her up before the police come. The criminal doesn’t fight back, she only tries to bribe her because she knows that she has back up yielding a gun coming soon… More ropes go on and her mouth gets stuffed with panties with vetwrap. She starts to worry that maybe back up isn’t coming afterall. She is hogtied and the detective seems very pleased with herself. She gloats. Much to her dismay another woman comes in with a gun. She forces the detective to untie her partner. She gets frisked and felt up. For pay back she is tied up, gagged,taunted, humiliated. Eventually she is left in a ball on the floor for a maid to find or the people staying in that room.

3rd clip of the week

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run time 21 minutes

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run time 10 minutes

Freshie came home from college thinking her stepmom and dad were out of town. When the scene begins she is gartering her stockings. She goes back to her step-moms drawer and grabs a sheer bra and sheer blouse. She is admiring herself when her stepmom comes in. Freshie is supposed to be home from school right now. Freshie is never supposed to be in her parents room. The woman realizes she is wearing not only her clothes but her undergarments. She is angry and comes back with a bunch of speaker wire. She says she is going to keep the kid tied up until dad comes home. She ties her wrists and elbows very tightly and some around her legs. She has been ballgagged and she is drooling all over herself. This may be a twisted situation but the stepmom is pretty sure the girl won’t be snooping around in her room anymore. Freshie eases out of her heels and told to go over to the sofa. She slowly makes her way over there. The ballgag is removed and moms scarf is taken off of her neck and knotted a few times to stuff the girls mouth. Boy she is still making a lot of noise so she leaves the room to find some pantyhose and wraps that around her head a couple times to muffle her more. Then she is told to get to the ground where she is hogtied. Her elbows have been bound closely for a long time and her wrists are bound to her body. She also has a crotch rope. The hogtie is completed and the stepmom excuses herself and leaves the girl there trying to get out. She can struggle and moan and she stretches the hogtie wire out a bit but she sure isn’t going anywhere until the woman comes to let her out.


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run time 17 minutes and 40 seconds

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run time 9 minute and 30 seconds

Brenda owns a biker bar. She assumed her employee had been stealing money for months so she fired her. The woman decided to react by coming in to rob Brenda for real. At gun point she gives her a bandana to gag herself, she drags her to another room, frisks her and ties her up- while making all kinds of lesbiany comments. Brenda is tied up standing up, makes he way to the floor and struggles and then is helped to the chair where she is bound to it. The cleave gag goes out, a big pair of panties go in and then thin vetwrap is wrapped tightly around her head.  JJ leaves her for a bit but when she comes back she finds Brenda all slumped over trying to escape. She thinks Brenda needs better posture, she ties her neck off to the wall and then she puts the green bandana on over the existing gag. She leaves the woman there, tied to the chair, neck tied off to the wall and decides to go work the bar one last time- take the money, sell Brenda’s fancy car to a chop shop and head to Mexico before anyone even shows up to let Brenda free.

2nd update of the week

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run time over 20 minutes

It is is New Years Eve. JJ met a girl named Je C at a party. She was drunk and wanted to keep on partying and announced that she had a ton of money to get some blow. JJ told her she knew exactly who could help them out. She takes Je (Jay) to a secluded place. Je is spinning her noise maker and dancing around saying,  “I want some candy!”. When the guy she thinks has her candy appears they grab her and start to tie her up. She is reluctant- but she thinks this gets her lots of free shit and she wants it NOW. She doesn’t know that the two had planned on robbing a drunk girl on NYE for weeks. Her arms are bound. She gets nipple clamps (that really, really hurt) that eventually come off.  She gets a pair of panties found in her little purse stuffed in her mouth and black vetwrap around it. Were they clean panties for the walk of shame the next day? JJ never really got the answer. The duo get her all tied, leave her to struggle, come back and hogtie her and add lots of black tape to her gag. They steal her Ugg brand purse, the $700 in it and they even take her heels…Poor girl didn’t get to turn up for the night- she got all tied up instead.

*I’m officially old…I just started hearing the young ones say “turn up” in the last couple months. I can’t imagine ever really saying it, lol…..Also Je C is one of the first girls I ever got to experiment with bondage on!  Aside from her being a better actress than most of the full time traveling girls I am always just so thrilled when I get to see her.

Eric Cain & I, shot back in 2008

Your 3rd clip of the week will be 2 old clips that have never been posted here.

Here is the first of those-

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run time over 15 minutes

It was cold, snowy and late at night. She was out drinking with her friends and her car was missing and so were her friends. She pounded on a nearby door with the lights on. A seemingly nice normal looking guy (Eric Cain) answers the door. He offers her help. She is sad and exhausted and doesn’t think for a minute he may have something very different in mind. He offers her something warm to drink, but he spikes it. She is soon out. He drags her to the basement. When she comes to she has been bound heavily in a way that seems impossible for her thick frame. She tries to writhe away, but there is no way. He enters with a huge harness ballgag. He gets in her mouth, swats her ass, cuts her boobs from her turtleneck, strips her of her leather skirt which has a beautiful vintage satin girdle under it. He puts her in a strappado making her arms look broken. He unsnaps the big ball and stuffs a rag in her mouth. He wraps her head with vetwrap and ties her head back from the top of the harness gag. He adds the heavy ballgag to the clover clamps on her tits. He ties them off to her ankles. She has been rendered completely helpless and is in quite the predicament. What is going to happen now? How long can her arms endure that torture?

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run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

Dakkota is a sexy, mature, well dressed hungry realtor. She finds out about an empty house on the water that will be listed for sale soon. It needs work, but the property is great. She decides to break in and check it out. She wants to put an offer in on it before anyone else gets a chance to see it. She wants to fix it and flip it real fast for some quick cash. She is on the phone talking about it, but someone is in the house and over hears her. When Dakkota puts her phone down she is grabbed and dragged over to a wall where she gets taped up. The woman in there has been cooking up drugs in the basement. She is not happy about having to move her operation but most importantly she needs to make sure the realtor never tells. She gets her taped up, she gets all of her information in her phone. She removes her own silk scarf knots it up a few times and ties it around her head to keep her quiet. She leaves Dakkota standing up all taped up, with her skirt pulled up showing off her fabulous figure. She does lots of research on the woman and comes back and finds that she has slunked to the floor where she is soon gagged with lots of tape wrapped around the knotted cleave scarf gag. Then she is hogtaped and her fingers are taped up intertwined. The tape is wrapped around her face to her ankles a couple times. The gag is tight, puffing up her pretty cheeks. Dakkota whimpers on the floor helplessly while the drug lady decides what to do with her. She comes back eventually and cuts her out of the hogtape, then removes the layers of gags. She threatens that if she tells anyone what she saw going on here she will do bad things to her kids… She tells Dakkota that she is going to stay taped up for a while so she can get her drug operation out of there before letting her go-

*Thanks Fred for the boots I’m wearing & thanks Tom for the scarf Dakkota is gagged with 🙂