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Tony, my fella shot this for gotcuffs and told me to use it as a bonus update, so here you go!

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run time 11 minutes

A woman (Jane Lyn) comes into Sahrye’s office and demands to know where the safe is-


previously posted as a wmv in 2013 but a member complained that it wasn’t working. He was correct, reformatted as an mp4 and moved to the front.

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run time 40 minutes

find her lingerie at just figures….

Sahrye is such a great little damsel it is hard to want to do the consensual clips with her but it was time. She is wearing lingerie from my friend at and I tie her up. She gets the 2 inch ballgag and then the clover clamps. The first time I nipple clamped her in the cold basement of our studio she cried. This time she did not, but we still get a pretty great reaction from her. Her chest is tied down to her legs with the clamps and eventually I make her get to her feet and tell her to walk in this position or hop, but it isn’t really possible. She gracefully tumbles forward and rips off one of the clamps. Poor baby…. So I take the other one off too, another nice reaction. I stuff her mouth with two pairs of socks and wrap her head with microfoam tape.  She gets a crotch rope and hogtied. It is a tight hogtie so she can’t put her chest down like in post clips you’ve seen her in. She said it upsets her that most people don’t pull that hogtie rope tight enough compared to how tight they put the other ropes. My theory is that they want a lot of movement to keep the video interesting, but I’m just fine with little movement. I use a rope to pull her head back too and help her roll… She is spent at the end of the clip, but still looks smashing.


This was a custom video clip for Sahrye

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run time 29 minutes

Sahrye is taken into the cell. The coat draped over her shoulders is removed. She has already been cuffed. Her jewelry is removed and she is left there. Instead of keeping quiet she carries on a lot, so she gets punished. The woman enters and puts hinged cuffs on her ankles and a ballgag into her mouth (after 10 minutes). She comes back later and adds microfoam tape and eventually hogcuffs her on the bench. She is left like that for a while before the guard comes in again and makes her get to the filthy floor before hogcuffing her and leaving her there for the night.

2nd update of the week

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run time 25 minutes

This might be the first clip I have done of a girl without hosiery on aside from custom videos since 2008. Isn’t that wild? For those of you upset about that- the next clip I post will be of a girl in a girdle and stockings.

Sahrye works at a tanning salon. It is a slow night so she decides to take advantage of the facilities. She is on the phone with a friend lotioning up her body when the clip begins. She gets into the tanner, puts her headphones on and puts goggles on. She doesn’t know a woman came in and saw that the place looked empty, robbed the front and then got ballsy and decided to tie up and rob the girl that worked there. She doesn’t even hear the bed open because of her music. She is grabbed from the bed and tied up. The two make snide remarks about each other about being over weight and bad tattoos. It isn’t doing the tanning bed girl any good though. She is soon gagged with the little towel meant to wipe down the bed after use. She is REALLY groped, she even gets the womans head mashed into her boobs. She is left struggling before bed being told to get back into the bed and hogtied with the light on. Safety first though, her goggles are taped over her eyes. The woman leaves her there tied up and not being able to see in the tanning bed and walks off with her clothes and purse.

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2nd clip of the week

run time 31 minutes

Sahrye is JJs problematic step daughter who was recently banging one of her father business partners.. Now she has gotten into her mother private things and is webcamming with some perv. She thinks her step mom is out of town but she comes home and finds Sahrye in her personal items. She doesn’t realize there is a life webcam show happening but she still isn’t pleased to find Sahrye in her bedroom fooling around with her private things. She gives Sahrye a spanking, with her hand and a paddle. She makes her walk around in the impossible heels as a punishment. She has her sit in a chair and gag herself and then she ties her up, restuffs her mouth, uses vetwrap as a cleave and watches her struggle before hogtying her, adding more to her gag and leaving her there. Maybe some cruel bondage and gags will make her less into the bondage…

2nd update of the week

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run time 28 minutes

(I’ll post a shorter version later this weekend too)

Sass finds herself bound in a chair with a huge ball in her mouth. She works as a stripper. She was bragging about all her money and showing off all night long. JJ and Sahrye were patrons there. Sass was teasing them and making all kinds of promises. She didn’t have an escort to her car so they grabbed her to rob her and humiliate her.  Sahrye enters and ties up her elbows and talks shit to her. She stands her up takes her to the wall and gropes her. JJ enters and ties her up more. They regag her with a sock and vetwrap. They get her to the ground and watch her squirm around and then hogtie her and tape panties to her pretty face. They taunt her more and then run off with her designer purse, her cash and he dignity.

true statement above actually

alternate title: Let me guess, you are fucking the cheerleader to0!

