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run time over 20 minutes

Jayda Blayze goes to a pricey liberal arts school. She is about to be expelled for tardiness but the lady Dean decides to let her off with a little punishment instead of sending her back home to an angry mom and dad. Jayda is hand spanked bent over the desk a couple of ways and over the Deans lap. She is told to count as her perfect butt is spanked and even lubed up with some oil. The humiliation is not over and Jayda gets a metal fiddle, ballgag, irish 8 cuffs on the ankles and another cuff used to pull her down into a ball while nipple clamped with clovers. After a while her position is changed to being hogcuffed  barefoot while gagged with her own socks.  The natural beauty mmphs about after promising to never go class late again.

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run time 25 minutes

Simone is a 94 lb 32C cup wearing tiny tease of a college girl that cheated on a Senior Anatomy exam. She got caught….She can be expelled and pay hell by her conservative parents who are paying for her education and not line up a good paying job or she can take a punishment to learn a lesson. She chooses the punishment….Simone bends over the desk and gets spanked over her colorful skirt, then the skirt pulled up and spanked over panties and then spanked on her bare bottom. She is tightly tied with a big ballgag in her mouth and then once on the floor that is swapped out for the Professors scarf which is kept in her mouth with layers of microfoam tape. Simone is left to wriggle in her bindings for a bit before the educator returns and puts her in a tight hogtie and writes cheater across her gag. She is left there to things about her life choices….