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This was a custom clip for Dixie, interested in one?  jj at

Like this storyline? See a similar situation with Adara posted April 9 here

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run time over 40 minutes

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no strap on scene in this version

Dixie is excited to be hired on the spot. She really needed a job. She gets to work and suddenly the room gets foggy. She can’t figure out where it is coming from but it soon makes her fall asleep. A masked woman appears and caresses her body and then the scene cuts to the girl tied up and ballgagged in the basement. The woman soon approaches and pulls her hands up higher above her head. She is groped at and her suit is slowly cut away…Eventually her panties are shoved in her mouth and tape wrapped around her head. Then it is time to move into another room, where her gag is removed so she can suck on a dildo and then she is banged, midway the rest of her clothes are cut off and she is gagged with a shoulder pad from her suit. She is left hogtied and nude on the floor when the ghost is done with her….She comes to naked at her desk, pulls the gag off and runs off as her new boss wonders what happened…..The fog comes back and she too finds herself out and then magically hogtied and gagged. What will happen next?

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie

if you don’t like the looks of men in bondage or strappon scenes I have posted versions with those scenes cut out as well of course…..

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full clip 50 minutes

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NO gimp/ man in bondage shown   43 minutes

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No gimp/ man in bondage & No strap on shown    30 minutes

A woman named Dixie is drunk at a bar. The owner of the bar tells her the last drink will be on her, only it is full of poi son. She passes out and comes to tied spread eagle still wearing her satin blouse and boots. The woman caresses her body and gags her with a rag and clear tape. She is tightly crotch roped over her colorful satin panties. A gu n is rubbed along her body, black tape is added to the clear tape. She is nipple clamped and a bag is put over her head and taken off again and again after a vibrator has been put on her. Dixie doesn’t know it but the barkeeper has a bound gimp just waiting to have his way with her. He is in a room with a metal fiddle on, then he is hogcuffed and ballgagged and he waits for his chance at the fun. The next scene cuts to the girl nude and hogtied to a spanking bench. She is ballgagged until the other woman comes up wearing a dildo. She is forced to suck on it before she is banged with it but only after the vibrator is used more. Her mouth is once again stuffed with a rag and duct tape is wrapped around her head. She is mind fucked more with the bag…. The woman leaves and comes back with the gimp. He is gagged with Dixie’s satin panties right in front of her and then told he can bang her…..Poor Dixie is in complete hell. What will happen to her next?

This was a series of videos started years ago. If you’d like to find more of them type in the creepy couple or the kinky couple in the search area

This one is shot differently because we used Dixie’s man to film and acknowledged him in the film

3rd update of the week

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run time 20 minutes

The creepy couple ran out of their clip money and decided to go at it again. They’ve had JJ kidnapped for YEARS now and they put up an ad for another woman that would like to be tied up and make some money making a video. When she arrived they get right to business. They don’t chat anything over with her. They grab her by the hair and bring her into the room. They get to work tying her up and feeling her up. They stuff her mouth with a ballgag and crotch rope her. They bring in their long time captive JJ and just tie her hands in front. She tries to warn the other woman that these people are dangerous through her ballgag. She pleads with the camera man to please let them go as well. She says her family has money and will gladly pay him a lot to do the right thing. He is not so smart, or nice so he continues to film the strange situation happening in front of him…The gags are swapped out to mouth stuffing and tape and Scarlet is hogtied and JJ is semi balltied with hands in front. They struggle helplessly with everyone watching before the the situation gets even more strange when a black scarf is roped over JJ’s face and the gag is taken out of Scarlets mouth. The film cuts with her pleading to be let go…

1st update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie

Just a heads up: This was filmed by Dixie’s fiance who has been shooting adult content for 20 years but he has a veryyyy different shooting style than us

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run time 20 minutes

JJ is in her living room and it gets smokey. Suddenly a woman appears holding a wine glass. She looks like a Flapper from the 20s. She claims she is from 1922 and went into a phone booth to powder her nose and suddenly appeared here. JJ decides to restrain her until her cop hubby appears. She hopes someone is playing an elaborate hoax on her but that sure doesn’t seem to be the case. JJ gets her restrained and puts a big ballgag in her mouth and waits for her husband to come home as she struggles. He isn’t understanding of the situation. He accuses her of cheating on him. He takes the gag out of the time travelers mouth and asks her where she came from and she tells him the same thing. He’s not pleased, he grabs rope and ties JJ up. He decides to stuff the girls mouth with panties and wrap her head. Then he does the same thing for his wife. Then they all wait for another cop friend of his to come with a finger print kit to find out who this woman really is…..

