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Bonus update since the Venus clip was short

shot years ago for Girlfriendbound & still available there

Rachel sure looks different not made up huh??? She gets better with age 😉


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run time 25 minutes


In this clip Rachael plays a straight edged young lady who meets a man she met on an online dating site. She comes over to his house and he is going to cook her dinner. Things take a weird turn when the mans wife comes home (Dixie Comet). She is not sure what to think and doesn’t understand why the wife is not mad that her husband is on a date with another woman. She thinks about leaving, but before she can the creepy couple have her tied up and gagged. They still plan on having dinner with their guest and after leaving her hogtied and gagged they help her back up to the table to eat with her.

1st update of the week

This was a custom video. Interested in one?

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run time over 16 minutes

JJ sits down on her bed when a woman in a fishnet mask and catsuit enters with a gun. She tells the woman that she doesn’t have any money or jewels. She just ties people up for a living…The intruder (Rachel) knows exactly who she is. Rachel wants to learn how to tie because she can’t make ends meet. She figures with a disguise, a weapon and armed with how to tie she can make plenty of money as a burglar. JJ can’t believe what she is hearing but she nervously tries to explain the basics even showing the woman a basic larks head on her own hands which are still yielding a gun. The intruder gets to work tying JJ up as she explains how to do it. JJ gives her a lot of helpful information. She will not be able to untie herself if she is left alone. She is hogtied on her bed and the intruder grabs the famed huge ballgag and puts it in JJs mouth. She leaves her there for a few minutes before returning satisfied that JJ won’t be able to escape. She then puts the other fishnet stocking over her face and as JJ begs to be released the intruder pats her gently on the head and tells her that someday she will understand…JJ struggles hogtied and hooded on the bed for a while before the scene cuts to a few days later. JJ brings her mail in and opens a large envelope with a newspaper clipping about a famed heiress being bound, gagged and robbed of her money and jewels by a masked woman. There was also a thank you card and a stunning diamond ring and bracelet.

2nd update of the week

Happy Birthday Jochen, I hope you enjoy it-

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run time 34

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run time 10

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run time 20

An eager novice private detective named Rachel has been following leads on a woman that has been robbing hotel rooms. She follows her into one. She is just so pleased with herself. She checks in the womans bag and sees a lot of rope. She decides that it will be fun to tie her up before the police come. The criminal doesn’t fight back, she only tries to bribe her because she knows that she has back up yielding a gun coming soon… More ropes go on and her mouth gets stuffed with panties with vetwrap. She starts to worry that maybe back up isn’t coming afterall. She is hogtied and the detective seems very pleased with herself. She gloats. Much to her dismay another woman comes in with a gun. She forces the detective to untie her partner. She gets frisked and felt up. For pay back she is tied up, gagged,taunted, humiliated. Eventually she is left in a ball on the floor for a maid to find or the people staying in that room.

Bonus photos!

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171 photos

Sample photos from images included in the zipfile above.

The clips that coordinate with these images have already been posted here at

Mizz Amanda Marie, Simone, Freshie Juice aka Sonya, Rachel, Je C, Scarlet Morgan

1st update of the week

This should please the guys that were unhappy about the lack of high heels in the previous update….

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run time 19 minutes (includes 2 minutes of gag coming off)

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run time 5 minutes

Story line continued from the custom clip, The job will go to the woman that can endure this physical challenge!!  *Thanks Roberto for the beautiful black Italian heels that Rachel suffered in

Well Rachel won the strappado challenge and got the high paying (sleazy) secretary job….She is sitting on her bosses lap at the end of the day. He gives her a fancy handbag as a gift. She stands up and he spanks her very easily a couple of times. She leaves work. She walks rather awkwardly in the 6″ inch strappy heels he bought her, but her shapely legs make up for it. The scene then cuts to Rachel bound and being brought into the other womans home that didn’t get the job. It turns out she is a little nuts and desperate and since losing the bondage challenge she has been practicing getting tied up and tying people up. Rachel is ballgagged, crotch roped and told to sit. She gets more rope. She gets a big scarf stuffed in her mouth. Clear tape is wrapped around her pretty head over and over again. She is left to struggle on the sofa for a bit before she is put on her knees and tied up more. Then she is put back onto the couch where she gets puts into a hogtie, but it isn’t over yet… Duct tape is wrapped around her head. JJ is now sure that Rachel can’t get out and plans to go steal Rachel’s job even though it was pretty obvious the guy was an abusive woman hater…