3rd post of the week

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run time 25 minutes

 JJ is talking to a friend on the phone about going on a date with a new guy for the first time in a long time. Tony her boyfriend is rather abusive and jealous and she is ready to end it, actually it has been over for a while but he just doesn’t know it. He comes in and starts to hug on her and she tenses up. He knows what is up and he’s not happy. He gets aggressive and grabs at her and chokes her and then shoves her on the bed and starts to tie her up. He has always loved bondage but she is not into it. He puts a huge ball with a chin strap on her and he keeps tying her up. She is afraid. He gets her to the ground. She has been bound very tightly. He hears something and comes back with a college girl. JJ is a cheer coach and this is one of the girls on the squad. He decides to tie her up too. He gags JJ with panties, vetwrap and microfoam tape. It is painful and it looks terrible. Then he stuffs the cheerleaders mouth with a sock and wraps her head with vetwrap. He ballties the cheerleader and hogties the coach and leaves them there.


This was a custom video clip for Sahrye

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run time 25 minutes

Oh Sahrye that little vixen she can’t stay out of trouble. She gets done on the computer and puts on a garter belt and stockings and laces her high heels up her shapely legs. She stands up, paces around her bedroom and then lays back down on her bed to play on her computer again before picking out a dress to meet her married lover later, only she won’t get that chance because a woman comes in and puts a damp rag over her pretty little face and it is soon lights out. When Sahrye awakes she is already heavily tied and blindfolded in a bad place. She yells for help in Spanish and English and no one answers. Finally a woman approaches and tells her she is seen her at the college campus wearing skimpy outfits and taking naughty photos and posting them to instagram. She tells Sahrye her vanity has landed her in a lot of trouble and that she expects to be selling her off to a nice man in Saudi Arabia that will put her sex appeal to good use. Sahrye squeals not to do that, she explains that her boyfriend is rich and will pay her more than the man overseas.  The woman tells her no, ballgags her and later covers that with tape and leaves her there for the night. When she returns the next day she removes the blindfold, tells Sahrye that this was just a warning- that Sahryes so called boyfriend is indeed her husband and if she has any sense she will move on to another man. She is left hogtied and gagged…

Her garter belt and stockings are from just figures dot com ;)


This was a custom video. Interested in one? Sahrye will be back over New Years

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run time 1 hr

members click here for part 1, ladies gagging each other – coming soon

members click here for part 2, the intruder tying them in the basement- coming soon

Sahrye and JJ come home from a night out dancing and Sahrye tells JJ she has heard a little rumor that she is into bondage and actually a gag queen. She lets JJ try out a few gags on her- starting with the most simple a plain piece of tape across the mouth, fake and movie style. Sahrye agrees to more and JJ does several other more intense gags on her and gags herself. First she has Sahrye tie her ankles and JJ ties her wrists. She doesn’t want Sahrye to be able to remove the gags of course. She endures it but then it is time to do the same to JJ! JJ suffers the same fate. Sahrye grinds on her lap and the two stand up and shake their ample T and A. Then its over and just as JJs legs are being untied a man emerges from the back door with a weapon. He forces them to the basement. He makes them gag one another and he ties them up and leaves them. They make their way up off the floor and pull out one anothers gags but it doesn’t matter. He regags them. He makes Sahrye strip to her bra and panties. He watches them struggle around and then returns to add ropes to their elbows and he hogties them.  He adds layers of duct tape to their gags and leaves them hogtied.


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run time49 minutes

Sahrye has gotten friendly with her domme neighbor and really wants to learn the trade, but for the time being she has to suffer as her bondage sub while wearing lingerie and tall heels. Sahrye is seated in a chair with a spreader bar between her feet. She gags herself with a harness gag. JJ comes in and ties her spread eagle to the bed. Sahrye drools all over herself and slides around in the heels. Then she is put into leather and a strappado. The strappado is tightened up with rope when it seems like she can move around too freely. Her head is pulled down to the spreader bar. When she gets out from that she sits back in the chair. She puts an open mouth gag in her mouth and is strapped up. She struggles like this on the floor and then the agile young thing is able to get back to her feet for JJ. She sits back down in the chair, the gag is removed, her mouth is stuffed with a hanky and electrical tape wrapped around her head. Then she gets a leather posture collar that goes over her mouth (that is NOT laced up on screen). She gets to the floor and is hogtied, a blindfold added to that. JJ returns later and the last scene cuts to her taking her gag off.

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