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36 minutes

Je tells her step daughter Jayda that it is time for bed. The two say goodnight and Jayda goes off to her room. Mom doesn’t know that a thief with a weapon has come in, but she has….mom complies and gets all tied up and even hit in the head a few times with her own ottoman. Her scarf is removed and the thief wraps it around her face for a while and then shoves it into moms mouth which is dreadfully inappropriate. Mom has been quieted and  is unable to get up so the woman gets Jayda, the daughter. This makes mom put up and even bigger fight so she must be balltied with her fingers taped to prevent her from causing more problems. Jayda is elbow tied, her little panties that match her baby doll nightie are taken off and shoved in her mouth. A tight ace bandage cleave makes her  drool, She is tightly hogtied with her ankles crossed. The woman goes about robbing them. Jayda tries to pick at her mom Je’s knots but she just can’t get loose.

sooo much fun to shoot two real life bondage loving ladies. This was a custom and they are local and available for more 🙂

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run time over 20 minutes

Jayda Blayze goes to a pricey liberal arts school. She is about to be expelled for tardiness but the lady Dean decides to let her off with a little punishment instead of sending her back home to an angry mom and dad. Jayda is hand spanked bent over the desk a couple of ways and over the Deans lap. She is told to count as her perfect butt is spanked and even lubed up with some oil. The humiliation is not over and Jayda gets a metal fiddle, ballgag, irish 8 cuffs on the ankles and another cuff used to pull her down into a ball while nipple clamped with clovers. After a while her position is changed to being hogcuffed  barefoot while gagged with her own socks.  The natural beauty mmphs about after promising to never go class late again.

Purple Jade is now Jayda Blayze and this is her biological sister Chanelle Celsius. It was her first appearance on Borntobebound

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43 minutes and 40 seconds

however 10 minutes-ish at the end are them getting the tape off of one another

Chanelle and Jayda are minding their own business at work when a woman comes in with a weapon ordering one to tape up the other. They end up tightly taped in their desk chairs for a bit and do tons of gag talk each blaming the other for the situation they are in before getting to the ground. Being on the ground does them no good as the woman drags one of them in front of the sofa and tapes them both back to back together. Then their ballgags are replaced with stuffing and tape wrapped around their pretty little heads. After a bit they fall onto their sides, their nice plump pantyhose clad butts on display for us. The woman has what she needs but she isn’t done having fun with the real life sisters. She cuts them apart and then tapes them into a basic hogtaping. They mmmph around on the floor all helpless. Who will come to their rescue?

They were great in this and both available for customs although I am way behind on emails.

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run time 48 minutes

Purple Jade stands in a strappado and huge black ballgag wondering what will come next. Her female captor has told her that she is in her custody due to her daddy the mayor owing JJ and her pals a good bit of money. She approaches Ms Jade and pulls her skirt off leaving her perfect booty exposed in an interesting pair of underwear. The strappado is made more strict and nipple clamps are added. Next she is sat down in a chair with her elbows still welded together. she is tied to that chair and the situation with the nipple clamps becomes a bit more intense. She is now cleave gagged but then some cloth goes in over the cleave and lots of vetwrap over that. She doesn’t feel the arm tie or the nipple clamps anymore. She is concentrating on breathing. Then she is escorted over to the wall. Her gag is eventually removed and replaced with panties and vetwrap once she gets to the floor. She is hogtied and a stocking cap goes over her beautiful face and is tied back to one of her toes. She can’t roll on her own but she is moved from side to side. After some time her pal Frank comes in and reveals to her that this was planned out by him having heard for years that she had fantasies about a woman doing these types of things to her and making her feel helpless, but she doesn’t seem as happy as he hoped she would be…