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run time over 50 minutes

much shorter version coming Monday

This was a custom video for hands to the side and then a hogtie with clothesline. Well I had never done hands to the side and Rachel had never been tied with he hands to the side. She is looking great in shiny everything and just because I’m not sure this tie is going to be difficult enough for her I decide to have her wear the 6″ pumps to challenge her a little more. So much tying, I had her walk around that way. I had her sit in a chair that way. I hogtied her and then I pulled it up at the very end. She said the tie didn’t hurt at all but she couldn’t move at all which was really frustrating because it felt like she should have more movement and of course the heels bothered her. She got a ballgag and then a scarf, microfoam and duct tape & at the end a rope over that. This is the full custom and a lot of the cutting her out is shown as well- but first I give her the scissors and tell her to try to cut herself out. Not safe, I know but she lived.

3rd update of the week

This was a custom video request for Rachel

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run time 30 minutes

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17 minutes

Rachel in denim shorts, a shiny blouse, shiny hose & 6 inch pumps chats with me a bit while I tie her up with speaker wire. I start on her legs. It takes some time (Posting the clip with no tying included soon). After a bit I have her gag herself with a gag from Then we finally get to her arms. Reverse prayers are not something I have much experience with and I don’t have much experience with speaker wire either but I attempt to get her into the position. She stands up and shows off her lovely feminine frame. I give her a few little spanks and change out her gag. I add another piece of wire to her arms because I have one. I hogtie her. She arches up nicely. When I met her she did NOT. Practice doe make perfect. The hogtie is snug but she is really able to roll around. That wire has a bit more give than I intended. The fella that requested this tie did not ask that I stop her in her tracks, in fact he probably appreciated some movement, however she seems OK and I decide to tighten the tie a wee bit after a few minutes of struggling. She slows down a bit but she is still moving. GRR. I’m pleased that the wire is shoving that large pair of panties back into her throat though. I’m wishing I had a hard point to tie her off to. All that wriggling around is getting to me I’m hot I think trying to picture myself in a tie that my body won’t do… Mission accomplished! Rachel claims to not like bondage but I don’t know- she sure loves the challenge and really loves when I praise her and tell her how great she is at bondage-

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run time over 31 minutes

Rachel ran out of gas an knocked on a strangers door. She doesn’t know the woman is reclusive and terrified of life outside and lonely. So lonely she plans to take drastic measures to keep the pretty girl by her side. She gives her a drink that makes her tired. She comes to tied up a bit. She is forced to walk around leashed and tied up in her all heels. She is groggy like. She has been ballgagged and then tape applied to that. Her arms are tied up in a reverse prayer. She is forced to walk around more. She is tied to a chair briefly while her legs are tied. The gag is removed and a pantygag is applied with thin tape as a cleave, later her scarf is removed and added over that. She is ultimately hogtied and the crazed woman lays down to rest. She tells Rachel when she wakes up they will play more bondage games and that Rachel can tell her all about the outside world.  The end scene shows Rachels gag coming untied. She seems sad and seems to have accepted her fate. She takes a drink of the sleepy drink and goes back to sleep….

3rd update of the week

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run time 34 minutes

Rachel finds herself in a strappado with her ankles crossed. She focuses on keeping balance. A woman comes in and makes the situation worse on her before leaving again and eventually coming back with a chair for her to sit down in. She changes the gags several times and adds more and more rope. She nipple clamps her and unclamps her making her cry out in despair. At last she is left alone to consider her fate. What will become of her?

1s update of the week

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run time 16 minutes and 45 seconds (some of that time is Rachel removing the gag at the end)

Rachel got a lead that a fugitive was staying in a pop up trailer not too far from her station. She goes to take a look, not really thinking it through. The woman catches her, holds a gun to her and makes her tie up her legs, then gag herself with a hanky and clear tape. Then the woman adds a wrist rope and elbow rope. She knows who the reporter is and is happy to get her hands on the pretty lady. She leaves the woman tied up and goes to see if anyone followed her, but the coast is clear. The reporter has gotten up and worked her way over to the table with the phone on it. She is trying to make a call when the fugitive comes in and grabs her, throws her on the bed and hogties her. She figures she has some time to kill and eventually takes off her shoes and sees that her pantyhose are the toeless kind for sandals and she can’t help but tie up her toes. She isn’t done. She adds black vetwrap over her already tight gag. She packs up her things and leaves the reporter there to head for Canada.

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