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2nd update of the week will be 2 new to but old clips. Here is the first of those

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Dixie Comet is seated and tied up. She gets a ballgag with chin strap, microfoam cleave gag, scarf gag with clear tape and then vetwrap and then vetwrap and clear plastic over her eyes. She has been nipple clamped. She looks lovely in her fully fashioned stockings and satin blouse.

3rd update of the week

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full clip, run time 52 minutes

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metal bondage  6 minutes

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after her breasts are bound until the end, including a regagging


Riley, a one time rave kid now grown up wants to cash in on the lifestyle. She finds a crummy old building to buy and plans to make it an afterhours bar….but another woman is already throwing parties there without owning the place, cashing in tax free. She intends to scare the young lady away for good….She hears Riley on the phone talking about the buy and pulls a gun on her. She decides to adhere her to the post with saran wrap, cuffs on her ankles and cuffs on her back. Then she puts a huge red ballgag in her mouth. She has a change of heart and decides to cut her off the post. (The reality is Riley suddenly had huge anxiety about a mummification standing, so immediate change of plans). She hogcuffs her on the floor and then returns with rope. She attaches the leg shackles to the chair so Riley can’t get up. She cuts open her pantyhose and pulls her panties up her crotch. Oh this grown ass woman has her pussy hair dyed a pinkish red color! Riley gets her massive big natural boobs tied up and gets nipple clamped. Her arms are tied while still wearing the cuffs and her legs are frog tied. She is put on the floor and that huge gag is removed and panties shoved in her mouth, tape around her pretty little head. Then she is simply hogtied for a while, but it seems like more rope is needed so more rope is added. Oh she is a poor helpless thing now….


I couldn’t shoot Rachel this day so Tony was kind enough to make a bondage clip for me. If you want to buy the clip it will be available soon at and Tony’s girlfriendbound clip store

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run time 19 minutes

Rachel works for a corrupt officer and money went missing. She is the only one who knows where it would be, so she is interrogated and put into different bondage positions until she admits that she brought her boyfriend to the last drop off and he must have gone back to get it. She won’t be untied until the money is retrieved.

Find her lingerie at just figures dot com of course!

2nd update of the week

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run time 32 minutes, including 2 minutes of the gag coming off

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run time 9 minutes and 30 seconds

The owner of the business is away on business. Her office help is there by herself. She seems to have forgotten that there are cameras everywhere and twice when JJ looked at the live feed Rose (Illustrious Rogue) was breaking the rules. One day she had the nerve to smoke pot at her desk, another day she was drinking booze right out of a bottle. The day JJ comes back Rose is dressed professionally and she doesn’t seem to have any taboo substances around. JJ reminds her of the cameras and tells her that she has to suffer the consequences. She stands up for a spanking. She is forced to count. She has on shiny pantyhose and she seems to have forgotten her panties. Next she is taken to the basement where she is told to ballgag herself and she is tied up. She is forced to walk around tied up her heels, more ropes are added to her lean strong frame, then her gag is changed to a cleave gag and she is left struggling in a chair with nipple clamps on. Then she is helped to the floor where she struggles before her mouth is stuffed with an orange cloth and vetwrap is wrapped around her head. She is hogtied so her chest is off  the ground. She struggles for a bit before the boss comes back and adds a bunch of black tape. Then she is left alone to remember not to break the rules…

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run time 14 minutes and 20 seconds

Dakkota is a sexy, mature, well dressed hungry realtor. She finds out about an empty house on the water that will be listed for sale soon. It needs work, but the property is great. She decides to break in and check it out. She wants to put an offer in on it before anyone else gets a chance to see it. She wants to fix it and flip it real fast for some quick cash. She is on the phone talking about it, but someone is in the house and over hears her. When Dakkota puts her phone down she is grabbed and dragged over to a wall where she gets taped up. The woman in there has been cooking up drugs in the basement. She is not happy about having to move her operation but most importantly she needs to make sure the realtor never tells. She gets her taped up, she gets all of her information in her phone. She removes her own silk scarf knots it up a few times and ties it around her head to keep her quiet. She leaves Dakkota standing up all taped up, with her skirt pulled up showing off her fabulous figure. She does lots of research on the woman and comes back and finds that she has slunked to the floor where she is soon gagged with lots of tape wrapped around the knotted cleave scarf gag. Then she is hogtaped and her fingers are taped up intertwined. The tape is wrapped around her face to her ankles a couple times. The gag is tight, puffing up her pretty cheeks. Dakkota whimpers on the floor helplessly while the drug lady decides what to do with her. She comes back eventually and cuts her out of the hogtape, then removes the layers of gags. She threatens that if she tells anyone what she saw going on here she will do bad things to her kids… She tells Dakkota that she is going to stay taped up for a while so she can get her drug operation out of there before letting her go-