2nd update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie, she looks great however I look like I have walking pneumonia because I did, lol

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run time over 18 minutes

Dixie is an unsuspecting maid, just doing her job cleaning the house until a woman comes up behind her, puts her hand over Dixie’s mouth and threatens her to do as she says. The woman forces the maid to take off her panties and shove them in her mouth and then to wrap duct tape around her own mouth. Now that Dixie is quiet, the woman starts to apply tape to tightly bind Dixie’s wrists, her long boot covered legs and chest. She forces the maid onto her knees on the floor and leaves the maid to struggle on the hard floor.When the woman returns, she tapes Dixie’s arms to her body then puts the maid into a very strenuous hog tie…wrapping tape around her mouth, further sealing the panties in her mouth, and connecting her gag to her ankles. The maid can barely move as she whimpers and cries at the woman. The woman admires her handy work before blindfolding the maid and leaving her there for the owners to find.




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Samples of images included in the zip file.

Images from recent video shoots with Anna Smurf, Dixie Comet, Renee, Monica Jade, Wenona, Simone, Riley Rose

3rd update of the week

This was a custom video for Dixie.

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run time  38 minutes

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Poor Dixie, in the hands of a crazy lady, she is forced to strip and put her panties in her mouth.  She is frisked and tied off to a post while the woman gets more supplies and returns in a catsuit of sorts. Her job is to turn Dixie into a ponygirl for her buyer, after breaking her in nicely with a strappon. Dixie is dressed in a leather harness and a leather armbinder is put on her. A bit gag is stuck between her teeth and she is forced to lift her legs and march. She is nipple clamped and walked across the room and forced to march around more. She is tied off to the wall for a bit before being hogtied and blindfolded and left with nothing to do but wonder what is to come of her.

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run time 51 minutes


This was a custom for Dixie

JJ has her stepmom Dixie taped up in the living room. JJ is sure that 30 year old Dixie murdered her 70 year old father in hopes of getting his money making it look like it was just his time to go. Instead of letting the law handle it she takes matters into her own hands. When she stops by before the funeral JJ overpowers her and tapes her up. This is where the clip begins. Dixie is gagged with some kind of stuffing and duct tape around the head. She is making all kinds of noise so she is knocked out. Someone knocks on the door- a detective asking JJ if she was aware that her stepmom was not at the funeral and stating that the woman is a suspect in the murder case. JJ tells him it is a bad time and she will be in touch. She returns to Dixie coming to. She takes the tape off of her legs and makes her walk up the steps to the bedroom where she is bound to a little chair. A ballgag stuffed into her mouth. She is eventually forced to suck on a strappon and then once removed from the chair told to undress completely and stuff her panties in her mouth and wrap her head  with tape. She is bound with hands in front and tied to the bed and banged with clothespins on her nipples which scrape on the comforter as she is banged. Then she is tied in a boxtie with legs frogtied and banged. Finally she is hogtied and left struggling while JJ gets ready to attend more family get togethers. She has also removed Dixie’s ring, the one that once belonged to JJ’s grandmother. She has assured Dixie that she is going to be sold off to a nice man in Saudi Arabia for the tiny sum of $10,000 once she is done with her…

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12/26 This is a clip from several years ago that was re-rendered as an mp4 and moved to the front of the store

run time 44 minutes

Local lovely Kitty has been tied with her elbows together and her wrists cinched to her body. Her neck has been tied down above her knees and she is forced to walk in 5 inch stilettos and a ballgag that is almost 3inches. She is drooling all over her red satin dress. Her chest is untied from her knees and tied off behind her to make a crotch rope. Her arms are hoisted up into a strappado and the ropes keep tightening around her wrists. Her left leg is hoisted up and she balances on one leg still wearing that hard killer ballgag. She hums a Christmas tune  to forget about the discomfort. She is released from the strappado and hobbles over to a chair, an amazing amount of drool danging from the gag. I take her by the nipple clamps and lead her towards the steps after a few photos. Once we get upstairs I hand Kitty a sheer black garter belt and have her put it on over her sheer black panties. Her stocking were rolling and I didn’t like the look. First she has to remove her own nipple clamps and she is still gagged. Once she is her wardrobe is fixed. She is told to get on her knees and lean over a chair. She is tied to the chair wrists in fron and then a pair of pink panties goes in her mouth and microfoam around her head to keep them in. A rope is braided into her hair while Dixie removes her heels and tickles her feet. A black leather gag is added over the microfoam, her nipple clamps pulled up through the collar and her feet get tapped with the cane. After some time struggling her wrists are untied while we get out some lights. She is told to put her arms behind her and her elbows and wrists are retied. Her wrists are tied off to her ankles and her neck to the chair. She gets a pair of panties over her head, a big bow on her back and lots of lights added to her. We turn out the lights to enjoy…


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run time 24 minutes

This is a gag custom with Dixie Comet and I from earlier this year. We gag each other with the requested gag panties, electrical tape and then a stocking cap with microfoam tape wearing casual jeans and tshirts with our pantyhose clad feet up on the table. We do lots of gag talk, unable to understand one another and actually type on our phones at one point to explain what we are trying to say. Then we ungag one another and discuss the gag. There is no bondage…

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