*Thanks Fred for the boots I’m wearing & thanks Tom for the scarf Dakkota is gagged with :)

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run time over 50 minutes

much shorter version coming Monday

This was a custom video for hands to the side and then a hogtie with clothesline. Well I had never done hands to the side and Rachel had never been tied with he hands to the side. She is looking great in shiny everything and just because I’m not sure this tie is going to be difficult enough for her I decide to have her wear the 6″ pumps to challenge her a little more. So much tying, I had her walk around that way. I had her sit in a chair that way. I hogtied her and then I pulled it up at the very end. She said the tie didn’t hurt at all but she couldn’t move at all which was really frustrating because it felt like she should have more movement and of course the heels bothered her. She got a ballgag and then a scarf, microfoam and duct tape & at the end a rope over that. This is the full custom and a lot of the cutting her out is shown as well- but first I give her the scissors and tell her to try to cut herself out. Not safe, I know but she lived.

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run time 14 minutes

JJ and Elane have had enough of Amanda’s  stealing little things here and there and then she stole JJ’s money. They set Amanda up and JJ has her all tied up, real tight. Together the women shove a big pink squishy gag in her mouth and strap it in tightly. That’s not good enough so they take that off and put a huge hard red ball gag in her mouth and you can tell the girl HATES it. The women take that gag out and stuff her mouth with cloth and wrap a special wrap around her head. That keeps her quiet but when the women took that gag off, the girl said some things Elane and JJ aren’t going to put up with and they gag Amanda REAL GOOD. JJ stuffs half of her mouth shoving the handkerchief deep in her cheek, Elane does the other cheek with another huge handkerchief. JJ holds it in while Elane cleave gags her. Then they wrap micro foam tape over that and then wrap electrical tape over that. She’s going to be sorry she EVER crossed them.

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run time 24  minutes   – reloaded 8/22 there were 4 minutes of blank space at the end of the first version

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short version less tying more struggling 10 minutes

Hannah struggles all tied up for a few minutes before I come in and add more rope to her. She gets a sock in her mouth, microfoam tape around her head and nipple clamps. She struggles a bit before more rope is added, the gag is changed out to panties and black tape. The nipple clamps are removed but later replaced with another type. She is hogtied and a stocking cap is added which is soon pulled back to her toe after more black tape is added to secure the nylon hood to her pretty face. She struggles some more for us…

Lingerie from just figuresdotcom and ballgag with chin strap from

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run time 20 minutes

A woman comes home and finds her maid lounging on the couch playing on her phone. She is disgusted. She is not even wearing her own maid uniform, she is wearing the home owners work clothes. The woman doesn’t like it and plans to get out a little aggression on the lazy hired help who was supposed to be steaming the wrinkles out of the curtains which should have been an easy enough task. Her knees are tied.  Her elbows are tied, an entire bandana is stuffed in her mouth and her head is wrapped with microfoam tape. She looks a little silly with her arms flailing about and her big mouth stuffed and taped up. She slides to the floor where we get a nice view of her shiny panties.  She is pretty helpless by now, her arms starting to turn purple. It is utterly frustrating that she can see her hands but they can’t do her any good at all. Layers of duct tape have been added to her mouth and the homeowner leaves the lazy lady there to think about behavior.

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run time over 31 minutes

Rachel ran out of gas an knocked on a strangers door. She doesn’t know the woman is reclusive and terrified of life outside and lonely. So lonely she plans to take drastic measures to keep the pretty girl by her side. She gives her a drink that makes her tired. She comes to tied up a bit. She is forced to walk around leashed and tied up in her all heels. She is groggy like. She has been ballgagged and then tape applied to that. Her arms are tied up in a reverse prayer. She is forced to walk around more. She is tied to a chair briefly while her legs are tied. The gag is removed and a pantygag is applied with thin tape as a cleave, later her scarf is removed and added over that. She is ultimately hogtied and the crazed woman lays down to rest. She tells Rachel when she wakes up they will play more bondage games and that Rachel can tell her all about the outside world.  The end scene shows Rachels gag coming untied. She seems sad and seems to have accepted her fate. She takes a drink of the sleepy drink and goes back to sleep….

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